Rumor: Nikon preparing to announce new D5300 and D610 DSLR cameras



The latest rumors are that Nikon will release new D5300 and D610 DSLR cameras. I am still working on the details, but such announcement will be within the new company strategy to concentrate on entry level DSLR models. The D5300 will most likely be a marginal improvement over the D5200, maybe with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS functionality (just a speculation). The D610 is the more interesting development. I think the main reason behind the D610 is not so much to introduce new functionality as to kill once and for all the D600 sensor oil issue that prevented many people from buying it. Think of it like the SB-910 flash release - it did not have any major new features, it just fixed the overheating issue of the SB-900. This explains also the recent massive discounts on refurbished D600 cameras.

Needless to say that everything at that point is just a rumor with my own interpretation as to what those cameras will be. If you have any more details, do not hesitate to contact me (no email address required) since reliable information has been scarce lately.

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  • groucher


    Nikon, please do something radical and give me a FF lightweight, gimmick-free digital FM – no face recognition, no scene selections, no in-camera processing facilities, no multiple ways of doing the same thing and no stupid great useless display on the back. A digital Nikonos would be very welcome too. I have money waiting.

  • artgriffo

    No high end Dx camera then – No D400? Where is it? Is it going to be announced? Im wondering if the New D610 a full frame camera is the DX stopper! In actual fact the D7100 is now the high end Dx camera in the Nikon range. What a muddle Nikon have created!
    I still think running 4 systems (Coolpix, Cx, Dx, Fx) is a problem that Nikon have to sort first – one of these systems will have to go!

  • Nikonist

    I didn’t buy the D600 because I’m waiting for a same level camera that has:

    – No dust in the sensor
    – WiFi included. I’m fed up with my wife that wants inmediately to send by WhatsApp baby’s photos to her friends and doesn’t want to wait till staying at home. She takes the pictures with her smartphone.

    – The same autofocus system (or better) as the D7100 one.

  • halo9

    I just want a Nikon that shoots well, is well built with great qc and a reliable customer service department that fixes and admits to faults. All to go along with my great Nikkor lenses.

  • artgriffo

    With this latest rumour I gotta ask..
    Where are Nikon going? I’ve read so many reports that:
    ‘my D800 is back at the service station’, ‘my D600 has oil on the shutter/mirror’ ‘where is the Nikon D400?” and “what are they going to do about the 1 system!”
    I’m a great Nikon fan but I’m truly lost as to their direction and concerned how Nikon are going to tackle the forward thinking of the Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic companies… I don’t see any inventiveness from Nikon.
    Notice, I don’t include Canon here, ‘coz I think they are in the same boat as Nikon..

  • Vin

    Perhaps they do plan to make a few additionally improvements to the D600 & D5200 quickly. Could this also be massive smoke screen to cover other announcements. Another 1,..2 punch..

  • apollo

    If Nikon announces D600, then **** them. No plans for fixing soft video on D4, no D300s replacement….Just replace the almost the newest cameras on the line…Nikon, come on, try even!!

    Partly unhappy, annoyed Nikon shooter.

  • Rick

    Does it mean no D 4x and no
    D 400. nikon will again fall far behind

  • Rich Murray

    This is my first comment here but please don’t take it as trolling. When the 800E was announced was there as much angst? We don’t know what the 610 will bring and though the speculating might be on the mark, I’ll save the teeth gnashing until we know for sure what the new camera will have.

    BTW I cleaned the sensor on my Kodak SLR/N and have been cleaning my camera and enlarger lenses since the 50’s. Cleaning the sensor on my 600 doesn’t seem like such a big deal

    • FredBear

      One can only imagine what the outside of the cameras look like of those who couldn’t be bothered to clean the critical parts of their camera.

    • dclivejazz

      If you have the issue, it gets bad within a few hundred pics after a cleaning. Maybe I’m wrong but I doubt you usually feel the need to clean your sensor that often.

      BTW, I’m curious about how often people who clean sensors themselves do it. It something I want to learn how to do.

  • Tom

    I really do hope Nikon brings out some awesome new updates to the D610 or the D5300.

    Base on those rumors, it seems Sony might be releasing a camera that will take Canon, Nikon, or Pentax lenses probably through a adapter. Possible with, 4k video, etc..

    I know that Nikon might care about stills only, but stills tech has been stalling, not much in major breakthroughs lately, besides resolution.

    I am a Nikon D7000 user and I am highly disappointed with the camera, besides having to send to Nikon for repair to do focusing issues and now I don’t trust the camera anymore. I shoot low light sports with it, the focusing with D7000 blows, yes I can upgrade to D7100, but its buffer blows. I already missed many shots with the D7000 due to the buffer, and no I won’t (need and afford) a D4.

    I need a 8 fps huge buffer camera; DX or FX, don’t give a damn.

  • Maji

    You want the performance but don’t want to pay for it. I feel bad for you because I can’t afford a D4 either.

  • Bord81

    I’m an advanced amateur shooting mainly street/people with D300s (my main body, bought it new), D200 (second body, bought it used) and sometimes with Canon’s 5Dc (it was the cheapest used FF camera in my country to see “the FF magic” in the self-made pictures). And I’m convinced that the eventual D300s replacement should be a FF camera. A D600- or D800-like camera is a no go for that because of lack of speed compared to the D300s (AF, buffer, too high MPs/shake). If Nikon releases a FF camera, like said before, with 6 FPS, 30 RAW buffer and 51 pt AF, then I’ll sell the D200 and 5Dc and buy that camera as my main next camera with some Nikkor FF glass, including the 14-24/2.8. Thanks for paying attention.

  • BroncoBro

    Why don’t you buy a D300s? It does all the things you write about.

  • Aurora1977

    I think I have to live with the fact that I will have to keep the D700 for several more years to come for my wedding work. I don’t see Nikon coming out with a perfect wedding camera soon. There’s only one perfect wedding camera at the moment on the market, and it not made by Nikon. We all know the name. It is really a shame.

    • Mansgame


      • Neopulse

        Olympus seems like a quick AF cam with nice lenses. Although I think in certain wedding shots, lack of very shallow DOF coould be a problem.

    • Neopulse

      Well what’s wrong with keeping a D700 for years to come? If you like it, why not keep using it. There are photographers out there that still use film SLRs and haven’t traded it yet. Keep it for decades then and just have it serviced from time to time.

  • aiz

    instead of fixing our D600s nikon posts a sign on it saying that they have all been a mistake, so we the people now have a less valued equipment.

  • B.Jones

    So the 610 is supposed to upstage my D600——->BOOOOOOOO
    Nikon-“ain’t nobody got time for that” mofo

  • MeatLoaf

    Just a heads up I ordered a D600 from B&H and received it today. Checked the sensor out of the box nothing. Took about 80-90 shots. Checked the sensor, guess what? 4-8 large blobs already. Probably be returning this next week. Hopefully B&H will be easy to deal with, probably won’t hear back until Tues. FYI it a serial number 306XXXX. Ugh I already sold my complete DX set up to purchase this. Might have to fork out more bills and just do the D800…

  • Leo C

    Nikon sucks, you still owe D600 users an explaination.
    Without good credit, never think that you will beat Canon 6D by a replacement.

    • Harry

      I totally agree. Have a D600 and had the sensor cleaning enabled when it was turned off. I now used a blower and still see dust at f22. So even assuming that Nikon gives its users “free” cleaning for life, why would I want my camera in the shop every few months? Trust me, I know how to take care of the dust post-processing but I shouldn’t have to do it on every picture (I shoot landscape mostly at f16/22). A wet-clean obviously voids the warranty.

      If Nikon does introduce a D610 with the main purpose being to resolve the oil issue, I think its a class action waiting to happen.

      • primary focus

        i hope so that is so bogus if they come out new camera instead of doing something right for customers

  • Yannick

    Upgrading a camera like the D600 and the D5200 so soon after their launch is to laught at the actual customers. I don’t own any of these camera, but I’m pretty sure the D5300 will get the sensor of the D7100 and the D610 will get ride of the AA filter and they will fix the oil problem. BUT! I still think that the people who bought the D600 and the D5200 should get an upgrade or at least something because it’s not usual to upgrade a product like this after only 1 year (unless it’s made by Apple)! It only shows that there was a flaw in the original design …

    On the other side, I have not heard anything wrong about the D5200 so I am curious to see why they decided to upgrade it

    • Neopulse

      Compare it to the K-50 and you’ll see what Nikon messed up on big time.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      D7100 has the same sensor as the D5200 so if the D5300 gets the same sensor as the D7100 then it will be exactly the same camera. If they do put out a D5300 it won’t likely get a new sensor but probably other hardware features such as wifi and GPS and maybe a touchscreen.

      The D5200 is actually a very nice camera for the money.

      • Yannick

        The D5200 does not have the same sensor as the d7100 even if they have the same number of pixels. The d5200 is made by toshiba. I dont remember who made the sensor for the d7100 (sony or nikon) but i know that the aa filter is removed. Compare the IQ on dpreview and you will notice that the d7100 is slightly sharper. To my eyes its even sharper than the d600…
        Yes the d5200 is a good camera for the money, so was the d5100 before her…

  • Nitcha

    d5300 should have tuch screen with wireless connectivity to entice today’s crowd

  • Majd

    I believe it’s gonna be a D610 and a D400 for a good reason.

    D4x and D700x will affect the sales of the D4. One more year and Nikon will issue both these cameras at the same time because then the D4 will be old enough to retire – old by the definition of today’s technology life span of course.

    A D610 will have a market for sure and so is a D400. A D5300 won’t be released for the same logic mentioned above, the D7100 is new and awesome and I believe a D5300 won’t be good enough to convince customers to look away from the D7100. Also there is little technology to fill the gap between D5200 and D7100. If Nikon releases such a camera, it will be a mistake as it is gonna confuse the Dx market and take away from the sales of the D7100.

    • koenshaku

      That is a sound argument, the D400 however I wonder what they could improve beyond the body though. Maybe they will add that lowpass filter on/off switch they just released the patent for. I really would like a FF 24mp camera with better focusing though.

      • majd

        There is always something new to add to the flagship. They will never release everything they have at once. They release new technology step by step so there will always be a market for their equipment. A better battery, more built in connectivity, new flash functions (i expect a new flash from Nikon with a wireless trigger built in soon), more native resolution (won’t be much to keep things running fast and noise easy to handle), more AF coverage, faster shutter speed, and most important, an Expeed 4 maybe. I feel that the D4x will be a real jump from the D4 in terms of specs and cash.

        That doesn’t mean that the D4 will be ran over. Not at all, the D4 will still be an amazing camera but then even the Pro market will be divided into those who want it all (D4x) and those who just want a pro body to get cash into their business. Dividing the market is what Nikon has been doing recently.

      • majd

        oops I got the question wrong lol .. I thought you were asking about improving the D4, missed two zeros haha.

        Anyways, I am not sure about the D400 but seems like many people are screaming for one and they have their reasons. Logic says that if they improve it too much then the D7100 will lose its position but then again, those people who want it must have reasons. In the end, Nikon will always have a trick to add in its sleeve, they just need to find a justification for it.

  • Arty Wadd

    I definitely agree that the D610 (if the rumor comes to fruition) is solely meant to put the PR nightmare that was the D600 in their rear view mirror. That being said, it will need to have some new features from at the very least a marketing perspective and I think it will be the removal of the AA filter and a slight improvement of the AF. I work in a marketing dept. and it is always fun to see how something like this pans out if at all. We shall see…

    • Imperious Images

      Dropping the AA filter and improving the AF would be a huge deal. I think that would really get those D700 faithfuls to update to the D610.

  • Steve Wakeman

    I feel sorry for the people that bought the SB900 and the D600, they should get huge discounts on the newer models I reckon.
    It wasn’t their fault there was a design flaw.
    I didn’t buy either – I always wait for the list of bugs before deciding. 😀

    • Abraham Collins

      My SB900 doesn’t overheat like everyone complains.. I’d prefer the risk of shutdown than the 910’s secret power handicap to prevent said shutdown. I demand consistent power output.

    • PSAGuy

      I LOVE my 3 SB-900’s !! They have never once let me down.

  • Will Speak

    How about a D800 body, focus system etc with a 24mp DX sensor, 6-8 FPS, 30 raw frame burst depth, a stop or two improvement in usable ISO over the D300 and call it the D400? I’d buy one!

    • VikingAesir

      Sounds more like a D700 upgrade than a D400. Less pixel density than the D300 doesn’t make it much of an upgrade for wildlife or many sport shooters.

      • Deep_Lurker

        No, because it’s a DX sensor. However, if you make it a 24MP FX sensor, then that would be a sweet D700 sucessor. Even if the price were the same as a D800e.

        The one other factor a D400 needs is a price of $2000 or less. But I think that’s doable: Put the D7100 sensor in a D800 body, give it the D7100’s 6 FPS, viewfinder, and autofocus system, add a big fat buffer (like the D800 already has), include all the other features that a D800 has (or at least all the ones it has in DX mode) – and there you have the D400.

  • PSAGuy

    All appears quiet on the D4(s) front I guess ??

    • I think the D610 will replace any full frame plans Nikon had before they realized they are in trouble and decided to concentrate on entry level models. There is still a possibility that they may announce something in early 2014 before the Winter Olympics.

      • PSAGuy

        Yeah…I figure next spring/summer. Gotta get a second one….was going to wait but it does not look good. Gotta pull the trigger now.

  • Photoretouchpro

    Maybe the 610 is the 600 without AA filter?

  • cobby64

    An Nikon is wondering why they are not making sales? I think I can say that Nikon doesn’t make great upgrades then… smh

    1D-x vrs D4.. 5D mk iii vrs D8000… 6D vrs D600

    I say Canon has evened the score if not slightly ahead.

    • Neopulse

      Huh wtf are you talking about? It’s cameras released in categories in accordance with current competition.

  • D500

    No sign of D400
    or has it gone already

  • Paul Vincent

    I have 4 d700’s, and been waiting for a replacement. D800 is not a replacement. To each is own, if you feel its a replacement then by all means it is but if to others like me that its not the case then its not. Im a wedding photographer and I own a d3s, d3, d700, d300, d200 and d2xs. The d800 is not for me. To much MP, yes images does look better but I produce 3k-4k images every wedding. So just do the math and it doesnt add up. Not practical. Cleaner images in high ISO with 16MP, fast and accurate focus day and night time is a replacement..wait isnt that the d4 and Canon 1dx? Just dont like the xqd of the d4 and the canon 1dx is very attractive to me now. Just invested so much in Nikon gears, have no choice but to stick to this brand.

  • torwag

    Hmmm, most likely you forgot one more “feature”.
    If they go totally wild, the D610 will come with a new battery and camera grip.
    Being a little bit crazy, they come with a new battery.
    And if they keep both battery and grip, I am almost sure, they will add a new “feature” which rejects all third-party batteries compatible with the D600.

    That is what happens to a friend of mine, upgrading his Canon. Albeit the specs refer to the same battery-type, all his third-party batteries stopped working.

  • D620

    Where is the spec info?
    There is only guess post.
    I don’t see any rumour.

  • Marcin

    Nikon D5300 and D610 coming early next week
    is this true? any info on specification ? or is it only dust improvement?

  • Starfires

    You know, if they upgraded the AF in the D600 to D800 level and sorted out the oil spots thing, I’d be right onto that. Unfortunately it sounds like a non-event just to make the camera ‘new’ again.

    • RC

      I’ve been using the D600 since it first came out. The AF is AWESOME (light years beyond that of the D300), and mine does not have the oil issue (first one did, returned it, 2nd one perfect).

      • Starfires

        Better AF than the D300? I’m not doubting you, but you’re the first to say that and it certainly has less AF points, with them bunched very tightly in the centre. If it is the D800 AF ‘light’, then it could be better and a lot smarter than a D300, but I still wouldn’t really want DX-sized AF in a full-frame camera, at that price. I’m still one looking for a D710 type of camera as an ideal, or perhaps a speedy D800S.

        Good to know you can get models without the issue, which could mean getting a cheaper D600 when their price plummets. Still though, you shouldn’t really need to return cameras for another one. I’ve never in my life needed to do that and it damages Nikon’s reputation, (the same way Sigma’s former quality control, or lack of it, damaged theirs).

        Nikon needs to have an image representing quality, as they’re competing with much larger companies, like Sony and Canon and some day maybe Samsung more as well.

        • RC

          I agree. We shouldn’t have to buy and return but I’m just glad such a model exists. It’s that good.

          I can’t be the only one that’s praised its AF speed =) I haven’t had any issue with the bunched up AF points in real-life use, so the best way to determine if this is a limitation is to try it out yourself.

          • Starfires

            I hear you. If you are basically doing focus/recompose anyway, or not using far-off points it could be even more precise and of course the shot-to-shot speed beats the D800 handily.

            So here we have the D610 out, without the oil-spot problem. I still think (as so many do) they should have issued a recall for anyone affected. The risk of having an affected camera and not getting the proper service from a Nikon in denial is just too great to make a D600 worth it for me, at least.

            Glad to hear you haven’t had any trouble, at least with your second one.

  • johno

    Nikon has really lost direction and has no idea what to do about it. They are not forthcoming with their customers and fail to listen to the things we want/need… I will be selling my Nikon gear. Tired of waiting. Unfortunately.

  • Alff Henry

    Please Nikon come out with a Find My Camera App like, like Apple has for find my iphone

  • Grey Tan

    I just wish that the D610 will get upgrades in the AF coverage and 1 button 100% zoom functionality. That’ll get me to upgrade from the D700.

    D800 will do nicely for events to be honest (unless you’re a dedicated sports photographer without a fat wallet, then stick to the D700 or D7100). I’d be able to shoot an event with just the 28mm F1.8G and DX crop to zoom. Eat that f1.8 24-70mm toting people.

    And seriously, how hard is it to make an action to down-res to DNG before editing?

  • SickOfNikonFrauds

    Nikon is really fu**ing with people…Nikon D610 WTF??!!
    Solving Oil Spot Issue, what the hell am i supposed to do with my D600…
    Burn it cos it will have a huge price drop even in the used market…F*ck Nikon very much.

  • TommyLe

    I have 1 d800 & 1 D4, 24-70 2.8, 70-20 2.8, & 80-400, 12-24. too heavy, too many bodies & lensens. How about D800s or D4s ( D4 in D800 body) for $4,000 or $5,000). How about 24-200 2.8 or 24-300 2.8 for about $3,000. I will sell all my sfuffs & buy right away too save $, weight & time to change lense? D 400 is USELESS. ( I am a PRO who do not care about $, but care about Quality of photos & weight & times)

  • R2D600

    I just got a refurb d600 from one of the online retailers with serial # 3010xx, so it looks like one of the first ones. It has 200+ clicks and is effectively brand new. Not a scuff anywhere.

    It had a few dust specks on sensor on arrival, but no oil, and I’ve added another 600 clicks. No issues, just a couple more spots of dust, just blew it off with rocket. No big deal for a new camera. But I’m not a pro so am not as concerned as a pro would understandably be 24/7 with a work tool.

    Does anyone know how to tell if the shutter has been
    replaced by looking at any exif data from within the internal computer which shows total clicks, not just clicks on this shutter, or any other way?

    And if this is one of the first ones, they must have thousands of 600’s they’re sending off to retailers sold as refurbs (speculation based on ser.#).

    IQ is good enough to not be worried for me, since I do my own sensor cleaning. It’s easy to do but you have to use a pec pad with the correct solution to avoid streaks.

    It doesn’t bother me at all, the camera is THAT good. I just would like to know if the shutter has been replaced for peace-of-mind.

  • J.P

    Is Nikon going for 3-digit & 1letter/number model cameras (600, 800, D4)as the FX lines and 4-digit camera models (5300, 7100) as the DX line? I can’t keep up with all the new numbers and letters anymore.

  • Tisdale53

    I’m amazed that Nikon chose to address the D600 oil issue by just screwing all those who bought the camera and coming out with a replacement. It would seem to me the very least they could do would be to send those who bought the D600 a substantial discount toward the new camera. Not what I expected from what I thought was a classy company.

  • iceman

    i wonder when will nikon come up with the same lens as canon 17-40mm f/4. i think it would be a nice lens for some of the enthusiasts like me. i cant afford the 14-24mm because of its price. and i would like to have the same focal length as canon’s as my go to lens.

  • Kuba

    Guys You think there is any chance for updated D800 in next 6 months? I’m looking for my D7000 repleacement 🙂

  • vracer

    instead of this why cant they come up with a firmware to improve video on D5100.

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