Nikon D2300 and Nikon Coolpix P8000 camera rumors

The rumors about a Coolpix camera with 1" sensor and a new compact (sub-D3x00) DSLR line are really nothing new, but now I got some more details on those two products:

Nikon D2300

  • World's smallest DSLR camera (small like the Canon Rebel SL1)
  • There is a possibility that the D2300 will be the first DSLR-like camera without an optical viewfinder
  • D2300 is a preliminary name and it can change
  • Weight: 290g
  • Announcement in May 2014
  • The Nikon D2300 could be the 3rd DSLR camera that will be announced this year (in addition to the D4s and D7200)

 Nikon Coolpix P8000

  • Announcement in April-May 2014
  • 24- 120mm equivalent f/2.0 - 3.0 lens with 3 ED and 1 ASP glass elements
  • 1" inch sensor (first Coolpix with 1" sensor)
  • 3.0" LCD screen
  • P A S M mode

Note that those two cameras are not scheduled to be announced during the CP+ show that starts in Japan this week, but Nikon may still decide to "pre-announce" them just like they did with the D4s. If you have any additional information on those two models (or any other Nikon products), do not hesitate to contact me (anonymously).

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  • manhattanboy

    When was the 7200 rumor announcement…Can’t believe I missed that. Anyone kindly repost the specs. Thanks.

    • Shawn

      I am just as surprised as you to hear that there would be a replacement for the 7100. Unless they are going to introduce a new sensor or some other killer feature I am not sure I see why it should be updated too. I guess the biggest things they should look at would be buffer size, bust speed, Expeed 4 (which the 7100 should have had in the first place), 12000+ iso base, wifi + GPS.

      • Aldo

        1080 @60p 7fps, better buffer. there’s your 7200… and possibly the d400 killer

        • Mike

          Not sure about the buffer, but I also say 1080@60p because of the Expeed4 and GPS&Wifi included.
          Because the sensor production gets better with time, the sensor will get rated a tiny bit better than the one of the 7100 even tho it’s the same (we have sen this for 5200 vs 7100 and Df vs D4).

          I’ll keep my D7100 until the sensor changes drastically 🙂

      • KRProductions

        Perhaps the D7200 will be more in line with a true “Pro” DX body, aka D300 replacement.
        Especially in light of there being the potential for a new Low End DX DSLR… it gives Nikon a chance to really enhance everything on the D7xxxx series… better body, better fps, newer sensor tech, better focus system, D800 like video features etc.

  • click

    What happen in CZ today?

    • The Coolpox cameras that were announced last week.

      • PeterO

        “Coolpox” = very funny!

      • Alex

        I think you just started something there!

      • Jonas from Sweden

        I am vaccinated against Coolpox …

  • editor

    “3th” are you serious? “The Nikon D2300 could be the 3th DSLR camera that will be announced this year”

  • RMFearless

    Oh my god! Instead to produce a new line of mirrorless, which is compact by definition, they will start with a new compact DSLR (d2300), without an optical viewfinder!

    So, if your car takes too much fuel, therefore disarm fuel level indicator.

    You right Nikon, you right..—____—

    • waterengineer

      Incrementalism. Nikon has to maximize user investment in lenses. Thus……here is a tiny DSLR with the same flange to sensor distance so you can use those lenses. That is, if the rumor about a D2300 is correct.

      And……still not big boy DX format camera.

      • Zach White

        Exactly. Why build a DX or FX mirrorless that can’t use SLR lenses?

        The SLR is walking dead. The V2 has an order of magnitude fewer parts than, say, a D3300. Adding live view and video to a mirror flapper was like putting chrome wheels on a dump truck and calling it a hot rod. Stop gap at best.

        Too bad there are no DX lenses worth talking about. Maybe the direction is to have both DX and FX D2300-type beasties.

        • waterengineer

          I would suggest the 35mm DX and the 17-55mm DX lenses are worth owning.

          • Zach White

            You’re right, I shouldn’t have said ‘no DX lenses’.: I have the 35 1.8G and like it, but we need what Fuji already has done in a very short time, ie, 14, 18, 23, 27(maybe), and 56. If this D2300 is really 290 grams, I wouldn’t hang a fat ol’ turd like the 17-55 on the poor little thing 🙂

            • waterengineer

              I don’t think the “new” (if it is real) D2300 will focus the 17-55mm anyway. The 17-55 doesn’t have a focus motor as the lower end DX bodies require in the lens.

            • Yes it does (have a focusing motor).

            • Zach White

              It most certainly does have a focus motor. That’s what the ‘AF-S’ means. There are no DX lenses that are not AF-S.

            • Duff

              The 10.5 fisheye has no motor.

            • Zograf

              The 17-55 does have an internal motor and focuses on all low end DX bodies. At least mine did many years ago on D40 🙂

            • Zograf

              You don’t need to. The new foldable 18-55 Nikkor shows fantastic quality, check it at

        • Thom Hogan

          You’re not getting something. Sure, a V2 has an order of magnitude fewer parts, but you can design a mirrorless “DSLR” with fewer parts. One of the things you have to get rid of is the mirror ;~). Suddenly you lose the secondary and tertiary mirrors, the AF sensor assembly, a focus screen, overlay, prism, and metering sensor, plus a bunch of additional bits and pieces.

          But you’re right, if Nikon is going the F-mount mirrorless route, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE LENSES? Moreover, where are the small lenses?

          • Zach White

            That was my point, Thom, though I didn’t express it very well: Maybe the D2300 is the beginning of a modern, modular DSLR replacement. If the EVF is as good as my V1, most people (as in the hordes of D3xxx, D5xxx users) won’t give the OVF a second thought.

          • Mr. Mamiya

            Small lenses? Everybody wants highest resolution, maximum sharpness lenses. My impression is, that this asks for bigger and bigger lens designs, not smaller ones. Unless lens makers find a secret ingredient, I guess every standard nifty fifty will be Otus sized in a few years.

            • Thom Hogan

              “Everybody”? No. The mass market that Nikon now serves only gives lip service to resolution and sharpness. The D3300 is more camera than they need.

              Sure, the prosumer/pro wants more, and they currently have a very good choice in the D800 (though we want other options).

      • cppguy16

        At least we’ll be able to take advantage of Nikon’s legendary collection of DX F-mount lenses. Oh wait… never mind.

    • Thom Hogan

      Not sure what your point is. The primary thing that a mirrorless camera gains over a DSLR is less depth to the camera body. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t build a DSLR that’s the same width and height as an equivalent mirrorless camera. So what do you lose by making the camera thinner for mirrorless? The grip!

      Now look at a mirrolress camera with a grip, such as the E-M1. On that right side, it’s actually deeper than a Nikon Df!

      I’ve said all along that the likely scenario from Canon and Nikon would be to use their existing mounts and just make the cameras smaller (width/height) and eventually mirrorless (EVF instead of optical finder).

      To use your analogy, the mirrorless cameras use less fuel, so they made the gas tank smaller ;~).

      • That is exactly what I want in a camera: DX or FX sensor, standard F-mount, a grip, two command dials, and a few buttons for all the vital controls, and that’s it. I can live without the mirror and prism and optical viewfinder. Other than that, shrink it down as much as possible.

        • Aldo

          that’s what my d5300 is missing… another dial… I didn’t even know they had only one until I bought it.

          • lord eels

            I would never admit that. do you wonder why I have little respect for your opinion here?

            • Aldo

              That’s because you are a poser… I’m not.

            • lord eels

              but you didn’t know the nikon you bought lacked a sub command dial? the signature nikon control? please.

            • Aldo

              so? I’ve always handled nikon cameras with two dials, d300s, d700, d600, d610, d800… I had not owned a d5k, d3k series… had just played with a d5200 at best buy. My job is to take pictures not to know memorize buttons of every camera I look at.

        • lord eels

          I am extremely happy with my d4 cameras. what is the point of the mirrorless you just spec’d? cramped hands? size and price are the only advantages. and you have to give up so much like real PDAF from a dedicated module, on sensor PDAF will always stink in low light, it’s physics. I’ve owned 3 mirrorless cameras if you count the Ricoh GR (also nikon v1 and sony NEX 5r). they are great static subject cameras, but for indoor action, nothing feels as good as popping a 30 frame burst in a perfect focus at clean ISO 12800.

          • Vin

            I am with you, I like the size of the D800 and Other FX cameras, most DX feel a little small, I do like the Fuji line too. I hope the X-T1 feel a little more robust. The battery grip could be a plus to this feel. I don’t mind a little weight reduction. But still have a nice balance. If that makes scene.

            • Vin

              At this time DSLR definitely still feel like right tool for action and continuous shooting.

          • Aldo

            For a moment I thought you had pig feet for hands… glad you cleared that up 😛

      • jtra

        If lenses can be collapsible as Nikon has shown with new 18-55, so can be bodies. Grip (even with battery) could be collapsible into body. Mounted lens may also collapse into a body, into a space left over by removed mirror (assuming the mount tilt tolerances can be enginered into acceptable range).

        • Thom Hogan

          The 18-55mm isn’t all that collapsible. Personally, I’d call it “nuisance collapsible,” as in it doesn’t collapse enough to make up for the nuisance of having to extend it when turning on the camera. After all these years of trying to shorten the power on times of cameras, the lens designers are basically stealing even more time back for very little gain on some of these lenses.

          The lens doesn’t have to collapse into the empty mirror chamber, by the way. You can simply make new lenses that EXTEND into the mirror chamber (would require a new rear lens cap, though). But seeing how many DX lenses Nikon has been rattling off lately, my expectations there aren’t all that high.

          • jamez

            Actually, I’ve been hoping for Nikon to do just that! (maybe just not an entry level camera, but still)

            Create a lightweight (but not too small/ungrippable) camera without the mirror but still f-mount, so that all my lenses COULD be used when I wanted to. But please also make a few lenses for it with a a short distance from rear of lens to sensor (lens extending into the body). These lenses could look like a pancake on the outside, without actually beeing all that tiny. You can think of it as beeing able to put the flange of the Sony FE lenses 28.5mm furher to the front of the lens. Sony E flange focal distance is 18mm vs 46.5 for the Nikon F. Consider the Sonnar 35mm 2.8 at 36.5mm total depth – very little would stick out of the body, and total depth of camera and lens would not be more than a Sony A7R.
            Add to that a decent on-sensor PDAF system. I really just need one good f8-capable center one, like the center one on the d800 or d600.
            And making it compatible with the EN-EL15 battery and a bunch of D800/d7000 users would have yet another reason to buy it.

            This is what I hoped the Nikon Df was going to be like in the first place…

      • Vin

        Could this be a evf with a mirror, but no prism. In a sense a smaller sensor that interprets light to a evf or LCD. Still using DX sensor and f-mount. A camera like Fuji X-A1 or perhaps X-T1. I think this might still not be as compact as Fuji X line or Olympus OM-D line.

        • Thom Hogan

          It could be, but only if the AF sensors are in whatever the mirror points to ;~).

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      NO optical VF, means no mirror… =mirrorless. Mirrorless means no mirror box=compact. Compact means shot flange to sensor distance=new line of lenses. They are late as usual… lets hope it will be a mount capable to also bear a FF sensor, like Nex did.

      • Thom Hogan

        No optical VF means EVF, means either no mirror or a simple mirror. No mirror or simple mirror only makes a camera more compact if you decide to give up the right hand grip (remember, the Olympus E-M1 is a “deeper” camera than a Nikon Df). New lenses would mean that someone at Nikon has lost their head and decided to squander their one legacy attribute and force the Nikkor design guys to start in a deep hole, like Sony FE (only without Zeiss’s help). Nikon already tried that last one, it’s called a Nikon 1 and there was great disagreement within Nikon whether another lens mount was the right answer or not. Given the sales, I’d guess that management now says “no” ;~).

    • Global

      “Incrementalism” doesn’t make sense here — the industry is undergoing a transformation. And these lenses have a shelf life of 20 years! You don’t take increments to 20 years — you’ll be a generation behind…. and I don’t mean a technology generation, i mean a human generation.

      Nikon needs to make a professional Mirrorless like now. Want to extend the shelf life of the F-mount? Make an adapter that increases their abilities. For example — fine tuning and focus speed adjustments from the adapter (a la Sigma fine tuner), but functional as an actual adapter.

  • j v

    If the D2300 would not have an optical viewfinder, wouldn’t that make it a mirrorless?

    I was considering a D7100, but may hold off now: either it will drop in price, or the D7200 would be better…

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Remember that the D7200 is an August or September release date.

      • Thom Hogan

        Late August is what I hear. Subject to change, of course. There’s been a bit too much of that lately.

        • PeterO

          This small incremental updating of models like the D3X00 and D5X00 suggests that the D7200 won’t be a “disruptive” technology Thom. They are either holding back (which would be really dumb) or it’s business as usual because that’s all there is.

          • Thom Hogan

            Didn’t say the D7200 would be disruptive technology. Technically, it doesn’t need to be.

            If Nikon were smart they’d start parallel disruptive technologies, one from the bottom (e.g D2300 as I described) and one from the top (modular, programmable D5).

    • istreetshooter

      Not if they leave it anyway to satisfy the Japanese mirror cartel. Or if the mirror bounces light to solar cells. Or….okay, this is getting ridiculous, Nikon.

    • Mike

      Better wait for the 7300, either that’s better or the 7200 will drop in price and the pre-owned 7100 will get dirt cheap…

      • j v

        Haha… yes… I’ve been playing the waiting game for too long – I can hold of half a year more. I do feel high end DX SLR is nearing its end. For my purposes it suffices so I’ll just go with one more DX body and enjoy it. The main argument is price, and I can spend what I save on good FX lenses (to be ready for my subsequent SLR purchase, which will be FX).

  • shrimpdude

    There is a possibility that the D2300 will be the first DSLR without an optical viewfinder

    ^So um, it’s not a DSLR then.

    • ok, DSLR-like

      • MB

        Pentax K-01 like then?
        No please for the love of all that have common sense …

        • Thom Hogan

          The K-01 doesn’t have a viewfinder, doesn’t have a performance-oriented focus system. Plus it was designed to be put in a glass case.

      • One More Thought

        Thanks for hunting down these rumors.

        When it is mentioned that the D2300 would have no optical VF, Do you mean that this camera will likely have an EVF, or no viewfinder whatsoever?

        • Not sure – this is the only info I received

          • Thom Hogan

            Has EVF.

            One good indicator of that will be the name.

      • Thom Hogan

        We really don’t have a good name for it, let alone the hybrid approach that Nikon also has in development. Sony had the same problem with the SLT. It’s definitely going to pose a marketing problem.

        First, you can’t call it mirrorless, because that just says that all those companies that have been making mirrorless cameras were right and also what the heck is the Nikon 1 then? You can’t call it DSLR because it has no optical viewfinder and isn’t the same as your DSLRs.

        By the way, get ready for the D4000 and D6000 rumors ;~)

        • Rick_James

          I think part of Nikon’s problem is they need fewer cameras, not more. It seems that Nikon is throwing darts blindfolded after being turned around 3 times in a circle hoping they hit bullseye. The fact that Nikon is still selling previous camera models that are heavily discounted really hurts the brand not to mention it is confusing to the customer–Granted the consumer can find fantastic deals on older models. I can’t tell you how much I hate shopping for something on Amazon, for example, and not knowing how recent or old an iteration of a product is. To someone wanting to purchase an intro DSLR, how do they know that the D5100 isn’t the latest model? And every year a new model is released for the consumer models and yet it seems none of the old models sell out.

          • Thom Hogan

            Sony’s been throwing darts at the board more frenetically. Nikon does have a problem on their hands, which is that they have to make a transition at some point sooner rather than later. To continue to build DSLRs as they do would eventually pass the pricing advantage to others if they’re not careful. See what Roger Cicala wrote in his A7 disassembly. That’s what I’ve been saying for several years now: a rethink of DSLR designs is needed to drive costs out.

          • Alex

            That’s probably true for DX, but I think photographers need more choices in FX. A small, fast, affordable FX camera for sports (but not necessarily high megapixels), a small affordable FX (not necessarily fast OR high megapixels – slower than a 610, smaller plastic body etc) that people would buy as a backup to their D610, D800, or D4. This would also help Nikon sell more DSLRs (and lenses) to the consumer market as p&s and mirrorless cameras become more attractive with larger sensors.

      • John

        But the question is: It will have an F-mount, yes???

    • Lol, that’s what I thought. Maybe they leave the mirror installed, to target the nostalgic photographer.

    • TeaBreak

      Yeah. And without a mirror I’ll never buy a camera. Hate these EVF. Even the best of them show just an oversaturated and blurred pattern of reality. Looks somehow artificial. EVF never will be more than an piecemeal approach to match the unique capacities of the human eyes.

  • Greg Webb

    Pure pipe dream, but while we’re speculating on new bodies, what I’d like –

    * D610 sensor & twin SD card slots
    * D800 AF module
    * D5300 body with a second command wheel added

    Not going to happen sadly but it’d be a lovely camera.

    • James

      If Nikon made FX versions of all the DX bodies I’d grab a 5300-style in a heartbeat. I’d honestly be find with it having all the same specs as the D5300 as long as the size was the same.

    • Eric Calabros

      Sorry, but if you need D800 AF module, you’re likely going to put some 70-200 thing on it to get full potential of that, and one who wants to use a 70-200 kind of lens, why should use a designed-for-women-hands body?

      • Patrick O’Connor

        I don’t follow your logic that you need a 70-200 type lens to make use of the D800’s AF module. Why would that be?

        • Eric Calabros

          so why you need that AF module without those kind of lenses?

          • Patrick O’Connor

            I don’t know why anyone needs it, in any case. That’s not to say they don’t…I just don’t know. Frankly, the only lack I’ve seen with my D600’s AF is the spread when mounted on a tripod. Occasionally, I’ll want to focus on a point that’s beyond its reach.

            • Eric Calabros

              someone in dpreview forum compared D600 AF area to D800, and I couldnt believe how close are they

          • umeshrw

            That AF module would be needed for slower lenses. The lenses closer to f8 aperture. Certainly not 70-200 type where aperture is 2.8.

  • amh

    I also hear that the D400 will now be an even lower-end model. The build will be “cardboard box-like” and feature a 2mm pinhole on one side and crayons for you to create your own unique design to make Leica owners laugh out loud. It’s being described as the first DSLR-like camera without a lens, dials, buttons or display. Battery life will be infinite, because it won’t have one.


    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. The D400 is dead.

      • Zach White

        Like 2 years ago.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Maybe. Maybe not.

        • Delmar Mineard Jr

          Read the 77+ pages on the NRF on the D300 replacement. They have been talking for 3 years that the D300 replacement was coming soon. It’s not going to happen. That is why people, including me, have moved on to other Nikon DSLR’s. Tom said there are 4 DSLR’s coming this year, three have been identified and according to the note posted today a 2300 would be the 4th.

          • Well, I said I expect 3 or 4 DSLRs in 2014. I identified 3 out of the 4 DSLRs: D4s, D7200 and D2300. Not sure what the 4th camera will be, but them again – there could be only 3.

            • Josh

              Personally I think a D810 is much more likely than a D300s successor. After all the D800 will be the only non updated camera in the line up if the other 3 are correct.

          • saywhatuwill

            If it’s been 3 years in the works, then they still have 2 more years to come out with it. The Df took 5 years to make, so why not the D400?

            • Delmar Mineard Jr

              We all know that Nikon typically works on releasing updates every 24 months. Look how old the 300s is. The D400 is not going to happen. I moved on and am taking advantage of the improvements in technology and MP in the D7100.

          • Patrick O’Connor

            I have, and love, the D600 (spots and all). I’m not waiting for a D400 but if/when it comes, I’ll buy one. No complaints or whining. Just…we’ll see.

  • Sebastian

    So that’s how nikon’s inevitable transition to mirrorless for DX detectors will start?

    • Thom Hogan


  • Andrew Gray

    Sounds like the Pentax K-01. Same mount as their DSLRs but mirrorless.

    • Faker

      K-01 in DF body. Perfect. I hope it does video though.

  • FrenchGuy

    The P8000 will be interesting ONLY if it has a substantial buffer and if you don’t wait more than a second between 2 shots!

    • Thom Hogan

      Technically, the only thing that makes the P8000 interesting is the 24-120mm f/2-3 lens, which we DON’T have in the CX mount. Anyone else see a problem? (would be a 8.8-44mm, approximately).

      • lord eels

        respectfully, mr hogan, I think the p8000 as spec’d is very interesting considering the benefits gained from mating one sensor to one lens. I am a nikon v1 owner, I consider it a primes only system, owning the 10mm, 18.5mm, 32mm. I’m not sure how big the CX 8.8-44 would have to be, but I am sure the output of this p8000 would surpass it. we’ve seen excellent fast’ish dedicated zooms in cameras like the fuji x20, which is quite compact compared to the canon G series or the nikon p7xxx series. thank you, your student.

        • Thom Hogan

          I’m not sure how that’s different than what I wrote. The interesting part is not the sensor or the fact it’s a Coolpix, it’s the lens.

          Nikon puts themselves into a very tricky position if they iterate a J4 and V3 and don’t have such a lens. Why would we buy a Nikon 1, then? And if they have such a lens for the Nikon 1, then why do we want a P8000? (The answer basically would be that the P8000 has a power collapsing version of the lens, and is thus more compact; but still, think about it, which would you rather have, a V3 or a P8000?)

          I have this fear that Nikon does the same thing Sony is doing, which is just putting out everything they can think of to see what resonates. The corollary to that is “we don’t know what users want.” In essence, you end up starting to compete with yourself and then you wonder why sales dry up fast on some models. Take the Sony RX1, for example. The A7 and 35mm FE lens killed that camera. There’s no reason to pay more for the RX1 than the A7+35mm combo. None. There’s really no reason to pay the same price for it. Yet the RX1 is an extremely good camera.

          I would regard Nikon doing Nikon 1 updates, a 1″ Coolpix, and an EVF D2300 as a bit of panic and a weak sense of understanding the user. Now, Nikon has flexible enough manufacturing that they can simply rejigger it to where the demand is, but when you’re not sure what the product is you should be making, doing more of them doesn’t necessarily mean that you hit the target.

          • Ricola

            Re: RX1 vs A7.
            Yes, there is a reason to pick the RX1 over the A7. The RX1 has an aperture ring, which is invaluable.

        • Thom Hogan

          Okay. Explain to me how making a built-in 8.8-44mm is better than having a CX mount one.

          This whole notion of “sensor mated to lens” is mostly a myth. As I pointed out when Ricoh tried that line with the GXR modules, the actual “mating” had some significant issues with plastic used in alignment, and no one has shown me yet a sensor+lens welded combination that does something a lens mount lens doesn’t do OTHER THAN COLLAPSE.

          Be careful of buying the marketing lines.

          • lord eels

            sony rx-1 lens is small, fast’ish, and very high performing. not a myth at all.

            • Thom Hogan

              So is the 35mm FE lens for the A7. That’s basically my point. The A7+35mm basically renders the RX-1 mostly pointless, especially since it’s more money and doesn’t deliver better quality. So, sorry, you’ll need to find an example that isn’t a myth before I’ll give in on the point. (And FWIW, I have both the RX-1 and A7+35mm, so can do side by side comparisons; the primary thing I gain by using the RX-1 is the macro mode.)

            • lord eels

              1 full stop faster and much smaller != “basically” the same. you asked for an example, I gave you one. Please avoid wiggling as it reduces your caché to the rest of these internet blow hards, not that the 180 degree flip flop edited post didn’t do that already. I’m right, here in this one instance. That’s the last I have to say.

            • Thom Hogan

              Just had to go downstairs and check for sure, but no, not much smaller. Same size (measured in sticking out from body). I’ll grant you the extra stop, but the point was that the lens+sensor mating made for a difference in quality. I’ll repeat: not that I’ve yet seen.

              I actually had to think about this for a bit the other day. Note which Sony camera I’m selling: the RX1. Why? Because the A7+35mm does basically what I need. I don’t need the f/2 versus f/2.8 (especially considering that I can mount f/1.4 optics on the camera), and I just don’t see enough difference, if any meaningful ones at all, in optical performance.

              What I’m trying to stop is this myth that “when camera makers build a lens into a camera rather than make it in a mount, something magical happens that can’t be replicated in the mount.” Again, haven’t seen an example of that.

              I’m tempted to say the Coolpix A could be an example. But then we don’t have an 18mm f/2.8 DX lens to compare it against ;~). And I’m pretty sure you could duplicate it’s ability in the DX mount (though in that case, it probably would be bigger).

  • broxibear

    • Eric Calabros

      my mum was ill 🙂
      I hope Nikon’s Product Manager in Japan see this

    • Thom Hogan

      Funny. And just as fictional as the movie! Nice.

    • manhattanboy

      Loved the “I AM NIKON”
      Very nice touch.

    • funny… and true

    • IAMNita

      This is mean. But true, sadly.

      • broxibear

        Ok, I had a little time earlier, I was bored and thought I’d add some light heartedness to the blog.
        Anyway, here’s what you really want…another D4s image.
        An image of Robert Hanashiro’s gear, although he describes it as 3 Nikon D4 bods, the camera on the right is actually a D4s, tut tut Robert, lol.
        © Robert Hanashiro

        • Aldo

          lord eels is drooling…

          • lord eels

            I’m not a think tank guy. I like kata bags (bumblebee 220PL) for work. fwiw, I love crumpler bags for personal schlepping (bronzed extravaganza reporter bag)

            • Aldo

              I carry my gear in a fanny pack.

            • lord eels

              typical, for the crop sensor types. lol.

            • Aldo

              I also carry a ridiculous vest… you can’t tell If I’m a photographer or a navy seal…

        • Yep, looks like a D4s. I cannot believe they have not officially announced it yet.

          • Thom Hogan

            Maybe they think they have ;~)

        • Unless is D3x?

          • broxibear

            Nah, it’s a D4s…all the D3 bodies had C S M above the fx logo.

            Unless it’s a D4x ?… nuh, nuh ,nuhhhhh !!! lol.

  • cobby64

    If Canon releases a 7D mk ii, a D400 will surface from somewhere

    • Sebastien Girard

      On canon rumors/forums, you can read “If Nikon releases a D400, then we will see a 7D mk II”.

      So, you should forget that camera. Take a D7100 or wait for the D7200 later this year.

      • itznfb

        If the D7200 shows up with a 10pin then we know the D300s replacement is dead.

        • Marc W.

          And AF-On button. (Yes, I know you reassign a button on the back. No, that’s not my solution.)

      • I think the D7200 will be the D400. Then the D5400 will become the new D7xxx and so on – now we also have a new entry level D2300 (if rumors are true).

        • Milos

          It makes sense,if you look at it this way,

          N & C compete for as long as they exsit, so
          D7200 = 7D m.II D7300 = 7D m.III …..

  • doge

    call it d400
    smaller number than 5300
    make more sense to consumer

  • The P8000 sounds interesting. I love my little RX100 as a compact but I was just thinking the other day ‘I sure wish it started at 24mm, rather than 28mm’

    • Ovas

      Will P8000 be in competition with SONY RX10?

    • preston

      It is safe to assume that the P8000 will be much larger and heavier than the RX100 since it is a continuation of the P7000 series bodies. Definitely not pocketable like the RX100.

      • Thom Hogan

        The lens alone would seem to force it to be bigger than an RX100, which is 100mm at f/4.9. You’re just going to have more glass in that Nikon spec.

  • Guest

    I’m just going to pretend that the 2300 is a FF mirrorless that accepts the f mount. And makes me a sandwich.

  • phosgene

    I’m just going to pretend that the 2300 is a FF mirrorless that accepts f mount lenses. And makes me a sandwich.

  • Louis-Félix Grondin

    Am I the only one who’s excited about the 2300? I have a d800e but I see myself carrying a second really small body for my primes and street photos (with let’s say my 35 dx)… Or for family reunions where my d800e and FX lenses are a tad intimidating.

    • bob2

      I picked up a used D3100 to go with my D600 a few weeks ago. The D600 stays home much more now, since the DX Nikon is SO much smaller and lighter. Too bad Nikon does not want to release small, fast DX-only primes like a 16 or 23mm f/2 in fear of undercutting sales in (high profit margin) FX; and one reason Olympus and Fuji captured the attention of the advanced amateur/enthusiast market.

      • desmo

        try like a 10mm , 12mm, 14mm dx prime they already have 18mm,20mm,24 mm on up although these are capable of FX they are still quite capable on DX
        duplicating those for Dx only raises cost and complicates
        thing for both Nikon and the consumer

  • NowHearThis

    “There is a possibility that the D2300 will be the first DSLR-like camera without an optical viewfinder”.
    Umm, Sony did this with their SLT cameras – 3ys ago, They’re certainly DSLR-like and they don’t have optical viewfinders. Panasonic, Olumpus, and Fuji also don’t have DSLR-like cameras that don’t have optical viewfinders.

    • Aldo

      I’m assuming they mean F-mount nikon branded?

      • Thom Hogan


        And Sony did it with the A3000, too. It really seems that that camera is more the target Nikon is shooting at.

    • Marc W.

      What we need to know is what is a “DSLR-like camera”.

      In theory, I have a DSLR-like camera. It’s the Nikon F5. It’s like a DSLR.

  • Let’s all wait for Nikon to get it right, and then price it too high.

    • manhattanboy

      One the first, we will be waiting a long time. On the second, however, your wish will be granted.

  • MirrorWarrior(Less)

    Mirrorless world domination is inevitable. Nothing can stop ’em, not even Nikon. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    • AM

      I’m all for mirrorless to replace DSLR.
      Then, five years from now, I’ll still be kicking ass with my retro D600.

  • Spy Black

    If the supposed D2300 comes out as a mirrorless EVF camera, then I’d say there’s hope at Nikon. If it’s an SL1 clone, that will be the lamest “me too” camera ever.

    The supposed P8000 looks like it may be Nikon’s answer to Sony RX100 II. If so, let’s see how they screw it up with pricing…

    • mipa

      Yes I hope something like the Sony RX100 with a better performing lens (corners, long end) an the same writing- and AF speed as the Sony RX 100….

  • T-Mo

    “There is a possibility that the D2300 will be the first DSLR-like camera without an optical viewfinder”


    I feel like the Fuji X-T1 would be the first DSLR-like camera that omits an optical viewfinder….

    • Thom Hogan

      If we’re going to play that game, let’s go much, much further back than that. Care to look up a Panasonic G1?

      • T-Mo

        Touché, Thom 🙂

  • Zoron

    if D400 is non-existent…..does that make D300,D300s the last of its kind and quite valuable?

    • NavalGunfire

      No, not really. How valuable is a D2 now? A fraction of what it was at release. That was the last of the professional DX bodies and they aren’t really worth anything now because they are obsolete.

      • desmo

        D2 1 or 2 hundred $
        D2xs 4 to 500 maybe?

        D2xs was the last pro DX body

    • Marc W.

      Probably just as valuable as a Pinto and Yugo. 🙂

      No, but seriously, I guess if you think in terms of still very usable, Yes. The SB-800 and D700 both have held their values pretty well because the replacements aren’t 100% full upgrades for everyone.

  • grayskale

    Imagine If the made a camera with an adjustable Flange to sensor distance. With no mirror, and an EVF thus allowing all lens types!

    • grayskale

      Like the sensor would have 2 positions say

      • Vin

        It could, but that might be more expensive line $1000+. Interesting thought.

      • lord eels

        better if the sensor moved to focus, boom, AF with any lens.

        • Marc W.

          “You have sensor stabilization? That’s cute. We have Sensor Focusing. BOOM!”

    • Vin

      It feels like they have something up there sleeve?

      • PeterO

        They’re happy their D400 was there.

  • koenshaku

    I wonder what will be bought to the D7200 probably 4K and a prototype focusing system. That will live on in a D400 maybe.

  • G


    • G

      And more DX lenses too. OK? Thanks.

      • Aldo

        I was looking into the few “pro” dx lenses they’ve made… they are just as expensive as the ff ones (almost)… I see almost no point making new ones… maybe renew the old ones.

        • I think Nikon has to renew their DX strategy if it wants to keep enthusiasts, serious amateurs or pros in its fold. They are doing fine on the low end, but the lack of good DX lenses makes many consider alternatives, in my case, Fuji.

          I need a system that is smaller, more portable than my d800+lenses. For travel, location scouting, personal projects. Right now, I have the d7000, but I just can’t find the lenses to put on it (apart from the 35mm F/1.8 DX which is a brilliant lens). The best zoom is the 16-85mm, and it’s long in the tooth in terms of performance. It’s also a slow lens. Nikon has a single 17-55 pro grade lens that is heavy, almost as expensive as it’s FX counterpart, with lackluster performance on 24mpx bodies, and it lacks VR. In the meantime, Fuji has the excellent 18-55 F/2.8-4 that is cheaper (in a kit) than the 16-85 nikkor, with a 16-55 F/2.8 zoom coming up. Not to mention their complete line of small, fast primes.

          • Aldo

            I think nikon is going through some sort of experimentation phase. It’s clear they are focusing on the lower end consumer cameras. You are right. I think they are clueless as to what to do with the pro dx line. That’s if they haven’t already decided to kill it or push it down to the consumer lower end cameras.

            • desmo

              I believe they have a clue,
              Dx is a consumer line.
              May not make you happy but it’s pretty much the way it is.

    • Kim

      The D7000 and D7100 are the D300 replacement! Isn’t that obvious? Nikon need to differentiate DX and FX on a few more aspects than sensor-size these days. My guess is that Nikon will never build a DX-camera in the D300s size and weight class again. For professional needs of FPS and weathersealing, Nikon expects customers to want nothing short of FX-sensor-performance anyway.

      • Marc W.

        The D7000 and D7100 are the D300 replacement! Isn’t that obvious?”

        Except those lose some body feature the D300/s has. I don’t like the fact that there is no AF-On button on the D7x00. I know you can remap the AE/AF lock button, but they you loose that button.

  • user

    Is it possible that Nikon still keep the mirrors but replace the prism and metering sensor (or mirror for D3xxx) with a low resolution viewing/metering sensor (like 2mp). This way they can keep all the old PD focusing system and have a full time live view. The camera will still be the same depth but a lot shorter. Although this might not reduce the production cost since all the moving parts are still there.

    • Thom Hogan

      Not sure what the gain would be. Would be more like a loss. And you still have the mechanical complexity and extra parts of the traditional DSLR, so you’re not doing as good a job at reducing costs as the competitors.

      • user

        That’s true. I’m not sure if there is a way to keep the mirror box and use it wisely. I hope Nikon have something to surprise us 🙂

  • csmith

    the d3200 is already too small for anyone but small women or children, what’s the point of making yet another low end body that is even smaller?

    • Aldo

      portability?… though we’ll end up mounting an 800mm on it.

      • stoooopid

        Exactly. It does no good to minaturize bodies if the lenses are huge. I don’t mind the size of my D7000 body, but when I stick a lens on it, the whole thing is just a weird shape that is hard to carry around. Why doesn’t NIkon do a 40mm pancake like canon did? If I shot Canon that is the lens I would have on my body most of the time for taking it on the road. In fact, I have considered buying the SL1 and this pancake lens just to have a more portable system.

        • Aldo

          modern 40mm pancake would be awesome!

    • Marc W.

      Comment 1: sexist
      Comment 2: Partially agreed. But I’m assuming bodies like that sell. At least they are a gateway camera to the larger ones if the person upgrades. Nikon wins twice.

      • csmith

        1: if you think that’s sexist you are a fool
        2: there is absolutely no reason to have a 3300 if they make a smaller camera unless the new smaller body has some unique feature. how many low end aps-c bodies do they need? a 2 series a 5 series and a 7 series seems sufficient. japanese marketing strategy is really going out of control lately with the 2 steps forward 1 step back mentality, quantity over quality mentality etc. if there weren’t a duopoly i think nikon would be out of business.

  • m

    “D2300 will be the first DSLR-like camera without an optical viewfinder” – I think I’ve heard that somewhere…Oh, yes – SLT 😛

  • Dana Turloff Haines

    There are several other p&s cameras out there with MUCH bigger sensors. Why is Nikon so sluggish? Mirrorless technology is going to hurt them.

  • CocoaBob

    I think the mirror should still exist for the phase focusing system. And I think the most important difference compared to Nikon 1 is the lens. It could be cool.

  • Titus

    Interestingly, among the ten cameras rated as the most popular now at, eight are mirrorless… The other two are Nikon’s D5300 and D7100, though.

  • David

    What is the point of a Nikon P8000 now the Canon G1X MK2 is here? Another still born, irrelevant Coolpix IMHO. Series 1 ditto.
    Nikon are no longer the company they were, as they repeatedly prove with their inconsistent and bizarre releases, combined with their no show DX releases. Their former reputation is now becoming seriously tarnished by all these low end products they keep endlessly iterating. My last Nikon purchase was the D700 , turns out it will be my last ever Nikon of any kind as the company no longer produces anything of interest to me. I accept the D4/D4s and D800 are in the top flight , just not suitable for my needs/uses. Nikon’s offerings below that level nowadays seem sub par .

    Sure this could all change over night , but somehow the cynic in me doubts it. Meanwhile, other brands seem more interested in a least making an effort to try and deliver better products across the board , and communicate .

    • Celtic

      This week I sold my last Canon camera (ironically a SL1) and last two Canon lenses. Since I am no longer into Canon (except for the SX100 I keep around as a lesson in futility), I no longer have to use up my valuable time perusing Canon Rumors.

  • Mr_Miyagi

    Coolpix P8K = Nikon’s version of the Sony RX10. I’ve had my RX10 for just over a month. It’s a terrific camera, solid build, excellent EVF, consistent JPEG and RAW colors nearly as good as a Nikon’s. It won’t replace my D800 but it has become my everyday go-to camera.

  • Tom Allsup

    First DSLR-like cam with no optical VF? Uh…so its an ILC without a mirror?? How is this going to be a first?? Are they going to ditch the VF but keep the mirror?? That would be very strange…

    • G0nzo

      no but maybe replaced by a digital VF, like in the Sony alpha (the cheaper once)

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