Refurbished Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens deal for $1,599.99 is back *UPDATED*


Several readers asked me about the refurbished D600 kit deal that sold out in few hours last week. The deal is back: eBay (via Adorama) is currently offering again the refurbished Nikon D600 kit with the Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G lens for $1,599.99 with free shipping.

Update: the D600 kit is now sold out. Here is another eBay deal: new Nikon SB-910 for $464.95 (reg. $546.95).

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  • Marcio

    And a refurbished D600 is a good deal? The chances of getting dust/oil on sensor are bigger than in a new one?

    • Rock Kenwell

      AGAIN with the oil and dust.
      How does the oil/dust affect the first 3000 photos you shot? were they all at F16 and smaller? were they all sky? Were you fed up with cleaning the sensor or fed up with yourself because you are not will to learn to clean the sensor?

      • Guest


      • IslandNature

        Think that @Marcio has a legitimate question – I sent mine in to Nikon at around 3000 actuations and they replaced the shutter mechanism under warrantee. Since then no problems. Would be worth contacting the seller to confirm that the refurb was a full shutter replacement and not just a cleaning.

        • My understanding is that those refurbished D600 cameras are fixed. Of course Nikon will never confirm it.

          • One More Thought

            If these refurb D600s are all fixed, then that is huge and it means the refurbs are a better purchase than a new one, regardless of the price break.

            • Keep in mind the warranty on a refurbished model drops from 2 years to 3 months. If that’s important to you, don’t forget to include the cost of purchasing a 3rd party extended warranty.

        • Spy Black

          I’m not sure the seller would be privy to this kind of information. Regardless of what camera you use, sooner or later you’re going to have to clean the sensor. We can all agree that this dust situation with the D600 should have never been, but the reality is that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as most people were made to believe it was, and once you understand how comically simple it is to clean your sensor, you wouldn’t bat an eye at it. I never did, and bought my D600 (new) knowing full well what I would be up against, and it turned out to be not much of anything at all.

          • IslandNature

            @spy_black:disqus My D600 sensor was pretty grimy and while I was really comfortable wet cleaning my old D80 (post warranty coverage) I felt that it was worth getting the D600 “officially” fixed while still under its warranty. Since Nikon replaced the shutter mechanism I assume that with my camera the issue might have been more pronounced. Since the repair I’ve been dust and oil free.

            • Spy Black

              I’ll assume that’s your previous iteration.

            • Spy Black

              Here’s what I have seen in my D600. This is a contrast-exaggerated image, even at f22 (at which this was shot) you would only notice the larger of these on plain areas like skies and such:

            • IslandNature

              Yes – that was pre Nikon service. It’s been excellent since they replaced the shutter.

      • UnknownTransit

        No big deal. I acquired a d7000 used with 11k shots and that had oil on the sensor. A little cleaning and it’s good again. It’s still good now with 50k on it. I know that some of the d7000 have oil on the sensor too. It’s not like this is a problem exclusive to the d600.

  • Gare Morrell

    I would like to hear from someone who bought a refurbish d600 and who refurbishes what kind of warranty???

    • The warranty on all refurbished Nikon products is 90 days.

  • MW

    I bought a D600 on the previous eBay deal and will be playing with it this week, reporting findings here if anything weird happens. Also, to be clear, the previous eBay auction did NOT sell out in a few hours – I believe it took about 2-3 full days before inventory was exhausted (I mulled over my potential purchase for a couple of days before pulling the trigger).

    • Maybe it was few hours after my post. Anyway, I was traveling and could not follow eBay, but I received several emails from readers asking me where they can get this deal.

      • MW

        No problem, didn’t mean to troll. Just wanted to relate my experience.

        • No problem, please come back and tell us if you had any sensor spots issues. Thanks!

      • robert

        yes good deal. thanks for the post boss.

      • UnknownTransit

        No, I think it sold out two days after your post. There was around 50 purchases when it was first posted here. It ended at 301 cameras sold.

    • Happy Nikon User

      I bought one the last time around. Mine should arrive on Friday. I mulled between getting a D600 and D800. There is good and bad in both of them for me. I have to be honest, it was the price. I have no use for the lens. I will sell it, but … for $1,300 (after selling the lens), I couldn’t possibly lose on the camera so it is a done deal.

  • SMcGuire45

    I bought the deal today after being bummed out about the previous listing selling out. I’ll be testing the camera when it arrives and will post findings here. Thanks NikonRumors!

    • Very welcome, let me know if you get any dust/oil issues.

      • SMcGuire45

        Just an update…I got the camera/lens today. Everything looks good and I’m currently charging the battery right now and will shoot test shots tomorrow.

        • Thanks for the update.

          • SMcGuire45

            Ok, after lots of smokey filled skies from all the wildfires, I had a chance to test the refurbed D600. The serial #3052467. Everything came great and looked good from Adorama. I uploaded a jpeg to myshuttercount and it said 51. I shot several blue sky shots at f/22 and unfortunately this one has TONS of oil/dirt on the sensor. It’s definitely disappointing since this was supposedly reset to factory specs etc. I’ll be returning it to Adorama tomorrow morning. No qualms with them at all, however, Nikon really should at least clean the sensor if it was indeed returned to them to be refurbed. Any other please ask and I’ll be happy to answer!

    • Please let me know the first 3 digits of the serial number, and if it has any dust/oil issues.

  • Sentinel

    Its selling like hot cake more than 50 in an hr !!! lol

  • SMcGuire45

    117 Units sold since the $300 price drop this morning!

    • Like I said, it is a very good deal. I am also considering to buy one.

  • I don’t get it

    Is this still Nikon Rumors or is it a Nikon sales office now? I just can’t find any Nikon rumours lately, just lots of links to buy Nikon products. Just saying…

    • AM

      Here’s your rumor: the D400 will be announced tonight.
      Happy now?

      • I don’t get it

        Very happy! I count on you!

    • faulks

      Totally agree, and I’m sure Peter (Admin) will respond below. Peter you’ve done a great job over the years, top notch. Now that you’ve lost your leak source, or signed a deal with Nikon sales, perhaps you should do the right thing and relinguish your DNS registration so someone else can do Nikon Rumours.

      And please, don’t say that clearing stock is paving the way for something new. What is it then?

      • Syd

        A bit harsh but very true.

        I would like to know why there aren ‘t any rumours coming out. Any real rumours.

      • slimysnot

        I am pretty sure you haven’t been following nikon rumors that closely, because any regulars to this site should already know that nikon’s profit is sinking and is currently working on creating products to enter new markets in order to stay profitable. (ie, drastic changes to product line)

        so if nikon has no solid road map, there won’t be engineers working on those products, which means that there won’t be rumors any time soon.

        however, you are welcome grab your nikon camera to go out and take some pictures instead of bitterly complaining about the lack of rumors on this blog site.

        P.S. Thx to admin for posting these deals, I think I’ll be getting a D600 soon.

        • Nikon has made/is making many changes to their products roadmap. I can bet that in some categories (mirrorless) even Nikon is not sure what will come in the future. I already said, three new cameras by the end of the year: one full frame (probably D4x), new DX entry level camera (probably D1000) and a third camera that most likely will be DX (not D400, but maybe a new mirrorless or another entry level DSLR).

    • Aldo

      They are also announcing the d700 replacement.
      *24mp sensor (improved version from d600 without AA filter)
      *8fps (with optional battery grip)
      *60p 1080 video
      *full metal body (almost the same d700 ergonomics)
      *250 sync flash
      *new 65 point focus system
      *raw file size flexibility 24mp, 14mp, 7mp.
      rumored cost $1799 US dollars or 5k Euro (made in Japan)

      • Anonymous Coward

        *It’s mirrorless with an EVF and global electronic shutter. No mirror, no mechanical shutter, no optical viewfinder.

      • robert

        you sure? or youre just guessing?
        why isnt the d800 the replacement?
        just curious.

        • Aldo

          Just being a little sarcastic and taking a wild guess on what would satisfy those who never seem to be satisfied.

          • robert

            ah I see

          • Neopulse

            The sarcasm was obvious. Quite humorous the 5k euro

    • One More Thought

      I for one appreciate the fact that this site also reports on pricing specials, etc…as well as rumors. After all, those of us who care about Nikon rumors usually will eventually care about purchasing some of that equipment.

      I always find it curious when people complain about posts on a free blog. First, it’s free…when you are paying the admin for his time, then you may be able to complain. Second, it’s a website…which means that you never have to read the articles that don’t interest you. So I don’t get the complaints about certain posts; just skip them if you don’t like them.

      Also, if anyone follows any rumor site for a while, you know that rumors are like grapes: they come in bunches, and sometimes you get a lot of rumors, and sometimes very few. That’s because companies don’t release a new product every week.

      So bottom line: I think the site admin is doing a terrific job keeping us informed, and I am grateful.

      • Thank you!

      • umeshrw

        Nice reply. Also ,
        Nikon Rumors Admin > SMcGuire45
        • 16 hours ago
        Like I said, it is a very good deal. I am also considering to BUY one.
        Meaning it is NOT a sales office for nikon.
        Some people cannot even be thankful for free stuff.

        • Jarod

          What is being offered for free here?

          • Maji


    • decisivemoment

      Nikon’s marketing and approach to sales channels is so cryptic that you need a *rumor* site simply to begin to figure out what their promotions are and when they’re running. So, under the circumstances, yes this is perfectly appropriate for a “nikon rumors” site.

  • Nourah

    I hope we see the d300s replacement I hope and wish but the D400 is a unicorn so there’s no rumors or announcement or anything i think I’ll get the D800 .

    • There will be no D400, at least not this year.

    • Aldo

      d800 is the best you can get for the money right now… and if you need a machine gun, get the 1dx

      • patto01

        This isn’t the first time you’ve shown a preferance for the 1DX over the D4 even though you like your D800. Do you maintain dual systems and/or switch back and forth like changing your underwear? I’m not trying to be a jerk (this time), I just don’t understand. It seems to me it makes more sense to choose a system and skip any body you don’t care for. In this case, the D3S is a very viable alternative to the D4 or the 1DX. Personally, I’d prefer a beefed up D600 to the D800 but I wouldn’t switch to Canon to get a 5D Mark III…

        • Aldo

          I have shot with the 1dx… I recommend it over the D4. Of course this may not be an option for you if you are too deep into a brand (lenses, etc). The d3 is a great alternative as you say, but if you are trying to get the best of its class, it would have to be the 1dx. I wouldn’t recommend the mark 3 over the d800 though. What do you mean by a “beefed up” d600? It is just a matter of money. Right now you can theoretically get a d600 for 1300-1400 bucks… and a d800 for about 2k. You can throw all the “beef” you want into the d600 it won’t perform like the d800 (though it may come close, its limitations are critical to some including myself).If I lost all my stuff (God forbid) and didn’t have the money to replace it all, I can work with this 1600 dollar kit. Sure I would spend more time in LR correcting stuff, but the quality of my work wouldn’t suffer drastically to the naked eye. The focusing system on the d800 isn’t perfect, I get out of focus pix here and there… that means I would have to shoot more with the d600… which means even more work. You know what they say “a good photographer can shoot with anything” … well as nice as that sounds shooting with “anything” comes at a cost. A better tool for the job translates to doing more of the fun part of the job (shooting) and less of the boring (post). I like nikon but if there is a better tool for the money on the other side, I’d be willing to make the jump anytime. That is why I switched to nikon in the first place.

          • patto01

            Wow. Where to start?
            My point was regarding the wisdom of switching back and forth between systems. Assuming you’re familiar with one system over the other, and have a lot invested in lenses and other accessories, it doesn’t make sense to me to change whenever someone else comes out with a camera you like a little better.
            As to a “beefed up D600,” I mean a better focusing system and D800/D4 controls. For me (I wish I could bold that) the D800 would be a specialty camera (portraits and landscapes). I much prefer wildlife photography and the D800 is just too slow (fps and buffer) and the resulting files are a lot of overhead for no return (again, for me). All things being equal, the 5D Mark III would suit me better than the D800 (but not the D600) but, again, I would never change to Canon because individual bodies come and go. Maybe next year, Nikon would come out with something better and then the year after, Canon…
            I can easily guess that an event shooter has very different requirements and perhaps it pays well enough to jump back and forth.
            I just think, in the long run, familiarity with your camera (whatever it is) is more important than one that is slightly better for whatever reason.

            • Aldo

              Switching is a hassle, but you must also be open minded about it. If it is gonna benefit your work for the next 2 years or more, it is something to consider. And not necessarily canon or nikon… consider other brands as well. If you aren’t familiar with other bodies, it’s difficult to see why changing a brand would make sense. The best example I can give you, is the 5d mark 2. As successful as the camera was, its focusing system had many significant shortcomings. Back then it was either the d700 or the mark 2 for that price range. Now if you stick to “what makes sense” why in hell would you choose the d700 over the mark 2? You paid more for 10 less mp and no video. On top of that… why would you change your brand for the d700. Insane right? Well then sometimes insanity is the answer to your problem. You may not have the same needs as others, but in the long run experience is something that you can’t learn or buy… and to gain experience sometimes you may have to get out of your comfort zone… or comfort brand? Just a thought.

            • patto01

              Making a one-time switch for a really good reason makes sense. If another manufacturer maintained a trend of better bodies and you weren’t going to suffer for a lack of lenses, etc. that would make sense. I just don’t see changing from Canon to Nikon for the D700 or Nikon to Canon for the 1DX…
              Again, if you’re a full-time professional and changing, even for only a couple years, will help your income, sure. Why not!?

            • Aldo

              The focusing system on the 5d mark 2 was crippled under certain shooting conditions. This is not the same case with the d4. But if I had the d3 and wanted to upgrade I’d make an effort to get the 1dx over the d4. It is just a fantastic camera that leaves you wishing for little… from the mp count to the focusing system. I don’t have an arsenal of lenses and flashes so it wouldn’t be a big deal to me. I also shoot with the same camera for a long time. I’d rather indulge myself in the present than to wait for “my brand” to come up with what the other guys already have.

            • patto01

              Again (this is getting monotonous), you do it for a living. I’d rather spend my money on trips to interesting locations than equipment. My Japanese brother-in-law keeps after me to visit them again. When he was younger, he’d traveled all over the world so recently, I asked him about Istanbul. Quite a few people had mentioned it as a great place to take photos, recently. He replied that it was okay but not nearly as photogenic as Tokyo, Kyoto, Miyajima,… 🙂
              So he’d be upset if I told him I bought a new camera and lenses instead! (grin)

            • Aldo

              Cant beat a good trip! No argument there. But i was saying in general not you particularly.

            • patto01

              Generally speaking, most people have other financial demands in their lives. Just out of curiosity, when you switched from Canon to Nikon, did it increase your income from photography? I doubt it. If you shoot professionally, you have to make every decision based on a ROI analysis. If you’re shooting as a hobby, you should really look for balance in your life and make sure of the reasons for everything you do.

              Sorry. I get philosophical at bedtime. It’s the only way I can deal with my wife’s constant rejection. 😉

            • Aldo

              lol… it’s all good. It did increase my income. But not because I switched brands necessarily, but because I was able to produce better jpegs and became less dependent on raw files. As far as spending on gear… I only spend on the essentials… And if I buy something and see I don’t use much, I quickly sell it. I don’t like having stuff just to have. 90 percent of the gear I own I use every single Saturday. I know a lot of hobbyist who own way more stuff than I do. I can bet you even you own more lenses than I do =]

            • Spy Black

              Personally, if I’ve invested in one system, and decided another system had some advantages (regardless of whether it’s Canon, Sony, etc.), I don’t see why I can’t KEEP what I have and simply invest in another system. I wouldn’t think twice about that. If I (for instance) think my present lenses are great, but there are lenses “over there” that may be better for this or that, then I would consider investing in a secondary system if I felt it may serve me in some fashion. However I don’t see a need to eliminate the advantages of the system I already have. It’s paid for, and works for me in X, Y or Z situations.

            • Aldo

              Oh yeah. I guess I really never considered keeping two systems because of what I mentioned above. If you can afford to keep them, more power to you!

  • decisivemoment

    I think I’ll pass, although it’s a price that gets the cost down far enough for customers to start to deal with third parties like Mack to compensate for the poor refurbished warranty. I still just can’t get around Nikon’s AF module choice on the D600 or the quality control issues with lubricants.

    Maybe one of these days Nikon will get sufficiently competent at marketing and sales channel management that they don’t need rumor sites in order to inform the public of special promotions like these! But until then, I’m glad NR does what they do.

  • Spy Black

    It would be nice if Nikon just sold this camera without that ball-and-chain lens at the sale price. Seems to me they’re really trying to dump the lens and not sell the camera.

    • Aldo

      you can sell it and get a fifty mill like you said.

      • Spy Black

        For a moment I thought you said I can get fifty mill for it…

  • xtopher

    I picked one up a couple of weeks ago for $1659 on ebay. Called up Adorama and they gave me a credit for the difference! Kudos to them for fantastic customer service.

    I had a D800. Awesome camera but I decided it was just more camera than i needed. I didn’t feel like carrying all the weight most of the time so i was using my V1. So far the D600 has been perfect for me. No oil on sensor issues so far!

    I do wish the AF area were a little larger but i’m sure we’ll get that with the next iteration and at the price i paid i won’t lose much if i trade up.

  • GoobSoCold

    How many actuations typically on these refurbished cameras?

    • GoobSoCold

      Also, what’s the origin of these refurbished units? I always thought they were “salesman’s samples” and trade show demos and the like. With hundreds available, leads me to believe these are customer returns.

      • Yes, most likely those are returns that were “refurbished” by Nikon.

  • 103David

    Just as a suggestion…How ’bout we just automatically drop any posting containing the phrase “D400”?
    The continuing obsession is useless, repetitive, annoying, disingenuous, and seems to be emanating from only a very few of the more obsessive-compulsive among the NR followers. The D400 will happen when it happens, so relax, get away from the computer, go for a walk, and contemplate the truism, “today’s obsession is tomorrow’s garage-sale item.”

    • umeshrw

      Agree with you completely but a large number of those posts are from D400 haters who always troll without any provocation.


      Old hat, D400 is dead & buried.
      We have moved on.
      Now where the hell is that D500?

  • Happy Nikon User

    My D600 arrived today, a day early, from the prior batch. It came in a Nikon refurbished camera box (white box). The lens was packaged separately. I am not sure if Nikon packaged the lens and body as a kit or if Adorama did. The lens and body were separate.

    In terms of the camera, it looked cosmetically perfect. It had just a few hundred actuations on it. All of the accessories with it looked brand new and sealed in original boxes. Everything was included. I fired the camera up and it operated perfectly.

    The second batch on eBay has sold out already too. 200 were sold.

    I will report more on the camera after I have shot a while, but I am both pleased and impressed.

    • Aldo

      ty 4 the feedbak

  • Mike

    My D600 arrived yesterday. It had 27 actuations! Looks practically new. The box it came in was officially printed by Nikon so it looks like Nikon themselves refurbished them. The lens came in a separate brown cardboard box. The battery provided was even in its original Nikon box so I assume it is a completely new battery. Very satisfied with purchase. eBay was running some kind of triple cashback during the time I bought it and I received a $96 cashback for it from eBay.

  • flee_glee

    i was able to grab one from the first wave. Received the camera yesterday and I see no dust/oil spots. S/N# 302xxxx, It had 410 clicks, looks like they replaced the shutter mechanism.

    • That’s what I thought – Nikon will take a huge risk if they put those cameras back in the market without fixing them.


        ….they weren’t fixed when they were sold the first time were they?.

  • Smudger

    Phenominal returns rate on the D600 to support all these refurbs!

  • Steve Dunleavy

    Just got mine today – great service from Adorama. Camera appears as new, shutter count is 636.

  • ako_to

    got my d600 last week..shutter count 11 (yes ELEVEN)..serial num. 3049xxx..tried F22 onto a clear sky..nothing in there..

  • ys

    I bought one and this copy of the D600 has NO DUST ISSUES. Yay! SN is 300xxxx.

  • imtheone

    Looks like a good buy. Great additional for my gadgets collection.

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