Reminder: Nikon announcement on January 7th

On January 7th Nikon is rumored to announce the D3300 camera, two new lenses (35mm f/1.8G FX and 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6G DX) and two or three Coolpix models (most likely replacements for the P330 and P520). I expect more new products to be introduced in late January or early February.

US reader can expect the official announcement and [NR] detailed coverage on late Monday evening (January 6th).

Picture above: some Nikon websites are already listing the new 35mm f/1.8G lens.

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  • manhattanboy

    The new 18-55 makes sense to go along with the 3300. Patiently waiting for the 300mm f4 DO and interested to see the new D4 iteration. We are a month away from the Olympics… let’s get these products announced already!

    • RBR

      Oh come on, you know you are impatient or at least you were a long time ago, and are now simply resigned to the reality that Nikon management is clueless and nobody has a any idea when or if Nikon will release this lens or a D400 to go with it. Sigh, you are not alone. 🙂

  • Photobug

    Nikon continues to follow the guidelines published last year for consumer grade equipment. Expecting a second announcement before the Olympics for the D4X or D4S.

    • unumbskull

      mark my words, no d4s “before the olympics” and the d4x would not be a sports camera anyways, so why bring it up? oh yeah you are simply parroting the internet echo chamber. thanks for nothing.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Robert, you’re back!

      • AM

        It seems late for the Winter Olympics. By the time it’s announced and the product actually ships, the games will be just around the corner. Too risky to go on an assignment with practically unproven gear in the field.
        I believe that some few Nikon ambassadors will be trying out the D4 replacement during the Winter Olympics as the real target will be the Soccer World Cup in the summer; much more exposure.

        • MyrddinWilt

          The point of having the cameras launch is so that the photographers can talk about them when they are all there at the event.

          Some of the photographers will have the new flagship and some will be trying the D5 prototypes. All that announcing the camera means is that the photographers currently under NDA can talk to their buddies.

          We are not talking about a major upgrade here. It is going to be a slight lift in ISO and maybe WiFi or GPS built in.

          Having the bodies on sale before the World Cup is likely an important goal for Nikon but soccer is nowhere near as interesting photographically as the winter olympics. Sure there are lots of matches, but it is all the same sport. A striker doing the bicycle kick is about as good as a ski jumper. But you maybe get one or two of those in a competition. They do hundreds of the jumps.

          • Mike

            Plus, just about every country in the world is represented in the Olympics, unlike the World Cup. In North America, the Olympics are a bigger deal than the World Cup too.

            • Kynikos

              Summer Olympics, yes.
              Winter Olympics, no. Some early morning hockey. Figure skating doesn’t get the ratings it used to. People going face-first on the luge has limited appeal. (I don’t know why, I think it’s hilarious.) More Americans will watch their soccer scrubs than their world-class hockey players.

            • RBR

              I would not be surprised if, after the Winter Olympics, we hear some reports of a select few people using something that looked a little different.

            • MyrddinWilt

              As a photographic spectacle, I think there are far more opportunities for exceptional shots at the Winter olympics than the summer. The environment is just better, period.

              Soccer is not as photogenic as the ski jump or the luge. It is played over a 90 minute period. The ski jump is a 15 second burst. Watching soccer as a spectator is more interesting but still photos are not.

            • Kynikos

              No quarrel with any of your points. All I was saying is that the notion of the Winter Olympics being “bigger” than World Cup is ridiculous.

            • AM

              Soccer (football) is the most watched sport and the World Cup is the most watched event in the world, period. And, it’s growing in America as well. Every 4 years more Americans watch World Cup games, especially those played by the US team.
              So, the World Cup represents a greater exposure for any company.

            • The pessimist

              As long as I’ve been alive soccer has been poised to become the next big thing. It never has yet. But it’s not soccer’s fault. I doubt very seriously whether the owners of the NBA the NFL, baseball, and NASCAR would allow the networks to broadcast soccer in a way that it would create competition with their franchises. It has nothing to do with The merits of soccer and everything to do with greedy billionaires protecting their turf. It’s not a conspiracy. Honest.

            • AM

              ESPN got the rights to broadcast the World Cup in the US, NBC has the rights to broadcast the English Premier League. Do you think that they care what the other leagues think about that?
              They known that soccer is getting more attention as new generations are more diverse, and they will cash on that.
              As for soccer being the next big thing, it’s always been in the rest of the world.
              Now, Winter Olympics, people in the US are not as interested in them as with the Summer Olympics. They will be in less in one month and all they talk about is the chick Tiger Woods is dating who hurt her knee. If it wasn’t because Tiger is dating her, we wouldn’t even hear about her.

            • Mansgame

              they watch it because there is nothing else on TV. Just to be clear.

            • FredBear

              Not the winter Olympics – unless Jamaica is attending 😉

          • neversink

            I am not sure whether we are having a major upgrade or not — all we have are rumors. But you seem to state confidently that we are not going to see a major D4 upgrade, which is fine with me and so is a major upgrade. So where do you get your info from? Thanks.

            • RBR

              The D3s was released roughly two years after the D3 so it is not out of the realm of possibilities that there would be a D4s or whatever. The timespan from the D3s to the D4 was a lot longer though.

              It is possible that Nikon is taking their time though as there does not appear to be an imminent Canon release. There are several areas where Nikon should probably be putting emphasis to meet or exceed the current 1Dx’s performance. Specifically, the frame rate could stand to be upped (1Dx is 14 FPS) and the high ISO JPEG processing of the 1Dx is said to be better. This is important in a pro body because many events require “live” coverage with OOC JPEGs that the press & etc can crop as they want. And on the subject of live coverage, better wi-fi implementation for live feed incorporated in the body, not some external module.

            • MyrddinWilt

              I get my info the same way Thom does, I look at what Nikon has always done. The D3s was an incremental upgrade on the D3, the D300s an incremental upgrade on the D300, the D2H and D2X were slightly more significant upgrades but that was back in the days when the sensor technology was still not a match for film and making rapid advances.

              The D4 was a big change from the D3, the D3 was a bigger change from the D2 which was a big change from the D1.

              That and working in the tech industry for 30 years…

            • RBR

              It is a mid-life refresh of the model.

        • The US people who will discount the Soccer (or rather, football!) World Cup have no idea whatsoever of the billions of avid watchers who will drool over the shots made during the championship. “There are just so many way to hit the ball…. ” sure, just go on and talk yourself into believing this. The Football World cup will have (I can’t understand why, but this is the sad truth) much more followers than all the winter sport congregated.

        • Mansgame

          Maybe too late for us little people but Nikon takes care of their hotshot pros so all they need to do is send a few pallets of Nikon D4s’s along with the usual lens rentals.

    • Dan Howell

      D3 released Aug ’07
      D3X released Dec. ’08
      D3S released Oct. ’09

      D4 released Jan. ’12

      …just sayin’

      • Photobug

        Oh I totally agree with you. We are due for a D4X or D4S..

      • Andrew

        A D4 replacement is long overdue considering the fact that the D4 may have been released close to a year earlier had it not been for the interruptions due to the natural disasters. That being the case, the D4 upgrade may be significant.

        • KnightPhoto

          Real-world dates of availability:
          D3 Nov ’07
          D3X Dec. ’08
          D3S Dec. ’09
          D4 Jan. ’12

          Therefore the D4 was 2 years/1 month exactly after the D3S and 4 years/2 months after the D3. So the D4 wasn’t late at all given the 4 year pro-body cycle.

          Judging from above the D4X, if it were to come out this month, IS 1 year/1 month late. The odd thing is Canon came out and DIRECTLY indicated there will be no 1DSiv. Nikon never said anything about the D4X one way or the other. So we are either getting a late D4X this month or a dead-on schedule D4S. To me, having looked at the above, it does make sense to update the D4 with EXPEED4 and add speed and video improvements, but probably keep the same sensor. They could however, also change out the sensor to 24mp at 12fps as some have suggested.

          If there is no D4X coming, then it’s time to issue a D810 with EXPEED4/wireless/GPS as well. Interesting to see what happens!

          • RBR

            Canon said that the 1Dx was a merger or fusion of the two 1D series of bodies with the DH (1.3 crop sensor) going away, much to the annoyance of the wildlife photography community.

            Wireless and GPS are the most obvious missing capabilities in the D800 because of the delay.

        • RBR

          I have not seen any thing to back this up…other than the passage of time, but I believe Nikon considered the release of the D4 and D800 to be on day 1 rather than day 366 even though the designers were a year old on release. There should be a D810 sometime before too long eve taking this into consideration. I believe Nikon did a good job of getting their production facilities up and running, but I have to woner what they had their R&D and design teams doing. Their release dates keep slipping as though they are simply incapable of keeping up.

      • KnightPhoto

        As imaginary Nikon CEO I’m changing my mind, here’s a mid-term lineup refresh that makes sense from a minimal cost-to-design/produce and maximum sales point of view given the advent of the EXPEED4 processor and addition of wireless, GPS, and 1080p/60 improved video and LiveView to all of the below:
        – D4S – same 16mp sensor but 12 or 14fps if shutter can support it. I’m not convinced the 24mp sensor is no fuss at high ISO so I left it off here;
        – D4X – don’t bother as volume too low (see D810E);
        – D620 – 36mp, 6fps;
        – D710 – 24mp, 8fps and beats 5Diii at everything;
        – D810E – 54mp, 6fps;
        – Df.

        The wrinkle is Nikon may be busy with D5/D900 generation lineup including new AF solution covering greater percentage of the frame as well as on-sensor PDAF for use in LiveView, so it may not make sense to do mid-term stuff like the above if it delays work on the new generation. In which case just do the D4S since it it the flagship and the D710 since it will add new sales into a perceived gap and leave the D610, Df, and D800E as competitive enough for now.

        • RBR

          The thing about mid-life refreshes is that the body is already specified and most of the work involves integrating improvements in electronics and firmware or things that were not quite ready when the original release was made. This is pretty ordinary stuff in the electronics world. It is necessary to keep your produce up-to-date in general and with respect to the competition.

          If Nikon have given up on their established pattern of refreshes altogether, it would not bode well for the company unless they were to have replacement products available at the refresh cycle.

  • Valters Pelns

    35mm 1.8 for FX, great!

    • jonas

      It will go from ‘great’ to Perfect, at $399

      • Don Hogfan

        There is no perfect lens so get ready for $699

        • RBR

          That would be on the high side of the range for a f/1.8 lens unless it had a rather exotic aspheric lens array. It definitely should have up to date coatings and be very fast focusing.

        • Aldo

          Since 28mm 1.8g NaNoCoAtEd @ 699… very unlikely.

  • unumbskull

    there is no d4s coming before the Olympics, or even this year at all. its already too late for the winter Olympics, you geniuses! also note how that japan NPS stoppage rumor fizzled out with no one else on the internet backing up the admin. all other NPS have plenty of d4 cameras, and i bet japan nps has them now as well. pro equipment sells out all the time. think!

    • JakeB

      Hey genius, you got your facts wrong…Sherlock.

      • unumbskull

        can anyone back-up that japan NPS stoppage rumor? its been almost a week, still NOTHING. that would be all over the place it was true. but it was not true.

        i am openly challenging you prove me wrong with facts, rather than the internet echo chamber.

        • RBR

          That is why it is a RUMOR.

          • unumbskull

            people were using that rumor as the ONLY solid “fact” that a d4s/x is coming soon. well at this point, it’s a FALSE rumor. FAKE, BULLSH*T, CANONTROLL, too bad the admin bit into it.

    • roccosig

      What a bozo. Easy on that substance, buddy.

    • RMJ

      Another sad D4 owner ?

      Cheer up… D4 ain’t bad either !

      • unumbskull


      • neversink

        I think the D4 is the best SLR out there, and the D800 is nearly as good!!!! Sorry Ken Rockwell. If they upgrade, great, if not, I won’t lose any sleep!!!!!

      • webster

        maybe they’ll upgrade by getting rid that XQD Memory Card

    • Doctor

      you need a dildo, size D4

    • Photobug

      As JakeB and roccosig said…you got your facts wrong. Looks like a troll to me..

  • rebel04

    when 300 f/4 VR???

  • Quasimodo

    No word on what we want?
    What we really, really, want?

    • RMJ

      Nope… no sign of D400 🙁

    • Happy Nikon User

      I wanted 0.5 more fps, continuous quiet mode, and improved auto WB for the D600, and I got them. Yeah!!!

      • orpickaname


        (to the model number)

      • Mansgame

        Ah yes, that was the day all the D600 had been waiting for. They were so happy as I recall. recall…recall…*Hint* Nikon.

    • Yas

      Yo I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want

      so tell me what you want what you really really want

      I wanna huh I wanna huh I wanna huh I wanna huh

      I wanna really really really want a D400 ahhh

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    Looking forward for that 35/1.8 FX lens 🙂

  • Piggy White

    I’m getting mixed info, but one of the Coolpixes seems to be very waterproof, so I’d say it’s a replacement of AW110. And another, yes, a P330 replacement (have you noticed the huge discounts on the P330 in the UK already)? D3300 is also coming up.

    However, I would not expect huge technological advancements. The camera market overall is mature, so it’s more about fancy, feelings and branding (the Df was a move of this type as well).

    • Mike

      Hey Piggy, what’s the word on a D4 replacement? D4s or D5?

      • unumbskull

        we are talking about flagship professional cameras, not smartphones for the mouthbreathing masses. you twit. no flagship d4/4s/4x/5 this year. mark my freaking words.

        • Yankees0604

          why you gotta be such an a$$hole ? He’s not even asking you, he’s asking Piggy..

        • Mike

          I love when anonymous people resort to name calling. Wait. How did you know I was a mouth breather? That’s creepy.

          Listen, friend, you sound smart. So please, enlighten us with more knowledge.

          • Aldo

            He breathes oxygen… I can put money on it.

            • PSAGuy

              …and nitrogen. Actually more nitrogen.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              I heard that laughing gas is bad for you…

        • PilesofTrials

          Can you not get those haemerroids treated?

      • Piggy White

        Nothing too interesting so far. But the Df is released, and it has the same sensor, but in a cheaper body. The guys in Nikon aren’t stupid and they won’t cannibalize their market, so I’d expect a D4 replacement soon (but not in the next few months).

    • RBR

      Nikon could stand to improve the ergonomics of many of the bodies. Just pick up a D4 or a number of Canons and you will realize how out of place the shutter release and sme of the other controls are. They could also stand to reevaluate the algorithms used in image processing…Canon managed to bump the frame rate of the 1Dx to 14 fps by a firmware update which improved the efficiency of the process. Oh! And don’t forget how Nikon maliciously cripples cameras with undersized buffers! Grrrrrrr!!!!!

      • Richard III

        It’s a long time ago since anyone above the shop floor actually used any of their products for taking pictures……….

        • RBR

          (Sigh) No argument here.

  • n11

    The D800X with 72MP!!!

    • Aeroengineer

      With the new MB-D12x grip, which will cost $750 and increase FX CH speeds from 2 fps to 2.1 fps!

    • mag

      yes, 72mp for porn

    • AnnT.Christ

      Nope..but 54mp is what I hear from a friend who knew a friend and dated a girl who knew a boy who dated a boy who was friends with a tester of Nikon…54mp.

      • neversink

        Nope.. Those people told me 54.479321765756473 pixels.

      • Aldo

        Your source is gay…

        • NoMeJodas

          More important: the tester is gay or at least has gay friends. This means the D800X will look good cause the tester would not bother to show an ugly camera to his gay friends!

      • George

        54 MP because the pixel density of an (already existing) 24 MP DX sensor would give us a 24*15^2 = 54 MP FX sensor.

  • DistrictGopher

    I really hope the 35 F1.8 is under $500 and that the 300 F4 is under $1500, but I have a feeling that won’t be the case. As Randall Moss once eloquently stated, “straight cash, homey.”

    • silmasan

      Just under $500 for the new 35 f/1.8 seems very likely though. The old 35/2 is still around for $359, to give some perspective.

    • Pat Mann

      With the 85 f/1.8 G and 50 f/1.4 G under $500, I think it’s highly likely that the 35 f/1.8 will come in between $400 and $500, with a small possibility it will be under $400.

    • Mansgame

      300 f/4 under $1500? Hah!

    • Photobug

      More likely the 300 F4 will be just over $2K. Would not suprise me if it was closer to $2.5K.

  • Sonikon

    with the d5300 smoking the d7100 in every aspect other than handling. The potential for a D400 looks good. give it a huge buffer, dual expeed 4. 8fps dx and 12fps 1.3x crop. sounds possible.

    • Dream Along

      Possible? – Absolutely.
      Desirable? – Very.
      Would it sell? – By the boat load.
      The trouble is that Nikon just aren’t going to produce it in this lifetime.

      • Maji

        The price sounds like more than $2000!

        • Marcel Speta

          for such machine this is not much. I would pay that!

    • Sports

      Two (“dual”) Expeed 4’s are not needed for these specs – and it’s not designed for dual use, anyway, I believe.

  • Sorry if I’ve missed this and it’s been discussed. But I’m thinking we may see an updated to the Coolpix A. Or something even “cooler.”

    • cavatappi

      I’d love to see a coolpix A with industry leading PDAF on the sensor, basically nikon 1 series speed even in lower light. I’d also like 35mm f/2 and an EVF as well, but those aren’t mandatory for me. must fix the AF tho.

    • Spy Black

      A Coolpix A with an EVF and a zoom would be a smart move.

  • Aldo

    299 PLEASE!

    • Alpo

      photography is not for cheap/poor people.
      find a new hobby.

      • Bm

        Let me guess… You golf, own a BMW and have absolutely no artistic talent.

        • Cynog

          Hmmm, almost described me there – but I don’t play golf or own a BMW 🙂

          • neversink

            Hey what’s wrong with a BMW. I’ve got an old 1995 325ic Bimmer cream puff back stateside. It still purrs. But they aren’t popular in Kenya. Eight more years and it will be an antique.

            • Aldo

              chevy sprint > beemer

            • Cynog

              Nothing wrong with Bimmers. It’s just that I’m a Merc man,

            • Andrew

              Two of my brothers were into Bimmers. My dad and I were into Merc. We Merc have been more loyal to our brand. I wonder what the statistics out there is on loyalty as their owners age.

            • Andrew

              Have you ever been on one of those safari shoots or have you left it to the tourists?

            • Photoretouchpro

              BMW drivers are the worst!! And Mercedes drivers are a close second!

      • CSIROC

        “Knowing what I know now, any photographer worth his salt could make some beautiful things with pinhole cameras.”

        • neversink

          I love pinhole cameras also. Once got a bunch of free Kenucky fried chicken boxes (without the greasy finger liken’ crap in it) and taught a bunch of high school kids how to make them. We cut the round boxes length wise and used the curve to mount the paper or negs in. Another piece of straight cardboard was formed to for fit securely over the round “body” and be light tight . We cut a small hole in the middle of the front and and then glued and taped some gold leaf over the hole. Then I passed the right size pin around to pierce the gold leaf. And voila, we got a unique “fish eye” effect due to the curvature of the box. I’d love to do this project again!!!

          • CSIROC

            Its not actually my quote, I was curious to see if anyone would get it.

            Anyway, very cool story. Wish I had had someone show me something like that in high school.

      • Aldo

        I think you own a Df and are confused…

        • MyrddinWilt

          Well photography with the very latest brand new professional Nikon gear is not for poor people. But there is plenty of great stuff second hand.

          Like Ralph Lauren, Nikon is a prestige brand that some people buy because it is the very best at what it is. But it is not an exclusive luxury brand like Rolex or Leica that is only a prestige brand. Nikon is a consumer and a professional supplier as well.

          I get rather tired of folk’s complaints on both ends. If people don’t like the price of the D4 then buy a D800 or a Df, demanding exactly a D4 for half price like the D700 provided is pretty silly. At the other end, the folk boasting about how they only shoot full frame with magic trio lenses sound really rather silly. Nikon gear is relatively pricey as camera gear goes but it is rather cheap compared to the depreciation on a new car driving it out of the lot.

          People should expect that their posts will be read by folk who can barely afford to pay for the bus ride to the public library where they are reading the blog on one end of the scale and folk who earn $400/hr at the other.

          • Well said. The price of your gear has zero relationship to the quality of your photography.

          • Aldo

            You have some good points there. I tihnk most of us lay between the guy who struggles to pay his bus fare and the 400dollar/hr fellow… And this is why is good to know what products will give you the best bang for your buck… without sacrificing quality too much. Manufacturers won’t tell you… this is why we resort to online research/reviews. One thing is to cry about prices… and another to seek a good deal on a NON top of the line product.

      • Zesty

        Materialistic, consumerism is not for cheap/poor people. Leave photography for us low lives

    • assess


      299 – hot sell
      399 – entice early pickers
      499 – sit on shelf
      599 – people will browse only

      • Marcel Speta

        yeap. If 599 i am rather going for Sigma 35/1.4 ART then …

        • RBR

          Yea, really. Nikon needs to come up with something pretty attractive to compete with that.

  • chris

    please make this under $ 500.00

  • Fred Flintstone

    It is too early for a D4 replacement. Further, too close to the Russian Winter elympics for a new pro camera.

  • SkyMeow

    Alright nikon, I’m ready for new D4 replacement. My D4 will become a backup camera. My credit card is fully ready for ordering. Just announce and release it.

  • click

    PLEASE!!!! I know that you need Adds to run this site, but please do not accept adds with autostart sound. I hate that! Thank you!

    • PeterO

      Get ADP (Ad Blocker Plus). Speeds things up too.

    • I do not accept ads that autoplay sound, but sometimes they sneak one in without my knowledge and permission. If you tell me which ad is doing that, I will block them.

      • click

        Thanks for your reply. It is from Orange-Switzerland.

  • guesto

    Hopefully the announcement I’d that Nikon is moving to Fuji X-trans sensors. A FF X-trans would wipe the smug off of Sony sensors.

    • jk

      I am pretty sure Nikon will never use Sony sensors again for FX and CX , they have some serious issues over a few CMOS related patents.

      Do you think how many of current Nikon bodies use Sony sensors?
      only 2 D600 and D800E/D800.

      the D4 sensor is an Aptina.
      the DF sensor is the same one as in the D4.
      the D610 sensor is a toshiba.
      the D5300 sensor is also a Toshiba.
      the D3200 sensor was Renasus and the D3300 sensor will be a Toshiba too.
      so almost no Sony ones.

      • MyrddinWilt

        How can Nikon possibly use an ‘Aptina’ sensor when Aptina does not have a fab? It can’t.

        Nikon does not use Sony or Aptina sensors in professional cameras, it uses Nikon sensors. A sensor may incorporate Sony or Aprina technology but it is still a Nikon design and almost always unique to Nikon. There are some odd exceptions like the D300 and the D3X where Nikon was forced to play market catchup and used an off the shelf sensor design but these have been quickly replaced by Nikon in-house designs.

        Including Aptina technology does not exclude Sony technology. Everyone in the chip business spends a LOT of time trading IP licenses. There is probably Canon IP in Nikon sensors and vice versa. sony and Aptina cross licensed their portfolios earlier this year

        At the end of the day, Nikon invested heavily in the ‘Sony’ fab so they are going to make sure they give it plenty of business if necessary to make a profit. But that fab can almost certainly produce an Aptina design or a hybrid.

        At the moment though, that Sony fab is reputedly tapped out making the camera chips for the iPhone and iPad. It is a better camera than Sony can use for their own phones.

        • RBR

          Which Sony fab, the 200mm one or the 300mm one?

      • RBR

        I do not recall where I read this, but the Df sensor supposedly is an improved version of the D4 sensor rather than literally the same part.

        Do you know the source for the D7000 and D7100 sensors?

      • check

        “the D4 sensor is an Aptina.”

        “the D610 sensor is a toshiba.”

        Whoa, whoa… ok, step back a bit, shall we? Check your sources before posting information like that. Can you please give some snapshots of the stuff mentioned above? Maybe tear down your D610, since you have one 😉 I’d be surprised if it’s any different than the one in D600. (Also it’s “Renesas”, not Renasus.)


      • check

        By the way, I skimmed your older comments. What a nice collection of gears you have (or have owned recently)!

        D800E (at least two)
        D600 (at least three of them)
        Sony RX1R
        Panasonic GX7
        Sony A99v
        Samsung NX300
        Fuji XE1

        Man, you must be very INTO cameras. Saludos! Can’t wait to see your gear pr0n!

        (oh and did you buy that 5d3?)

      • orpickaname

        check your facts and come back.

  • Mansgame

    Garsh darn. Another entry level camera to play with at Costco in between free samplings of cheese.

  • reebert

    not sure if this has been posted already, but that lens section “nikon 35mm 1.8 G” has been on the website for years. I had to send my 1.4g in for calibration, and that was the only lens i could select. So either just an error on the web that has been there for a while or the lens was already made, just not released.

  • i bet my D700 that this 35 1.8G FX will cost 600 / 700€ like the Sigma 35 1.4. The fight will be about the size and weight. If 35 1.8 FX is like 35 f2, that would be very intresting. ( i got the Sigma 35 1.4, almost 1KG not good for my back )

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