Additional Nikon D3300 specifications

Additional Nikon D3300 specifications:

  • 24MP sensor
  • 11 AF points
  • ISO range: 100-12800 (25,600)
  • EXPEED4 image processing engine with excellent noise reduction processing
  • Continuous shooting at 5 fps
  • 3" LCD screen
  • Scene mode corresponding to the scene of the six most frequently used
  • Guide function
  • 13 special effect modes
  • New kit lens: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II

The official announcement will be in few hours. There is some talk that a new 300mm f/4 lens will also be announced but I do not have enough information to confirm that rumor. Stay tuned for detailed coverage in the next 24 hours.

D3300 specifications via Digicame-info.

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  • Sundra Tanakoh

    So….what do you have for the D3400?

  • The Dude

    …hasn’t Nikon already made this camera?

    • Jason Brown

      Nah – it just seems that way. The consumer models are all kinda blending into a pool of dullness…

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        Just like the comments…

    • King of Swaziland

      Yes, several times. Welcome to the era of meaningless iteration.

      • We’re not quite there. We could simply have the D3000 2014 edition (released in 2013, previewed in late 2012 alongside the D3000 “concept camera” for 2015 which, when it actually ships — in 2014 — is just like the 2014 edition but with “D3000” in a different font, and differently named color schemes).

    • Mike

      D3000 MKIII

  • RNS

    Any news on a WU-1A replacement? It seems to be back ordered at a lot of places after having finally stabilized over the fall. Best Buy also ran a 22.99 sale on it over the weekend.

  • Robert_K01

    Any news on the rumoured 35mm f/1.8G FX?

  • Joseph Li

    damn…that’s a well featured entry level camera

  • Teo

    same old 24mpx sensor or brand new?

  • Sad Nikon Man

    I remember back in the day when I got my D40, I was so jealous of how the 8fps on my friends D700 sounded. Now I have a D800 and all the kids buying their first DSLR’s have more fps than me. It’s not fair :'(

    • Mike

      You’re a candidate for a D4 then. 😉

      • Mansgame

        Or a d800s

  • TeaBreak

    Few years ago Nikon announced a so called semi-pro which really rocks my (photo)world. It has same 11 AF Points and 5 fps as D3300 but a price painfully high about €1800 / $ 2500 ! Nevertheless I loved this cam and made 200.000+ photos with it, each of them satisfying me in terms of IQ. Of course, its usable ISO was about 640 ISO only, battery power serves for 500 shots max. and there was no video, no scene modes. no in camera editing, no nothing. Pure photography so to say … 🙂 Think of it, when talking about D 3300 which features all this for less than half the price. IMO that’s pretty fair.
    P.S.: My good old lady named D200. 🙂

    • stoooopid

      I bought a CRT TV in the 90’s for $1000. It was not HD and it was not even close to the size of my huge LCD tv I have today, which cost less than $1000. But I don’t think it makes sense to compare yesterdays technology with today’s tech. My CRT was a good buy at the time and it served me for many years. But it doesn’t even compare to my LCD screen I have today.
      No one is complaining that you can’t make good images with the D3200 (or D3300). I think all of the image quality issues are pretty much gone. But you have to judge a product vs its current competition, not competition from the past. Any photographer can pick up any current, modern body and make really good images with it. But people expect more product for the money now than in the past.

  • Bugger. I ordered my second d3200 only 5 days ago. No wonder it was so cheap at only €280.

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