Nikon announces the development of a new D4s camera *UPDATED*

As previously reported, Nikon just announced the development of the D4s "HD-SLR" camera which will be on display at CES in Las Vegas (send me some pictures if you are going to the show). The new camera will have "enhanced image quality", a new image-processing engine and "more advanced autofocusing performance" (pretty much what I reported earlier). No other details were given at that point.

Update - here is the first teaser from Nikon Australia - the camera looks identical to the D4:


Update #2 - the first Nikon D4s pictures are already available online and on flickr:

Here is the full press release:

Nikon's Next Generation Professional Flagship D-SLR to be Shown at 2014 CES Prior to Official Announcement

Designed to Meet the Needs of Professional Photographers, The Nikon D4S is Currently in Development

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Nikon Corporation is preparing for the release of its next-generation flagship model, and has announced the development of the Nikon D4S HD-SLR.  The camera will be on display, before its official release, at the Nikon booth (#14916, Central Hall) at the 2014 International CES show from January 7-10, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Nikon's new flagship model, the D4S will offer advances over the Nikon D4 HD-SLR camera, including enhanced image quality enabled with adoption of a new image-processing engine. The new HD-SLR will also feature more advanced autofocusing performance, further solidifying it as the choice for professional sports, nature and event photographers as well as photojournalists.

The D4S represents a concentration of Nikon's advanced camera development technologies and legacy as a leader in imaging. The D4S will further expand the possibilities for professional photographers who demand the best possible performance and image quality in challenging environments. The Nikon D4S will build upon the success of the acclaimed Nikon D4, a camera highly regarded for its speed, unrivaled low-light ability and amazing image quality that made it the choice of professionals and advanced amateurs around the world.

Further details regarding the Nikon D4S, including announcement date, availability and suggested retail price will be announced at a later date.

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  • So am I missing something, or is there no information whatsoever on how the D4S differs from the D4? Nikon seems maddeningly vague on the specs, other than improved low light performance and faster autofocus.

    I’ve been doing more and more photography with my Fuji XE2 because of the smaller size and weight, so I’m no longer positive I’ll upgrade until I’ve reached the end of the useful lifespan of my D4. There are some things I still need the D4 for, but it’s a lot less than I thought it was.


  • bgbs

    Does HD-SLR mean that it will have a 4K video capability?

  • lorenzo

    Now that someone should change his famous TM sentence into:
    “Where is my D400s?”

    • Global

      Nikon should be planning the D500 by now….

  • Tore Hansen

    Trolling is sooo 2013, now im playing with my Lumix GM1

  • Gareth O’Neill

    Hopefully this will have a whole new 51pt+ af system with faster focussing (at -3EV?) and it ends up in the D900 when that is released. Then I won’t regret skipping the D800 so much.

    • Global

      Nikon has shown us its wisdom that the D7000’s 39-AF system which is terrible at focusing in low light is “good enough” for fullframe (D600, Df). Some have even said that this is a feature and a benefit….giving support to Nikon for intentionally crippling bodies needlessly.

      I wonder if they also hope the next gen of FX has this “feature”?

  • Global

    Df users are DEMANDING that Nikon remove video from this “impure photography” device. How dare Nikon corrupt its flagship!


    • kassim

      Don’t worry, DFs is coming.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        …and once the DFs goes on sale, it will never, ever stop…..

  • Lcky

    Ok, I foresee… 60fps 1080P

    True HD.. Now onto the codec..

  • I see that they have re designed the little joysticks on the back of the camera. They look like Canon’s now, but slightly larger. I never had any problems with them but a lot of reviewers complaining about the quality of the rubber pads on the D4

    • broxibear

      Hi mateiphoto,
      Yeah you’re right the joysticks are different along with the multi selector…now if they would just open the Memory card slot cover so we could have a quick peek, lol.

      • Hahaha. Yeah, a quick peek would be enough. Who knows? Maybe the D4s would feature another new memory card that’s
        very fast, but expensive, that no one has ever heard off and no one will ever adopt eh?!

  • Robert

    probably have the 4DS with a new improved sensor

    The equivalent camera the D700 to be released the following will have the same sensor of the D4 and current DF

    • Michal Zdunek

      wut ?????????????????

  • Robert Mossack

    The only thing I’m really curious about is, with the D4s continue to have the XQD card slot, or will it be abandoned in favor of a second CF slot. The XQD always seemed to be a D.O.A concept to me.

    • kassim

      The first generation XQD was already as fast as the fastest CF at the time. Or was is faster? I don’t remember but the point is if you need for speed, XQD won’t let you down.

  • Phil

    Any spec’s for this D4s available yet?

  • broxibear

    There are some new images of the D4s on dp review, they have a clear picture of the back I haven’t seen elsewhere…if anyones got a pair of those xray specs you used to see advertised in bubble gum wrappers, now is the time to use them…tell me what those slots are ? lol.

  • Neopulse

    Cost of a new D800E = ~$3000

    Cost of replacing the D700 shutter = <$500

    If you don't want to buy a new camera then please shut the fuck up about it.

  • yrsued

    For my personal use, I hope they go away from XQD, it is a pain to deal with two kinds of Cards in the field.

    I know some folks like it, but I haven’t seen a real need for it in my line of work.

  • FrankWest76

    Looks like the Wifi is still an “outside of the box” thing. For a Pro Body it is a fail.

    • JXVo

      I can understand the need for some built-in method for rapidly transmitting captured images but in a professional body that will likely be used for many years how do you future-proof it? Currently WiFi is a bit slow for image files. Faster protocols are no doubt in the pipeline……so in spite of looking cumbersome, maybe an external module that can be updated from time to time will actually perform better.

      • RBR

        I think the answer is a modular circuit board that is replaceable at any Nikon authorized service center…oh, wait! Nikon cut off the supply of parts to them. Anyway, the answer is simply to plan for a replacement circuit board.

  • Thom Hogan

    I remember being on the sidelines with some Canon shooters when the D2h came out. Just for the fun of it–everyone who reads my site knows I’m not a burst shooter–I decided to hold down the shutter release on a play. All the Canon’s shut down in 2-3 seconds. By the 6th second, every Canon shooter was staring at me trying to figure out if what they were hearing could possibly be true or not.

    I’d say that the real discussion almost always centers on something entirely different, which is the focus system and whether it’s working or not.

    • Jay Pike

      Have we crossed the line between auto versus manual? We used to love manual transmissions in our cars, but, newer generations have put amazing technology into the microprocessors that control several thousand parameters (ones that used to be in the mind and experience of the driver) to shift faster than manual….

      How ever did we get sharp images when we only had manual focus lenses? The focus prism was one thing, but really only helped on stationary objects….

      We used to have as much “muscle memory” in our left-hands racking that focus to nail that perfect placement as the athletes we were shooting.

      So… speed will be the “mantra” of the day with the new ‘s’, eh? Enough to differentiate Nikon’s sales figures over years bast? Or just normal attrition and technology replacement?

      • Thom Hogan

        I’d say yes if the automatic transmissions were being designed by Silicon Valley and not Japan ;~). We’ve got very dumb cameras still.

    • RBR

      Bad! Bad! Bad! Teasing all those Canon shooters. 😀

  • Jeff Curtner

    I wonder if the D4s will use the same carbon fiber materials as the D5300 and D3300.

  • I highly suspect that the “New Processing Engine” will be the Expeed 4 in some variation, with an improved image processing pipeline.

    I would assume the AF would be tweaked to be more sensitive to (vertical: y-axis) and (depth: z-axis) motion. Particularly of the AF points that are not the central 9 points. Unless you are razor sharp, most people probably will not notice the difference. I would also fathom that the very very high ISO performance would be further improved, not by much more than a 1/3 of a stop though. I would think that ISO 6400 may gain just under 1/2 a stop of improvement.

  • Richard

    So still same sensor, and neither WiFi, nor GPS? Ah well, I’ll just keep on waiting, happy enough with my D3s, for the D5!

  • aorobert

    It better take the same battery as the D4!

  • Jean Fotomode

    Tonight (January 12) by 7h50 PM at the end of the football game between Denver and San Diego, when the two teams of players go on the field to meet together, I saw a photographer who had a DSLR l similar in all point to the Nikon D4 except that the name of Nikon and the model number, were hidden by a black ribbon. I jumped and brought more attention. And I saw the same photographers a few minutes later when Manning was leaving the field after one interview and that was really it. The DSLR was mounted with a Nikon AFS 14-24mm lens.

    So I think that there is quite possibly the D4S under test during the important game and it l will be monitored during the final week and the Superbowl. Maybe like it was for the D800 in its preliminary tests, that there are different sensor for testing before the official announcement. So keep an eye on it at next games.

    • RBR

      Lots of photographers cover the markings on their cameras with gaffer’s tape. If the company does not sponsor them in some way, they are not going to run around as what amounts to a billboard for the camera company.

  • Mike D

    That’s fantastic. The D4 really doesn’t sell that well so introduce a marginally improved model. That should work. (humor) However, if Nikon were to make the replacement a 24 MP model and maintain the high FPS, I might just have to buy one.

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