Nikon rumors: what to expect in the next two months

Nikon Rumors
Most of the rumored cameras and lenses I reported in the past two months were already announced (see this and this post). There will be more Nikon announcements in the January-February timeframe. In addition to the CES show, historically Nikon always introduces new products for the CP+ show in Japan (February 13-16, 2014). The Winter Olympics games (starting on February 6th, 2014) are another opportunity for Nikon to bring out some pro gear. Here is a recap of the expected new Nikon products for the next two months:


Nikon D4s/D4x or similar

A new D4-like body is rumored to be already in production in Sendai. The Df production was apparently halted for two months, so they can "push" this new product before the Olympics. That's why Nikon Japan recently announced shortage of Df cameras. At that point I am not confident enough to report any specifications.


Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 will most likely be announced during the 2014 CES show in early January together with a new collapsable DX lens. The D3200 two lens kit is already marked as discontinued.

Nikon 1 V3

The Nikon 1 situation is still murky - just like Canon, Nikon may announce new models only for the Asian market (after disappointing sales from Europe and US). In that case, expect the announcement t0 happen during the CP+ show in Japan in February. Rumors point to a redesigned Nikon 1 V3 camera. 2014 is supposed to be the year of the 4k video - maybe Nikon will include 4k video in their next Nikon 1 models.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f1.8G full frame lens

Nikkor lenses

In addition to the 35mm f/1.8 FX and 18-55 DX lenses, rumors for a new Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4G VR and a 16mm fisheye lens are still floating around.


Fake Nikon D400 box


No Nikon D400 for now.

I am not sure if Nikon will push for many Coolpix cameras - maybe just a new compact with a new 1" sensor (similar to the very popular Sony RX100) - Aptina's VP mentioned that a new compact camera with 1" sensor is expected to be announced at the beginning of next year by one of "their current customers", but this could be for the new Nikon 1 model(s). Replacements for the P330 and P520 models are also possible.

If you have any information on the listed products above or on any other tips on an upcoming Nikon announcement, please contact me (no email needed to submit an anonymous tip).

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  • nim

    d400 ?!?! – to optimistic

    • Burnzzzzz

      I get the feeling a D400 will never come.. 🙁

  • neversink

    I sm very thrilled if there is a D4s or x that will come out. Personally, I believe the D4 is a much more capable camera than the D3s, and has slightly better “all-around” IQ than the D800 (but only very slightly.)

    As far as the Nikon 1 rumor goes: I had heard from my camera salesman who I had been going to for 30 years, as I had told you, that Nikon was thinking of discontinuing the brand. There really was a lot of chatter at the time, although the rumor was pooh-poohed by many. With the disappointing sales of the Nikon 1, perhaps a revamping of the camera into something that feels more like a real camera than a toy is more probable. I hope so. The Nikon 1 AW1 seems to have some of the specs I am looking for – like 15fps and and 30/60 fps on” lock down” mode.
    I would like a better grip and a more solid build.
    I have heard that some people have experienced problems with corrosion after immersing their camera in water. it was probably salt water and I believe they did not submerge the camera in fresh water after use and then properly rinse it off. At least I hope that is the case.

    • bratvlad

      “I believe the D4 is a much more capable camera than the D3s”
      much? – no, not much at all, unless you need a video period.

      • neversink

        Well, I’ve had both, and the D4 seems to excel in several areas including focus tracking and IQ. Sold the D3s and kept the D4. Each to their own. :–}

        • Not sure what you mean by better all round IQ, but I would disagree on that point. D4 might have very slightly better high ISO performance (and only at very high ISO) when comparing equivalent resolution images. However, the D800 sensor is superior in resolution and also better in dynamic range.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            Because he was comparing the D800. Right?

      • Ronan

        Used both, D4 completely beats the D3s. The only difference is a VERY slightly cleaner image on the D3s, but you lose resolution compared to the D4.

        So D4 wins hands down.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Yes because Nikon is well known for its willingness to share their product plans with a guy who has been a shop assistant for 30 years.

      The J1 was the highest selling camera in the mirrorless class in Japan in 2012. The 2013 figures are not out yet but are likely to be similar. The V1 has not sold as well but it was never likely to. The market was a niche sidesale to serious amateurs who can drop $1000 on a body that complements their existing F-mount gear that will be obsolete in a couple of years.

      The issue with the AW1 is likely that it is an attempt to sell the gear in the mass market and a lot of the people buying it has no idea how to use it properly.

      Anyone putting their D800 in a third party waterproof case is going to be veeery careful. The same is not true of every AW1 user.

      • neversink

        This guy is more than a camera salesman. He is a great photographer, well respected in the field and an encyclopedia of technical knowledge. However, be that as it may, I understand your cynicism, and accept it, as I would have the same cynicism, if I didn’t know this guy. Anyway, the Nikon tech guys who come to the shop and talk with him are just salesmen and techies like himself.
        I agree with you about the AW1 user base. They probably don’t read the instruction which I hope tells them how to clean a camera that has been submersed.

    • d7k2v2

      I’m frustrated that the V2 is never talked about. It has a great grip. Magnesium faceplate that surrounds the lens mount. When paired with the NEW all-metal 10-100 f4-5.6, the setup feels really great in the hands, I love to just hold it. I really hope the V3 is the V2 body with a better sensor.

      • Daniel Holzer

        I am still using the V1 which I bought for peanuts last year, and for its size it’s an excellent system. I may consider the V2 (at a similar discount) if the V3 isn’t introduced in the US, but I would buy a V3 with the V1/2 PDAF and the R100 IQ/high ISO at retail in a heartbeat.

      • John Lord

        I agree with you on the V2 and 10-100mm lens. I bought the two for myself and my wife uses it as her main camera. Just so long as you don’t want to seriously crop. It is fantastic for street photography as you do not attract attention like you do with the D4 or D800.

      • neversink

        OK… I will check the V2 out when I get a chance, and perhaps the V3 when it eventually comes out. I did not like the V1. It felt like a flimsy toy in my hand, so I never tried out the V2.

  • Kenny.c

    D400 ?? I have more chance of winning the lottery !! This year at least.

    • Andrew

      If the D400 does not come out this year, then it is pretty certain that Nikon has abandoned the line in which case the D7100 may be upgraded with a larger buffer and stuff, including Nikon’s new rugged construction material to mostly satisfy the needs of professionals.

      • umeshrw

        In other words, D400 with D7xxx name. (sans buttons layout but that is somewhat manageable.)

        • orpickaname

          By the year the series reach “D7400” they will (hopefully) realize it.

          • umeshrw

            Meaning they will realize they made a mistake in the past (not bringing D400) and correct it(make d7xxx into a D400) without accepting it publicly. Yes. Very likely.

            • orpickaname

              By “they” i mean the ones waiting for Godot, uh, sorry, D400! 😀

            • umeshrw

              Sorry . I meant Nikon by “they”. 😀

  • Guest

    54mp D4x to match the Zeiss Otus line of lenses would be pretty cool. Pretty much given up on Nikkor glass, Zeiss and Sigma Art are the new standard for quality and innovation.

    Highly doubt Nikon will do 4k in 1 system camera, just because that would mean leading the pack not following. If they do i’d expect it to come in frustratingly low Mbps and fully automatic non adjustable flavour.

    No D400, what else is new. 7d Mk2 will come first and Canon are in no rush either.

    G versions of 14 f2.8, 135 f1.8, 200 f2.8 Macro, 300 f4 are needed but if we get more than 1 of those this year i’d be shocked.

    If the D4x does come, and it is 54mp whats the bet the price will be insane.

    • Canonrumors is just now reporting that the 7DII is a “GO”:

      • it changes between go and no-go every other week

        • OT: A couple of sources (Petapixel, Canon Watch) discussing a rumour of a new Sigma 16-20mm f/2 “Art”.

          • Saw that, I will cover it on probability, but to be honest it does sound fishy – a 4mm zoom? Everyone can publish rumors now, the trick is to post something that will actually materialize. Unless a website has a good track record (like digicam-info for example) I prefer not to publish those rumors on the blog because then readers will come to me few months later and ask me why the rumored product was not announced.

            • That’s why we come here – and why I’m still waiting for my 6″ iPhone!

    • Maji

      The Nikkor 200mm macro is f/4, as far as I remember.

    • Bill

      They’ll never make a G version of the 14 prime. The 14-24 is too good and wouldn’t have enough of a size/price difference to warrant it.

      • Guest

        Lots of things Nikon will never do. Still be nice if they did. Just because they made a good zoom doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a better prime. Zeiss certainly thought it was worth making the 15mm F2.8 and i’d take that any day over the Nikon.

      • silmasan

        Isn’t the 14-24 basically a 14/2.8G prime that you can zoom to 24mm? 😉

  • HibikiRush

    Great. D4s would be a good addition to the lineup. Include the improved AWB from D610, maybe add more AF points/cross-types, improve video and quiet mode. I will upgrade from D4 for sure if those are available. I would

    • HibikiRush

      I thought of more things I would like to see as enhancements in the D4S.

      – Improved AWB from the D610/Df (LESS GREEN)
      – Improved JPEG NR
      – OLED viewfinder display from D7100
      – AF improvements: more AF points, more cross-type (not all in center), -3 EV center pt AF
      – Improved quiet mode noise dampening
      – Move location of the LiveView button
      – Two XQD slots…maybe
      – Improved raw in-camera processing in regards to exposure (especially reduction)
      – Fix rubber peeling problem/new dials to prevent frequent wear & tear
      – USB 3.0

    • If Nikon were more like fuji, everyone would get improved AWB as a firmware update.

  • Plug

    A 16mm fisheye would be intriguing for my D800. Otherwise I shall continue to wait on a D400 and not spend on Nikon until I feel that they support the concept of a dual DX/FX setup for wildlife and birding.

    • V3Birder

      Its weird isn’t it. They make all their money from DX, don’t have a pro DX body, and don’t have a proper DX lens range for it either. Yet have more FX bodies than you can poke a stick at, where consumers will never be able to afford the glass to make a complete system.

      If I had 5k to spend on Nikon gear in the next year I think i’d actually prefer it if they made a serious 1 system camera and expanded the range of 1 system lenses to include a couple more fast primes and some super telephoto’s. A V3 Nikon 1 with all the features of an Em1 plus a 70-300 1 series zoom would be an awesome wildlife/birding rig.

      • AM

        There was a time when Nikon thought that APS-C would be the format for pro digital photography, and bet on that releasing pro bodies and even a pro lens (17-55mm)
        But Canon came and took Nikon with their pants down when they released the first FF DSLR. That completely changed the game and was the end of pro DX.

        • orpickaname

          “That was quick…”, she said.

      • neversink

        How do you know they make all their money on DX? Curious.

        • dgr

          One word, price. CX isn’t selling well enough throughout the world and the price behind FX systems eliminates a majority of the “average” consumers.

          Plus Thom Hogan has mentioned it in his blogs before. I’m sure enough googling would come up with actual sales figures.

        • V3Birder

          Because unless i am mistaken, the 3000/5000/7000 DX series of camera’s is still where the volume of sales is highest.

          It seems Nikon have some sort of strategy to put DX buyers in a lens predicament and hope people who want more than a kit lens leak upward from DX to FX systems. Personally I leaked downward to m43 where the lenses choice is better and top quality primes and zooms don’t cost multiple thousands of dollars and can only be justified if you are a pro or have ridiculous disposable income.

          If Nikon want people to move away from DX, i’d think they better put some serious effort going after the downward leakers by making the 1 system compelling, because honestly, who can afford jumping up to FX and building a set of lenses. Oh, and then there’s the size/weight thing too

      • Maji

        I believe most of the people who buy the entry level DX cameras are interested in the do-it-all zooms, and not in DX primes and 2.8 zooms. Of course a small portion of DX users want those quality glass, but is the demand high enough to justify Nikon manufacturing those items? From Nikon’s actions, it seems either their market research shows not enough demand, or perhaps they don’t have the resources necessary to make and sell those good DX glass.

        • Guest

          I guess thats why the Sigma 18-38 f1.8 was such a failure.

          • Maji

            Do you have any sales figures on that lens?

    • yayaWHO

      what about Zeiss 15mm f/2,8 … nice one imho … just a note

      • Plug

        Already have! Love it! 🙂

    • Joey

      What am I missing here, Nikon sells a 16mm F/2.8 FX lens. How would this be different?

      • Plug

        That’s an old lens and not as good as the DX 10.5mm. A modern refreshment would be desirable.

  • ak8518

    D4 IS better camera than D3s, I´ve owned both of them. Overall IQ is far better on D4, better DR, better AF, more natural looking colours and better control layout. Maybe D3s had little less noise at high ISO values but there is difference in resolution.

    • MB

      I think nobody in his right mind will argue on this one, D4 IS better camera than D3s as expected …

    • Mansgame

      Who is arguing to the contrary? It’s like one of those AT&T customers with the little kids

  • JosengSisiw1

    i’m more anxious waiting for the Tamron 150-600mm than Nikon 300mm F/4. if Tamron will manage to make even only the 500mm sharp, then at their announced price, that will be great/wise buy.

    • Andrew

      Your picture is quite expressive, do you think you can tone it down a bit 🙂

      • JosengSisiw1

        hehehe, I can’t, it’s borrowed…thank you to the photographer who shoot this although can’t trace him.

        • Andrew

          Seems like a real gem you picked up. Well, your taste is quite eclectic, I will remember to keep you on my short list of recommended photographers!

  • Spy Black

    “…maybe just a new compact with a new 1″ sensor (similar to the very popular Sony RX100”

    This is the camera they should have made instead of the scatterbrain Nikon 1 system. Would have been a much more intelligent and rewarding decision. The new RX100II is fantastic, it’s only shortcoming is it’s price.

    • Pippo

      This be really good – lighter & faster than my LX5 for bicycle travel. Don’t be optimistic – 1 costs more 🙂

    • Gael Ridire

      But you’re talking of a fixed lens. Fix lens suck! I don’t want to carry two cameras, one wide-angle, and the other with a telephoto.

      • Spy Black

        You’re confusing the RX100 with the RX1. The RX100 has a 1-inch sensor like the Nikon 1 series, but has a 35mm equivalent 28-100mm zoom and is barely larger than my Canon S110. Brillant design.

  • JamesX

    Help me out! I was going to buy a D4 on this Saturday. Now I should stop and have a second thought. Is D4 going to be replaced/discontinued or that there will be another version of D4 lineup with minor improvements?

    • bratvlad

      I would wait at this point, Nikon updates their pro line every two years aproxm. D4s might have better ISO just as D3s has over original D3.

    • delayedflight

      Nikon won’t discontinue the D4 for a while just buy it and enjoy it mate. If you keep waiting to get your gear you’ll be waiting forever.

      • bankboop

        Like folks who have been waiting for the D400!!

        • Actually still waiting. My D300s is as good as the day i bought it.

          • delayedflight

            Like they say if it does the job why replace it until you really need to.

        • z

          There may still be hope for the unicorn sighting as Canon Rumors is reporting coming of 7D MKII in 2014. If that rumor holds true, then D400 can’t be far behind …

          • like I said, the 7D MkII rumors change almost weekly

    • Pippo

      1. Buy, D4 not consumer product – zero rabates or lightning actions.2. If price not argument, wait – there maybe atleast EXPEED 4 & some integrated gadgets. Oh, ja, Df have tiny more from D4 too.

    • Neopulse

      The D4 I can tell you personally is an amazing camera. I think I would wait to get one when prices drop when the other D4-line is released if you have the time to wait.

    • Andrew

      I would wait if at all possible. Nikon is already manufacturing this camera and it might ship by the end of February. Details of the specs might leak out any day now since the camera is already in production.

    • broxibear

      Hi JamesX,
      If you can wait, then yeah, wait. Even if a D4s is announced in mid January it won’t be in stock straight away. Once it’s announced you can make a better informed choice, and the D4 price will come down…that’s what happened with the D3 D3s.
      Unless you need a D4 straight away you may as well wait…it’s not that long to see what’s going to happen.

    • AnotherView

      I’d recommend waiting if you can. If it’s a D4s (i.e. same sensor but a few tweaks here and there — after all this is a mid-generation release, not a full update like a D5 — it should at least help to push the price of the D4 down (though I had no trouble getting my new D4 at $500 discount two months ago).

      If it’s a D4x, then you’re talking a different animal…likely a higher resolution sensor but slower FPS. I kind of doubt well see the EXPEED 4 until the D5 in another two years. But I could be wrong.

    • JamesX

      Thanks guys for your great advices! The reason why I’m in a dilemma is that there is a local private listing of a brand new D4 for $5500. It seems like a good deal… But you guys are absolutely right, I don’t need a D4 right the way, so I will just wait. Thanks again everyone!

      • HibikiRush

        That’s not that amazing of a deal. I’ve seen them new for $4999 online before from authorize dealers.

      • desmo

        be careful of private listings claiming new,
        the best you can hope for is it’s used,
        the worst is it’s a chinese knockoff,

        neither will be warranteed by Nikon

      • AnotherView

        I paid $5500 for a new D4 only two months ago. $5500 for a resale with no warranty is WAY too high…even “new”. Walk, no, run away.

    • Maji

      I think the D4X maybe the high resolution (54MPx) in a D4 body. I don’t think it will a speed demon like the D4 but will be the new Nikon Flagship FX.

      • I think it’s still too early for 54MP cameras.

        • Anto de Chav

          Some lenses can handle the resolution,the 200f2,Zeiss otus and 135f2 and the new 800mm will do it easily,the main attraction for me would be to get back to the ergonomic’s,D800 is ok but not nearly as good to use a pro D body

          • Zeb

            DXOmark measurement shows that the otus 55 mm is the sharpest ever. But it is till only 29MPixel. So the D800 sensor is still better that the lens. So if you dont build space telescope you cant not use 54MP. Still better to fix dynamic range. A 54MP with the same technology fuji had with different size of pixels working to get higher range would be useful though…

            • You misunderstand how DxO works. If you need enlightenment, simply find a lens that performs very well on D800, some 20+ perceptive m-pixel ranking, then find that same lens on a lower resolution camera and be edified.

              The fact is you can *NEVER NEVER NEVER* compare a lens on one camera to how it will work on another. It’s never accurate. Period. Even if they seem like very similar, or even identical sensors or whatever.

              You have to compare the lens and camera together to ever know how it will work. This is even more important when changing sensor site densities as would be the case in a 54mp sensor.

              In current practice, many lenses actually IMPROVED performance when put on the D800. You can’t predict. It has to be tested.

              Reality is, though, that a 54+MP camera would do just fine with most lenses, better than current cameras, even if not the 100% maximum resolution possible from the camera.

      • Res

        If the purpose is to push it for the Olympics, I’d put my money on a D4s over D4x. From a business perspective, why make a high res, slower camera for a major sporting event?

        • Scott M

          Maybe an increase to 24mp? With 10fps?

    • Mansgame

      If you like wasting your money then buy it now.

  • Kasponaut

    I think it’s the Nikon D4s that’s coming. Just as the D3 was upgraded to the D3s after approx. 2 years.

    • steve3911

      The D3x actually came before the “s’ variant.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Depends on how well the Df does, I suspect. Sensor chips come out with a range of performance. The D3s launched shortly after the D700. Unless we accept the claim that Nikon made a whole new sensor for the D3s alone, the logical approach would be to use the same sensor in the D700 and D3s and select the best performing ones for the D3s bodies.

      The Df looks like a camera that fills the same niche for the D4/D4s but without competing for the same market directly as the D700 did.

      That said, the landmark point in the megapixel race is going to be hit at 50MP or so. That is when digital outperforms medium format film. It is the highest resolution required in commercial photography. The market is not exactly big but Nikon and Canon will both want to be able to claim to have got there first. Given that the D4 has a much lower resolution than the D800 and there is a limited need for even more improvement in ISO range, the lack of a high resolution D4 body seems the more urgent gap to fill. I think a D4x is the body Nikon should launch rather than a D4s, but whether they are able to is another matter entirely.

      One issue that might throw a spanner in the works is that Russia’s winter olympics look like they might turn into a modern version of Hitler’s Munich games. Putin’s regime is starting to look worryingly similar. The winter games might not be a platform many corporations will be looking to link their products to.

      • Andrew

        I liked your article until you got extremely political. Comparing the Russian president to one of the world’s worst criminals in history is unconscionable.

        If you are a regular subscriber to Forbes magazine or Business Week and are a student of history you will come to the conclusion that Russian could not be compared to the many countries around the world that suppresses free expression of decent. Russia was being rocked by the Mafia before Putin came to power – while ruled by the previous president, Boris Yeltsin who had a fondness for Vodka whereas Putin does not drink nor smoke. Even his recently divorced wife who was critical of him called him a gentleman.

        Putin is more of a politician and business man than your typical dictator around the world who amass wealth and power to themselves, though he has uses the levers of power cleverly to his advantage as shown in the case of extending his presidential term.

        Putin’s actions to eradicate chemical weapons in Syria which could be easily used against the Syrian people and Israel should be applauded.

  • guymp

    My first FX body was a D3; now I use a D800E for architectural photography. The D800E is fab., except for the major irritation that the 24 PC-E shift knob fouls the flash housing, and the camera has to be removed from the tripod to change the battery. Therefore I’d be very interested in a D4 body with a D800E sensor … or, better still, a “D900E” without flash (which is a silly idea on a pro-body anyway).

    • Neopulse

      Why not use the battery grip on the D800E with the D4 battery option so you don’t have to remove the camera from the tripod?

      • guymp

        I completely agree, and so that snag can be fixed. It doesn’t get round he shift knob fouling the flash housing, though. Can’t see the point of flash on a pro-body, personally. Each to his own, though.

        • Neopulse

          I’m bookmarking that site. That is quite nifty. I thought 3-D printing was limited to private use rather than commercial. Mind posting a pic to see how it turned out? I think it would be something cool to share for many on here what you did to fix your problem.

          • guymp

            Commercial 3D printing has been around for at least 15 years, probably more. I used to work for an engineering firm that did a lot of prototyping that way. Companies like 3dprint-uk make it possible for everyone. Very useful for bits that break on old cameras, or modifications to existing ones.

            Now I’m going to see how to submit a tip …

            • Neopulse

              Seriously 15 years? Wow, time does fly, could’ve sworn the technology was less than 10 years and used mainly for making prototype car molds heh! Thanks for the info though, learn something new every day.

        • decisivemoment

          A new line of PC-E lenses that clears flash housings? Or a strategy change for Nikon, drop the pop-up flash? Actually, I think a compromise might be in order. First, accept that a low guide-number pop-up flash is more of a prime lens tool than a zoom one, therefore you don’t have to build as tall a popup in order to clear the length and diameter of a big zoom, therefore it doesn’t overhang the lens mount enough to obstruct a PC lens, therefore it fits. It doesn’t need to work with great big zooms like the 24-120, as the D800 popup currently does at ALL focal lengths at all but the closest distances (and all focal lengths from 35-120 at all distances).

          Second, redesign the PC-E lenses. Canon’s models are optically better, the shift movements are farther away from the lens amount and therefore don’t run into obstructions, and the adjustment knobs are lower profile and therefore don’t cause obstructions.

          • guymp

            I don’t think the Canon 24 TS-E Mk 2 knob is further away, but the optics are very, very much better than the Nikon 24 PC-E: sharp and with no CA right into the corners on full shift. Hopefully Nikon will produce a Mk 2 as well.

            Canon 5D2/5D3 and 6D do not have a built in flash at all, and the prism housing does not overhang the lens mount. As always, I want a sort of hybrid of (what I consider to be) the best of both systems.

      • guymp

        I have measured the shift knob and the clearance, then designed a new one and had it printed by who use laser sintering. It’s miles better, allowing full rotation with the shift at zero, but still fouls if the shift is displaced from centre.

  • neversink

    So, any thoughts on how a D4s or perhaps x will enhance the D4.

    * More fps? Not really needed for me, but I wouldn’t complain.

    * Less noise as ISO increases? That would be in line with what the D3s offered. Less noise is always welcome.

    * More pixels? 24? 36? 54? This could be an enhancement or not, depending upon the technology of the new sensor.More and more pixels will be controversial, but the superlative D800 IQ is proof that more pixels don’t always mean less quality. However, more pixels, as we all know, means the need for bigger memory cards, more computer storage and faster computer processing to handle larger size images. Which equals more $$. Think I can charge clients more? I doubt it these days.

    * No AA filter? I guess it depends upon the megapixels. I use the D800, not the D800E. Although, after testing the D800E, there is a slight improvement in IQ without the AA filter, but not much, so I didn’t replace my D800.

    * Additional focusing points beyond the current 51 AF focus points?

    * Dual XQD cards? And even faster? Not sure I would want this.

    * Better video, perhaps 4K? For some. this would an incredible upgrade, but not for me as I rarely do video, but if it’s there I just might use it. (I think video belongs in video cameras as they are built for just that, technically and ergo dynamically which makes them easier to use.)

    * Expeed 4? And updated Capture NX3 software included free? Given the 6K+ price tag this baby will have there is no reason not to include the software for free. It always boggles the mind how stupidly cheap Nikon can sometimes be. Improve the software and get it out to Pros who can test drive it and show it is good. (A decent Capture NX that runs efficiently and quickly is not too much to ask for!!!!)

    * GPS built in? I like the idea, but would probably never use it. But if it is there, who knows?

    And here is my real wish: A “revolutionary” depth of field option…. The option to quickly have the camera focus automatically between the mid-point of the point of exact focus and either way toward infinity or minimal focal distance, depending on the depth of field. That would be a good way of replacing the depth-of-field markings Nikon left off the “G” lenses. Perhaps this could be coupled with digital display in the viewfinder showing the point of focus and the DOF markings that apply at the particular f stop setting.

    Is that too much to ask for? Am I describing a D5???

    • dgr

      I think $6K as a starting figure would be too conservative. Look at the D3x intro price and work up from there.

      • neversink

        You are probably correct on the price point being higher. I have no idea why anyone would give you a thumbs down on a realistic prediction. I was just projecting my hopes for a “reasonably” priced camera.

    • Graham Blaikie

      I greatly miss the depth-of-field markings on modern lenses, especially when doing landscape photography. I sent a suggestion to Nikon a year or two ago about including an automatic hyperfocal focusing mode, if just in aperture priority or manual mode. It must be doable.

      • neversink

        I hope Nikon listens to you. Those depth of field markings were just a simple and incredible guide to focusing. particularly if you needed certain items to be in or out of focus, so your focus point did not have to be exactly on the subject.

    • KnightPhoto

      Yes you are describing a D5.
      There isn’t a lot broke in the D4 to improve in an “S” style update:
      – EXPEED4 is a given. Could use it to produce better video in FX mode as well as 1080p/60. The CX mode video is already as good as it gets. Might get a couple more fps in stills mode.
      – dual XQD slots.
      – USB3.
      – GPS/Wifi
      – unlike the D3S it’s hard to imagine quantum leaps in ISO performance can be wrung from this same sensor. Pretty much all Nikon sensors are near as good as it’s going to get for quantum efficiency.
      I’m not sure any of the above justifies producing a D4S model? When the D3S came out people sold their D3 and bought D3S. Can’t see too many D4 owners doing so for the above.

      Maybe skip this round and produce an earlier D5 then with the 24mp sensor and by then a new AF system and/or modular design and new mirror approach Thom is referring to.

      • neversink

        Your comments make sense. i guess we shall wait and see. Not sure I agree with your comment on the sensors, as it does depend on breakthroughs in technology. So many said the 36mp sensor in the D800 would be horrid for IQ. How many of those people now own a D800 and raving about the incredible IQ of the sensor??? Personally, I still prefer the D4 sensor to that of the D800, but only very slightly.

  • Scott Thomas

    Still hoping for a D700 follow up. D4 sensor, 9fps or better w/out battery pack, CF/SD memory slots, built-in Wi-Fi, smart phone apps, affordable price for amateur/beginning pros…sigh.

  • Pits_1005

    Admin: Any change that during next year we see a new Nikon D 7XXX with built in wifi, touch screen focus on live view and little higher Buffer or maybe better iso to compete with the canon 70d ?

    Thank you very much

    • too early to say – the D7200 will probably be announced in the summer of 2014

      • decisivemoment

        So, will it be the D300 successor? That is to say, will they beef up the front of the camera a bit with fewer gaps in the structural plate and possibly carbon fiber or metal, will they incorporate a decent frame buffer, will they humor us a bit with controls such as a separate AF-ON switch, and will they use Expeed 4 in some impressive kind of way?

        • KnightPhoto

          You just described the D400 😉

  • In addition to a Df shortage there seems to be a D800E shortage.

    • dgr

      The Sendai plant is busy with “other” projects. 😉

      • Anon

        The Df was priced high to move D800’s and make room for the new D810, and set a more digestible price point for the new model.

    • broxibear

      Hi David,
      Which part of the world are you in ?…I just checked the major camera stores here in the UK and they all have the D800E in stock.

      • I’m in Massachusetts (USA). I just checked and you are right. It looks like some have shipped in the last few days. A week ago, none of the big retailers had any in stock. Amazon USA now has 2 units, Adorama will receive some “in a few days”, B&H is still back ordered.

        • dclivejazz

          Bummer. I was hoping for a deeper holiday price reduction.

        • broxibear

          Here’s an interesting graph from showing the D800E price since it was released in the UK.

      • decisivemoment

        Look at the price markups. Only $200 difference between standard and “E” in the US. More than £400 in the UK. That’s why they’re filling store shelves in the UK, but filling camera bags in the US.

  • George

    smart phone apps? buy a samsung instead!

  • decisivemoment

    If Nikon sells the V3 only in Asia, I guess I’ll have to switch to Panasonic. I just can’t believe they’d be that stupid. Canon going Asia-only at least makes a certain degree of sense; the EOS M was such an awful product that they obviously had some serious rethinking to do.

    A high-zoot D4 makes sense. They have to use Expeed 4 in something more challenging than a D5300, and where better to do it than in an Olympic year in a pro category in a camera type where competitors are a long way from seeing the light of day? With Expeed 4, 36MP at eight frames a second with double XQD slots becomes a possibility . . .

    • KnightPhoto

      I know our local PJs for a major daily would love an 8fps 36mp camera (they’re shooting D3S now).

  • delayedflight

    If you want a pro camera cough up the money for a pro camera. Nikon isn’t stupid enough to make a Ferrari and price it as a Toyota.

    • steve3911

      LOL – At least not more than once (D700)

    • Daniel Holzer

      That was a good argument until the Df. But the Df really changes the game (provides the sensor that the D700 users want, but not the body). Providing a D700 successor for the same price as the Df (or even a few hundred more) wouldn’t kill their pricing for the Ferraris. Although whether they’ll sell enough (at $1500 more than a refurbished D600, which is an excellent camera) is another matter entirely.

      • neversink

        I used a D700 and D3s. Great cameras until the D800 and D4 came along and smoked them. Sold the D3s and the D700 stays with me as an emergency backup. The D700 is dead. The D800 is what you have as a replacement. You want the D4 sensor in another body? Then buy the trendy Df body, which I have tested and personally don’t like. There is a reason cameras evolved from analog to digital.

  • D4c?

    How about this for crazy: A D4c

    C for Cinema that is, like Canon does it. Re-release the D4 with everything exactly the same except add 4k video via firmware. Double the price. Sound stupid? People would buy them, they buy the Canon. And if you think about it, nothing would fit into Nikons new mantra of lower costs, higher profits better. They’ve already had some practice releasing new camera’s where nothing is changed except the name, write some firmware too and then sit back counting the cash 🙂

    Or if they wanted to be generous how about a new sensor, dropping back to 12MP, going up to the Expeed 4, sticking in an internal solid state memory board of say 128gb and having 60fps bust mode in stills like the V1/V2. Plus 4k video. A 12MP pro camera in 2014, can you imagine? That thing could shoot clean on the inside of a black hole.

    Sometimes less really is more, just once i’d like to see someone go backwards on pixel density instead of forward and focus on getting more out of them. Cleaner. at all ISO. Better Colours. More Dynamic Range. Faster readouts. Longer sustainable burst rates. Theres got to be something to gain from staying where you are with pixel density and just designing better sensors. Not that Nikon design or manufacture sensors.. just saying is all.

    • neversink

      Double the price for video??? Are you joking??? Do you realize what kind of pro video package you can get for 12K? Video is best shot with video cameras, not DSLRs. DSLRs are very clumsy to shoot video with. And then there are all the add ons that you need to shoot video with a DSLR. So now we’re easily talking 15-16K if you want to shoot video with your “double-the-price” Nikon Dc. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

      • D4c?

        Haha, chill out dude. Double the price is not for adding video- its for adding 4k video.
        Canon did this exact thing with the 1Dx and 1Dc, a fact I was directly referencing. They got away with it. They are actually quite proud of it. And it has its fans.
        At first people were outraged that they had to pay extra for video firmware. But the thing is, yes actually some people- professional people- like to shoot video with DSLR’s and many have paid that 12k for that Camera because it is unique. For some purposes no you don’t need to add anything except a lens. Video takes many forms, you pick the right tool for the right job and sometimes the best tool is a DSLR that shoots 4k.
        By all means feel free not to buy one if Nikon take the unprecedented initiative to start making camera’s they’ve stolen idea’s for from trawling comments on NikonRumors.

        • mikeswitz

          I don’t know any pro filmmaker who would rather shoot video from a DSLR than from a dedicated video camera. Canon and now Nikon are great training tools for people who want to learn cinematography or are making a down and dirty music video. Some great stuff has been shoot for YouTube. If you want to buy a 12k camera because its unique and steal someone else’s idea, try a Hasselblad Stellar.

          • Guest

            So Panasonic made the GH3 to cater for people who want to shoot youtube video’s and for students at film school. And they are making the GH4 a 4k video/stills hybrid with professional codecs because why? Canon sells the 1Dc for 12k because there is massive demand from soccer mums wanting to make 4k home video’s of their kids playing in the back yard.
            For a lot of video work, yes DSLR’s are unsuitable. But to say the form factor is not desired by professionals for some jobs is rubbish. There are people out there who own RED Epics and Sony F55’s who bought and use the 1Dc and will look at the GH4 when it comes out too. The major reason video people don’t use DSLR for more serious work is not the form factor but the rubbish codec’s and line skipping issues that makes extremely soft and hard to grade 1080p. If there weren’t issues with the quality of video coming off most DSLR’s they would be highly valuable tools.

            • mikeswitz

              To some extent you are correct. The codecs are a problem, as well as conforming multple DSLRs being shot in a given scene and calibrating screens in video village. All time consuming. But form factor is no small matter either. By the time you add all the stuff needed to make a DSLR truly usable in a production situation you might as well be using a dedicated camera. DSLRs are great learning tools but not quite ready for prime time. One can be a great still shooter, but just because your camera, all of a sudden can shoot video, does not necessarily make you an adequate cinematographer. But having a piece of equipment that is essentially free and can help you get there can’t be bad.

            • Guest

              If you need to add a heap of stuff by all means use a video camera. There are scenario’s where people shoot video for production untethered to video village.
              I wonder if Darren Aronofsky used a 7d to shoot the train sequence on Black Swan because he thought is would be a good learning tool for his DP or if they figured the Arriflex 16SR they were using as their A cam was too conspicuous.
              Good cinematographers are camera agnostic, no one camera is the best camera for all situations. There is a place for quality DSLR video, some consumers recognise it, some camera companies recognise it, some don’t. Nikon being one of them.
              Following Canon’s lead and releasing better video at a premium on the same hardware is a pretty easy way of making some extra cash i would of thought.

            • neversink

              Cinema photographers working on feature length films have one thing you and I don’t. They basically have an unlimited budget to use whatever equipment they want, and have as many assistants as they need. So they can have a bunch of Arri’s on the set and even one or two cheap $23,000 Canon setups.
              By the way, do you wonder why the Arriflex was used for most of the shooting of Black Swan rather than a 7d? (I don’t know what cameras were used in that movie, but I will believe you.)
              Also, if these two different camera brands were used in one movie, I would think post-production had quite a few headaches trying to match the contrast and color of both cameras. I’m not sure how closely the output of the Canon matches that of the Arri. It could be close or it could be totally different. But where there is money, there is a way (usually.)

            • Guest

              And thats exactly the point isn’t it. They had the budget to use whatever they want, were using Arri film camera’s for main unit and yet, there is a whole sequence shot on a 7d. Why is that if no one in their right mind should be shooting video on a DSLR? And it was no $23,000 7d set up either: Guy on a train shooting handheld with an L-series lens from memory.
              DSLR’s are used, even if mostly in limited capacity, on TV shows, in commercials, on in film/documentary every day and for the most part cut seamlessly with whatever is being used for the heavy lifting. And are used by millions of people for every type of video work or personal projects in addition to that.

              Why is it when people call for better video performance from each generation of camera to the next stills shooters who know very little on the subject feel comfortable saying “If you want better results you should be using a video camera.”

              When someone comes on here and says “I wish Nikon would make a D400 because I want a pro build and higher fps” everyone agree’s. No-one is saying don’t be an idiot if you want better build quality and higher fps buy a D4.

              Or the D7000 shooter comes on here and says I hope the next DX camera does better low ISO. There’s no “If you want better high ISO buy full frame, idiot”

              Or the Df guy “I wish the Df had better than 39 point autofocus” “Buy a D4, idiot.” No, everyone hopes the next thing will be better than the last, that what is state of the art today will come as standard tomorrow.

              If I pay for a DSLR, that has video, because I want to use it to shoot video (and stills) why is it unreasonable to expect that as technology marches forward performance should get better? It does for stills, why shouldn’t it for video?

              Nikon shouldn’t be dictating to their customers what they should and shouldn’t be using their creative tools for. One shooter shouldn’t be telling another shooter you can’t do this or that. Technology gives us tools, creative people explore whats possible and where they find boundaries seek to push up against them. People in the business of making creative tools should seek be taking notice of what people are doing with those tools and seeking to make that tool better. Not saying “Well you shouldn’t of been using our product to do that in the first place.”

            • mikeswitz

              I think we are arguing apples and arris here. I never said anything about not using a DSLR on a big production. I said I don’t know any cinematographers who would rather use a DSLR than a than a dedicated Digital Cinema Camera. You notice Labitique didn’t see the 7d for the whole shoot. He used a number of cameras, both film and digital. Which is not the point of this discussion. Can you make Gone with the Wind on a Bolex. Sure, if you really want to, but it ain’t gonna make your life any easier.
              I have called for 8mm and VHS in some of my films. I just didn’t want to shoot the whole film that way.
              And you think cinematographers are camera agnostic? I guess you’ve never been to an ASC meeting. Gearheads to the end.

        • istreetshooter

          The film and TV college program near me has been buying Canon DSLR students. Yes, this is not pro work. But this is the gateway equipment for future professionals who are not using Nikons.

          • Youngerthan40

            Yes, just because back in film days your Nikon didn’t shoot video and you still don’t either doesn’t invalidate the premise of hybrid devices- Df shooters notwithstanding. There is a generation of consumers who have never known a digital imaging device that didn’t do both.
            In 5 years time when Nikon sits down and ask’s the question “Hey, the baby boomers are all retired or dead or have moved to mirrorless how come none of these Gen-Y people buy our camera’s?” Maybe the answer will be “Because we just didn’t think this video would catch on.”

            • istreetshooter

              And that’s my point, but I wouldn’t leave out Gen X. Gen Xers are, in many cases, the ones leading these programs now.

    • Prevedovich

      5D M3 with raw video, GH3 for compressed, GH4K for 4K video. No need for D4c.

  • pwmorg

    No D400 sucks Im getting tired of this so another year will go by with me buying nothing from Nikon I will stick with my old beat-up D200!

  • Deep_Lurker

    It would be just like Nikon to finally produce the V3 as the Nikon 1 model that the US and European market wanted all along (regular hot shoe, P7X00 style controls) and then not offer it for sale in the US and Europe.

    • Daniel Holzer

      At least that would mean that we’re all wrong, and Nikon does know what their customers want (they just don’t want to give it to us without a fight).

    • istreetshooter

      If so, then I am definitely buying one of the Fuji X-models. I’m leaning that way already.

    • KnightPhoto

      I’m told the Nikon 1 series IS selling here (in Canada). With the J3 generation it’s a pretty decent offering for the general public and pricing isn’t bad; bought one for my daughter for Xmas. Certainly for Nikon DSLR owners, it makes sense to have one in the bag, but yeah a pro-style is needed. I actually don’t mind the V1’s physical controls and personally still love that look, it just needed a D800 style Auto-ISO implementation and I would have been fine.

  • my d800 has fallen apart, base plate loose, wobbles on the tripod, every rubber grip either loose or fallen off, time for a new something ..

    • Jim

      send me the piece of junk, i’ll send you an exc+ D50 in it’s place.

    • Jumboman

      Dropped my D800 a few times over rocks, pavement, and pillowy soft grass. Aside from a couple scuffs in the paint, it’s functioning like new! I kind of like the marks too, makes it look well used.

  • Aeroengineer

    I started thinking about a D400 business case…

    In March of 2008 Thom Hogan stated that Nikon claimed it was building 70K D300s a month. Suppose that was accurate, but represented peak production. The 300 and the 300s sold for about four years. Even if they produced on average 30K units per month (equivalent to D800 production, I believe), that still represents 1.4M units. List price $1800. Assume wholesale at 80% of retail list. That’s about $2B in total revenues from D300/s. That’s $800M of margin assuming a gross margin of 40% and a net operating contribution of maybe $180M (looking at their annual report data). Not bad money, and enough to justify quite a bit of project specific engineering and capital spending.

    For all those who want to see a D400, is it feasible within the current Nikon DSLR family and under current market conditions to assume a revenue stream for the D400 of $500 million per year – some 300K units?
    Now granted, if you take the D800 body and the D7100 sensor off the shelf, development and capital costs go down…

    • KnightPhoto

      The issue is the D400 will sell in just a fraction of the 300/S volumes. Ummm let’s say 1/4 the volume ballpark? So what does this mean for pricing, it has to go UP doesn’t it? Maybe $2,200?

      I’ll get one but what I really would love is to shoot my FX cameras with one of those new fluorite 600mm’s or the 800mm with converter at 1000mm. That’s a lot of years of saving.

  • kappa

    Hmmm… in the last 2 years Nikon has made a complete range of relatively inexpensive lenses for FX, announcing the following:

    18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G
    24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G
    28mm f/1.8G
    35mm f/1.8G (new addition)
    85mm f/1.8G

    …add 50mm f/1.8G & 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G and…bingo! you have a complete “package” for entry level FX. DX gets boring stadard zoom lenses and 2 crappy micro’s… does this make sense?

    • FredBear

      If Nikon thinks DX is dead (and no D400 sort of supports this) then yes, it makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Martin Beddall

    A new fast 135mm!!!!! Come on Nikon!!

    • Guest

      I think Sigma are going to beat them too it. And honestly at this stage who wouldn’t prefer an Art series lens to the Nikkor.

    • neversink

      I wouldn’t want a Sigma lens, even if was named “Art.” I don’t buy the “Art” hype. From experience, I don’t trust the Sigma quality control in their lenses no matter what they name their lines. Mine broke down on assignment only two months after purchase. Once burnt, forever shy!!!!

      • Guest

        Things change. Sigma have turned a corner, the 18-35 f1.8, 35 f1.4, 24-105 f4 are premium quality glass.
        And if you didn’t notice, Nikon are not exactly known theses days for their quality control. Lots of burnt D600, D800, D4 folk out there.
        Nikon are probably looking over at Sigma these days wondering how are we going to match these guys going forward?

        • Sergio Ortiz

          Lots of burned D4 folks? That’s news to me, and I own one.

    • silmasan

      Honestly, I don’t find current “Art” series characteristics that appealing. Their 120-300/2.8 APO and Macro series (105/150/180) have much better, creamier look to the images. But Nikon has proven that they too can make fantastic inexpensive lens such as the 85/1.8G, and I’m hoping the new 35 will have similar look/feel.

  • One More Thought

    My guess is the D4 replacement will indeed be the D4s at the same 16 megapixels However, I wonder how much they can improve the high ISO on that sensor?

    Perhaps they’ll use the new EXPEED 4 to increase fps…that would probably do more to please the sports shooters at the Winter Olympics than marginally higher ISO, although I expect that too.

    And yes I know that higher ISO can allow for faster shutter speeds, which also helps sports shooters…but again, how much higher can the sensor go?

    • Jim

      A camera announced late January is not likely to be used at the Olympics 2 weeks later.

      • One More Thought

        You are correct about the timing with regards to those who will purchase from standard retail outlets, including online…however, Nikon could have already made sure that certain high profile sports photogs will have the new model in time for the Olympics…

  • bgbs

    I think the X family is dead with the introduction of D800. D800, D900, D1000, will be the high resolution family from now on. Nikon has changed its game, so we cannot judge the future based on what they released before the great flood. So expect the next camera to be D4s not D4x

    • KnightPhoto

      It seems like there is still a market for the D4X. Especially if it were 54mp. Hard to say though. Like you say, they could just introduce a D900 54mp and cause Canon to have a heart attack.

  • Rafa R

    I still think Nikon line up, is thought carefully to make us buy up to three bodies , I know many wont agree with me, but I have the D800 that I dont like to snap shoot around cause I cant shoot small raw files, and certainly I wont take my D4 or D3x to my holidays, I just wish there was a true D700 successor. Not the DF not the D610 something pro, to the point and small.

    • mikeswitz

      Lossless compressed?

      • Rafa R

        maybe your right, good idea

  • Joe

    “No Nikon D400 for now.” … No problem! Got tired of waiting for it and picked up a D7100 to take care of my DX needs.

    • Aradan

      I am still holding on 🙂 I refuse to buy 7100.

  • Morris

    based on my research :

    January to March timeframe

    2006 1/3 :
    105vr 2.8 micro

    2007 1/3 :
    55-200 DX 4-5.6

    2008 1/3 :
    PC-E 24mm
    16-85mm 3.5-5.6
    60mm 2.8 micro

    2009 1/3 :
    35mm 1.8G DX

    2010 1/3 :
    24mm 1.4G
    16-35mm 4G

    2011 1/3 – Eartquake in Japan

    2012 1/3 :
    85mm 1.8G
    + Flood in Thailand
    (D4 & D800/800e)

    2013 1/3 :
    800mm 5.6
    18-35mm 3.5-4.5G
    80-400mm 4.5-5.6G

  • Mansgame

    Seems like Nikon dumped off all their old soon to be obsolete D4 sensors on the Df. Df owners have another week or so to brag about “well, sure it’s a camera with a bunch of missing features, but it has the best sensor Nikon makes for only $3000!” in order to justify their poor choices.

  • Prevedovich

    I was waiting for D400 for several years and moved to m4/3. I came here 2 yars after and still read about D400 rumors )))))))) E-M1 is mindblowing, I tell you. And I am not along:

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