Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.17.0 released

Nikon Camera Control Pro

I addition to the new version of the Wireless Transmitter Utility, today Nikon also released v.2.17.0 of their Camera Control Pro software ($134). The modifications enabled in this version are:

  • Support for the D4S has been added.
  • When both of the following conditions are met, and the Transfer only JPEG to PC option in the Storage tab is checked, users can now transfer only JPEG copies to the computer (D4S only):
    • RAW + FINE, RAW + NORMAL, or RAW + BASIC is selected for Image Quality
    • PC + CARD is selected for Record to
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  • Johnny Doe

    ControlMyNikon seems to work alright too

    • Aeroengineer

      I use Control my Nikon for high magnification macro work. For $30, it is a very nice bit of software, aside from the fact that it only runs on windows machines. An IOS version would be nice, but the developers say they can’t do that until Nikon makes a SDK and drivers available for IOS (and Android). I guess Camranger gets around that in part via hardware, but at 10X the price.

  • whisky

    i switched to Lightroom for tethered shooting.

    • Mansgame

      I just wish there was a way to have it save both to the Lightroom folder AND the sd card.

      • Neopulse

        can’t you just put the SD card into the PC. Make a .dll file that saves to that SD card also?

        • Mansgame

          I think I have a Visual Basic 2.0 floppy disk somewhere…

  • Spy Black

    My friend has an earlier version of this, he said fine focusing was impossible. Perhaps this is better.

  • itcrashed

    Silly that this software isnt included with their $6500 camera.

    • Larrry

      Doesn’t Canon include it for free, and not limited to their highest end camera?

      • Naval Gunfire

        CCP isn’t limited to the top end Nikon DSLRs either so that is moot. EOS Utility is indeed free and quite good. Nikon really isn’t a software company and it shows in a lot of their software although CCP2 is one of the better pieces of Nikon software out there.

    • AM

      Because Nikon would have priced the D4s at $6,634 instead.
      Why would somebody pay $134 more for something that they would probably not use?
      I kind of like that approach of paying for only what you want. If I could pay 20% less for not having video on my cameras, I’d do it blissfully.

      • itcrashed

        good point

      • Nope

        The math is not right IMO. And I think nobody should support this kind of market strategy.

        if you divide the cost of this software+profit with the number of sale forecast you might get that how the $134 price per copy was from.

        But if you divide the cost+profit with the number of all compatible Nikon cameras the price per copy might be less than 50 cent. And that is how a company earn customer royalty and support.

        BTW, many people would just download this software for free anyway….

        • AM

          That’s probably true.
          However, right now, I’m paying for features on my camera that I don’t use, I don’t need, and I don’t want. And at the same time, I’m subsidizing these same features so people who want, need, and use them can have them for less.

          • King

            You bought a wrong camera.

            • AM

              Let me know where I can find a new FX body, with 24 MP sensor, two SD card slots, and NO video.

    • Jmd

      ‘silly’ is not the 2 words I was thinking of. (chicken is the first)

  • nikomment

    never anything interesting for the SLR enthusiast… Nikon, buddy, show us some tech-love…

  • Larrry

    For me, Camranger works just fine and I don’t have to lug around a laptop. Just wirelessly to an iPad or smartphone. A lot easier in field use.

  • Lubos

    and why Nikon doesn’t have two or three versions of 24mp FX camera? they do have 3 (or at least three) versions of 24mp DX. Would be nice to have at least two different versions of D610. The current one, then slightly upgraded one and full blown D610 with latest futures and tuneups.

  • HKer

    Great programme, however, I believe the live screen size is set and relatively small, i.e. cannot go full screen size. This is useful when you are doing product shoots. I know it has a zoom function, but still time it’s time consuming to zoom in and out. Seems like many other alternatives have full screen viewability in live view mode.
    Sometimes takes ages to sense my D800E when connecting camera to software via USB3 port..
    And lastly time consuming when tethered shooting and you want to change lens, you need to shut down and reboot the programme.
    If I am doing something wrong or missed something out regarding the issues I have , drop me a line. Cheers

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