The development of the Nikon D4 successor could be announced at CES next week


Update: the D4s development is now officially announced.

Digicame-info reports that Nikon may announce the development of the D4 successor next week during the 2014 CES show in Las Vegas (in addition to the two lenses and D3300). The official announcement will be in February and shipment will start in March - this is pretty much in line with what I have been reporting for the past few weeks. Nikon must have some kind of an official announcement before the Olympics, since many photographers will probably be using the new camera at the games.

For now the information I have been receiving points to a new D4 model with:

  • the same 16MP sensor
  • higher fps rate
  • improved AF
  • better low light performance
  • improved video
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    Yeah, but where’s my D700 successor?

    • Aldo


    • Mr. Helpful Clerk

      “Oh, it’s right there in the Canon section, under the name of EOS 5D Mark III.”

      • Sports

        Yeah, but where’s the 5D mark IV?

        • Mr. Helpful Clerk

          “Oh, it’s right there in the Nikon section, under the name of D800E.”

    • desmo

      it’s come and gone…
      you missed it

    • outkasted

      uh its in your hands…..again 🙂

  • Pout Gasol

    One can only hope it will be housed in a cheezy retro body that Nikon can charge 2X the price and have features omitted.

    • Kynikos

      And then it’ll do Pure Photography!

  • FrenchGuy

    Higher fps rate… Will be a kind of machine gun!

    • orpickaname

      Or a video camera.

    • Manfred

      Higher fps rate may just mean: 11 fps with full af or something like that.

      • agustawynd


  • nuk

    Is there any possibility for new D4 to include 4k video capability?

    • Eric Calabros

      Yes there is. the questions are: is it soft again? line skipping again? low bitrate h.264 again? or do they learn something from black magic?

      • apollo

        I own D4 and somehow, after seeing 1.0x video, I’m feeling that they can’t fix it to D4s, they probably fix it for D5…

    • Guest

      If it is the same sensor I doubt it. One of the reasons i really hope its not the same sensor

  • MAG

    Hopefully they kill the XQD

    • Global

      It was a SCAM and a scandal, which I had been saying from the beginning. One CF and one XQD! What a PISS in the eye. I hope that decision maker was FIRED.

      Just like the guy who left video, and other key features, out of the Df and made it into a complete joke (Nikon is the one who innovated video into DSLRs — what an ass-backwards move). Clown camera.

      • De Mentia

        Please Global, tell us how you really feel.

        • impossiblephotographist

          Can I tell you instead? Cos’ I know you’re listening.

          I want some loving. And my mother. And my beautiful sister too. And a D400 would complete the life that we share together. No, maybe I just want Nikon to accept me the way I am… WIth all my impossible demands, and my ever-shrinking wallet and client list…

          Thank you. I feel much better now.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Can I tell you too?
          Lately I’ve been wondering if women wold love men more if their nipples tasted of Nutella?
          Keeps me up at night, wtf is evolution doing these days?!

      • HKer

        Think Nikon were just being cautious trying new technology on the masses. Breaking us in slowly to XQD, and also Sony being then the only supplier made users vulnerable. Plus most people would have had CF cards already so could use the D4 at least while they waited for the XQD. But to be fair they did supply 16MB XQD cards at the beginning with the D4.

      • Sundra Tanakoh

        Meds run out?

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        So, when Nikon innovates and is the first to use QXD, it is a scam? But if they don’t innovate it’s a joke?
        Sounds like you’re just ranting because it is safe to do so anonymously on the internet and makes you feel like a big, big, BIG BAD BOY. Oh yes. Yes you are. You ARE a bad boy. Wow. Such bad.. Much negative, so ouch.
        Clown comment.

    • HKer

      Have used the XQD, and its stable and faster downloading compared to USB3. Also I read on the Sony site they can eventually hold up to 2 TB. Not sure if any CF/SD card is close to that storage capacity or write speed. Think XQD is also developed for future video use so makes sense. The killer for me is no XQD /CF thunderbolt reader. now Nikon have tested the waters with one XQD, think they will use in both slots.

      • Manfred

        How do you compare XQD with USB3 ? That’s nonsense.

        • silmasan

          I think he was comparing XQD reader’s speed to direct USB3 connection from the camera.

          • silmasan

            Sorry, please omit the number “3” from my comment above.

        • HKer

          sorry yeah, meant to say file transfer using XQD as oppose to CF/SD card via USB3 is faster

          • silmasan

            Oops… never mind my other comments over here.

            “Assume” makes an assumption of uuuuhh… just me. dammit. :# 😛

  • PhilippeC

    Probably with a new Expeed4 processor?

    • photoroto

      You mean, upgraded to the processor in one of the cheapest DSLR’s Nikon makes? You can tell which camera is the cheap one, it has more megapixels. Just kidding, kind of…

      • desmo

        Expeed 4 or 3 or 2 or whatever is only the generation #,
        the actual processor size and capability varies with the camera it’s implemented in.
        i.e an expeed3 in a D$ is much more capable than the one in a D5xxx

  • Jaz

    Now this is more like it! Hoorah~

  • Aldo

    And so a new countdown begins…

  • jack

    And the name will be D4.1

    • Global

      Not sure they’d want to even remotely associate it with Nikon 1. 😛

    • Global

      Not sure they’d want to even remotely associate it with Nikon 1. 😛

  • TechJunkie

    It’d be nice to see it go all in with XQD or abandon it. Having both formats doesn’t make sense.

    • Erik

      I actually thought it was quite nice as a transition.

      • TechJunkie

        The D4 was the transition device. It’s a good time to make a new start whether it’s XQD or CF (or even SD) to the next iteration of the D4. I would prefer dual XQD/SD slots myself as it’s more future resistant than CF granted CF has stuck a long for way longer than I’d ever expected.

    • Guest

      Agree. Actually what i’d like to see is them adopt the new CFast 2.0 but Nikon are essentially a millennia away from designing a camera capable of taking advantage of that kind of speed so there would be no point.
      But if they can get 4k video out of a 2 year old sensor not designed for it it might be the smart move.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      I totally disagree… The XQD card seems to be much more stable and secure than the existing cards, to an extend that having two cards is an overkill. Since storage capacity can be covered with only one XQD that could store as much as 2xCFs, it’s best to have the second slot CF the way it is, so that one can have increased compatibility with card readers, or give the CF card away while he keeps working, or have the CF cards shared with his back-up D3s on a common project. Two CFs? …why? Two XQDs? …again why? …to be able to store 10000 raw images? …Surely one will find the time to replace his XQD with a second one if there is such a requirement! …XQDs seem not to fail!

      • MyrddinWilt

        The reason they will continue to need CF for some time is that the XQD support infrastructure isn’t there yet.

        For professional photographers at a major event, they need to be able to hand off a pile of cards to an assistant or a courier for upload. So the cards need to be in a standard format. That means SD or CF.

        I have always thought CF is a hack. It is poor mechanically and prone to expensive failure if the pins are bent in the camera. SD cards are cheap and more than fast enough unless you are shooting 4K video (which none of the DSLRs support yet).

        • silmasan

          Ditto for bent pins! I’ve never allowed anyone else to pull out or push in a CF card into my stuff anymore ever since. Unless they’re doing it very very gently right under my nose as I’m watching…

          Btw, Canon already has 4K in 1D C for some time.

        • I M

          Canon ID C does support 4k video…

      • craig john

        WOW! You do realize there are people use the second card as a “back-up” (read: “writing redundant data”), not “spill-over”? If you’re using two cards and writing redundant data, the CF card is a performance crutch to the XQD card. So to that end, you’re not getting the performance gain as promised by the new format.

        • Duncan Dimanche

          yes back-ups back-ups !!!

          I got a 128GB SD card in my D800 as a back-up and for videos and a 32GB CF as the main card and I couldn’t be happier with that combo..

          I just wish that my videos could be backed-up but that’s not an available feature unfortunately.

          And yes two different type of cards is useful I can always grap an sd from a friend’s 6D and such if I need one

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          That’s what I ‘m saying stupid! …Cf is good enough for back-up and a link to other cameras, second XQD is overkill for back up and CF is no where near as good for prime card! Let the owners of D4 talk about their needs… we bought it for a reason beyond your knowledge….

          • george

            Yes, but when you use an XQD as the main card and one CF as a backup the performance of the camera will be limited by the speed of the CF. Having two XQD slots would make it possible to use a 2nd XQD card for backup without any reduction in speed.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              This could be true, but I’ve tried my D4 with Pretec 576x 32Gb CF card and speed is the same as both the N and the H XQDs I have, it looks like the speed of the camera is depended more from its shutter mech than buffer… Of course it may be restricted by slower CFs, but the usual thing is to record JPGs on the back up card… Anyway, my opinion is that 10fps is more than any photographer will ever need and hardly a reason for one to choose a D4… I believe its customers would buy it even if it was 8fps.

            • RBR

              Canon rewrote the processing algorithm for the 1DX which enabled it to achieve 14 fps. It is the total system that has to be integrated to achieve these results.

              One other thing that would be good to see Nikon incorporate across the board is a small RAW file format.

              I have to wonder if Nikon will include Wi-Fi (rather than kludgy add on module) that will integrate with networks for live shoots at sports and other events which clients are now beginning to expect.

            • Zinchuk

              As an owner of a D4 since the first day it was available, here’s what would be nice in an update (and what I had hoped for in the initial release):
              1. built in wi-fi for file sharing/wireless triggering
              2. the above also for flash control, but that sure as hell ain’t going to happen.
              3. wifi integration via app for IOS and Android for triggering, uploading and sharing.
              It was pointed out to me the other day that when I took a picture of my young son holding up a Nikon with a big lens, and saying “start ’em young,” it was posted with an iPhone.
              I have the WT-3 for the D200 and thus was something of an early adopter (and prompted dropper) of wi-fi sharing. If they could actually do it in a speedy method without killing the battery, that would be a big plus.
              Any other improvement, such as autofocus and high ISO would be marginal at best. What WOULD make a big difference is spreading out or adding more focus points to cover the whole frame. I constantly end up butting up against the outside limit of the focus array.

            • OlaLinde

              1. Yes, agree
              2. Yes, would love that and even better if it was on same channels as existing PocketWizards 😉
              3. Is already possible with WT-5

            • I have to agree with this. I’m a D4 owner and just bought a Fujifilm XE2 to supplement it, primarily because my arms have been getting tired after so much D4 carrying. The XE2 has onboard WiFi, and I find myself using it frequently at events to get the word out with images. That’s a very cool and useful feature.

              I would have loved to get the D4’s wireless adapter, but honestly it’s prohibitively expensive considering that WiFi chips are included for free in $300 low-budget netbooks.

              I’m a little surprised at the timing of this upgrade – I was expecting to be up to date for about three years, and here it is two years after the D4 was introduced and we have a new camera. I would have much rather had a more comprehensive upgrade after three years than a minor update after two.


            • Zinchuk

              If you watch closely here and on, you will find that Nikon has a very regimented release cycle for its pro bodies, almost unvaried for 12 years. First release the new generation – D1, D2h/D2x, D3, D4. This is done in the spring or winter just prior to the upcoming Olympics. Then release the updated or incremental change 2 years later – D1x, D2hs/D2xs, D3s, D3x, D4s. I anticipate a D4x in short order, surely by September. Winter Olympics get the updates, summer Olympics get the new generation. If you want the newest tech, and its getting close to the two year date from the last release, you really should wait a little longer. I’m doing the same with getting a high megapixel camera for very large canvas prints. Will it be the updated D800s, D800x, or D4x? Surely one of the three will be out by September.

              I agree wholeheartedly on the wifi thing. If you can get it for next to nothing in almost every device, it is a complete load of crap that they want $900 for a WT5A. You can get an unlocked iPhone with 100x the capability for less than that. It even comes with its own camera! I told the NPS reps this, too. How many WT5As do you think they sold? Do you think they would entice more people to buy the D4 if it had wifi built in? Possibly, because its something no one else had two years ago. Now, if they don’t have it, it is a major technology omission. Would you buy a camera without autofocus? Now, wifi for getting the shot out almost instantaneously is more important in some circumstances than autofocus.

            • Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s more important than autofocus, especially on a camera designed to shoot fast. But it’s a feature the camera needs to have to feel competitive.

              Of course you can buy the WT5 now for about $600, which is less of a ripoff than $900 but still pretty bad. It would be much cheaper than upgrading, though, so I don’t think adding WiFi to the D4S enough to make me sell my D4 for circa $2-3k (it has over 300,000 shots on it) and pay $6k for a new one.

              Most likely, what would tip me over to get the new one is substantially improved performance (both image quality and autofocus) in the near-light free venues I normally shoot in. That’s why I bought the D4 in the first place. I feel I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth, and I’m likely to keep the D4 until I start getting mechanical problems with it before buying an upgraded Dx-series camera. Would love to wait until the D5 comes out …


            • Zinchuk

              Okay, the autofocus crack was definitely some hyperbole. But as we’ve seen with citizen journalism in places like the arab spring, they don’t care about image quality, including focus, so much as they care about getting an image, any image, immediately from the site.

              After you counted the transmitter and camera control software V2 (which still has not seen a V3 since the D200 days) for the D200, I paid almost $1000. That was ridiculous then, and still is now.

              Previous pro bodies expected 150k to 200k or so on a shutter before repair. If you have 300k, that’s incredible. It took me about 8 years to shoot a cumulative 400,000 frames, and I used to do a lot of sports and weddings.

              That means I could feasibly use the D4 for another 6 years before an expected death.

              You will surely be waiting until April, 2016 before you see a D5. At the rate of your usage, you will probably need a D4s in the meantime, so you might as well get it and put the D4 on the other side of the Blackrapid double strap.

              As for improvements in capability, I really don’t know how much further they can push it. I guess that has always been the case – only to be surprised later by the D3, D3s, D4. I gave my daughter an old D2h, and anything above 400 ISO on it was crap. Now I routinely shoot 4000. But how dark does one need to go?

          • While I agree with you in principle, there is NO need to call anyone stupid, and you don’t speak for all of us D4 users. You want anyone to take you seriously, you should mind you manners.

      • rt-photography

        I would never buy a camera that didnt have 2 memory slots. a videographer shot a wedding for my friend who did stills. the card had issues and could not recover the part where the bride and groom met. there is a huge lawsuit now. all because he had 1 slot. 2 slots, not a problem. I would never take that chance. its my reputation on the line.

        ~~.XQDs seem not to fail!~~

        wait wait…everything fails sooner or later. its not if, its when. youre too naive.

        • RBR

          Even if shooting RAW + JPEG the odds of both cards failing simultaneously are a lot less and at least you have something.

          • rt-photography

            everything fails sooner or later. I dont shoot raw and jpeg. I shoot fine jpeg because raw is too slow and none of my clients ever needed such huge files. the files are more than ample for most anything theyd want to print. if they want to at all. not many printing today.

            I would not buy a camera with 1 slot. its asking for trouble. unless you switch cards all the time and replace them every so often. but I see the trend is for 2 cards slots so its ok.

            you cant believe what a huge lawsuit there is on hand now. data recover company couldnt help. its going to get nasty. cheap is expensive and it only needs to be one time.

            • RBR

              Oh yes. A wedding gone wrong is a nightmare. Even the loss of a few shots, if they happen to be the wrong ones, is a big stink. Interesting about the fine JPEGs. I am getting that from a great many people these days.

      • neversink

        I had one that failed. An early one…. But I still think they are a good card. I have half dozen. I have no choice. They aren’t cheap but that is part of the expense of being a photographer. Business, no matter what it is, is rarely cheap.

        • rt-photography

          I dont think theyre expensive. not cheap, but not expensive.
          I have 4 transcend 32gb cf 400x $40 and
          4 transcend 32gb 600x $25.

          both are more than fast enough. not so bad really.

      • I have a 64GB XQD card and a 64GB CF card on my D4, and on some days when I have multiple shoots I actually fill up both the XQD and the CF. I would love to have two XQD because the performance is so much better than CF. Don’t think it never happens – it’s happened several times for me.


    • skyrfox

      yes,right making no sense for people without inteligence :))

  • whisky

    can’t wait to see Nikon’s next generation tech.

  • Archer12

    No Olympics for 2014 but World Cup. Winter Olympics will be ended before anouncement.

    • Cyrille Berger

      Announcement in February, Winter Olympics from February 7th, that leave six days for the announcement.

    • saltypeter

      I hope the new camera can catch the new stadium falling down on their customers. yikes

    • Just because they haven’t officially announced the camera to the public doesn’t mean they haven’t already given some advanced copies to sports photographers who will be shooting at the olympics.

    • Sundra Tanakoh

      What planet do you live on? Do you honestly think that the Pro’s don’t already have this camera? If it isn’t ready for the Winter Olympics you are the only person in the world who WON’T be surprised.

  • Joseph Li

    Only the better low light performance interest me…but dont think i will upgrade for a stop of high iso and a few fps increase..the d4 is fast enough for me…and better AF? when is the AF not fast enough on the D4

    • Al Mumin

      i hope they will add more cross-type points, not only in the center

  • Arvid Tue Hansen

    Probably just small upgrades for 2x the price. Why not make a small D4 with a pricetag like the D800. I know i would buy one!

  • silmasan

    Oh no… that teaser-in-the-dark thing… it’s in my dreams again…

    • It’s getting on my nerves again!

      Though I have to say I really ejoyed the Df buildup, hehe.

    • Kynikos

      Better than it being “in your hands again”.
      This will not be a hipster camera.

  • photoroto

    That shadowy photo could only mean the base ISO is 6400.

    Olympics? Everybody who wants to bank their reputation on a beta version camera at a world class event, take one step forward.

  • Soren

    Why use old sensor? Com’on show us your latest innovation please!!!

    • Spy Black

      What makes you think it’s the same sensor?

      • RMJ

        Just guessing… but could it be in the article the line that says “THE SAME 16mp sensor” ?

        Tho obviously that line is wrong. It may have 16mp sensor, but it’s definitely not the same as in old D4. At the minimum, it’s the enhanced Df sensor.

    • Espen4u

      It could be the same but with better electronics for the amplifier stage, ie less noise. The Df sensor looks to have gotten some engineering love, so maybe this too.

  • joe

    Where’s the D400 Nikon????? why update the D4, it’s still pretty current.

    • Deep_Lurker

      I’d like to see a D400 too, but if Nikon is still having problems breaking the EXPEED3 speed limits then I can see Nikon delaying. A D400 that’s 24MP but only 6fps would be a disappointment, as would a D400 that’s 8fps but only 16MP.

  • phil

    What about a proper D600 replacement ? ..that is with Multi-CAM 3500FX

    • David Portass

      D800 with the D4 sensor will make me a very happy person. I like my D600 and the images I can produce with it but wish the AF was better in low light

      • unumbskull

        then PAY for the performance you want. d600 is a mommy and daddy camera, that’s the AF it got. price to match. if you are a working photog you should be using such a camera.

        • Me Watching You

          He doesn’t say he’s a working photographer. He says he’d like better AF in low light with a D600-like camera. Asshole!

        • orpickaname

          You can tell that to my mommy and daddy. They’re still holding on tightly to their D3x and D3s.

        • phil

          Nikon DID put a better AF into another mommy and daddy camera – the D7100.

          • Kyle Farris

            The D7100 is hardly a “mommy and daddy” camera. IMO, it’s the D300s replacement. Okay, the body is slightly smaller and slightly less FPS, but, that’s about it.

    • neversink

      Why can’t people stay on topic here. Aren’t we talking about the D4 and not the D600 or the D400.

      • orpickaname

        What topic? 🙂

  • Bob L

    If so I am hoping they will drop the price of the D4 slightly!!!

    • G0nzo

      price is already very low, for what the d4 can. I bought mine in october ’13. but then the price rose a little. but still is very low.

    • broxibear

      Hi Bob L,
      I’m not sure the price will come down if a D4s is announced. Here in the UK the price sterted off around £5000 and leveled off at around £4200 for 2013.
      When the D3s came out the price of the D3 didn’t fall, it just became out of stock There was the odd one here and there at smaller retailers where you could negotiate a cheaper price as they wanted rid of it, but that was it really.

  • Al Mumin

    damn, i’ve bought a d4 month ago.

    • Erik

      Well, we haven’t seen the price for it yet. If Nikon is going to charge the same profit margin as for the Df I expect it to be really expensive. The D4 might have been the last good buy (no pun intended) from Nikon.

      • Marcel Speta

        i have bad feeling regarding the price as well …. 🙁

    • neversink

      Then enjoy the D4. It is a great camera. If these are the specs, I am not upgrading, because it is really, not much of an upgrade. However, if there is a different sensor, then maybe it makes sense, particularly for those who want video from here, but that is a very small market, I believe. Serious videographers use serious video cameras and on occasion a DSLR for video backup or experimentation.

    • AnotherView

      Yeah, my D4 is only a couple of months old but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it — I doubt any D4 owner would trade-up if NR’s specs are accurate.

  • HornyToads

    These are the same guys who brought you and me Nikon Df for $2700!!! Ok your honor I rest my case.

  • rt-photography

    -the same 16MP sensor- 16 is fine. my d600 24mp is lagging my pc at certain times. enough detail with 16 but I think 20 is the sweet spot. you could then also shoot dx with it and get nice useable 8mp files.

    -higher fps rate-fuckin thing is machine gun already. I guess its because of prestige and bettering canon.

    -improved AF- stellar as it is, how much more can it be improved…

    -better low light performance- its about 1 stop better than D600/D800. still amazing compared to film.

    -improved video-this is something nikon needs to push back hard. D600 crippled live view mode is shame at that price. in weddings, canon dslr videographers dominate completely. like they neglected their super telephotos for sports photogs a few years back and finally woke up and brought them back revamped.

    • Spy Black

      “-the same 16MP sensor-”
      Maybe it’s not the same sensor, perhaps it’s an improved version.

      “…24mp is lagging my pc at time.”
      What the hell are you running on. My PC has no problems with my D600 files.

      • Jeff Hunter

        My PC has no problems with my D800 files.

        • neversink

          D800 files are fine on my MBP…. as well as my old iMac. Thinking of getting the new MP, but will wait until the bugs have been exterminated.

          • Kyle Farris

            What bugs?

        • Sundra Tanakoh

          Crying about your lagging computer only tells everyone you aren’t that serious about your photography. Fricken upgrade your computer or move on. from now on you must totally understand that cameras and computers go hand and hand. Keep up with the times will ya.

          • regular

            People shooting something else than kids and dogs
            with their over-powerful professional camera are interested to travel
            easely with a laptop SMALLER than a f*king workstation computer.

            • neversink

              I travel with my MBP (Mac Book Pro) produced in early 2011. I will be upgrading that, but I have it maxed out with RAM and have no problems with D800 36mp+ files, let alone the ocassional 100+mp files for the images I import to PS in TIFF format. And I use tons of external drives. Too Many of them!!!!
              I need a compact 20TB drive.

            • Sundra Tanakoh

              Really? You can’t buy a few extra cards to store your photos till you get home? You can’t man up and get a MBP? Get serious.

            • Me looking at you

              I chose your response at random but, from now on nobody can complain about any camera less than the current flagship FX. Man up and get the best! F*cking assholes!

            • desmo

              I travel all around the world every month, my $400 laptop has no problem with my D600 raw files

      • rt-photography

        How many pics are you editing? you do weddings?
        my specs on the pc are fine.

        love how you selectively copied my text. at certain times its slow as fuck. layers in PS?

        • silmasan

          SSD as sratch disk, more RAM, and CUDA might help.

          • rt-photography

            dont worry about my specs. Im an A+ pc tech certified from 1998. I know my shit, well. it lags at times. nothing to do with the hardware. you may be more forgiving and can wait a slight moment here and there, but not me. doing 2000 plus pics for weddings and each extra millisecond just adds up.

        • Spy Black

          I selectively copied your text to get to the point of my reply. Nothing sneaky going on here. Short of getting a faster machine, if you can either get more ram and/or an SSD to help speed up processes. I work with huge layered Photoshop files on a system with a 6-core Phenom, 16 gigs of ram and an SSD scratch disk. That works quite well.

          • rt-photography

            Like I said Im an a+ certified pc tech. I know hardware/software very well. thank you.

            • Kyle Farris

              You, then, apparently haven’t applied your knowledge since others are not experiencing your issues. Also, 1998 was 16 years ago. An A+ certification from that era means almost nothing. In fact, it means almost nothing in general to be honest–most IT shops see that as, “Oh, isn’t that cute…?”

            • rt-photography

              If I photographed with F3, F4 F5 cameras then so it means nothing as well? what you did in the past matters very much what you do today. Im not wasting my time to entertain you. youre talking nonsense

            • Kyle Farris

              Oh, but you did waste your time entertaining me nonetheless. 🙂

              My point is that fast SSDs (especially in a RAID 0 over thunderbolt, for instance), at least 16 GBs of RAM, a decent quad-core CPU, and a GPU with >= 2 GB of VRAM should EASILY be able to load up and process D600 photos in real time. I should know since I have 2 D600’s and a retina MacBook Pro with exactly those specs–except I’m using the built-in 512 GB 500 MB/s SSD. It’s a pricey machine but my time is worth it and you claim that yours is worth it too.

              I’m curious what the specs of your machine are because there might be a bigger problem. Maybe running too many programs in the background?

            • rt-photography

              I can lie and say what I want regarding hardware specs. Ive been dealing with pc for too many years already.I could teach you a few things. when I say I have certificate with A+ pc tech from way back when, it means I lve been dealing with pc for years. and actually was hacking games on commodore 64 with my tape deck and floppy drive. I was photographing before you and dealing with computers before you. you have nothing to teach me. save your energy trying to look smart and cool like you know what youre talking about. really.

            • Kyle Farris

              Cool story bro. Sounds like you’re still running on a Commodore 64. Here’s something no one on the internet does: My LinkedIn Profile link:

              I’m not ashamed to have less years under my belt (quite happy to be young still, actually), but I’m also proud enough to show my achievements in those short years.

              BTW, I work on a Windows machine all day at work writing code that runs on CentOS servers I manage. I prefer OSX for my creative work.

              Let’s see yours profile.

            • rt-photography

              youre all about paka paka, im all about doing. I dont go running around making things up for my self esteem. I dont scream, look at me I need attention. thats why I dont post specs, and I dont post, look at me mommy, are you proud? sometimes saying nothing is better. anybody can be anybody on the net.
              you have much to learn young skywalker

            • Kyle Farris

              Dude, you’re such a troll. I’m done feeding you.

            • Spy Black

              “Like I said Im an a+ certified pc tech.”
              When did you say that in this thread other than now? Anyway, then you know what you need to do so your system’s not lagging.

            • rt-photography

              where the hell is that post? WTH. I cant see it either. been dealing with PC since years back so yes, but its not fast enough for me. its 70mb files. before anything. nik color efex is slow as hell when applying any filter. I dont have the fastest gear but its quite good. but it does lag at times. maybe we have different levels of what can accept. im very impatient as I have tons to edit.

            • Spy Black

              Nik may be 32-bit. Most of what Nik does you can probably do with levels/curves.

    • Marcel Speta

      Agree in every aspect.

      16MPx sensor would be nice to push to let say 21Mpx with same capabilities like existing D4, that would be enough and could be called as new model. If improvements will be like those listed above then name D4s is still too much 🙁 Rather stay at D4 only.
      D4 is almost perfect camera, but there are still small things which would make photographer’s life easier … just have a look for good things on Canon 1Dx and make something similar.
      I am not pixel resolution chaser, but increasing the resolution a bit would be really welcome.

    • Michael Laing

      16mp is enough for what the camera was designed for. I am surprised, they haven’t upped the fps in line with the 1DX, as that speed might make a difference for people who the camera is aimed for.

      The D4’s AF system is good but again, it wasn’t up to the level of the 1DX, especially when it came to tracking. The entire AF system is 7 years old and has basically been worked on in that time. I would say that it is about time for Nikon to reveal a new AF system.

      I presume the D4 will have similar sensor to the DX, with similar low light ability.

      A lot depends on whether puts in the Expeed 4 processor. Nikon compresses its video differently to Canon, which has advantages and disadvantages, smaller file size but less flexibility in post processing. Anyone who uses video professionally should be using a separate monitor anyway, similar to recording sound and recording to an external hard drive. The D600 isn’t a professional camera and has limitations, such as the lack of an separate aperture motor, which is the main reason I would never use the camera.

      • Dan Howell

        Sorry, it’s not enough for me. I simply won’t buy a D4 version than has smaller files than my D3X. I have had the money sitting in my account to replace the D3X for a year now. I’m not about to go backward in file size when my clients are used to getting either 24 or 36MP from me. I honestly don’t know what I will do if they don’t announce an X version soon. My D3X has more than 300k actuations and had its mirror drive assembly repaired twice. It can’t last a whole other product release cycle and I don’t see my D800 standing up to that usage over time.

  • Improved AF?

    I’ve only shot with a D4 twice, but from that limited experience, I was blown away by just how damn good the D4 AF is. I can’t imagine how the AF could get any better. It already feels like it reads my mind and just works.

    • apollo

      I’m thinking the same. I own D4 and 99,9% of the time, no AF issues and it’s first hit spot on! It’s just unbelievable how they can improve it more…

    • neversink

      Yes, and i also was thinking the same thing. The AF is amazing as is the tracking.
      There has to be more to the upgrade than Admin has knowledge of. Otherwise, why upgrade?

      • Hker

        If you are a sports photographer, depending on the sport fps means more of a chance capturing that perfect shot. Fractions of a second could mean the hand is covering the face in speed skating, or the closest competitor is obscuring the second competitor when crossing the line, when if you took the shot milliseconds earlier you could have one head in front of the other at the finishing line. Taking snapshots off video with Nikon camera is too low res. for press release. In terms of price, a new camera for a pro sports photographer will be how much he earns roughly for about 3 jobs, and I guess for the Olympics will cover the cost of a new camera in one go. So one reason why upgrade is because they can afford to and getting the shot earns them more revenue.

        • neversink

          Perhaps, but maybe not, and that is all a myth. When I was shooting with the NikonF and F2 with motor drives, I was thrilled at 5fps, and I shot everything in those days – from sports to riots. And I still waited for the right moment to shoot, and often left the MD in the studio due to weight of carrying all those cameras and lenses. I cocked the shutter manually, and waited for the right moment. Machine gunning proves very little. But it is fun.
          What is not fun is having to edit ten times as many photos as I did when I shot film. So instead of doing that, I use high fps very judiciously and still wait for the right moment before firing.

          • Hker

            Sure I agree, you need to chose the right moment to press the shutter button / burst “gunning” shoot. I believe it’s a number game, the higher the frame rate the higher the chance of getting that perfect shot. But its also a bit of luck with experience whether you trigger the shutter at the right time as the human reaction is too slow to see the point where you want the perfect shot. Each sport is different whether burst is necessary, but it is useful tool to have. 5fps was probably tops then back in the film days. I am sure others said why do you need 5fps when I only need 1/2 shots to get the perfect shot. Technology has moved on and its about risk mitigation, minimizing the chance of not getting that key shot (i.e. also repeatable performance). I have covered boxing matches, and you do small burst shoots where you think something major is going to happen -1 evening you end up with 2000-3000 pics. In terms of editing, I would think most pros use photomechanic and can recall roughly where the best/key shots are so it doesn’t take too long to sift through thousands of shots when you know all you want is the knock out shot in the last seconds of a shoot for press release.

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I mentally keep track of the number of shots I take . It’s tricky at first, but when you consistently do this (and not spray and pray too much), after a while you’re not more than 3 or 4 frames off. When I shoot a long session and i know I’ve got a great shot, I write the shot number(s) on my hand when there’s time. Then when I switch cards or at the end of the session, I write the shot numbers on the card with dry-erase marker. It is a very useful habit to cultivate, if you’re close to a hard print deadline you don’t want to scroll through a few dozen shots if you can narrow it down to 4-5 by doing this consitently. It also allows me to call the editor when they get the shots by wifi and tell them to “look around 156 or so”.

            • silmasan

              I’d just “lock” the key shots in-camera.

              They will have read-only attribute, and you can take advantage of that to sort them out easily in Explorer (by using details view + sort by attributes).

              In Finder they should show up with ‘locked’ icons but unfortunately i haven’t figured out how to sort files by attributes there (if someone know how to do that please tell me).

              Alternatively you can just erase the whole set (after copying/uploading the set of course) in the camera, and the locked/protected ones will remain.

            • Sean Walsh

              The Nikon F5 was rated to 8 fps.

          • +1000 Total agreement – I was shooting sports for the wire services with film and a pair of F2s, then moved to a pair of F4s’s – If you need faster than 10fps, then you need to learn to predict a little better… No need to spray and pray. Any faster you are practically shooting movies.

        • Jonathan

          Pretty soon (say after 15fps), we may as well start shooting 4 or 8k video and grabbing frames.

          • Trouble is a typical RED Scarlet system will run you over $10k and be even heavier than a D4 …

            • RBR

              The Red is a dedicated video tool and it is being used by many who are out and out video people, not still photogs trying to offer some video too.

            • And it’s a fantastic machine for them. I’m not dissing the RED, just pointing out that it’s definitely not a good solution for most still photographers just yet … at least not for those who hand-hold their cameras.

              Last time I looked, RED was a studio tool and not really set up to use autofocus that well. Is that still true?


            • RBR

              Of course. That is the point. There are distinctly different market segments for video. Someone who is a still photographer adding video capability has very different needs than those of a movie producer.

      • If you need to shoot at ISO 25600 at f/1.8 you can barely see an image in the viewfinder (so you can’t focus manually), and it will not focus automatically at all :(. So there is still room for better low light performance and autofocus.

        However great it is, it can always be greater :). That’s what we D4 shooters demand, after all :).

        We’re a picky bunch, but we do spend the big bucks on cameras … so there you go.


    • Guest

      The coverage of crosstype AF points is too low. When you use any AF point on the side (left or right) you can only grab focus on subjects with horizontal texture details, not vertical. This is the main disadvantage compared against the Canon 1DX.

      • Leclicq

        Depending on what body you are coming from it wil blow you away, but it has been hesitant having used it for some time now. I’m curious what else they have in stall. Maybe it’s the same sensor as the dF as results have shown that it is better than the D4 in low light. Let’s hope the D4s is even better :-). FPS improvement is for those who really need it, I don’t really but its just a great sound when it goes that much faster

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      Clearly what they are trying to do is to expand the use of their superb 16mp sensor, but differentiate D4 as much as possible at the same time to avoid cannibalisation. Maybe this means that D800S (or H) is on the way….

      • TheInconvenientRuth


      • unumbskull

        what the heck are you talking about? this is the same hobo-photo dreaming you pull on DPR. sorry you want d4 performance and are unable to pay for it! just because internet cheap skates beg doesn’t me internet cheap skates get!

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          I have D4 stupid!

          • Photobug

            Theodoros, ignore that troll. Last week he said that the D4 replacement would never happen.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              It will surely happen at sometime alright, but I don’t thing that admin is right in his prediction this time… Let me explain: 1. If Hi-Iso is to be improved further and the same (superb) sensor will be used, it will surely affect base Iso performance which is now absolutely top quality. 2. With no different sensor, higher Iso can’t be improved more than 1/3rd maybe 1/2 a stop… it won’t mean much for what is already the best in LL performance than anything else… 3. Further AF improvement? …again on what is the best around? …and with no other camera to share it with (which means cost)? …again I don’t think so. The D4 is a MUCH better camera than D3S ever was at BASE ISO and up to 1000… that’s what revers missed when comparing it with the D3S… I don’t think that they will take that back, D4 is better than D3X , they’ve managed to make a superb camera that does everything, sports, landscapes, portraits, weddings, concerts, wildlife, …just everything! So I thing that the replacement should also improve on doing everything… Unless of course if they have something in their sleeve that we aren’t aware about.

          • Ernst Leitz

            Agree with most of your comments here … They would have even more impact if you would be less aggressive & more polite – Thanks!


    • Mansgame

      As good as the D4 AF is, the 1DX edges it slightly from the tests I’ve seen so it can use some tweaking. The other thing about AF on FX cameras is that to this day, there is not a single AF engine that covers the entire viewfinder past the imaginary DX points. Not a single one. If they can just ignore DX and move their sensors to the edge, I would be very impressed (and that’s what matters)

      • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

        D4 AF is slightly more limited than 1DX AF from what I’ve seen. In most areas the D4 AF is 99.5% of what the 1DX AF is. The 1DX AF edges out slightly in the areas where the D4 AF is more limited.

        The D4 is mostly just an advanced upgrade on the old 51 point AF we hade back in 2007.
        I think nikon have been working with a new AF system for a while and it wasn’t ready for 2012, so they upgraded the old 51 point AF with the newest tech and went with that.

        If I remember correctly there was a D400 rumor that said completely new AF system.
        So I think there’s a high possibility for a new AF system.
        I don’t think the points will cover the edges, but maybe slightly more coverage than the 51 point AF.

    • timi

      oh, just make all those 51 focus points cross-type…

  • urbex

    I have been using the D3X for years. If they can put a 24mpixel of same/better quality than the 3DX with a frame rate of 14fps and a big enough buffer it will be a killer machine. I’d prefer dual CF… I don’t want to start a new portable storage collection from scratch and XQD is quite expensive.. I will forgive them if they put descent 4K video.

    • Mark Finney

      If you want 14fps at 24mpix then you’ll be doing yourself a big disservice with CF cards if you shoot raw. Even at the fastest possible write speeds with that format the camera won’t be able to clear the buffer as fast as it is filled. XQD, CFast or the best SD XC cards will be needed.

      • They could take a leaf out of Black Magic’s book and simply support 1.8″ SSDs. It would make for a pretty awesome workflow. (I see there’s a 1.3″ format too now.) With write speeds of 340-500MB/s you can easily support 20fps (and very high end video).


    Nikon, king of the incremental update. This is really taking things to a new level. Same sensor, how exciting. I’m sure upping the fps from 9 to 10, gaining half a stop in the ISO, and bringing video performance up from abysmal to middle of the road will really temp everyone to drop their D4 and jump onboard.
    Oh right, I forgot about improved autofocus. They’ll probably add a newly developed not seen before autofocus system to this disappointing mix just for the advertising to have something to focus on.
    So glad I let myself hope this was going to be Nikon finally showing us they can still make exciting products.

    • neversink

      Just wait and see… Remember, these are only rumors. As I’ve said, if the upgrades are minimal, I won’t be upgrading. My D4 is not even two years old yet……

      • Morris

        no person with a working brain would ever consider an ‘upgrade’ while owning a d4, thats more intended for older-cheaper system owners OR big companies who constantly update.

        • orpickaname

          Or, you know… reviewers.

    • unumbskull

      odds are the AF won’t work right for years anyways. nikon needs 3 firmware updates on all new bodies to get AF right.

    • Mansgame

      I agree, but if it’s at the same price as what the D4 was (assuming it’s in fact discontinued), it’s not a bad deal really.

      • broxibear

        no way in HELL it’s going to be under $7k. canon 1dx can charge almost that and sell out all year long. also nikon really sticks their price points in your neck these days. I mean, df, 70-200/4, 80-400/vari., even the sb910 MSRP was horrible. yes these prices come down over time, but pro cameras stay sold out for a long time at full MSRP.

        • Mike

          If the Otus, you know, with no AF, has buyers, unfortunately a D4s/D5 with 1Dx pricing will too. The D1 too, was $5000 once upon a time ago. In Y2K dollars, that’s got to be $6500 by today’s standard.

          • broxibear

            Hi Mike,
            That comment above wasn’t made by me, someone else on the forum is using other people’s names, and since disqus stopped using gravatar it’s more difficult to spot.
            Admin (Peter) will be able to tell from the email I use and my IP.

            • this is the real broxibear

            • broxibear

              Thanks Peter, someone is using my name to try and annoy other users…sorry if anyone has been offended by anything that person has been posting with my username, I can assure you it wasn’t me.

            • Every time there is an announcement, the trolls come out of the woods. I will probably disable guest posting for the next few days.

            • neversink

              Is there an alternative to Disqus. It’s unfortunate that you have to consider disabling comments, but if that is your only remedy to clean out the flotsam and jetsam, what else can you do. Thanks for your hard work and patience…. Make them walk the plank, Cap’n

            • Disquss is one of the best solution available today.
              I will not disable the comments, I will just temporary disable posts by unregistered readers (guests).

            • Mike

              Hi broxibear, I was a little surprised yes, but it makes sense, no harm done. Probably the guy using the numbskull name. Reminds me of ScottMac from DPR. I’d like to have a conversation with him in person. 🙂 Cheers!

            • broxibear

              Hey Mike,
              Peter (admin) has known me for many years…he know’s I wouldn’t be posting things like this, gravatar isn’t helping.

            • Is gravatar still not working for you broxibear?

            • broxibear

              Disqus are still not using gravatar, the reason it shows up for you is because you have a disqus account with that avatar too. If you only have a gravatar on it won’t work…it works on other wordpress forums.

              I post as a guest but use my email adress which you’ll recognize.

  • WC

    there is no new rumor here. I am Japanese and can actually read/understand the digicame article, it is just internet echo chamber of BS rumors already posted here by admin regarding d4s.

    Can admin please admit he was burned by the false japan NPS stoppage rumors?

    • unumbskull

      typical Monday morning big-title vaporware blog post.

      and yes admin, japan NPS stoppage false rumor needs to be explained.

      • twoomy

        Give him a break; he doesn’t really have to explain anything to you. Feel free to ask for your money back. 🙂

        • broxibear

          clout is wealth online. don’t waste it

          • broxibear

            Again…not the real broxibear.

      • Mike

        Reminder…. this is Nikon “rumors”. Not Nikon “fact”. Also, the NPS comments were speculatively substatiated by two major North American retailers with D4’s on backorder or on “special” order. Give Admin a break; he does a great job of filtering out B.S.

        • broxibear

          but the d4 was on back order for weeks prior to that faux announcement. further the d4 goes on back order all the time, and typically multiple retailers will sell out at the same time (obviously, Einstein)

      • What are you talking about? I do not need to explain anything to you.

        • broxibear

          frankly you do. you posted the Nippon NPS stoppage rumor and you shouldn’t have. at least admit it.

        • neversink

          Me thinks Theodoros Fotometria is Robert in drag!!!!

    • broxibear

      Hi WC,
      Any chance you could post a better translation than we can get from Google translate, I don’t speak or read Japanese and would be interested in a more accurate translation.


        without going into line by line, basically he says several READERS have contacted him with the aforementioned rumor, asking for his opinion/speculation. he also goes on to say there is no real source other than a general sense of timing. then he mentions there are no details, could be a d5 or mini d4s for all he knows.

        furthermore there is not mention of the list of specs, admin included in the NR post. those are based on nothing.

        • broxibear

          Hi unumbskull,

          Thanks, I’ve been reading nikonrumors for a while now, I don’t think Peter (admin) would be posting rumours “based on nothing”. Much of it is joining snipits of information from several sources to come to an answer…I wouldn’t dismiss it so quickly.


            like you said, you can’t read Japanese. idiot.

            • orpickaname

              and you can’t read rumors. unumbskull.

            • broxibear

              this better?

            • orpickaname

              how do we know you’re the real broxibear? what’s the color of your underwear?

            • broxibear

              Hi orpickaname,
              Someone is just being silly and using my name, Peter (admin) knows me, he can tell from these posting where the IP address is and my legit email which I use to talk to him…please don’t think it’s actually me.

            • I deleted those comments.

            • orpickaname

              Of course I already knew, it’s so obvious! 🙂

            • neversink

              Then you are not Robert in drag!!!!

            • broxibear

              Hi neversink,
              I don’t know who Robert is or whether he’s a cross dresser…I do know someone thinks it’s funny to spoil a forum conversation by using other peoples’ names and probably multiple names.

            • neversink

              That is definitely a drag… This site is great, and then someone comes along and seems to deliberately try to destroy it. Oh well…

    • Mansgame

      WC, I have a suspicion that this site is either run by someone who works at Nikon or is part of Nikon’s marketing department in some way so most of their predictions actually do come true.

      • broxibear

        only because they are so obvious and conservative. leaks are leaks, there are no d4s leaks yet. and they happen in japan first, anyways.

        • broxibear

          Again…not the real broxibear.

      • Elvis is alive, you know it.

        • Mansgame

          Your secret is safe with me, baybaa.

          • Vin

            Seriously! …., all you have to do is follow the history. All of Nikon’s build up and R&D is in the books, many years prior to events. Of course a “little” sarcasm here, earthquake and a small wave to derail things. The New Pro Camera is not for the Winter Olympics. The winter Olympics is only a testing ground for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The largest televised event in the world. The largest following, The biggest show boat! In BRAZIL! This is HUGE!

            • Vin

              Imperial Japanese Empire announces HD4K for 2014 World Cup, 

    • Let’s wait and see – I’ve seen many comments like yours in the past and once the announcement comes we never hear from you again. Digicame-info has a very good reputation when it comes to rumors and I seriously doubt that they will post something bogus.

      • broxibear

        look man, I’m just pointing out there is nothing new here. it’s the same totally baseless rumor you posted several times already. the article you link here cites you as a source. c’mon man.

        it’s been days and days with nothing as far as a new rumor or detail and CES starts tomorrow. nikon usually pre-announces CES news. so basically time has run out and you still haven’t reported anything.

        let’s get real ok.

      • unumbskull

        the digicame article is essentially citing article here as their “source”. there has been nothing new with this rumor since the day you started it. furthermore you quasi-backtracked on the d4s rumor once already.

        all I know is CES is tomorrow and we have nothing. we are out of time, there should be a drum beat of more and more info. nikon usually pre announces CES stuff.

        I just don’t think it’s going to happen. nikon needs to wait and see how canon prices the 1dx mark2 or whatever. clearly the d4 was way too cheap.

      • Morris

        good job

    • Morris

      yeah let’s admit or disappear 🙂

  • metsatsu

    why is it tagged as D4X? instead of D4S?

  • broxibear

    I think some people are expecting too much from this rumoured upgrade, a D4 to D4s is not going to be the same as a D4 to D5 jump.
    Apart from adding video the D3 to D3s was about small changes, it was with the D4 you saw a bigger change, I don’t think it’ll be any different for this.
    A few people have commented on it being too late for the winter Olympics, granted it’s tight but not too late. Remember a lot of the freelancers won’t get their hands on new equipment straight away and they won’t have a D4s. Some who have a closer relationship with Nikon might, and the same with certain agencies. There’s a myth that all sports photographers get newly released equipment ahead of big events before anyone else does, some do, but most don’t.

  • Beer

    I am only hoping that Canon 7D MARKII will come out soon, if it does, I will buy it instead of waiting the D400…

  • Mansgame

    I hope they come up with the D800s – D800 with either the D600 or D4 sensor.

  • Ryan Jarvis

    If it’s the “same 16MP sensor” then the low light performance would be the same too wouldn’t it. I think 12 – 16mp is perfect, just improve the ISO performance over the D4 and improve the quiet shutter mode and I’ll be a happy bunny (the 5D III silent shutter is very impressive).

    • broxibear

      true, for native ISO, but expanded modes are dependent on image processor, which will be getting a new generation, expeed 4. not a big user of expanded modes personally, so I don’t care much about this.

      • broxibear

        Again…not the real broxibear.

    • UA

      Nikon D3s was “the same 12mpix sensor” that D700 and D3 had.. well, it is still probably the best sensor in low light and was a stop or even 1,5 stops better than D3 or D700.

      I personally think this Nikon’s approach to do small increments is great. You do not need to buy every increment, and they push the technology further step by step. So when you are about to update your body, you will get state-of-the art from the shop.. not something that has been there for 5 years or so (as with D700).

      Of course this has a down side for us prosumers, the prices of the old bodies will not drop, because they are replaced with a new model before. Well, maybe we get more units on 2nd hand market then, when big makers update to the newest ones more frequently.

  • GuestPoster

    I make a guess,

    Nikon is attacking Canon’s 1DX by better performance / price ratio:
    * 16MP
    * 12 to 14 fps, to catch up with 1DX
    * New / faster AF (Maybe more cross sensors)
    * Better battery life

    it’s all there prior to Olympics. Canon had a giant PR show around the
    last Olympics and I guess, Nikon is aiming for Sochi for the same

    Since it’s CES, they could alternatively attacking Canon’s delayed
    7DM2 with a more pro-sumer “don’t-call-it-D400” professional

    APS-C Body with:
    * 24MP
    * No-AA
    * 12fps
    * New / faster AF
    * WiFI & GPS built-in.

    recently, Nikon was unable to go beyond ~10fps because Expeed 3 wasn’t
    able to handle the implied data rate. Same for the AF, the real
    bottleneck was processing incoming AF data so adding more cross sensors
    wasn’t exactly feasible. Having removed the processing bottleneck, the
    new Expeed 4 processor can deliver:
    * 12fps at 24M pixels
    * Faster AI-based AutoFocus (Hardware assisted feature extraction)
    * improved optical correction (distortion, moire etc)
    * Faster HDR (Accelerated multi-frame operation)

    that Nikon is already testing Expeed 4 and a new carbon fiber based
    chassis in the relatively new non-AA D5300, its pretty obvious what’s
    next in the pro-line. Apparently, Nikon doesn’t want to disappoint its
    professional customers with Buggy products.

    Thom Hogan
    Fujitus, Nikon’s Expeed manufacture:
    DXO AA vs. non-AA filter testing

  • AnotherView

    If Nikon bumped the MP to 24 and maintained 10 FPS, I’d seriously consider trading-up my D4, but it looks like Nikon is continuing with their marketing philosophy of continuing to pick our pockets while offering marginal improvements. If NR specs are even remotely close, the D4s (or whatever it will be called) will be hardly noticed.

    Bring on the D400.

  • Expig

    I heard that the Nikon is going to increase the 16megapixel of the sensor to 60 and still keep the 14 frames per sec with a built in SSD. They are going to put a card slot as well, but the primary SSD will serve enough bandwidth for 60 megapixel 14 frames per second shooting.

    It also gets the AF system of Nikon D7000 which showed to be more accurate the the D4 af system. The AF points are contracted to the middle of the sensor, but showed to be more accurate. So:

    – 60 megapixel
    – 14fps
    – built in SSD
    – D7000 af system that was more accurate according to them

    -There is a rumor about Chuck Norris dedicated editions as well!

  • Jonathan

    10 fps isn’t enough?! Why bother, bring out the D400. Unless this gains another 2 stops of low light capability over the D4, or higher MPx, I don’t really see a point.

  • saywhatuwill

    Your next bullet point should have been “higher price.”

  • bgbs

    I think its an expected upgrade. ISO upgrade would be an interesting one. I Hope 256 becomes a native ISO option taking ISO highs to 1024K.

  • Milen Minev

    If those are the specs they lost me on this one …

  • Cross type AF points in the corners and 1 stop of better ISO performance does it for me 🙂 Any price tag Peter?

  • Ben

    Not sure about the Olympics claim with a March release. The Winter Olympics begin Feb 7. Doesn’t make sense.

  • MrSkelter

    It’s announced.

    Same sensor, better AF.

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