Nikon announcement on January 7th: D3300, two lenses, Coolpix cameras

This is the most likely scenario for the Nikon announcement during the CES show on January 7, 2014:

See the full list of expected/rumored Nikon products for the first two months of 2014.

The January 17th date I reported two weeks ago is most likely just the announcement date for the above products in the Middle East & Africa.

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  • vFunct

    So what lenses are Nikon missing that they need?

    Maybe an updated 200mm macro? I could use that.

    Or, maybe 28mm F1.4?

    • EJP

      20mm f/2, 28mm f/1.4, 24-70mm f/4 VR, 70-300mm f/4 VR, 300mm f/4 VR, 400mm f/5.6 VR. I’m sure I’m leaving some stuff out that the system still should have. And that’s just FX glass. The system doesn’t even begin to have a rounded out selection of lighter smaller DX glass.


        meh. I’d buy a 24-85mm f/2 for $4k tho. in a heartbeat.

        • Elvir Redzepovic

          And you would probably not been able to lift the damn thing….F2 in that focal span….??? You do need to get some lessons in physics. And you would need to add one more zero to that 4000$ price tag.

          • you yoda looking pos

            I publicly challenge you to back up anything you just posted. or you can shut your mouth.

            • Elvir Redzepovic

              Hehehehe, yoda pos as I said take a god damn class in optical engineering and after your done your post will make you cry out shame!

            • Anton

              Sigma are thought to be working on a 24-70mm f2.0 so it’s not impossible. They made an 18-35mm f1.8 at a good price for DX users so they know their physics.

            • David Peterson

              24-85mm f/2 is longer than 24-70mm f/2 though. Like their 18-35mm, is a zoom, but a very short range from each end to the other.

            • Elvir Redzepovic

              I have Sigma 18-35 (amazing lens) but it’s DX zoom with very short span, it is also rather big and heavy.
              Something that will cover full frame and go from 24-85mm while being F2 all the way is surely possible I never said that it not possible. I said it would be huge and very expensive. That range (24-85) is used mostly as walkabout/universal lens and Sigma and other manufacturers do their research and know that they would not sell many of those simply because their customers would not like to carry something that big all day long. I own 2 rather big tele lenses and while they are great for what they do after a bit of hiking in woods (i like to shoot birds and wildlife) you really do feel the heft.


              figures that you are a crop sensor know-it-all. lol, you have ZERO business even speaking to folks like me, junior. take your little camera and go away.

            • Spy Black

              Some people are just fanbois and spew out dumb-ass crap like fellow who responded to you. But Elvir is correct. If anyone’s curious for a relative comparison, here are my 135mm f/2.8 and 135mm f/2 Nikkors side by side. Only one F-stop apart. These are primes, not zooms. Any questions?

            • jr456

              Lighten up there Sally.

          • andrew

            Well, in theory you could get a 24-85 f/2 to be only slightly larger/heavier than a 24mm f/2 (and this comes from a guy with a degree in optical physics in case you want to dismiss that as well).
            Zoom lenses work (very roughly) by zooming in to the center of the image circle of the lense’s widest focal length (that’s why zooms are usually worse at the telephoto end).
            So, a 24-85mm f/2 would actually be a 24mm f/2 (actually it should be a bit faster, maybe f/1.5 to compensate for all the extra elements), with the addition of another group of lenses for zooming.
            The tricky part, and what usually leads to heavy designs is correcting for all sorts of aberrations.
            But, again, in theory, someone could come up with a design that’s not a lot heavier that a 24mm.

            • Elvir Redzepovic

              And that is only that, a theory. We are talking about real things here, not calculations on a piece of paper. But in theory you are right.

            • Eric Duminil

              with shitty results, as you seem to imply

            • Aisguys

              Andrew have you seen the size of the Olympus 14-35mm F2 lens and this is for a sensor a quarter the area of FX, A 24-85mm F2 would be enormous

              Sony distagon 24mm F2 weighs 555g and is 78mm long, the slower Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 zoom weighs 900g and is 133mm long. Nikons own 24mm F1.4 is 620g and 88.5mm long. So I fail to
              see how a 24-85mm F2 could be anything other than gigantic.

          • Duncan Dimanche

            No Sigma will define physics with their new lens !!!
            18-35 F1.8 with THAT quality !!

            • Elvir Redzepovic

              Not following you right now ?
              Did you mean redefine ?
              And with what quality ?

    • Jaz

      24mm f/1.8G, new macro lens f/2.8G with VR (make it 85mm or 105mm updated with VRII), fisheye updated.

    • Deep_Lurker

      The latest wish-list on DPReview can be summarized as:

      APS-C users (mostly) want:
      – DX 24mm f2G – new lens
      – DX 16mm f2.8G – new lens
      – DX 70mm f1.8G – new lens
      – DX 18mm f2.8G – new lens
      – DX 16-85mm f4G VR – update to DX 16-85mm f3.5-5.6G VR
      – DX 17-55mm (16-50mm) f2.8G VR – update to DX 17-55mm f2.8G

      FF users (mostly) want:
      – 135mm f1.8G VR – update to DC 135mm f2D
      – 20mm f2.8G – update to 20mm f2.8D
      – 24mm f2G – update to 24mm f2.8D
      – 300mm f4G VR – update to 300mm f4D
      – 35mm f1.8G – update to 35mm f2D
      – 24-70mm f2.8G VR – update to 24-70mm f2.8G

      • Aldo

        I want a 14-200 f1.4… shouldn’t be too hard to make…

        • Deep_Lurker

          14-200 f/1.4 pancake lens

          • Odla

            … FX right?

            Oh, and AF-S G ED IF VR II N SIC FL too

            • Marc W.

              And for $199

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              Why does it have to be so expensive?

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          12-300mm f1.0 is more sensible….

          • Aisguys

            12-300mm F1.0 is good but stretch it to 12-400mm and I am in lol

      • JohnH

        Don’t forget a 16/2.8G fisheye . . . the current D model is not very good on 36MP.

      • David Peterson

        A DX 8mm rectilinear prime would be absolutely fantastic. (there is already the Sigma 8mm to 16mm rectilinear zoom).

      • Mercury

        I would love a small 200mm f2.8 just like Canon has!
        For me that’s the only Canon lens I’d wish Nikon would have a version of it too.
        Not a big issue of course, very happy with my Nikon gear.

    • Morris

      read and repeat loudly with me
      3three 0zero 0zero MMemem Fef 4four Vvee Rar DOdeeo Nen IF ED etc etc

    • Kynikos

      The existing 200/4 is an amazing lens. The remake will be too, but at double the price…

    • Brian

      400 F/5.6 prime

  • EJP

    Yet another rendition of a slow DX kit zoom. Don’t we have several iterations of that already? How about some optics that the system actually needs not regurgitating the same thing over and over in different form.

    • jr456

      I don’t care for it either but it seems like they’re just doing the same thing that Canon is doing on the lower-lines. Can’t blame them.

      • blamist

        Or we can blame them all.

        • jr456

          I really don’t blame them though. While I may not be interested in these cameras they pay for the stuff that I am interested in them because so many people buy them.

    • RMJ

      As far as I can remember, the latest 18-55mm is from 2007. And considering this is very different design to the earlier ones, then why not ? If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. I’m not buying it either.

    • koenshaku

      Meanwhile Canon prepares to release a new 35mm F1.4 L…

      • Spy Black

        If you’ve ever seen the present one, you’d know why.

    • David Peterson

      As so many people only use their kit lens with their new DSLR, the level of quality of the basic kit lens sets the minimum bar for a lot of new users, so anything which helps lift up these newcomers I’m all for.

      Perhaps it means they’ll stick with Nikon for longer then and use it more 😉


    what about the d4s? I just bought a 2nd d4 last week. I’d love for this rumor to be false. but I would like to know.

    • Morris

      it’s coming, jan-feb (7 jan is not the only date)


        sorry, I don’t really interact with the crop sensor folks. please go away

        • moc.kle

          I know… That’s exactly what the medium and large format guys told you before, right?

          • David Peterson

            Man it must get lonely sometimes if you’re only interacting with others who have the same sensor size as yourself…. :-/

    • moc.kle

      Secondhand? That’s so… unclassy. 😉

  • thecouchguy


  • boringist


  • Jaz

    +1 Woot for 35mm f/1.8G FX
    -1 Meh for new 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR DX

    D3300… What’s new in it? 4K Ultra HD video recording? Or D800’s 36MP? Maybe lighter body than D3200 and better LCD screen? Hmm…

    • Maji

      Just because you don’t need one or want one, there is not need to stick your thumb down to a product which provides Nikon a lot of revenue. These entry level dSLR and kit lenses provide Nikon the money for R&D to develop the serious products.

    • David Peterson

      Lots of things they might do for a D3300.

      A few possible key selling points: put in it the new Toshiba sensor they’ve got in their other APS-C models (this what I’m hoping for!), add GPS/WiFi (like they did with the D5300), a touch screen LCD display.

      If they could bring one out with all of that *and* still keep the price cheaper than what a Nikon D5200 is currently selling for, then I’d get a D3300 in a heart bet! (and I say this even though I’m a huge Panasonic Micro Four Thirds fan)

  • ashok kumar

    Who wants D3300? when are they releasing D400?

    • RMJ

      Majority of the people who are buying Nikon DSLR.

      • Sports

        Can’t be…
        We were told that the D3200, the D5300, the D5200, etc. were for the majority of people. Do they really demand yet another model to choose from?

        • El Aura

          Did we needed a third large body DSLR when Nikon released the D4 (D3s+D3x+D4)?

          But yes, there is demand for two different entry to midlevel models (D3300+D5300). It is not Nikon’s intention to sell the D5000, D5100, D5200, D3000, D3100, D3200, and D3300 concurrently. They just built too many of them and now have to keep selling the older models to recoup some of their costs.

          They keep selling the D3s, should they have waited with the release of the D4 until all supplies of D3s’s had been depleted and leave Canon the scene with its 1DX?

          • mds

            Well, I am sure they would move those previous models if they would lower the costs even more. Yes, less profit but they are sitting on a lot of inventory. I go to my local Sams club and they still have tons of D3000 models. Priced at $500 with two lenses. If they want to move them, cut the cost to $250 and they will get rid of the inventory. I am not in the market for them but a lot of people would. They don’t even have to sell them with two lenses for that, just the body and 18-55. They are just too over priced and too many series old for selling them out.

            • RMJ

              Clearly they have no clue of making sales. I have seen D3100 kits for 180 euros and almost bought one for myself just because the heck of it.

        • RMJ

          There is no need to choose. They buy whatever is available and in their price range.

    • Theodoros Fotometria


  • Anton

    Call me when they announce a new CEO.

  • marinamusic11

    why D3300? I prefer a D40x with a full frame sensor.. it’s should be more than enough.. a digital FM10..

  • Samseite

    the new 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6G will be much lighter than the old version, as i know

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      Which is important because the old one is such a heavy beast!
      Well, OK. If they can make it shrink I’m all for it if it isn’t fuzzy.


    is this a walking back of the d4s/x rumor or not. please speak clearly.

    • duh


      Yes, This will replace the flagship D4.

    • Morris

      elk, you should have waited to get the d4 now, january to march is normal release period (not only 7th jan)


        you know a lot about waiting, considering you still plastic crop sensor camera that can’t focus. please avoid responding to me, I am not interested in the opinions of crop sensor amateur nothings.

        • Or he knows everything about waiting to upgrade.

          Oh, and thanks for stinking up our nice community with elk ass.

        • Or he knows everything about waiting to upgrade.

          Oh, and thanks for stinking up our nice community with elk ass.

        • Or he knows everything about waiting – for an upgrade.

          I find your comment very rude, thanks for stinking up our community with elk ass.

          Oh, and speaking of “nothing”, nice website.

          • inthemist effer

            you have 3rd rate gear as well. I don’t care what your kind thinks.

        • Morris

          thats my old camera 🙂

          i agree with who says dont wait, get it now if u need, but if you are in less than a month (about) a possible new release, you shouldnt rush buying, different talk if it comes in 6+ months, good evening 🙂

  • Nourah

    How about 17 jan is there a d400 or not we’re sick of it come on nikon just do it please please pleeeeeaaaasssssse !!!!!

  • David Peterson

    Fingers crossed that the new Nikon D3300 has the same sensor as the D5200 and comes in at a lower price!

  • How about updated PC-E lenses + the much-rumored 17mm version?

  • I WANT that 35 mm ƒ1.8G FX!

    I know a lot of people are feeling bored by this.

  • Brian

    So no D4S/X?

  • VecchioMugnaioBianco

    In my opinion D400 will never be released.
    Professional DX body has definitely stopped with D300S, otherwise D7XXX doesn’t make any sense.

    • Smudger

      Nope. Not quite right.
      Professional DX ended with the D2Xs.
      Hi-end consumer DX finished with the D300s, or more accurately, it was killed off with the launch of the D7000.

      • dwd

        D300s is a Professional DX body. At least Nikon says it is, NPS covers it as a main body. I still see a lot of professionals using it as well, especially for rodeo and equine photographers.

        • Smudger

          I’m a professional using a D300s, and a D3s and D300 as well come to that.
          Why do I say that the D300/D300s are not really Professional bodies? Because unlike the D2 line the D300 was not the best DX camera that Nikon could have made at the time of launch.

          The D300 is NOT a D3 in a DX body. It simply does not have the same data crunching ability as the D3 – the D300 can not shoot 14bits @ 8fps. The AF is good, but the D3 is better by quite a margin at the edge of the envelope (like small fast moving subjects,in low light, long lenses +/- TCs).

          There’s other stuff missing as well (no viewfinder blind for 1) but it comes down to competence and performance at the extremes. The D300 is still darn good, but Nikon could have made it significantly better back in 2007. Nikon could certainly do much better now, but the reality is they won’t.

          • David Peterson

            > ” Because unlike the D2 line, the D300 was not the best DX camera that Nikon could have made at the time of launch.”

            A camera doesn’t have to be “THE BEST” at launch in its category to be a professional body.

            • Smudger

              That’s taking me out of context and misconstruing the point.

            • David Peterson

              Well Nikon DX is already beating the Canon EF-S cameras easily so we should be glad of that 🙂

          • dwd

            I think you have completely missed the point here. Nikon is who gets to decide what they sell and support as professional cameras. While we all may have different opinions and expectations that must be met to personally consider something professional, the fact is that Nikon regards the D300s as a professional body. It’s not a thing of opinion at all.

      • VecchioMugnaioBianco

        You’re damn right.
        I also think that D700 is the real D300(S) replacer.Do you think it’s a pure casuality that D700 and D300(S) has both MB-D10 batterygrip?Take a look, D80 and D90 shares both MB-D80, in fact D90 is D80 replacer.D7XXX series are a cheaper hybrid between D90 and D300(S).

      • VecchioMugnaioBianco

        I’m also sick about these 18-XX plastic shit!DX high end lenses are only two: 17-55 f/2,8 and 12-24 f/4; what about one or two more?My 8 years old 18-70 owns every other plastic DX midrange zoom.Yes!i’m including also “mr dark-vignetting” 16-85 VR.

  • nukunukoo

    So no D4x nor D400… Nikon chose to fight in the overcowded entry-level/mirrorless market. Superb planning! /sarcasm

    • David Peterson

      The reason why their D3200 needs a refresh (even if minor) is because it is a highly competitive market at the entry level!

      Canon has been playing this game for aaaageessss with their T2i/T3i/etc…. each time only giving them the tiniest of upgrades, but keeping it “fresh and new” for their marketing to new buyers.

  • Andrew71

    I may get the D3300, depends on its sensor performance. I came to the
    conclusion that the D3200 was not that good. Just soft at a pixel
    level and getting a little too noisy even at ISO 400. Its 24mp sensor was quite noticeably behind the D5200 and D7100.

    D3300 will get wifi, I think you can bank on it. Other than that and the new kit lens its hard to say.

    – expeed 4
    – 1080 60fps video?
    – built in GPS?
    – the slightly improved pentamirror from the D5300?
    – touchscreen?
    – which 24 mp sensor does it get?
    – no AA filter?
    – how many colors will it come in?
    – might be a hair smaller than Canon SL1 for bragging rights
    – please offer a body only option

    What I’d like from Nikon is the ability for at least brief bursts of 1080 video at 120 fps, but that’s a pipe dream at this point.

    • David Peterson

      Hopefully the Toshiba sensor! It has done so well in the D5200 and D7100.

      WiFi sounds so very likely indeed, it is becoming very common in that market segment. Touchscreen is also likely with many of its entry level competitors getting it (especially mirrorless cameras).

      1080 60fps or even 120fps would be truly lovely! But I’m afraid probably dreaming for this model to get it :-/

  • Marc W.

    Ok, let me setup most comments I read on NR *ahem*:

    I can’t believe they are going to release ________. We ALL are waiting for ________ and if Nikon doesn’t release those in January I’m selling all my Nikon gear for _________.

    • Christobella


      • Morris


    • Carlos Loff

      Totally Agree and my choice will be the only D400 so far and cheaper – Pentax K-3

    • Sundra Tanakoh

      Post of the year!

    • stoooopid

      yup, thanks mr obvious. This is a rumor site. Almost everyone who comes here wants some specific release, or is interested in some specific line of Nikon product… If they did not, they probably not come here. Now as far as “if Nikon doesn’t release _____ I will switch my gear for ______” – well, good luck finding a more complete line of gear than Nikon.

      • mikeswitz

        I think you missed the point Marc W. was trying to make. Maybe santa will bring you a new sense of humor next year.

        • stoooopid

          Santa didn’t bring me anything. And my humor sensor works pretty good. Just because someone elses lame joke wasn’t funny doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humor.

          • mikeswitz

            But it does mean you missed the point;=/

            • stoooopid

              Because I didn’t find someone’s joke funny means I missed the point? It seems to me he was just bitching that – yes, of course, there will be people who always have the same ax to grind (no D400, no updated xxxmm f/x lens…..), will always threaten to sell of there gear and go buy brand X. So what – welcome the world. Still not funny. And I still understand exactly what he is saying.

  • stoooopid

    Does the D3200 really need updating that badly? In the mean time Nikon has serious holes in its DX lens lineup. And it would not hurt to have something a little nicer and higher grade than the crappy super zooms. I know they may not totally suck optically, but I would like something a little tougher that inspires confidence when I think it might get a little bit of harsh treatment. And no, I don’t want to buy a FF lens and stick it on my aps-c camera. Sure the 24-85 is a good lens, but not wide enough to justify that kind of cash for a general purpose zoom. The old 17-55 is good, but – old and too expensive for what it is (I can buy an A77 and 16-50 f/2.8 kit for less than the 17-55 f/2.8 from Nikon!). Come on Nikon release some DX lenses that make sense and are good quality. Not another boring kit lens please!

  • Radek

    IMHO releasing D3300 at this time makes no sense. First, get rid of all old(er) models.

    I suspect camera stores are at fault here as well; they overbought previous models and they are not going to sell them at loss … well, eventually they will.

    What bugs me most that Nikon is spitting out camera models which they have boat-loads in wild, but one can hardly buy D300s … and its replacement.

    Nikon should force to sell out all older models and discontinue them … their current line up is ridiculous.


    • KnightPhoto

      D3300 and D5300 are the two most important cameras is the lineup. Yes it makes total sense to update these on a frequent basis. And the bubble has burst, the D3000, 3100, 5100, and 7000 are effectively gone from the marketplace already. Sure you can find the latter three if you look hard but not at most retailers.

      And a collapsible 18-55VR is super important too, to stave off the mirrorless and compact SLR competition.

      Top marks for the CEO on this 😉

      • David Peterson

        Agreed KnightPhoto! Top marks indeed in this instance.

        Still would be nice to see a D400 though 😛

        • KnightPhoto

          I may be one of the few that wants a D400 with U1/U2. And XQD cards too of course.

          D400 with 1080p/60 would be great too and I guess is a given, so no complaints there from me! I wonder how soon in the year it will come?

          Also, why do you prefer the Toshiba over the Sony sensor?

          • David Peterson

            D7000/D7100 have U1/U2.

            Have you read the reviews of the D5200 on sites like (D5200 has the same sensor as the D7100 and D5300 too) The D5200 is a monster of a video camera! Matching up to the likes of cameras such as the Canon 5DmkIII.


            • KnightPhoto

              Thanks David, read those and the D5200 review – very interesting:

              “This sensor somehow manages to give very good low light performance at the same time as an extremely hefty 24 megapixel resolution.

              The D5200 is particularly welcome for budget shooters, since Canon have stagnated, offering up the same image quality year on year – for 3 years – with their Rebel line.

              Now it is pay back time because the best selling DSLRs for video – the 7D, 60D and 650D – are firmly out-performed by the Nikon D5200.

              More of a surprise is that the Nikon D5200 really does present a problem for the Panasonic GH3. The more expensive $1299 mirrorless camera has a lot of extra plus points which I’ll come to in the full review of that camera soon, but in terms of image quality both the video and stills on the D5200 are arguably better.”


              Will be very interesting to see what EXPEED4 and the D5300 can do…

      • broxibear

        Hi KnightPhoto,
        I understand some of the things regarding older models Radek is saying. Here in the UK the major stockist are still selling the D3100, D5100, D5200, D7000 even the D90. The fact that they’re similarly priced adds to the confusion for those thinking of buying these cameras. They’re not enthusiasts or working photographers, they’re people who are probably buying their first dslr after using compacts.
        Personally I think there are far too many models, not only in the Nikon line up, but most others too.

        • KnightPhoto

          Yup I realize this is a common topic so I search at least once a month by monitoring big online Canadian retailers. In the last three months D5100 and D7000 WERE available and no longer are here. A few D3100 can be found but not commonly. The Canadian market appears to have balanced out to straight D3200, D5200, D5300, and D7100. Yes there was a bubble but it seems to be coming to an end.

          I think the US market is a little distorted by their sales tax situation, so everyone buys from one of about 3-4 top online retailers there, So I don’t think using B&H photo is a good model for the global situation as they have a “special” relationship with Nikon USA and who knows what mouldy old stuff Nikon is using to dump into B&H (e.g. D90s etc.).

          I don’t know your British marketplace but it behaves quite differently due to initial gouging followed by dramatic price drops over time.

          If I look in our local flyers it is solely the new stuff, save the D5200 which is quite a bargain right now at $629 with kit lens and 24mp/51-point AF!

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