Nikon rumors: what to expect in the next few months

Nikon Rumors
Here is a recap of the rumored/expected Nikon products in the next few months:

Nikon D5300

I still expect Nikon to announce three major cameras by the end of the year. Some of the announcements (most likely the D5300) could be in the first week of January right before the CES show in Las Vegas.

Nikon D610

I was told that the rumored Nikon D610 DSLR camera will be on display during the Photo Plus Expo in New York at the end of October. This means that the official announcement should be any day now. I still do not have any detailed specs or exact announcement date.

Nikon D4x or similar

I think the decision to release the D610 will postpone any initial plans Nikon had for another full frame pro body. Nikon recently announced that they will concentrate on entry level models. There is still a possibility that they may announce something in early 2014 right before the Winter Olympics.

Underwater camera

The third camera still remains a mystery. There is a very good chance that it will be a new underwater camera that could be branded under the Nikon 1 product line. Not sure how they will handle the lenses - maybe they will announce a new line of ruggedized and waterproof Nikon 1 lenses.


I only have information for two new lenses: Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4G VR lens and a new 16mm fisheye lens. There is also a very good chance for a new Nikon TC-14E III teleconverter to be announced before the Olympics.


I want to mention again that there is no Nikon D400 coming any time soon.

I have not received any tips on that, but Aptina's VP mentioned that a new compact camera with 1" sensor is expected to be announced at the beginning of next year by one of "their current customers".

If you have any information on the listed products above or on any other tips on an upcoming Nikon announcement, please contact me (no email needed to submit a tip). Reliable information has been scarce lately.

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  • artgriffo

    So, if the rumours are to be believed, no D300s replacement; No new Nikon 1 (V3?) and we are un-likely to see a new/newer D4 sometime soon?
    Something strange is a foot me thinks… Added to that the illustrious Canon are also very quiet.. All the noise (new additions) in the market is from Sony, Fuji and Olympus!
    For me improvements D5200(5300) and D600 (610) are not moving Nikon forward!
    I find this alarming are Nikon consolidating?
    I don’t thats wise if they are.

    • They may announce (and probably will) new Nikon 1 products but I have no info on when and what – that’s why I did not mention it on the list.

      • artgriffo

        I appreciate that you might have that info. But I’m reading between the lines here. Nikon have gone very quiet since their market and finance announcement, in terms of gear announcements. I know this might be due to historical timing syndrome that they have, but looking at your rumours there doesn’t seem to be that much coming to the table. And it has to be said i don’t think Canon are either…
        Keep up the investigating though its an important job you do for the buyers. I just want to see Nikon be the number 1 photographic company, they have a decent enough history and glamour!

  • Fred

    WAKE UP NIKON! Sony are about to release a raft of Full-Frame NEX cameras, and have a patent already for a Foveon-style sensor (sharper by far, and more natural colours). You, Nikon, will lose half of your enthusiast / landscape photographer / ‘walk-about’ clientèle unless you bring out something similar Within Half a Year! Who cares about yet another cheapo entry-level camera?

    • Sahaja

      If it’s any good, Nikon can always buy this Sony sensor you talk about.

      • One More Thought

        Sony may not make any particular sensor available for sale to other companies. They in no way are obligated to do so.

        In fact, if Sony is smart they keep their great sensors for themselves and build up their own camera hardware business. I bet they wish they had released a camera with the D800 sensor in it, rather than sell it to Nikon and let them get all the buzz and glory.

        There is a lot more money in it for Sony to sell the cameras, lenses, etc rather than just a sensor.

        There are already indications that perhaps Sony is tightening up on their sensor sales. Nikon is not using the same 1 inch sensor in their 1 series that Sony uses in their RX100 series. Ashame for Nikon because that Sony sensor is amazing for what it is.

        The Nikon D 7100 does not use a Sony sensor, even though Sony has an excellent 24 megapixel DX sensor available.

        So I think that Sony’s intention is to keep their great sensors to themselves, and good for them.

  • Danonino

    I just bought into the m43 line with my first being the E-pm2 as a small backup camera /free-time camera. Though Im pleases with the performance of my D600 (never shoot above f5.6) I know that the D600 was the last DSLR I will ever buy. With the great Fuji X100s,/Xpro1/Xe-1, the amazing Sony RX, the NEX-line, Olympus EM5/EM1 and Panasonic GH3 I just cannot ever justify ever buying such a bulky camera again. There could be an exception, and that would bedigital copy of the Nikon FM-line. Im even considering going Leica M in a few years, if I can afford it that is 🙂 But hey, I have no interest in expensive cars like most other men, so I guess I will be able to afford it after all 😉

  • morg

    No D400 I will continue to shoot with my old beat up D200 another year gone by where I buy NOTHING from Nikon!

    • Bob2

      D200 is still an excellent camera. I prefer the nice and smooth tonality of the D200 output (as with most CCD sensors) that you don’t get from the D300 at low and moderate ISOs (the D700 is better than both though–I haven’t shot either D600 or D800 yet). With Lightroom and/or other good NR software, I get good results to 1600.

  • Nick

    I’ve been waiting for a new 16mm Fisheye refresh for couple time. (Being used the 10.5mm from DX, using 16mm after migrating to FX is a bit disappointing of the CA.)

    I’ll be extremely happy if the fisheye is a zoom such that it could form a circular image in FX. (i.e. even better than Tokina’s zoom fisheye.)

    • Nick

      Sorry for so many typo… Should double check before sending. My bad.

  • Oleg_M

    I don’t expect anything from Nikon anymore. Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony – these brands today provide innovations and interesting products. Bye-bye Nikon and Canon, two decaying dinosaurs.

  • Harv.!

    I’m surprised they haven’t addressed the D400 question, a lot of people seem to be waiting for that camera…and they’ve been waiting a long time too.
    Personally I was looking for a AF-S 24mm f/1.8G to join the other f/1.8Gs that have come out…maybe next year ?

  • Michaelius

    Briliant – we have fisheye that doesn’t work on half of our APS-C cameras so we will refresh the ful frame one.
    Not like i care too much as i got Sigma instead already.

    • MyrddinWilt

      If it was a zoom it could do both.

      8-16 zoom is quite practical and would serve the DX and the FX markets. It would only vignette to a circular fisheye on full frame.

  • Fred

    NIKON WAKE UP! Sony has this week announced a raft of Full-Frame NEX cameras for around Christmas, and they have already patented a Foveon-type sensor for vastly refined resolution. If you cannot supply a Mirrorless model of extra-high quality within the half-year, I shall number myself amongst that half of your so-far loyal clientèle (photographers, that is, not snappers) who will Abandon you Forever, whether we treasure Nikon lenses already or not. Nobody needs yet another cheapo entry-level model. Protect your client base!

    • Northerntrumpeter

      I think you’re being a bit overdramatic. The way I see it only the enthusiast segment of the digital market that has any real issues.
      The entry level D3XXX and D5XXX lines are superb for the price, and the professionals are well served by the D4 and D800 models, which will probably refresh soon to iron out the niggles and tempt those who cling onto their D3s.
      I am not a professional and do not have a lot of spare cash, so the professional models are not in my sights. BUT I do want a camera that will perform well as a replacement to my D300. Every camera Nikon currently makes has better image processing than my D300, so that’s not the problem. ISO performance is also better across the range. But I still want a little more to tempt me than what the D7100 and D600 offer in terms of performance. I nearly bit the bullet on both models, but yet I wait. And I reckon I won’t have to wait much longer either. Pretty soon NIKON will release either a FX camera that will be worth the step across to that format, or they will offer a beefed up D7100 in the DX format.
      I suspect the FX model will arrive first. If the rumours are correct it will be the D610 and they will surely tweak a few things other than the shutter mechanism. If they don’t do enough tweaking I may put up with the clustered AF points and buy a refurbished D600 for what will be a very decent price (but I think they will)….

      • umeshrw

        The problem here is thinking that pro PGs use only FX. Or for that matter no PROs use DX. There are many countries where PROs use DX only and that would come to a substantial No. As for no 700 replacement, not many (even Pros) would want or be able to afford or want to carry both 800 as well as D4. 7100 is good for many but it is a choice of advanced amateurs whose first choice would be 400.

        • Northerntrumpeter

          You’re right. I guess I was being influenced by Nikon marketing!

  • saicode

    Just hope that Nikon D610 always remain a rumor only.

    It will make them loose a lot of trust.

    • That’s a possibility, we still do not have any specifications or a solid release date.

    • One More Thought

      The worst thing for Nikon is that they do not release a D610. They have already lost a lot of trust and sales due to the D600 problems. As long as the D600 is on the market they bleed sales and trust, and lose the lower priced FF market to Canon.

      I have held off purchasing a D600 and know others who have as well. Nikon can capture those dollars if they release a fixed D610.

      Releasing an updated model without the problem would help restore trust. I don’t see how Nikon fixing the problem with a newer, better model could ever erode trust.

      • saicode

        Don’t be so myopic.

        When a company finds a problem with newly released product, they should make an announcement, address the issue and fix it for the next batch, recall already sold products and repair/replace them for free. That’s how you earn trust. Not replacing it with a new model and betraying the early adopters.

        Remember, if it can happen to D600, it can happen to D610 also, or perhaps the next model. It may not be shutter but something else. So people would be afraid of buying it based on their experience. That’s how the trust is eroded.

  • zoetmb

    While Nikon has made this mistake before, it’s absurd IMO for Nikon to announce a new consumer-level camera at CES and miss the holiday shopping season. They are so good at leaving so much money on the table.
    They’re also back to not keeping lenses in stock. I bet they cut back on manufacturing after the last earnings report. I think 25% of the lenses with list prices greater than $1K are out of stock at B&H. And Nikon wonders why sales suck.

  • Andrew Gregg

    Still waiting for that d300s replacement.

  • Rick77

    Any word on a new flash? Looking to replace my SB600 and don’t want to upgrade right before a new one comes out.

  • Neopulse

    You know guys, chances are if they keep similar specs to the D300 people are gonna find a reason to bitch about it and chances are it isn’t gonna have the fps performance that people want and chances are no aperture control during video. Chances are the D400s is what people are going to want and not the D400. Or they decide to kill off the “s” line and merge it as one.

  • koenshaku

    If the D610 brings 51AF points and focus sensitivity down to -2 EV I am so sold even if the cost hovers around 2,500 USD.

    • I doubt Nikon will do that – they still want to sell the D800.

  • robert

    well like MS when they announced Vista and lost a lot of sales, they bringing out the D610 is like MS bringing out windows 7. they need to recoup their losses somehow. w7 is vista with tweaks.

    if someone who doesnt know will search for the d610 reviews he wont see the d600 oil issue. its a psychological game. when you see a new number, you think improved, better features (no matter how tiny) and that will help them up the price a bit and the customer will feel confident in buying.

    the negativity of the shutter/dust/oil is snowballing for them. they need to stop it and bringing a “new” model out will help with the curse. d600 to people means a camera with potential problem. its hyped up more than it really is though IMO.

    its just a psychological game. of course though they have to add some features as well. I would like they upgrade the AF module and the af area points to be spread out more in the viewfinder. other than that,its just fine.

    me? personally, if they spread the af points in the viewfinder and change the af module to something better with less lag than ill go d610, otherwise ill take a refurbed d600 theyll try to get rid of at a low price because of the so called “new” model.

  • acmfabs

    Seems pretty clear, D400, is needed by most of us having owned D200,D300/S,and D700. All which were great cameras, the D7100 is not quite in the same league,(although good in it’s own right) So where is the mythical beast?

  • WTHnikon

    I can’t stand this new trend of making every neew camera as small as possible. I tried the D600 and it feels so small I cant fully wrap my fingers around the front grip thing… It feels like a toy.

    • nobody

      Then buy a D3 or D4, or a D700 or D800 with battery grip. Big and heavy enough?

      Me, I’m happy that there is at least 1 Nikon FX camera that’s not that much bigger and heavier than cameras used to be some 20 years ago. The D600 is still heavier than a Nikon F3 was, not to mention a Nikon FM. My hands, however haven’t grown stronger since then. So I really appreciate that there is an alternative to those behemoths that would make Oskar Barnack turn in his grave if he could see them.

  • Marcin

    It loos like Nikon get lost… If I have to make decision on moving from DX to FX I can also change the system. All those delays in releasing pro DX and better D600 work against Nikon. That give us more time to find better alternative. So Nikon wake up, before it will be too late!!!

  • Pointless Website

    “I want to mention again that there is no Nikon D400 coming any time soon.”

    But on July 9 you posted:
    “New wave of Nikon announcements coming in August/September, D400 a possibility”

    Kinda makes these rumor sites a complete waste of time, doesn’t it?
    Seriously, why bother.

    • Do you make a difference between “D400 is a possibility” and “the D400 is coming for sure”?

  • Hank

    “I want to mention again that there is no Nikon D400 coming any time soon.”

    But on July 9 you posted:
    “New wave of Nikon announcements coming in August/September, D400 a possibility”

    Kinda makes these rumor sites a complete waste of time, doesn’t it?Seriously, why bother.

  • Hank

    “I want to mention again that there is no Nikon D400 coming any time soon.”

    But on July 9 you posted:
    “New wave of Nikon announcements coming in August/September, D400 a possibility”

    Kinda makes these rumor sites a complete waste of time, doesn’t it?

    Seriously, why bother.

    And why do you keep deleting this post if it isn’t true?

  • Wilt

    What a load of sh1t, D600 owners feel like they have been left with the
    dust/grease issue and instead of Nikon doing the right thing and
    recalling the D600 they bring out the D610 which is essentially going to
    be a rectified D600, they’re telling D600 owners “screw you guys”

  • IslandNature

    Any details on the build quality of the new 300mm f/4 VR? Is it going to be sort of plastic like the new 70-200mm f/4 or maintain the robust quality of the existing lens? Just thinking about Nikon’s mission to generate higher profit margins and wondering where they’re going to skimp.


    What a crap!

    There is a hudge group of photographers who has been waiting for D400 for years. And what we get? Nothing! Canon is going over Nikon from every sides now. Starts to be tempting brand.

    I’m sad for this hudge disregard for this certain group of Nikon users.

    • samseite

      you think 7D users were happy with their canon brand? switching to 5D mark III ? or 6D? not everyone will upgrade
      switching to 70D from 7D? …..?

  • Adam

    Sadly, Nikon will not be getting any of my money anytime soon.

  • L

    D300s was announced in July 2009. And you guys are still waiting for D400? Really? They would’ve released the replacement in 2011/12 if they wanted to. Have they, in their history, ever waited 4-5 years to replace a model? A D400 will kill the D600/610 and they’d be insane to do that.

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