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A new Coolpix S3500 camera was announced in Europe.


Nikon also announced a new WR-1 wireless remote controller for the D7100:

Nikon-WR-1-Wireless-Remote-Controller"The D7100 supports the WR-1, a highly functional transceiver that enables verification and adjustment of settings, as well as control over remote shooting. The WR-1 uses radio waves and supports 15 channels for communication over a maximum range of 120 m between multiple WR-1s. Not only can one WR-1 be configured as a transmitter and a second as a receiver to control operation of one remote camera, but multiple WR-1s can be configured as receivers for remote control over multiple cameras. A number of remote shooting options are available, including simultaneous release and synchronized release, as well as interval timer shooting and division of multiple cameras into groups for separate control over each group. Remote control is also possible using the WR-R10/WR-T10 combination."

Press release:


Superior Clarity and Nimble Precision: The DX-Format Nikon D7100 Embraces The Advanced Enthusiast With Intuitive Engineering

Nikon’s DX-format Flagship Provides Agility, Amazing Image Quality and Wireless Connectivity

Melville, NY (February 20, 2013) – Nikon Inc. today announced the D7100, the HD-SLR that ushers in a new era of DX-format image quality and functionality for the experienced shooter and photo enthusiast. The lightweight Nikon D7100 has an impressive array of intuitive features and controls bolstered by rapid performance and a robust feature set that includes a new 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, Nikon's 51-point AF system and wireless connectivity.

"Solidifying Nikon's ongoing commitment to the DX-format D-SLR customer, the innovative D7100 provides new ways for photographers to capture their creative vision with incredible detail and precision, whether through still images or HD videos," said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. "The D7100 blends the best creative features with advanced-level functionality to give the enthusiast exactly what they want and that's a great shooting experience before, during and after capture, from shooting to sharing."

Engineered for Exceptional Image Quality
At the core of the Nikon D7100 is a new 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor, designed to render the truest, most detail-rich images possible and brilliant HD video. The innovative sensor design delivers the ultimate in image quality by defying convention; because of the high resolution and advanced technologies, the optical low pass filter (OLPF) is no longer used. Using NIKKOR lenses, the resulting images explode with more clarity and detail to take full advantage of the 24.1-megapixel resolution achieved with D7100's DX-format CMOS sensor.

Driven by Nikon's exclusive EXPEED 3 image processing engine, the D7100 realizes a focus on image quality that extends beyond staggering sharpness to outstanding images with a wide dynamic range in a variety of lighting conditions. A wide ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to Hi-2 of 25,600) allows for more versatile shooting to capture challenging conditions such as nature at twilight or even sports under less-than-ideal lighting. Even at higher ISOs, noise is minimized for both still images as well as when recording HD video.

Performance and Features Geared for the Advanced User
The Nikon D7100 is designed for the experienced shooter ready to take their photography to the next level, who demands a camera that conveys reliability and performance, and who is eager to embrace the next photographic challenge. These features include:

New 51-Point AF System - The D7100 features Nikon's professionally proven and lightning-fast 51-point AF system, with a new Multi-CAM 3500DX AF module. Additionally, the AF system and exposure are augmented with Nikon's 3D Color Matrix Metering II 2,016 pixel RGB sensor and Scene Recognition System, which recognizes the scene prior to shooting in order to adjust AF, AE, AWB and other parameters. The results of this system are accurate and even exposures, sharp details and vivid color, frame after frame. For additional precision, 15 of the 51 AF points are cross-type, and the center point is functional at f/8, giving DX photographers an additional telephoto advantage when using a teleconverter.

Nikon D7100 double SD card slot

Rapid Response and Operation - To help ensure the decisive shot is not missed, the D7100 can shoot at up to six frames per second (fps) at full resolution and up to seven fps when using the new 1.3x crop mode at slightly reduced resolution. Overall operation and image processing is swift, while startup and shutter lag is nearly imperceptible with a release time lag of 0.052 s* (CIPA). Image data is also written to dual SD card slots, which accept the latest high-speed UHS-1 and SDXC cards.

1.3x Crop Mode - Sports photographers take note: Building upon the telephoto benefits of the DX-format, the D7100 has the unique ability to shoot in a 1.3x DX crop mode for both stills and HD video. While in this innovative mode, shooters will gain an extra telephoto boost (2X), and a boost in burst speed to seven fps, with 15.4- megapixel resolution. Additionally, while in this mode, the 51-point AF array covers more of the frame, allowing improved subject acquisition and tracking performance through the viewfinder.

New High Resolution LCD - The new, wide and bright LCD screen is 3.2-inches and features a super high resolution of 1,229K dots. Now photographers can easily compose and check critical focus for HD video.

New Viewfinder - Nikon has implemented a bright and high-contrast new OLED data display within the optical viewfinder that makes it easier to read and see shooting data. When composing through the viewfinder, users see 100% frame coverage, essential for proper framing.

Spot White Balance - A new feature for Nikon cameras, Spot White Balance allows for quick and precise white balance adjustment while shooting in live view. By selecting a desired point on the screen, users can set a custom white balance from a distance, even while using a super-telephoto lens. This is helpful for shooting video or when shooting under unfamiliar lighting when no gray card is available.

Durable Construction - Built to perform in a wide variety of conditions, the D7100 is built to the same moisture and dust resistance specifications of the venerable Nikon D300S. For durability, the top and rear covers are constructed of magnesium alloy, while internally, the shutter has been tested to withstand 150,000 cycles. Despite its robust construction, the camera remains lightweight, weighing in at approximately 1.5 pounds (body).

Enhanced Interface - To make it easier for users to quickly access frequently used functions, the "i" button has been added to the enthusiast-oriented control layout on the camera.

Nikon D7100 DSLR camera

Sharing and Remote Shooting Simplified
Photographers know that moment when the shutter clicks and they have created something stunning which deserves to be shared. No matter where that moment occurs, whether in an urban landscape or isolated forest, they can now share their images wirelessly by an attached WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter.1 With this optional adapter the user has the ability to share images to a supported smartphone or tablet, shoot remotely from their device, and transfer photos from up to 49 feet away. The Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility application is available free of charge on Google Play™ for Android™ devices or from the App Store™. When using the application, photographers can wirelessly transfer images from the camera to a mobile device and even remotely control the camera.

Capture Exceptional HD Video
For those looking to create multimedia content, the Nikon D7100 has a wide variety of innovative features for capturing HD video at various frame rates. With a press of the dedicated video record button, video can be recorded at 1080/30p, or at 60i/50i (in 1.3x Crop Mode) for optimal playback on many HDTV's when connected via HDMI. The D7100 also provides the ability to record stereo sound through the internal microphone, or attach an optional external microphone such as Nikon's ME-1, through the dedicated microphone terminal. To reference audio, the camera also features a headphone terminal. Users can also get creative using Nikon's Creative Effects in real time. This feature lets users take advantage of modes like Selective Color or Color Sketch to create truly customized movies.

Full Control, Creatively
In addition to full manual controls, the Nikon D7100 features a variety of intelligent modes to create effects and special features so that users can unleash their creativity. Nikon's Picture Controls can be applied to photo and video to change the color, tone and saturation of an image for creative control. When capturing still images, the same Creative Effects modes and filters available in video are also at the disposal of the user. By combining consecutive frames, the D7100 also has a high dynamic range (HDR) function to let users capture photos with a vast tonal range.

NIKKOR, Speedlight and System Compatibility
For 80 years, the NIKKOR legacy has been providing world renowned optics for photographers. The D7100 is compatible with Nikon's dedicated DX-format lenses and more than 50 FX-format lenses. NIKKOR lenses offer the ultimate in sharpness and clarity in photos and HD video. For added versatility, the camera features a built-in flash, or can act as a commander in Nikon's popular Creative Lighting System (CLS).

WR-1 Transceiver
In addition to the D7100, Nikon also announced the WR-1 Transceiver for Nikon D-SLR cameras. This device uses 2.4 GHz radio frequency for maximum range when communicating with the camera, extending the range and functionality2 for remote shooting applications. The communication range between WR-1 units is approximately 394 feet3, and 15 channels are available. Users also have the ability to remotely control a camera (with a WR-1 used as a receiver) attached by operation of another WR-1 (used as a transmitter), and also perform simultaneous or synchronized release of shutters on several cameras using the WR-14. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of options for remote shooting, which include dividing remote cameras into groups and controlling each group separately and interval timer photography. Remote shooting by combining the WR-1 with WR-R10/WRT10 wireless remotes is also possible5.

Price and Availability The Nikon D7100 will be available starting in March 2013 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $1599.95* with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens or $1199.95 for the body only configuration. Additionally, the new MB-D15 battery grip and the WR-1 transceiver will also be available in March 2013, and pricing for these products is not yet announced. The WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter is currently available and has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $59.95.

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  • Alwyn Smit

    What issues will there be on this again? Dust, oil, plastic particles on the sensor. Metering and focus issues. And the lack of a full magnesium alloy body is not a D300s comparative build (just thought I’d mention that). It doesn’t lack anything that I would be wanting, but I’m not giving Nikon any more of my money until they jack up their QC

    • NRA Advocate

      The camera is weather-sealed to the same standard as that found in the D800 model, according to Nikon.

      Which is to say, very well indeed.

      Add to that the exact same 51 point autofocus system being used in the D4 — honestly, it could be made out of titanium, have a 10fps shooting rate, and people here would still whine about it being somehow “lacking” because it doesn’t have the designation, D400.

      Yes, Canon’s 7D will allegedly offer a faster frame rate and a 61 point autofocus system, but on the opposite side of the fence, Nikon’s CLS system blows Canon’s into the crapper…and Canon STILL don’t have an RGB metering system.

      • Alwyn Smit

        Read my post again and you will see that I specifically said that it doesn’t lack anything I would be wanting, so no dude I could care less about the pie in the sky D400. Also, I was referring to the magnesium alloy body, not the weather sealing.

  • Jake

    Color me surprised. I actually didn’t expect this. To be totally honest, I don’t think it exactly makes sense in Nikon’s product line at this price/feature point. But I’m not a market analyst. And it is getting me tempted to sell my D7000… (51 point AF mmmmmmmm)

  • Arvid Tue Hansen

    No real update in my opinion. Where is 1080/60p og even 4k ??. Where is wifi connectivity/remote. The updates on cameraes are just to small now. Why bother upgrade 16-24 mp is not enough.

    Nikon. Please think outside the box and give me something new

  • TerraPhoto

    Moose Peterson is in love with this camera (he spent two weeks with it shooting for the release):

  • What’s up with that horrible, monstrous “wireless” doohickey? I can control my 6D wirelessly out of the box with my iPhone. The thing attached to the Nikon looks like a hand held video game from the 90’s…

  • Hendog

    Finally a higher resolution screen! 😀 This is great for video shooters and quicker focus checking. The D7100 looks great. Although I think the D300s replacement hopefuls will need to consider this camera or make the jump to full frame.

  • umeshrw

    Right till almost launch and no solid data. This actually proves that NR is independent and not fed any data by nikon itself.

  • Syl20

    Argh… No flip LCD screen…

    • Zelf

      so you wont broke it accidentally…;)

  • For the Love of RAW

    NIKON D7100 DX / D600 FX with 24MP 🙁
    I DON’T need any higher MEGApixel! We shoot lots of photos everyday and we need to keep the file size down!

    D80: 10MP RAW is already 11MB but I really like the size I had to work with,

    D7000@16MP RAW is 24MB that’s 240% increase in storage size,

    D800@36MP RAW file size of 75MB/photo,

    Aren’t you an Electrical Engineer who is designing these DX/FX sensor? Just work on the LOW LIGHT performance and the FRAME RATE while keeping the quantity of pixels to just 12MP.

    Or just stop at 24MP already! I WON’T SHOOT JPEG!

    • Zelf

      What you describe is the d4 :).
      There is still a little chance that they replace the d700 by a cheaper version of the d4.

    • anon

      why??.. when the d80 came out hard drives were probably like 250MB as the norm. now they are 2-3TB. Whats the problem? As long as processing speed and read/write times improve along the way, file size vs storage capacities will always be relative.

      Furthermore, most people shooting digital nowadays shoot and keep waaaay too many photos…. ones that will never get processed or used in any way. myself included.

  • Jonas from Sweden

    I will not be surprised if this is the top DX camera Nikon will release till they replace it with D7200.
    I don’t think Nikon will release a D400 DX. If there will be a D400 it will be a entry consumer FX with lower spec. than the D600 … (Dxxx is for FX and Dxxxx is for DX) …
    They might release a FX with D800-like body, but D4 sensor and D4 like frame rate … That will be a true D700 successor.

    My guess.
    I like my D800! And will keep my D700 a long time still.

    • Zelf

      yep makes more sense to have the d700 successor than the d400.
      It’s now the only one hole in nikon products.

  • Philx1979

    to me it looks like nikon has fallen short yet again, canon has the canon 7d mk2 coming and the rumoured specs will blow this 7100 right out the water!!

    • Zelf

      yes but AF is nowhere close to this one (both on paper)

      • Philx1979

        canon are rumoured to have 61 af points in 7d mk2 just saying! plus that af out of the 7100 is the d300s af element, 4 years old!

        • bernard

          Wow. Ten more AF points!!! Now there’s a big deal.

    • danpe

      Shouldn’t this be compared to the upcoming 70D in the same price range?

  • Philx1979

    and i`m a nikon user, i shall be sticking with the d300s

    • RondoX

      I think a lot of us are right there with you Phil.

      It seems Nikon expects to get all D90/D7000/D300 users with this ONE camera. That’s just pure greed…

  • Joe

    Can I programm the AE-L button to be AF-On? That would be my only concern with this camera if you want something “Pro”.

    • Zelf

      you could on the d90….I don’t see why you couldn’t with this one.

      • Joe

        I’m not sure. I *thought* that on the D600 this is only possible with the FN-button on camera front, which would be an inferior solution.

    • I checked this on the the D7000 and you can.

    • I checked this on the the D7000 and you can.

  • Ghoma

    D400 is coming guys. Just look at the awful buffer of this new camera. Worse than D7000!

  • Jack

    Hopefully it will not have dust on the sensor or/and ugly green/yellow cast on it LCD

    • anon

      shoot a gray card and the LCD color doesn’t mean jack. Color calibrate your monitor(s) and the LCD doesn’t mean jack… That whole problem was blown way out proportion.. Yeah, maybe that happened to some cameras; and yeah, maybe it sucks; but the LCD isn’t meant to analyze every detail of the image. it’s there to check for focus and to some extent exposure.

      I have nothing to say about dust on sensor, that hasn’t affected me.

  • Marcel

    I am totally missing AF-ON button!
    D800 has low fps, so still only D4 is the camera I could use. I am so pissed off about Nikon production last couple of years.

    • Zelf

      you might be able to use the AEAF-l button as AF-ON. I take it you shoot action so you wont really need to ae-l.

    • Philx1979

      i agree, recent nikons have been dismal, i wouldnt have wasted money building this camera

      • crusty


      • anon

        Just because it’s not what you want doesn’t mean that it’s not great for many. I love the d800. i don’t shoot sports so frame rate isn’t that important to me. There will always be trade offs. you want super speed, mpx have to be down and you have to spend more for the intense body. you want high mpx, speed has to be down. If you want to spend less money, well then that’s what you’ll get.. less..

        I mean, what do you people want? 100mpx camera with 15fps and file compression allowing those files to somehow become 2 megabytes. Oh and make it cost $1000. no company can make 1 product that satisfies everyone’s needs/wants. That’s why there is more than one company that makes many types of the same product. Quit bitching about what they don’t make. I’m sure Joe McNally can still make an image with a d1x and a half decent lens and make sweet money from it. So just wait until the next model comes out, and worry more about taking pictures with what you have. while the newest products are nice to have… guess what.. no one needs the latest and greatest to make money.

  • Bastiaan Naber

    A little disapointed that there is no hybrid AF in the sensor. That would have been nice for AF in video. Now we are stuck with cappy contrast autofocus in video.

  • Tondu

    This will be my D600 backup…but this time, i’ll wait till the first problems are over 😉

  • crusty

    I am reborn!

  • MegaMo

    I can’t understand why people that still want the D400

    This is from DPreview:

    “According to Nikon, the D7100 offers the same level of weather-sealing as the D300S and D800. Note also that the D7100’s front plate is polycarbonate – top and rear plates are magnesium alloy.”

    I think people just want the number 400 and not 7100

    FX = D600 but not great body

    DX = D7100 whit better body

    2 years from now its “cheap” FX with body from d7100

    • Steve

      You obviously have never used a pro level dx body before. Let me give you a hint, it has more to do than just weather sealing. Do some research before looking like an idiot.

      • anon

        I haven’t used the D7000, but I own a D300 and a D800 and have extensively used a D90. the difference between the D300 and D90 is astronomical. the D300 just works and feels better than the D90. I have also played with the D600 for a short time. My findings between the D600 and D800 are the same as the D90 and D300, though not really quite as extreme. There is still a reason for a D400, but I’m not convinced we’ll see one. I’m 50/50 either way… won’t be surprised really no matter what Nikon decides.

  • PMD

    D7100 if full value for money ! 1.3x crop with 8f/sec is a cleaver
    idea even without buffer.Till now there is no info is a battery pack
    could increase frame rate !

    But there will be a D400 for sure.But
    may be that would be the last Pro Dx. If Canon 7D MII comes with 24MP,
    Dual DIGIC V & 10f/sec as rumored but at a Price of $2000+ , I
    guess Nikon D400 will under play a bit with MP ie, a New Sony 20MP Exmor
    APS HD CMOS sensor used in Sony Alpha SLT-A58 which could give better
    noise performance & 10f/sec with good buffer.Additional battery grip
    could boost the speed to 12framed/sec. Nikon might include a Hybrid AF
    system. Most people would neglect that extra 4Mp difference of 7DII
    for a far better IQ & noise performance ! And price would remain as
    D300s. May be CLS can control 3 groups from pop up as commander.

    And I guess 16-84 f/4 DX lens too will be there alongside D400.

    If there is a 7DMII , there should be a Killer from Nikon right ? 🙂

    But in future , i believe all technologies & efforts will be put on

    Mirror less DX. I wish Nikon just put a New 20MP Exmor APS HD CMOS
    sensor on coolpix P7700 body with an excellent hybrid AF system like V1
    🙂 Thus making it the 1st mirror less camera with true continuous AF in video too 🙂
    Two Optional lens Adapters – 1 for Dx/Fx lenses supporting full function
    & another for Nikon 1 users ( camera should provide a Nikon 1 crop
    mode ).. So every one is happy :)))

  • Finally!! exposure bracketing = 2 to 5 frames instead of just 3 frames, it only took 5 years

  • RakSiam

    So what happened to that DX mirrorless announcement we were supposed to be getting?

  • Martin

    As a D600 owner, I’m not sure how to feel about this camera. The price point is pretty darn good. I’m wondering how the image quality will stack up against the D600. I’m also very intrigued by the OLED OVF. That in itself sounds very interesting. Nikon may be taking something from Fuji here. On paper, the D7100 promises to be a pretty good sports camera. Surely there must be a reason why Nikon hasn’t done anything about the buffer. Their decision must be based on feedback they’ve received from the pros who work with them.

    Now where the hell is the D7200?

  • DonD

    you have to learn to think like a marketeer. It is the DX flagship today… until the D400 comes out, then that will be the flagship.

  • dial11

    FFS Nikon. Only 5 frames exposure bracketing on a “flagship” DX body and no dedicated AF-ON button? Seriously… HDR mode? I guess that’s supposed to make up for the lack of bracketed frames *gag*. It should’ve been 2 to 9 frames like on the D300s. Guess I’ll wait for the D800s if that ever gets made…

    C’mon give me a 16-24mp D800s, 2-9 AEB, AF-ON button, pop-up flash for commander and fill, 1/8000s max shutter speed, 1/250s flash sync speed, 6+ fps and you’ve got a sale.

    Enough with the disappointments.

  • Vin

    There is still deffinatly room for D400 in later summer or fall. Watching all the posts, this appears to be a wonderful camera. There will be another, it seems clear that Nikon will be trying to hit every price point and trend, class and market. Full sweep!

  • IdahoJim

    Way to go Nikon!

  • carlo

    guys, i read all i can find on this camera, i was one of them wishing for a D400 to come. stop waiting forever, we will lost our best shot otherwise. i’m just goin to get my new D7100 and i’m freakin hyped. great job you NR this time. props.

  • anon

    here is what i don’t get about this. I’m not really complaining, just curious because i’m not the slightest bit into video. What is the point of the stereo mics on the top of the viewfinder? The only way stereo is effective is if there is some sort of directional difference in the how the sound hits those mics. With them so close together and basically both facing the same direction, how does that really benefit. They’ll both here pretty much the same thing at the same levels. Think of having both ears on the same side of your head…

    Also regarding video and DSLRs. people griped for the longest time about no manual control during video… Doesn’t changing settings on a DSLR while recording look somewhat amateurish? I mean.. i would think video aperture is not based on stops. You’ll see brightness stepping rather than a smooth transition. Maybe i don’t know what i’m talking about.. i dont’ really claim too since like i said, i’m not into video…

  • Tommy

    What was the D300s buffer capacity?

  • ActionJunky

    Great camera, but can I get the WR-1 with a connection cable for a D800?

  • It DOES NOT have Pro controls like D300s had!
    It DOES NOT have the same buffer size that D300s had!
    It DOES NOT have better ISO performance!
    It DOES NOT have configurable Fn buttons like most of other brands have.
    It DOES NOT have new (user friendly!) camera menu.

    They say that “Nikon D7100 has a wide variety of innovative features for capturing HD”. 1080/30p, 60i/50i in 1.3x Crop Mode and no uncompressed HDMI output was “innovative” 5 years ago!

    Compare to Panasonic GH3:
    – better controls and EIGHT configurable Fn buttons.
    – 20-30 shots buffer size
    – better ISO performance
    – good camera menu
    – the best video on the market! it has the same quality as 12-20 000 dollars cameras

    And it costs 300 dollars less!!!!!!

    I was waiting long for your D300s successor and now I am moving to Panasonic (where all Nikon lenses work!)

    Sorry Nikon, but It is a total fuckup!

  • yaya who @ yahoo

    well – NOW FOR THE SIMILAR … ONLY WITH ONE ´0´ LESS, PLEASE / call it whatever you want, N, though bring on d700 successor – the sooner the less delayed you will be

  • j v

    The body I was waiting for! Weather sealed, pro-like AF, AF motor, …

    Just missing CF slot, but that is a minor gripe (you can run SD card in CF slot, but not the other way around), I’ll find a use for my CF cards – may be good practise to retire them on time.
    I secretly had hoped some more surprise features (4K video, built-in wifi, built-in portrait grip) or experimental features (hybrid viewfinder), but I can see why they don’t want to take risks.

    Interestingly, Nikon positions it as “consumer”, which effectively means there is no pro-DX at the moment. I’m not in the market for one, but I like to see how things evolve. What could be added to these specs to set a pro DX apart? Buffer, new AF, ISO performance (possibly with lower resolution).

    As a prosumer, this looks like it might be my last DX body: my D100 served me well and if this one also lasts 10 years… who knows what will be then?

  • Mike M

    Will Nikon make a D400? Who cares. I realized with the D600 super sale that I’m not using my camera to hammer in nails, and I LOVE the size and feel of that body (especially considering that it’s actually darn near the same size as my D300). The one feature I miss, one click 100% zoom on the directional pad. That’s literally it.

    I think Nikon’s going to take the fork in the road now of “if you’re a true working pro you’re standing closer, buy a D4” and if you’re a “serious amateur” you don’t need a camera that can machine gun for 20 seconds at 8-10 FPS or throw down a flight of stairs and still use. I have a preorder in for the D7100, I might have liked 1 or 2 more FPS, but the 2x crop @ 7 is pretty intriguing. Unless I have a serious change of heart or see a D400 starting to surface I think I’m sticking with it. Of course with the D600 already being a pretty good AF performer and 5.5 FPS I’m tempted to just skip it and rent a longer lens for air shows (the only thing that’s REALLY focal length limited for me).

  • Here’s one for the more technical reader:
    If you look at the Sports ISO rating on, you can see that the recent Nikon FX cameras have much higer marks than the DX models. Is this because the technology is newer, or is it because of some limitation in the DX format. Are we likely to see similar scores in new top-end DX designs?

  • whipley

    Does anyone know if one can change aperture in live view?

  • Thank u prevedovish for the comment i will look for the GH3 like u i gave up on nikon thank god the lens work on the GH3 it’s time to move on !!

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