Weekly Nikon news flash #244

→B&H is selling refurbished Nikon D800 cameras for $2,399.95

Exclusive NikonRumors deal: Refurbished Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G lens for $809.95 (reg. $1,296.95). You must use coupon code: NR12231301 and this link to make your purchase. This offer is valid till December 30th.

Nikon-D7100-with-Nikon-WR-1 Nikon-WR1
→ The Nikon WR-1 wireless remote control transceiver ($549.95) is postponed till April 2014. The WR-1 was announced in February with the D7100. Update: the WR-1 is actually available in Germany and in the UK.

→ The current Nikon rebates are expiring on December 28th.

→ The current Tamron rebates are expiring on December 31st.
Nikon-Coopix-P530-camera-topNikon-Coopix-P530-camera-back Nikon-Coopix-P530-camera-patent Nikon-Coopix-P530-camera-front
→ This Nikon design patent could be for the upcoming Nikon Coolpix P530 camera.

Bower 14mm f:2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Manual Focus Lens
→ The Bower 14mm f/2.8 lens for Nikon is now $30 off.

→ Nikon responsibility: new Nikon scholarship program in Thailand and support activities in areas affected by disasters.

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  • Garth Muller

    now it’s even more difficult to decide between the nikon 24-120 f/4 and the sigma 24-105 f/4. as of now the nikon is $90 cheaper than the sigma (the sigma is selling for $900 at B&H). but i guess for many it comes down to image quality.

    • Spy Black

      Refurb Nikkor versus new Sigma. Good question. Bottom line is which one does have the better IQ?

      • There’s some other stuff to consider: AF speed/accuracy, durability, resale value, size, weight, reach. Given Sigma’s recent “Art” lens offerings, I suspect you’re right on basic IQ though.

      • AM

        Just pray that Nikon doesn’t screw your Sigma with the next FW update.

        • Spy Black

          Who says you have to update?

          • AM

            However, how will somebody add support for future Nikkors and speedlights without updating FW? Many scenarios to think about that would make somebody want to update FW, aren’t they?

            • Spy Black

              Yeah, but you can wait them out while the dust settles.

      • King of Swaziland

        According to SLR Gear, the Nikkor is sharper than the Sigma, but the Sigma controls CA better (the Sigma is sharper than the Canon, though).

    • I’d go for the Nikkor. It has a measure of weather sealing (rubber gasket around mount), nano coating works wonders (really good flare resistance, superb colour reproduction and contrast). Wide open it’s good at the wide end and at the longest end (105-120), and it’s tack sharp stopped down to F/5.6 across the focal range in the centre (fairly big sweet spot extending to the dx corners). Won’t break with the next firmware update from Nikon.

  • Paul

    The price on the wireless remote control transceiver is outrageous. I can buy a whole computer for $550.

    • Spy Black

      Or a lot of beer…

    • Marcel Speta

      yeah, the price is insane.

      The question is if such sophisticated device is really needed. I just purchased the Pixel King Pro for controlling flashes and with some special cable (10$) it can work as remote release up to 1000m (!)
      So i spent cca $550 for set of transciever and 4 receivers! 🙂

      • rt-photography

        you ever have the need for the camera to fire from 1000 meters away?

        best deal in town, HANDS DOWN is the 622n. nothing better. pixel kings are WAY overpriced and
        pocket wizards are WAY WAY overpriced. no need to pay for ttl off camera flash anymore.

        not sure about the rest, but the 622n have focus assist beams.

        • Marcel Speta

          No, i don’t need 1000m , but since this device works on 1000m then i am sure it will work perfectly in the forest on 100m which I need as long as wildlife is my hobby 🙂
          Is not uncommon to put flashes closer to the nest and taking pictures from 20 or more meters. This is the reason i purchased Pixel King Pro which is one of the best in my eyes in terms of quality and reliability. Price is not priority number one in this case.

          • rt-photography

            Im happy youre enjoying your PKP slaves.
            just curious, doesnt the shutter clicking scare the critters away?

            • Marcel Speta

              shutter is not the case as i am let say 20m away, but flashes. Some animals ignore it some doesn’t like at all and they react really very fast, so i am forced to NOT use synch on second curtain! That time they are on movement already. This is mostly valid for birds. What is curious that some doesn’t react so sensitively 😉

        • Kynikos

          My restraining order keeps me 800m away, so it’s useful.

        • Jon McGuffin

          I can second the opinion of the 622n set being pretty awesome. Just picked up 4 transceivers and 2 YN-568EX flashes and loving the system together.

        • Olaf Hoyer

          With YN622N a buddy and me experienced several issues, and we are short of selling them… Setup: D7000 for both of us, some Metz Flashes und YN468- we have had lots of lockups during communication between the transceivers themselves, and if on a Metz 54MZ the wideangle screen is flipped up, the zoom is therefore blocked in maximum wide position- if then the lens is zoomed, the transceiver waits for confirmation from the flash (that never can come…) and locks up.
          (Just noticed that also with some SB800 there are some timing issues)
          Yes, the focus assist beam is very nice and very strong.

          (Note aside: If you don’t use iTTL on the YN622N, they can work well- I ended one day shooting an event with handheld off-camera-flash with a lightsphere on a Metz 54MZ4i using simple manual triggering on the YN622Ns and the flash itself on automatic mode, using the buildin photocell to measure exposure. Worked exceptionally well.)

          The Yn622C are reported to work ok, but as iTTL is way younger than ETTL, there are some missing years to reverse engineer all things and caveats…

          • rt-photography

            I do not like metz flashes. they are not relevant in todays world. I have the 58 af2 and its garbage. it just sits at home collecting dust. I have to sell it asap. its just money sitting..

            sb800 cant work as a master, but works ok as a slave. youre right,they are too slow from what I read. the delay after you press the shutter is very long.

      • MB

        What 1000m?
        Range (line of sight) from a WR-1 to another WR-1 is approx. 394 ft.
        Or approximately 120m … as any of 10 time cheaper 2.4GHz device on the market that can also be used for flashes …

        • Marcel Speta

          i was talking about Pixel King Pro not WR-1 …
          as mentioned i don’t need 1000m but reliable 100m in the forest … and Pixel King is working in such environment, that’s important for me….

          • MB

            I see, and I was talking (maybe not so clearly :)) about WR-1 and how much more expensive it is than for example Pixel King and at the same time it is working at only about 100m …

            • Marcel Speta

              OK 🙂
              WR is probably more sophisticated device, but in fact who needs that?
              I purchased primarily PKP as flash remote control into forest for wildlife as Nikon CLS is very unreliable outside. The bonus from Pixel is that this may work as remote shutter if special cable used. So i am affraid in this case chinesse rulez.

    • waterengineer

      The wireless remote control transceiver is a computer. A proprietary computer.

      • Jack S

        Indeed it is a VERY proprietary computer. To the point that it’s not a very programmable one. Oh wait, aren’t good computers supposed to be programmable? I guess it’s just an overpriced remote control then.

        • waterengineer

          Exactly what is it you want to program? What is your point? You just don’t like its price.

          • Maji

            Everyone, including myself, wants all the goodies for free and if not free, then very cheap. I don’t care how much a company spends for R&D and production, I just want it for free or cheap. Otherwise, I am going to bitch on all the forums. As for knock-offs, their cost of R&D is much lower, as they are copying or reverse engineering and sometimes even using stolen plans, and hence can sell for a much lower price point. As for stolen plans, I have personal experience where plans developed by a company I worked for was leaked out of an out of USA manufacturing plant.

          • Jack S

            What does it matter what I (or anyone) want to program with it? If it is a computer then it should be programmable. My point is that it is just a dumb remote control.

        • John Baxter Photography

          My house costs more than a computer. And is not programmable. WTF?

          Piece of shit

    • Aldo

      maybe it makes people better photographers

    • Marcel Speta

      i just discovered that cable is not included and cost about 80$ !

  • Spy Black

    I wish that 14mm was chipped.

    • Smudger

      Not my cup of tea, but it’s so cheap I wouldn’t be worrying about the lack of a chip. Chipped/non chipped doesn’t make huge difference in most instances.

      • rt-photography

        chip makes a huge difference for convenience and speed. I bought the rokinon chipped 8mm fisheye. better than shooting and reshooting for proper exposure. I can shoot with one hand when I need to really quickly (for weddings)and adjust the dials as I need on the fly

        • waterengineer


        • I bought what was advertised and priced as the non-chipped version of this lens (branded as Samyang), but got the chipped version instead, and I agree, the chip makes a huge difference for convenience and ease of use. Well worth spending a few extra bucks on that chip.

      • Spy Black

        I know it’s not critical, but I forget to set my non-cpu settings sometimes when I switch optics, so exif is wrong.

    • MyrddinWilt

      I can chip it for you!

      Well most times they get chipped but some get cracked. Depends how they land I guess.

    • Arne

      The original Samyang 14mm is chipped, I own it.

  • DistrictGopher

    Hey Admin – if I buy the 24-120 do I just pick the saver shipping as the option? It doesn’t give me a “free overnight” option but I’d like to have the lens for New Years Eve.

    • I contacted them – not sure when they will fix it.

      • DistrictGopher

        Thanks! I’ll probably buy it anyway as I’ve had my eye something like this and it’s a good price.

  • Jon McGuffin

    Update: The 24-120 F4 VR via Adorama + the Coupon Code does *NOT* include Free Overnight Shipping. After playing online and also calling Adorama, the minute you apply the code (which does work) the system starts to charge shipping & handling again.

    • DistrictGopher

      Boo. I have money to burn and I want a good walk around lens for New Years festivities.

    • I guess something broke – it was working before. I will update the post.

      • Jon McGuffin

        A good deal nonetheless. I went ahead and placed the order, paid $9.95 for regular ground shipping. The guy on the phone said that the reason there was no overnight shipping was because the coupon code discount.

        • I talked to Adorama – if you email me your order, I will send it to Adorama and they will upgrade the shipping.

          • Jon McGuffin

            Oh wow, top notch service from NR!! lol Here is my order# A2013122712322183494. I’ll email it to you as well. 😉

          • Alfred Wong

            Hi Admin
            My order number A2013123112465729047
            Please help me to upgrade the shipping. Thanks

            • The offer expired yesterday, but I will forward your email to Adorama.

            • Alfred Wong

              Hi Admin, thanks. I able to get the 809USD price 🙂 on 31st

            • I cannot guarantee you the shipping deal – I forwarded it to Adorama.

            • Alfred Wong

              That would be good 🙂
              Happy New Year 🙂

            • Alfred Wong

              Adorama got it upgraded 🙂

            • You are welcome 🙂

  • broxibear
  • Ke

    I just ordered the 24-120mm using the coupon code. Thank you NR admin person!

  • Mansgame

    Can the Nikon refurbs be trusted or are they the D800’s with the left focus problem and/or green screen problem just repackaged?

  • Nikon guest

    How long is this coupon code good for?

    • Nikon guest

      For the 24-120 lens.

    • I think the coupon expires on the 30th.

  • photoroto

    Years ago bought a refurb D2X from Cameta. Looked like new and worked great up to 42,000 activations, then the very expensive mechanical assembly that stops down the lens went south and stayed there. The tech mentioned “extremely high wear” so maybe my refurb saw some serious workouts before I got it. Or maybe Mr. Refurb was having a bad day. Or maybe 42,000 is the new 200,000. No more retreads for me, that’s for sure.

  • DevilDuc

    Really good deal 🙂 Thanks NR! Placed order with standard free shipping 🙁 No option for free overnight. Help?

  • Ke

    I got an email from Adorama this morning informing me that my order for the 24-120mm lens has been upgraded to overnight shipping.

    NR admin person, thank you for bringing this terrific deal to us. You helped me save a bunch of money. I also want to thank you for helping us get upgraded to overnight shipping.

    • Yes, I forwarded all order numbers that I received to Adorama and the shipping will be upgraded.

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