Weekly Nikon news flash #227


More refurbished deals: the price of refurbished Nikon D800 cameras dropped to $1,999 on eBay (all sold out now). Few other current refurbished listings:

EISA AwardsNikon_D7100 (2)


The Nikon D7100 camera won the 2013-2014 EISA award. No other Nikon products made the list this year.


New camouflage camera cases for Nikon models by EasyCover.

Tamron USA 3 business day repair service turnaround

Tamron USA announced 3 business days repair service turnaround.


Sigma is rumored to announce a new 24mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens.

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  • babola

    D7100 doesn’t come as a surprise, although Canon 6D winning over the Nikon D600 in the Advanced SLR category surely does.

    • Spy Black

      It’s a Canon world today.

      • babola

        Maybe in Europe.

        Although they should know better 😉

        • Spy Black

          No, everywhere. It’s a Canon world today. It used to be a Nikon world long ago, but it’s a Canon world today.

          • Ronald Patterson

            Not quite. It well depends on the region of the World, as well as the country. While there are definitely more Canons being sold today than ever, in many regions/countries Nikon is a predominant brand.

            • Spy Black

              Please cite these locations.

            • Ilo

              Most of Asia actually.
              And interestingly Sony Alphas owns Singapore for some strange reason.

            • Carlo Salzonni

              Italy, France, parts of Scandinavia…yup…all Nikon predominantly.

            • lefantome

              Really? ‘Cause here in China there are more Canon users than Nikon…

            • Factoid

              Doubt that.

            • Spy Black

              Are you in China?

            • Spy Black

              lefantome challenges your statement. Ball’s in your court.

          • Ment

            I don’t care if it’s a Canon world. The 7D is more advanced than the 6D. So is the 5D3.

            The only people who can think the 6D is an Advanced SLR category is someone who doesn’t own an SLR.

            • Spy Black

              I agree the 7D is a more sophisticated camera, but the 6D has one thing going for it, and that a really clean sensor. The 7D is certainly more professionally useful, but if you shoot in controlled conditions like studio work, the 6D can be a very useful camera.

    • Ronald Patterson

      Same thoughts here.

    • niikon

      Yes the D600 is way more advanced than the 6D and even more so the D7100 – e.g. the CAM3500DX AF. These guys seem lost!!!

  • Spy Black

    Hope that 24mm Sigma stacks up to the 35mm Sigma.

    • Eric Calabos

      Hope that doesn’t stack up to the 35mm in “size”

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        You know it will have to be a big lens.

        • Eric Calabos

          Well, after seeing RX1’s lens tests, I doubt about “have to” part of size speculations. But yea, Sigma is not asked to make compact right now. Everybody want sharpness

  • Pablo Ricasso returned

    Canon 6D? Give me a break, please.

    EISA used to be much more objective in the past, they for well know the D600 wipes the floor with 6D…

    • niikon

      I completely agree with you Pablo – see my post below 😉

    • js200022

      The dust/oil issue didn’t help the D600. It is a quality problem. It’s simple.

      • Remedy

        So because some small part (yes, small) had problems with some paint peeling on internal mechanisms it makes it less of a camera despite destroying 6D in every measurable aspect. Women logic much?

        • preston

          Yep, it sure beats the 6D on built-in wifi functionality.

          • Remedy

            Sorry dude, for the price of 6D I can get D600 AND the WU-1b adapter which is a size of a finger nail. KTHXBAI, served.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            Someday I will have a camera phone…

    • Captain Megaton

      If by “more objective” you mean “give Nikon more awards” I suppose? Whether Nikon wins or not doesn’t matter, these awards are a joke either way. I mean, the D7100 wins “European camera” but does not win either “European dSLR” or “European advanced dSLR” categories. Pretty silly. However, you can still stand proud in your support for Nikon Corp., as your Japanese friends got the most “prestigious” of the awards. Sigh.

      • MJr

        So what, just spreading them out evenly across brands is the objective thing to do ? I use canon, but i agree with Pablo. Commercial bull or not.

    • David Portass

      Apart from the 6D can auto focus better in lower light and higher iso range.

      don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my D600, love the dynamic range and 6fps helps but I do wish it’s AF went down to -3 as I do a lot of low light event work and don’t like to use the AF assist or flash if possible.

      If it wasn’t for the D600 having dual memory card slots (I shoot all client work in backup), more AF points and pop up flash commander I might have considered changing which would be a shame as up until now I have loved Nikon cameras

      • Calibrator

        So you intentionally buy a sub-optimal camera for your needs and then complain about it?

  • Digital Keen

    I must say that I disagree with those of you who see the Canon 6D as inferior. As an owner of both the Canon 6D and the Nikon D600 (I made a switch from Nikon to Canon) I believe the 6Ds ability to focus at -3EV using the center point and its incredible high ISO performance over 3200 is something that sets it apart. Yes, I love the D600. It has a gorgeous sensor with tremendous DR, a flash, higher flash sync speed, 39 focus points, more fps, etc. Trust me, I miss the dynamic range and am very well versed in the many pros vs cons of the D600. YET, it offered nothing new that was a game changer to the world of professional photography. The D800 brought those things already.

    The Canon 6D WAS a game changer. I dropped Nikon and the D600 for those two little benefits that I mentioned earlier. For an event photographer low light performance holds the key to my heart. Let me tell – when Canon says it will focus in up to minus 3EV they mean it. It’s simply stunning. Canon HAS changed the game with the 6D. Kudos to Canon. Now if they’d put a better sensor in it with more DR I’d be satisfied enough.

    I understand that 180 sync speed sucks. I get that it only has 11 focus points. I have a 430 EX II and a 600 EX so I don’t need the built in flash. I don’t use any other focus points other than that monster in the middle. For me the decision was easy. I get that for many of you the 6D would suck. I understand. I just wanted to provide some perspective. I STILL love Nikon more. I come to this site everyday to expand my knowledge. I want to see Nikon succeed. Give an event and wedding photographer a better reason to switch back.

    Love you guys.

    • js200022

      You said it all. Great post.

    • D600 Owner

      I personally think the d600 has better high ISO performance. Odd you think otherwise. Maybe it is a matter of taste?

      • nick

        No it’s not. You’re right

        • Spy Black

          No, you’re both wrong. The 6D has better noise than the D600, the MK III, and the D800. The D600 is a close second, however:

          • Stan Chung

            these charts are never right. get to DXO. they’ll be much more objective

            • Spy Black


    • pegdrgr

      I see your point, however to assume that the majority of the customer base would trade ability to focus in a little less light for DR is a bit of a stretch. Granted, many of the buyers may not have a real understanding what DR is, or ever notice the faster focus in low light of the 6D(which I can’t attest to. I have only shot the D600), so picking one over the other may come down to other features. I honestly believe the spots issue is a greater determining factor than any of the features. Anyone entering into the deep end of the DSLR market will likely go with the model that isn’t known to get spots on the sensor requiring frequent cleanings, over one that does.

      • patto01

        Regarding spots, I would think just the opposite. Someone with a long history of owning dSLRs would: 1. Know it’s easy to clean your sensor; 2. Read user’s experiences that it doesn’t have to be done frequently and it’s really not that bad; and 3. Read that after a bit, it goes away. You would get many years of a spot-free camera, with exceptional picture quality and great features for the price.
        Someone just entering the market, however, would never imagine cleaning their own sensor but could easily assume all their photos would look like hell!

    • rich

      Canon cook their raw ISO, look at dxomark result. Also look how waxy it
      can be, looks like what you can do in lightroom when you put a lot of
      noise reduction on the slider. What the canon 6d has over the d600 is
      wifi builtin, everthing else for basic photography the d600 is better
      there. Nikon put gps wifi into consumer P&S and need to do that on
      dslr too. They have the phase detection on sensor forthe nikon 1
      before canon, but didn’t do it on their dslr. (I guess if sony don’t
      then nikon don’t either) Add on is fine but it stick out a little. So
      just place it inside. I can foucs in pitch black on the d600 via
      speedligh IR or the one on the yongnuo 622n (c for canon). I wouldn’t say the 6d is a game changer at all since it has wifi, a lot of consumer camera has this too.

      • Alb

        Hmm, an event photographer who only uses the center point. A bit of a compositional issue, no? Or have you joined the old Canon ranks of crapshot + crop crop crop to get your image?

        • Alb

          Sorry Alb, the reply was meant fro Digital Keen, not you.

          cheers 🙂

      • Remedy

        6D is a game changer. Canon proved that you can rip off for a really poor camera way more than for much more stacked competition and that people are stupid enough to still buy it.
        And regarding Canon claims about AF sensitivity in low light…. yeah sure
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyNFOPrIKmQ around 7:30ish. So biatch, please.

        • Spy Black

          Video isn’t their strong point.

    • Try

      Funny that.

      “The bottom line is that the EOS 6D’s phase detection autofocus system is about identical to that in the 5D Mark II, at least in terms of center point accuracy”


    • Csaba

      I don’t think the d600 deserves a place on that list, because the dust issue and more importantly, Nikon’s disgraceful handling of the situation. If anything, Nikon deserves the “most customer-hostile company award). That said, I have a real hard time believing your story.

      The d600, d800 and 6d are all in the same ballpark in terms of high ISO performance. The d800 focuses down to -2EV. You know how dark that is? You are at ISO 10.000+ in those light conditions (at around 1/100). So you sold your Nikon lenses, flashes and camera body for that 1 EV difference? Not to mention the limit you impose on yourself by the limited focus point coverage. How often can you focus and recompose with moving subjects? And you also lost the second card slot (backup!).

      Sorry to say this, but if your story is true, you made an incredibly bad decision.

    • Aldo

      Have you tried using a focus assist for that d600? You have good points but nothing to drop the d600 for a 6d.

    • Captain Megaton

      6D vs. D600. Swings and roundabouts, mostly. One thing that stuck me though was how light and elegant the 6D feels in the hand. Slim and somewhat minimalist, not unlike an F100. The D600, on the other hand, feels like a battle tank, with unpleasantly small and fiddly buttons and controls scattered everywhere. I wish Nikon would bring back the D100-300 body design aesthetic.

      • Remedy

        Because having less buttons for direct control and placed awkwardly retarded like on 6D is what everyone dreams of. Yeah, sorry for not being a fan of one button only “make me a photo and send it to instagram” cameras.

  • D600 Owner

    The Sigma 24 could be a game changer. The nikon version is super expensive and the rokinon has no auto focus. if the quality is good, it is weather sealed -unlike the 35 🙁 Then I will greatly consider it

    • Jon Ingram

      I wouldn’t count on weather sealing, but I think you are right. The 35mm turned a lot of skeptical pro-shooter heads. Now that many of us are reconsidering Sigma as a quality option, this lens could really seal the deal in terms of Sigma confidence. If they can produce yet another great prime that out-shines or matches Nikon quality at a lower price-point, many people will be convinced that the 35 wasn’t just a fluke and will buy in. I’m loving Sigma lately, and I’m hoping they can pull this one off. I’ve always wanted the 24 1.4, but couldn’t justify the cost!

  • Dets

    Is EISA just a thing you pay to get into?
    6D? Featuring the crappy 11pt AF system that plagued the 5D2 for so many years? Not to mention that neither the 6D nor D600 are in the ‘advanced’ SLR segment to begin with.
    These are the kinds of awards I’d expect to be given out in a fashion magazine with no idea about imaging.

    • jk

      right it is designed to please all major camera related companies such as Adobe , Canon, Fuji,Leica, Nikon,Olympus , Panasonic , Samsung , Sony,etc.

  • Carl Koslowski

    6D OR D600 better? Irrelevant.
    The EISA Award is just mirroring the situation of Nikon. In the last Tipa Award they won ONLY in the Amateur segment. For good reasons. Let’s fache the facts:
    Canon was behind and now catched up. Nikon ( next NOKIA) is on the way down, because no innovations, new boring models only marginal improvements, all features which are implementet in other camera’s models, have to be attached by ( expensive) external devices.e.g GPS/WIFI. A stupid and overpriced mirrorless system in a segment, which will be predominant in a few years.
    When Sony/Olympus Fujji/Panasonic will join to be bigger players in the market, Nikon, and Canon as well will loose even morer market share. The upcoming NEX Fullframe Camera with interchangeable lenses will be a gamechanger.

    The problem is, that the two big players only focus on each other and forget the fast moving world around them.

    Makes me sad, because I shoot(ed) Nikon since 1999 and I loved this brand really.

    • jk

      I have both the 6D and D600 now , they are both good but with different pros and cons.
      in low light I prefer the 6D and for in day light landscape type of things D600 is a much better camera than the 6D.
      however , I use my D800E for most of day light tripod based things now.
      I think Wifi is a big plus for the 6D , especially when shooting long exposure ,light trails on a tripod.
      And Canon has much better LV implementation.
      So for now , I decided to go dual mount kit + Fuji or Sony mirrorless (if I could afford FF Leica M 240 , then it would be the camera for me, though).
      so please Nikon improve your awkward LV mode and get real video mode out for next DXXX bodies.
      the D600’s LV mode is just simply terrible ,it is terrible , even worse than the LV mode of the D800E ,which is a year older camera than the D600.
      In video or LV mode , D600 does not allow changing aperture , and this is why it is useless for video.

      • Captain Megaton

        The D800 doesn’t have 14.5 stops of DR. I suppose you are blindly quoting the aggregate DxO “score”. Even at ADL extra high it manages just over 11 stops. Typically runs about 9 stops. Still impressive, but lets stick to facts.

        • Aldo

          NO! it’s over 9000!

  • jk

    this is a meaningless award.
    basically EISA award system is designed to please all major camera companies such as Adobe, Canon,Epson, Fuji,Leica, Nikon, Olympus , Panasonic , Richo , Samsung, Sony , etc.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Woohoo! 24mm 1.4, nice! But how the hell does such a new camera (D7100) end up refurbished already?

  • AM

    Vote Up if you do NOT base your purchasing decisions on Photo Awards.
    Vote Down if you base your purchasing decisions on Photo Awards.

    • Aldo

      I voted down cuz I always buy award winning and dxo top score gear… I just listed my d800 on ebay so I can buy the award winning 6d.

      • Rock Kenwell

        come back after you make the flash photos.

  • decisivemoment

    I think Nikon rather shot themselves in the foot with the quality control problems on the D600. That spotted Canon a huge opportunity to pick up awards for the 6D.

    • rock kenwell

      still didn’t buy the 6D. bought D600r and very happy. never even try to shoot at F16 since day1. No problem there.

  • Jon Ingram

    While everyone else seems to be angry about canon vs nikon and such, I’m just stoked about the Sigma 24mm 1.4 art lens! With my new-found faith in Sigma, I’m hoping that I can buy the new sigma instead of the massively expensive Nikon. The Nikon lens will be hard to beat in terms of IQ though. I would also love a 20mm or 18mm 1.8 for star-scapes! Keep the great lenses coming Sigma!

  • Rock Kenwell

    Sigma 35mm f/1.4 for Nikon or Canon NEW and it is only $779!!! Buy refurbished body and get the quality lens at this cheap. 47th Street Photo in Ebay Item: 370806680543

  • droll

    This is expected since Nikon hasn’t done anything after D800E. D4 was a disappointment. D600 doesn’t have a character to call its own except for the reasonably pixel-aligned full frame sensor. It’s a lesser D800 in every meaningful way. Or should I call it a lesser D7100, since D7100 has a better functionality without all these problems faced by D600. Meanwhile, Canon made a big progress for vidiots with their latest dslr.

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