Weekly Nikon news flash #230

The Nikon GP-1 GPS unit is currently listed as discontinued at B&H and "archived" on Nikon USA website. The GP-1A model is still current.

New Nikon D600 now listed for $1,729 at DigitalRev. The price today dropped to $1,659.

Refurbished Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens now available for $600 (reg. $746.95).

Interesting Nikkor 80-400mm lens review and comparison to the 200-400mm f/4 lens.


New rebates for Nikkor tele-photo lenses in Switzerland.

Cameras in Japan (documentary).

The guys at NikonHacker.com are getting closer to a working "virtual camera" and just achieved emulating a D5100 boot from battery insertion to displaying the "classic info screen". The announcement is here and the attached video shows the menu being drawn.

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  • Foolishcfo

    I have the GP1 GPS unit. Does anyone know why the GP-1A is $100 more? Also, just hiked part of the Inka Trail at Machu Picchu in Peru. Took tons of photos with GPS data (lat, lon and elevation. Would love to load all the pics into software that would create a digital pic of the hike from the meta-data. Anyone know a software program that does this?

    • spydah

      Updated material, cable more flexible, function same.
      What a Nikon rep told me at a Calumet Camera event. I got the GP-1 fro good price and it works great, quick satellite reception. Don’t know of any software you are looking for.

      • Gumir J.

        Hi all… old GP1 Unit works on Nikon D7100 or not?
        thnx for any answers

        • RebelShadow

          The GP1 unit works fine on a D7100. The only functional difference between the GP1 and GP1a is the higher price for the GP1a. I use Solmeta for my Nikon GPS, better quality and more functionality than either the GP1 or GP1a.

          • Gumir J.

            Thank you for your response. I will also look towards Solmeta…

            • Jeff Hunter

              I’ve been researching the Solmeta Geotagger N3 tonight for my D800. It looks preferable to the alternatives I’ve looked at.

            • RebelShadow

              I’ve been using the Solmeta Geotagger N3 for the past couple of years and have found it the best on the market. I have access to the other makers, and prefer the Solmeta hands down.

            • Jeff Hunter

              Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll get one now.

    • Jeff Hunter

      I’m not sure, but Lightroom 5 might have what you’re looking for. You might try finding a Lightroom internet forum to ask that question. I haven’t updated to 5 yet and I don’t use GPS but I browsed through Kelby’s user guide for LR5 and they did make some improvements regarding GPS data usage.

      • Foolishcfo

        I think I asked the question wrong. I know you can get to the data individually but how do you load multiple photos and use the data points from all the photos to create a virtual map from the data?

        • Lcky

          Google Earth. Although a global map with printable, reliable (updating), dynamic toolsets (beyond meta tagging) would be a very interesting feature to a program such as Lightroom.

          • Jeff Hunter

            Lightroom 5 has this available now.

            • Lcky

              Wow, I can’t believe i’ve never come across this in Lightroom. Thanks Jeff! Super useful.

            • Jeff Hunter

              It first debuted in Lightroom 4. So you’ve got to have editions 4 or 5 to have this feature.

            • Lcky


        • Jeff Hunter

          I just reread the Map module section of the Scott Kelby book on Lightroom 5. I’m pretty sure this is what you’re looking for. After you upload your photos to Lightroom, open the Map module and it will use the GPS portion of the photo’s metadata to automatically show the location of each photo on a map. It offers several different map formats to choose from.
          If you’re not already using Lightroom, I highly recommend it. It is simply the best! Also, Scott Kelby’s book on Lightroom 5 is a must have. Both are available at Amazon.com I hope this helps.

    • Richard Hart

      lightroom 4, aperture, iphoto even and probably picasa…

      i bought a gps unit for my d800 for $20! works great

      • Mansgame

        what brand is the one you bought?

  • Spy Black

    If you can get an 18-55 in good shape, that’s not a bad deal.

  • lorenzo

    * * * GP-1A
    See Nikon site:

    where Nikon Staff states:
    “All functionality is the same”

    “The newer model replaces the older model, because newer materials were used in its construction.”

    So they are the functionally identical, except for the price.

    Please help this poor Nikon to make money on us!

  • pegdrgr

    No, the 80-400 can’t be any good! It is too expensive! 14 years ago the same lens was $1000 less! Waaaa, I can’t afford it! DxO mark says the Sigma is sharper, and I can’t read fine print!

    Nice to see an article highlighting how amazing the new 80-400 really is. The number of keepers I get from that lens is plain shocking. I hope the 300 f/4 is in the same league as the 80-400, if it is the price, what ever it is, will be well worth it.

  • nikomment

    DigitalRev D600 price $1729? I click the link, it shows $2334 body only???
    Or is this a country specific offer? Confusing post…

    • lorenzo
    • Where are you located? For me in the US the price is $1729.

      • lorenzo

        if you Google Digitalrev $2,334 you find few links Down Under…

      • nikomment

        I am (temporarily) in Russia. $2334 is the Russian price. Though after contacting DigitalRev, they won’t ship to Russia in spite of giving a price. They also won’t ship it to my permanent US address even with a US cc because I’m typing from the RF. Too bad for me.

        You’d think they’d want to move what is evidently a bloated inventory.

        • This is strange. I guess they had a bad experience selling goods to the RF. Try with another payment method, I think they are more concerned about paying with a credit card.

        • Kynikos

          When I was last in Russia B&H would not ship anything to Russia worth more than about $500.

          As Borat would say, not ve-ry nice!

    • wys

      USA here and I see $1659.

    • Mansgame

      Also, no US warranty 🙂

  • Andre van Sloten
  • Mansgame

    Never again Nikon. Never again will I assume that your cameras work out of the box. $500 price drop on a camera that was never admitted to have an issue?

    • nst7

      They are obviously not an authorized Nikon dealer because they would not be allowed to sell at this price. I would be very suspicious of this.

    • tubaman

      Canon, Leica, etc. all have had issues with their top of the line cameras as well (Canon also had oil on sensor a few years ago). Not a Nikon fan-boy and defending them, but nobody’s perfect, so stop being a drama queen, “Mansgame”.

      If you don’t want to live with teething problems, wait a few months after initial deliveries so any problems get worked out. I’m sure your old camera can still take photos.

      • Mansgame

        Nobody is perfect, but good companies stand behind their products. Nikon to this day hasn’t stood behind their product or admitted fault. Big difference. My camera still takes photos…with dust that never seems to go away. I could send it to Nikon till I’m blue in the face (like say an overweight gentleman playing the tuba in a marching band) but the problem is somewhere else and nobody else whether it’s the D7100 users nor the D800 users seem to have the same problem.

        Last time Nikon pulled this stunt was with the SB-900. They never admitted there was a problem there either but were quick to replace it. How long has the SB-910 been around? Longer than the 900 and I’m sure the D610 will be around far longer than the D600 was until it gets an upgrade.

  • Spy Black

    External GPS units are quite ungainly, and affect your handling of the camera. Much simpler (and cheaper) to use a cell phone geotagging app and geotag the images once they’re brought into a computer.

    • lorenzo

      Good thought but cell phones, however, need to be able to connect to a cell and most of the times they don’t when one goes hiking in the middle of nowhere.

      • Jeff Hunter

        The GPS signal a smartphone or tablet computer receives comes directly from a group of GPS satellites that orbit the earth, not from cell phone towers.

      • Spy Black

        No, the app merely records the location signals coming off the satellites, as Jeff has mentioned. It records them on a time interval, which you set the interval for (every minute, 5 minutes, etc.). It then compares the time/date EXIF data of the shots off the camera (any camera, mind you) that you want geotagged and compares it to the time samples it took. The images closest to a given time sample get geotagged with that location data. Very simple. There are also stand-alone GPS units that do this as well.

        • lorenzo

          Please forgive my ignorance on that, I trusted what Nikon Support and REI told me about cell phones.

          I still have a very old Samsung that isn’t smart at all and I should get rid of it as soon as I am able to make a choice.

          Is the GPS feature/receiver good in any cell or better on the iPhone? I am not an Apple user but I like the new golden 5s even if it seems to have less feature than the Galaxy S4 – which is too big 🙂

          Which phone, app, s/w would you recommend?


          • Spy Black

            Most modern Android phones have surprisingly good GPS, so pretty much any new Android phone is game. FYI, as far as I know, the iPhone does NOT have a GPS chip, believe it or not. As I understand it, it relies entirely on cell tower triangulation for “GPS”. Someone may correct me if this situation has changed, but that is as I understand it. As such, it would be entirely useless if you didn’t have multiple cell towers to bounce off of.

            My now dated Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V has a GPS that locks in within seconds, much to my astonishment. My previous phones, a Samsung Intercept and my (quasi-smart phone) LG Rumor Touch, took several minutes.

            Of note is battery consumption. The more samples you take, the more it eats up your battery. To me that’s the only Achilles Heel. If you can change the battery on the phone then you can bring and extra, otherwise you may want to consider a dedicated GPS that records intermittent location data to do the job.

            That said, here is one app you can use with your DSLR: http://tinyurl.com/pzycr23
            Of course, there are more, just search around the Google Play Store. If you should be using Lightroom, you can geotag with it as well: http://tinyurl.com/oxoaqdn

            • lorenzo

              Thank you Spy Black!

              So what they told me that I posted first was true for the iPhone. Strange because the specs say it has a GPS. As much as I like the external quality of the Apple so I dislike their s/w; it is probably better to focus on an Android. I will check the one you have and so the app you suggested. I do have LR5 as well as PS CS6.

              I recently bought a Coolpix P330 for my hikes. It has a GPS but most of the time it doesn’t work in completely open sky, not even after 5 minutes. In addition the few times i saw the lock, when the camera is turned off and on it takes another 3-4 minutes to acquire the signal. It has a log that also fails the same way. I do have an old Garmin 60CSX, which I used a couple of times; Its receiver is much better than the GP-1 and the P330…

              Thanks again!

            • lorenzo

              me again, sorry if I bother you..

              I forgot about the iPhone, it is not worthy.

              If they do have a GPS receiver that really works (both user manuals don’t even mention GPS), which one would you choose between Galaxy S4 and HTC One?

              The 1st has all the possible feature but has a cheap plastic case and that ugly “Life companion” all over.
              The 2nd is bigger, aluminum case but with smaller screen, no replaceable battery , no additional memory card.

              It’s a big dilemma… thanks again.

            • Spy Black

              I would post in user forums for those phones to get feedback. There are a multitude of sites out there for cellphones, but these two are dedicated sites:

  • Adam Knapp

    With Sigma’s new f1.8 18-35, that lens is kinda pointless for aps-c people.

    • MW

      Well, yeah, but it’s pointless for APS-C people regardless of the Sigma, not to mention more or less any Nikkor DX kit lens that starts at 18mm. The only reason to own it for lightweight FX wide angle usage, for which it’s a pretty easy choice (that’s why I bought one).

  • Chris Alleyne-Chin

    The price is nice, but DigitalRev isn’t an Authorized Nikon distributor. Love their videos but aren’t they out of Hong Kong?

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