Nikon explains lens Nano coating (video)

Nikon published a new video explaining Nano coating in Nikkor lenses:

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  • Good to know…..

    By the way First time first, yeah!!!!!

  • dan

    Interesting, but those sound effects, and video effects were painful to watch. Really really painful to watch.

    • Global

      Typical East Asian advertising style. A lot of puffery and hype. Probably driven by the Japanese aesthetic. But consider that our preferred styles might be annoying to them too (boring, sarcastic, etc).

      The East Asian style seems to be more like “We are doing our best! And we are the greatest! Amazing! Super! Wonderful! (You know are exaggerating, so its understood that we are proud of our accomplishments in a sea of fraud and knock-offs.)”

      While North America style is so utilitarian “Here’s a good idea. We’re applying it to our product. The cost is worth it. UNLIKE those OTHER brands. (You know the other brands are good and reliable too, but we just want to emphasize that we’re stepping it up a notch.)”

  • Nicely done movie; Very interesting. 😉

  • Brock Kentwell

    After watching that, it’s reassuring to know that Nikon is not blowing its money on video short production.

  • Rye

    Someone that is a huge Canon user told me this is a gimmick, we compared photographs, his had some flare where as mine was practically invisible…he said it was location… our cameras were on the same tripod…same scene. 😛

    • Oh,but canon flares are “art”.Noise too.Blur too.Burn highlights too..

      • King Of Swaziland

        Canon has a similar coating on some of their high end lenses. They call it SWC.

        • Global

          Don’t forget that Canons love their even-numbers diaphragm blades as well! 8 blades is a feature! =P

  • The japanese accent on “Nano Crystal Coat” is priceless.
    It’s a bit sad that it has been uploaded the 21 nov 2010,after the quake i just can’t wait for japan to start again.All my prayers to you guys.

  • Banned


    • Global

      It reminds me of “Iron-uh Shee-fuh-roo!”

  • Junjie Zhang

    They will not be able to build these N-lenses for a long while.

  • Interesting. It could have been reduced to about 30s — just show the photos with and without, the shot of the three lenses (no coating, nano, conventional), and a fixed up version of the diagram (i.e. one that doesn’t show an internal reflection passing to the sensor through what would be a lens mount).

  • Gill

    When Mr Tanaka was a researcher…. it all seems so mysterious, or sinister (love the b&w styling); I do hope Mr Tanaka is still alive.

    Yes, that could have been shortened, but it was a bit of fun to watch the styling.

  • I don’t know Japanese, oh there are subtitles? Too bad the pro lenses are in short supply.

  • JC

    Any advantage to having Nano Coating if you going to put a UV filter or Polarizer filter on it anyway?

    • Global

      Yes. There is.

    • UV or Polarizer filters do not reduce internal light reflection between the lenses I guess.

  • domo aregato gozadimas tanaka san

  • Cool videos! I don’t think I learned anything from it but it was still fascinating to watch anyway.

  • Matthew

    nice Nano coating, but can Nikon lens sharp as Canon L lens, less color fringing, more better performance.

  • FM-2 fan

    in consequence: more wide-angle lens please using the coating … the 14-24 is great, but also heavy. A 14, 18, 21, 24 mm lens being light and without flare would be great.

  • Nano-crystal coat is bullshit. Yes, this is BULLSHIT. I have 105 VR with golden ‘N’ on it and this lens is awful when pointing in the sun. Even my cheapo Jupiter 37A 135/3.5 with scratches and dead coating is better against direct sun. Why I am forced to pay for this advertising shit, that Nikon answered on Canon’s ‘L’ fashion for those, who knows nothing about good optics?

    • MMM

      You shouldn’t compare simple 4-element costruction to fairly more complex, 14-element design.
      Try and compare it to nikkor 3,5/135 🙂

      • This doesn’t exuse Nikon for bad performance. Sonnar scheme was designed in 1924, production of Jupiter 37A was started in 1979, Nikkor 105 VR was launched in 2006. I expect lot better from lens 27 years newer.

    • danpe

      The 105 VR is a macro, you’re too far away from the sun if you get bad performance from it 🙂

      • Oh really? I didn’t know. Thank you so much for enlighting this truth! I appreciate your effort at the highest level, because you’ve opened my eyes! I was so blind but now I see, thank you! A million of thousands thanks!

        Nope. I shoot in strong backlight. Sometimes lens hood helps, sometimes not. When not, all my photos are coming in recycle bin, because of bulbous, overwhelming spot filling all image square. If this is considered to be good, I simply don’t know to say…

        • Ken Elliott

          If there’s a filter on the front, you’ll wreck the performance.

  • Kavin

    We all know nano crystal coat is a marketing thing..

    • Ben

      The “Nano-Crystal Coating” maybe a marketing invented phrase, but not the technology behind it. The purpose of a marketing department is to bring a clear picture or perspective about the technology behind something. If you eliminate marketing, then we’d not be talking nano coating, we’d be speaking scientific gibberish.

  • Ken Elliott

    I have quite a few Nano Coated lenses, and it is indeed a nice improvement. I’m hoping they’ll create a fast pro 50mm lens (yes, I have the 50mm f/1.4 G) with 77mm threads and Nano Coating. Something that behaves more like a shorter version of the 85mm f/1.4.

    BTW – I’ve noticed when I (rarely) put a clear filter on the front, the performance is badly affected. I can’t say that it is worse than a non-nano lens – it may be a case where the effect of internal reflections is just more noticeable. So I wonder if those that claim Nano is junk are seeing the effect of filters.

    Anyone else notice this?

  • I need more nano.

  • Joe_W

    For somebody who knows a bit of the optical background of coating optics, this video explains NOTHING! Only pseudoscientific gibberish.

    The very best part is: “Nano xtal coat turns red ghost into blue ones that seem to float over the landscape”! So nobody could make blue ghosts before!? Priceless!

    • oh wow! I’ve always wanted to photograph ghosts! and now I learn they can even make them change color?

  • It will not play. message: “This video is private”

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