Nikon D7100 available for pre-order *UPDATED*


I updated the Nikon D7100 for pre-order links with few more stores. Please scroll down for the latest blog posts.





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Nikon D7100 @ Amazon Germany:

Nikon D7100 @ Amazon UK:

Nikon D7100 @ Amazon France:

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  • SleeperSmith


    cos I don’t have to upgrade my D7k to this PIECE OF SHIT
    (S.I.X. frames buffer? GET. F.U.C.K.E.D.)

  • Vin

    It will be very interesting to see image comparison. We shall see other cameras, it should be tit for tat, with Canon now. “its on” bring on the 9 fps. I think Nikon and Canon are trying to hold the cards close to their belt.

  • Phonton

    Told you guys long ago there would be no D400 and finally most of you are coming to terms with it. But of course there are still a few die hard people out there who think Nikon owes them their perfect dream camera for $1500.

    Get real folks! That was what 5 years ago, when Pro DX made sense, but not any more. Times have changed. Think about it, was there ever a dream camera that had EVERYTHING you ever wanted at the price you could easily afford? No, so that’s nothing new. Nikon is in a business of making money, so they will only give you so much at a certain price point. If you want more you have to pay more. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it doesn’t it?!

    Anyway, D7100 is a great camera and you should all thank Nikon for it and let’s hope it doesn’t have the dust/oil problem or some other bug and then it’s happy days.

    I tried FX but went back to DX as this is just a hobby for me and DX SLR is actually a perfect format for this. If you’re pro go FX and stop whining. Otherwise accept DX is your thing. I don’t like D600 and cheap FX lenses. Then you have to invest a fortune in pro FX lenses, which a lot of us can’t really justify. I suggest renting a few to get it out of your system 😉

    On the other hand all these new formats (micro 4/3, 1″, mirrorless DX etc.) compromise too much in image quality for not that much convenience.

  • Allen_Wentz

    It is not personally my cup of tea, but IMO the new D7100 will hit the consumer DX market solidly and sell very well.

  • Starfires

    Very nice update, all in all, despite the buffer size disappointment to anyone looking for a D400 in it. The combination of the high-res sensor, Expeed 3 and high-level AF should be enough to ensure some outstanding captures. I do think I’ll be checking for issues before ordering… Nikon’s quality control hasn’t been all it should be these days.

  • smoq

    Nikon pissed me off again with this new camera. From specs it looks amazing and I now I know that D600 was stripped off functions just because it would cannibalize D800 sales. A DX pro-sumer camera (D7100) has better AF tracking system, faster shutter sync and can take 5 brackets instead of just 3 as in D600. With the price point announced, d7100 it would be my first choice but I already have d7000 and I wanted to upgrade to FX

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