New low price: refurbished Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens for $1,599.99


A refurbished Nikon D600 kit with the Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G lens is now listed for $1,599.99 with free shipping by Adorama on eBay (the same kit is priced at $1,859 on their website). The Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens alone costs $596.95 (new), a refurbished D600 body only is listed for only $10 less ($1,589).

Check also the one day sell on SanDisk memory cards at Amazon and B&H.

I will be on the road with limited Internet connectivity in the next 3 days. Blog posts and email correspondence could be delayed.

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  • Joseph Li

    OMG..full frame has never been more affordable. Sell the lens and it’s $1300 for a 24mb D600..awesome

    • Guest

      Selling that crap lens will be the challenge. Better just to get a good deal on the body only and spare yourself the headache.

      • Joseph Li

        It’s a good consumer lens nevertheless. Convenient zoom range, has VR, decent image quality. Sure it’s not easy selling good price for it, but for $100-200 it shouldnt be too difficult. Still, that’s a great deal on the D600.

        • Aldo

          It actually sells for over 200 very easy. It is a good lens at that price.

          • patto01

            That’s odd. A few weeks ago, you insisted it was a crappy lens with “nasty” distortion…

            • Aldo

              I didn’t say it was crappy… I did say the lens has “nasty” distortion… and it is true. But for 200-300 bucks? I mean you have to put something on your FF camera… Assuming you got nothing better or no cash to invest on better glass… this is an awesome deal.

            • robert

              For the money u save from buying the d800 and selling the kit lens u can easily get a used 28-70 afs for 750 bucks

            • Aldo

              a lot of people forget about that 28-70… it’s a great lens.

          • Joseph Li

            Yea exactly..what can you get at $200 nowadays? Considering it’s a kit lens similar to DX 18-55mm vr which sells about $100, this is a full frame 24-85 for $200-300.

            • Aldo


            • F200

              Got the lens for $300 earlier this year, a good, solid ever day lens. The VR really helps with my shaking hand. There’s an awful lot of distortion but not really an issue for me.

            • Spy Black

              “…what can you get at $200 nowadays?”
              Money much better spent.

            • Joseph Li

              who mentioned about insulting the 18-55 vr? by comparing them both as kit lenses I think I just made the 18-55 the best bang for the buck lens for $100. 24-85 vr is a $600 lens, definitely priced above the 18-55….not sure where is the insult in that. Sounds like you have one and that’s probably your favorite

            • Spy Black

              It was a sarcastic joke. I do have an 18-55 for my D5100 however. Comparatively, it ultimately is (optically) a superior lens in DX than the 24-85 is in FX. For my D600 I just use mostly primes. I did pickup an old plastic 28-80 f/3.3-5.6G for the D600 for about $80 which was surprisingly good, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it blows the doors off the 24-85.

      • Maji

        Have you used the lens?

      • Frank N. Blunt

        The lens is actually quite good!

      • Steve

        Ever heard of ebay?

      • Guest2

        I agree with Guest on “selling the lens”. You gotta spend time answering questions, taking pictures, writing a good description, etc if you want a good price. Even then you have ~13% ebay+paypal fees, shipping, and risk of getting an uncooperative buyer. Not to mention refurbished lenses sell cheaper and you don’t have the box since you’re stripping the lens from a kit. Adding it all together, best case scenario you make a total of $200 from the lens (a generous estimate, I think). I’ve often seen d600 bodies sell for $1400-$1500 on ebay, so Guest has a point: it may be less of a headache to buy body only if you don’t care for the lens.

        • robert

          youre getting the lens for the same price..whats not to understand?

          but I see youre just a lazy bum.
          im sure you put in the same half assed effort in your photography. GTFOH

          • Guest2

            No, my point was you can get a used d600 body off ebay for $1400-1500, about the same as if you’ve bought the kit and sold the lens. Therefore, if you don’t care for the lens, you can just buy the body and save the hassle. Same outcome, less work. I think that makes good sense, don’t you? On the other hand I don’t see how your insults have any relevance or basis, so perhaps it is you who should “GTFOH”

            • robert

              Not only lazy but no brain power.

              1600 with warranty and a lens u can sell to make back 300. So 1300 for a camera with warranty vs 1500-1600 for a used (with clicks on it) with no warranty from a stranger with issues u might not know and you still think its better?

            • robert

              For 1600 u can get a used d3. For 1400 u get a used d700 from ebay. But for used vs refurb with warranty and basically no clicks there is no guessing here.

            • Guest2

              Robert, you haven’t addressed the issues I brought up in my first post, but whatever. I appreciate that you’ve at least come up with a somewhat cogent counter-argument. However, I am not interested in discussing with someone who indulges in mindless name-calling.

            • Aldo

              I have been selling on ebay for over 7 years. You make good points on how ebay selling can go south… However this is not the case. You are selling an unused lens right out of a refurbished kit. All you have to say that. Take good pictures? The lens should look like new. No need for that. And your 200 dollar price is too low. Look under sold listings. There is also a priceless awesome feeling knowing you are getting a good deal… that alone makes the effort of selling the lens worthwhile.

  • IslandNature

    That’s a pretty good deal for the D600 – I got the same bundle last December for about $2k + tax CDN and since then have had mine “refurbished” as well (shutter mechanism removed and replaced by Nikon due to oil spotting – has been fine since). Don’t use the 24-85mm much but it is a capable lens if you don’t have anything else. Could have put the $400 difference toward another lens…

  • Michael Sloan

    Hell of a deal for entry level FX…as Josehp Li suggested, just sell the lens if you don’t need/want it.

    • Aldo

      Lens sells for 250-350 on ebay… Theoretically you can get the body for 1250. Not a bad deal at all.

      • Yes, this is pretty much the price of the D7100.

      • robert

        Does it sell for $350 or do peole list it for that and no one is buying? People post prices for things with no proportions.

        • Aldo

          If you go to ebay and search under “sold listings” the range is between 250-350. These are actual sold deals. This is how I usually get an idea of how the market is on different things.

          • robert

            Shit. Thats pretty kick ass then. These lenses are new or refurbs also? Does it come in the original box? Havent bought new in a long time as you can tell by my amateur question

            • Aldo

              It’s a mix of all… some of them come from kits…used… refurbished… new in box, etc.

  • AM

    If I had to buy another D600, this would be the deal.

  • Raymond Dunham

    I just got my D600 body a week ago from Adorama… Now this!!

    • Pat

      just return it !

      • Raymond Dunham

        Adorama is “Working” on in so I don’t have to send mine back. Awesome customer service!!

        • Lisa

          They wouldn’t do the same for me. I am expecting a body only refurb to arrive tomorrow that I placed a day before seeing this

  • sperdynamite

    It’s a shame they so badly botched the launch of this camera, because I have had no issues with mine whatsoever. Great sensor, and when coupled with a good prime lens, image quality is fantastic.

    • robert

      hows the AF in low light? compare it other compares youve used so I have an indication. considering this for a backup camera for weddings.

      • sperdynamite

        I used it side by side with a D800 at a wedding recently and they preformed pretty much the same. Obviously the D800 has more points, but within their area they seem to be the same.

        • robert

          You didnt have issues when it too it a long time to lock? Its my only concern. And the other is speed.
          The d3 is very fast from releasing the button to it shooting . Even the shutter mechanism feels and sound more reasurring. Comparing it to a d300 which is slow. Even after locking it I lost more pics with the d300 vs the d3 because its slow to activate the shutter. will use the d600 as a backup and work mostly with the d3’s

          • robert

            Saw a youtube vid of a guy testing af lock of the d600 and while it struggled sometimes to lock. It took a few moments longer but with the flash and af assist beam it had no issues so im happy and calm now knowing itll be fine

            • thecouchguy

              Good to know, however I would like a camera with more reliable low light focus lock then the d600 provides. Guess i’ll save a few more pennies for the d800 or wait for something new. Thanks for the info.

            • robert

              It didnt have an issue to lock in the end. but its pitch balck and I would hardly have issue with the ambient being this dark. its still VERY good.


              not an issue IMO. you shouldnt worry.

            • thecouchguy

              Perfect, thanks mate.

          • outkasted

            are you kidding my D300 was /is fast. Are you sure about this my D300 worked very well with my D700 in low light situations

          • sperdynamite

            I mean, I’m not going to compare it to a D3, because it’s not a pro camera like that. I use it in my wedding business and it hasn’t let me down yet. Like any tool, you get the most out of it after spending a lot of time with it. I would suggest trying one at your local camera store, or renting one if you’re really not sure.

  • robert

    could i buy an extended intl mack warranty as well?

    • robert

      Yes you can get a mack warranty for 3 years for $60
      But for me im getting the diamond intl 3 year “all risk” type for 210 bucks. Its much more worth it.

  • js200022

    It is still expensive for what you are getting. You are better off with a D800.

    • Aldo

      Where is spy black? He is taking too long to bash on the lens 😛

  • Aldo

    Cool for those waiting on a good deal to get this camera… kinda sad it is now being priced like the used d700’s.

  • Uriel

    Now with more free sensor spots!

  • Kevin

    oh dear god…. such a good deal. I’m not sure if i can sell the lens now that there’s so many available out there. i imagine it’s a lens i’ll never use…

  • Nik

    To that price, you have to add the cost of 5 to 10 professional wet sensor cleaning until the shutter stops spitting oil.

    • robert

      I think these refurbs are the ones with the sesor spots and nikon fixed them so there arent issues with them. Sounds logical to me.

      • Fishguy

        I disagree – having gone through 3 refurbished D800’s that were spitting oil, my conclusion is that Nikon just takes them back, cleans the sensor and sells them again.

        • Aldo

          We would need inside info to really know for sure… but to me it doesn’t make sense to invest in labor and then sell for lower. I’m thinking they do a basic check… Then gamble on the customer taking it back or have it serviced under the nerfed warranty.

  • saywhatuwill

    And yet the refurbished D700 without a lens is still $1599 on the Nikon Store site….whoa, make that $1999.96!

  • One More Thought

    These prices are getting amazing on FF. What’s interesting is that at the same time we have some m4/3 cameras approaching the prices of these FFs. For instance, it costs about the same to get the new Oly EP5 w/ EVF and lens.

    Now the Oly is a good cam, perhaps even a great m4/3 cam, but it comes nowhere near FF quality. I think one problem some mirrorless models have is that they are not pricing realistically.

    • spicynujac

      People need to get out of the mindset that a full frame sensor is automatically superior. The D7100 is a great camera, and some of the m4/3 and others are getting really good. Size of the sensor matters less and less as time goes on and I prefer a smaller body. The iphone already costs more than the ipad. It’s about how the device performs, not traditional ideas of bigger is better.

      • Aldo

        ISO performance… it really comes down to that. The 2-3 stops advantage makes all the difference in the world for some photographers believe it or not.

        • Mike

          On the other hand m4/3 lenses don’t need to be stopped down as much, both in terms of sharpness and maintaining a reasonable DoF.

          You can shoot a m4/3 lens at f/1.4 where you’d stop a FF lens down to f/2.8, which means you can shoot at a lower ISO and reclaim some of that low light advantage.

    • Mike

      I ended up buying the Olympus E-P5 + VF + 17mm kit over the D600, even though they cost the same.

      The reason is that I’ve been using my old E-P2 a hell of a lot more than my D7000, because it’s so much more convenient for me.

      I’m actually happy Olympus decided to go the premium route with the E-P5 (metal housing, great controls, etc..) rather than cutting corners everywhere. I’d rather pay $500 more and have a top product.

  • Hopeful Harry

    Just waiting for a deal on a refurb D400


      D400 is done dead.
      We’re waiting on the D500 now.

    • kassim

      Prepare to wait forever.

  • dclivejazz

    My D600 is currently languishing at the Nikon repair facility, where it’s been laid up on “Parts Hold” awaiting a missing part to fix the sensor spot issue. It’s been there a few weeks already, with a couple more likely. Would it be crazy for me to get one of these as a second body?

    • How much does an used D600 sell on eBay today?

  • Tyler Evert

    Seems to me Nikon is coming out with something soon and dealers are trying to sell off with these price drops. Look for the true D700 replacement out soon. A FF with lower MP and a higher frame-rate.

    • robert

      Im not certain. I think their shit sales (14% stock loss for last quarter) have forced to sell it at a more attractive price. It nust came out why a new model. Their whole lineup is pretty new. But otoh maybe a d400

    • AM

      FF is pretty well covered these days with current Nikon’s line-up: D600, D800, D800E, and D4. Perhaps a D4x is the only thing missing, but that’s not a D700 replacement.

  • Morgan Glassco

    That is a pretty great deal but I am still happy with my purchase. I got $250 cash credit to with my Refurb D600 that I bought for $1600 2 months ago. It netted me a monolight and softbox which I would rather have then the kit lens. and I got a 1 year warranty from Cameta to boot.

  • 360mix

    Every time I see the word Nikon D600 I think of the BP oil spill… (Fail)

  • freaking cheap .. unbelievable

  • KT

    You guys are aware that the D800, also refurbished by Nikon is selling on eBay (from Roberts Camera) for $2000. For me that’s the real killer deal. Far more exciting than the D600 with a lens that you’ll try to sell back on ebay the day the package arrive in the mail.

    • Joseph Li

      $700 difference for a refurbished $2000 d800 camera? to some pple d600 is more than enough for their needs, for $700 less that’s a substantial difference


    All quiet on the Nikon front?
    C’mon Admin, we need a new leak/rumour to squabble over.

  • Aldo

    sold out…

  • robert

    fuck, I waited too long to buy. im not an impulse buyer and I guess you snooze you lose. I had to build it up in my mind to buy it. but crap a week and it was out.

    if anyone else knows a deal similar to this going on, please me know.

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