Updated Nikon Coolpix P8000 camera specifications

I received some additional specifications for the rumored Nikon Coolpix P8000 camera:

  • The lens could be even faster than previously reported: f/1.8 - 3.0
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/8000 sec.
  • The P8000 will use a new 1" Aptina sensor
  • Expeed 3 imaging processor
  • Magnesium body
  • Comfortable grip similar to the Nikon P5100 and  P6000 models

Previously reported Nikon Coolpix P8000 camera specifications:

  • Announcement in April-May 2014
  • 24- 120mm equivalent f/2.0 - 3.0 lens with 3 ED and 1 ASP glass elements
  • 1" inch sensor (first Coolpix with 1" sensor)
  • 3.0" LCD screen
  • P A S M mode
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  • Worf

    Would this be considered a Canon G1X competitor?

  • Why use the older processor when they’ve just announced the new one?

    • TeaBreak

      Because there are remainders and Nikon doesn’t flinch from shortchange their clients (see NX2 desaster).

      • Michio Kariya

        Right, that’s it! Your Nikon fan club membership has been revoked!

    • W

      To save money. Older processor can be had cheaper and that would mean cost savings for Nikon.

  • lord eels

    it all comes down to price and size. the g1x m2 just set an EPIC bar as far as I’m concerned. I’m a nikon person, but for these types of cameras, I have zero loyalty. the man-lipstick canon reds can be edited away in post! lol! bring it nikon!

  • Leebee

    Does it shoot RAW?

    • nwcs

      Probably NRW

  • John

    The question is: Will it be fast enough? I think, there will be a time, when those enthusiast P&S will be truly amazing – but that time is not yet here. When they have a great EVF and most of all a great speed in all aspects (especially AF, but also everything else), they will be pretty pretty pretty pretty good.

    • TOM

      The question is: Will it blend?

  • onlyme

    Sounds interesting. Any news on if it has a viewfinder built in and if it has, what type!

  • Aldo

    no very fast everything? not interested…

  • Jeff Curtner

    In early 2012 a senior Nikon (Japan) marketing manager acknowledged favorably when being asked about possibility of putting an 1″ sensor into the P series. It’s now almost two years past, so perhaps they have the prototype done long time ago and just want to squeeze as much profit as possible from those tiny sensors.

  • Pat Mann

    Sounds like the lens should get an interchangeable version to kit with the Nikon 1 V3.

  • 5r

    Admin, are you able to rank this rumor or is it too soon? I’ve been waiting this model for over a year and now I am a bit bifurcated. Ok, with that 1 inch sensor and fast lenses it is a direct (and maybe better) competitor to RX100II. But by loosing the main advantage – the zoom reach – and probably keeping the main disadvantage – the slow performance, it is now too similar (and most likely worse) to many system cameras (also size-wise). So if the pricing, size and features/speed aren’t something spectacular, it may well sink into oblivion. Which is a pity.

    • This rumors comes from a source that has been giving me correct information in the past, but it is the only formation I have received so far on that camera. I would rate this rumor at 80% probability.

      • Kari

        So it will have only 120mm instead of 200mm which was the appeal of the previous camera? Well I guess there is no way I am buying it then, I was waiting for a replacement for the 7800 with a better low noise performance, which I guess this one will have but 120mm? I might as well get the G1X then, I wanted those 200mm’s as it’s “just right”

        • Hari Kari

          200mm only? I won’t buy it if it doesn’t have 400mm or make espressos on demand. And in Hello Kitty color scheme….

        • Pat Mann

          With a 1-inch sensor, this lens at the expected speed will need to be larger than the 28-200 equivalent lens for the 7800. To me, a 24-120 equivalent is an ideal all-around lens. Large range for useful subjects, not so long that super-excessive distortion and fuzzy corners get in the way. I rarely shoot between 120 and 400 equivalent. Sports might be something that fits there, but you need 400+ for birds.

          • Rob

            I’d loose some speed to gain reach. I have the 7800 and it works fine in low light, that zoom length is useful.

            • Camera Guys

              There are too many compromises to image quality with longer telephoto.The standard option is to use a small sensor with fast {relatively speaking } lens or larger sensor with dog slow lens . On CX the diffraction level { where it starts to impact image quality } is around F5.6.

              I think an awful lot of people myself included would prefer a lens to be wider and faster as this is a more common use of P&S camera { interiors , social events, cityscapes,landscapes, family shots etc}. The quality from long tele compacts is pretty woeful especially at high ISO

            • Rob

              Ah yes I’d forgotten the larger sensor messes with easy telephoto. Wider (24 vs 28) is useful that is for sure. Duh I have P7100 not 7800, never mind..

      • 5r

        Thanks, Admin! I wonder if this is really a P7800 successor, or it is a new line of products. The concept of P8000 seems to be a little bit different and it comes just few months after 7800. On the other hand 1″ compacts undoubtedly are the way to go…

        • 5r

          May be I’m mistaken, but wasn’t there a statement “very fast everything” in the previous set of specifications? And does it mean that it won’t be fast or just that it’s not sure if it will be 🙂

  • g16

    No, not G1X but maybe G16.
    For some good reasons
    1. Canon G series is rocking the PS market(sold out in many stores)
    2. Nikon coolpix P series doesn’t
    3. Rival of G1X from Nikon is a Coolpix A

    • 5r

      The sensor size puts P8000 in a totally different category. G16 is already no match.

      • g16

        That’s what Nikon want people to think. Look at G16 VS P7800….in term of quality, sales, and popularity.

        For DSLR, I give it to Nikon (I own D300s), but for P&S Canon rules….

        • 5r

          I agree. But only when you compare g16 to p7800, and not p8000. (although I personally still prefer 7800 because of the zoom range). If Canon brings a 1″ enthusiast P&S, then there will be a real new competition.

  • MB

    At 1000$ it wouldn’t be so hot …

  • slowdive

    will the P8000 have a electronical or even a optical viewfinder?
    with a optical viewfinder it would be a amazing camera..

  • Tom Allsup

    Aptina sensors blow chunks. Still not sure why Nikon doesn’t ditch them for Sony’s 1″ sensors.

  • Dio269

    Hi i was just about to buy the P7800 but will wait for the p8000 but especially if it has a bigger sensor though i wanted to ask if you have any idea if it will still keep the viewfinder which is what i want? thanks

  • nikclick
  • A 1″ Coolpix I think is inevitable, as Sony has been producing their 1″ premium compact camera for some time now. And then if they can delete about 90% of their bloated Coolpix line they’d be getting on the right track…

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