The current Nikon rebates end on August 31st, extension is very likely to include more lenses


The current Nikon US instant rebates will end on Saturday, August 31st. Given the lack of new product announcements, I expect that the rebate program will be extended and will be more aggressive - it will include a wider range of products (lenses) in order for Nikon to generate some additional sales for this quarter. Check back NikonRumors on Saturday after midnight for the new September savings on Nikon gear.

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  • Maji

    Hopefully Nikon will be updating some of their lenses and introducing some newer ones. 🙂

  • Daniel

    $200 rebate on 24-70

    • Spy Black

      I’ll raise you $400…

  • Merriam

    waiting for D800E $200 discount, or D4X announcement

  • decisivemoment

    Maybe the $300 on the 24-120, or the $100 on the 28/1.8? Maybe stand-alone lens rebates again?

    • No stand alone rebates, but expect many good lenses (pro zooms, primes) to be part of the new rebates. I will have the full list tomorrow after midnight.

  • BRYL

    Admin…do you think/guess it will include “lens” only rebates as well..or just a wider assortment with buying a body??

    • No, I don’t think there will be “lens only” rebates. You will still have to buy a DSLR camera.

  • AM

    Nikon needs to stop this BS of rebates only when you buy a body.
    They need to provide more options that include only lenses, such as 15% off a second lens, 20% off a third or more lenses. I’m pretty sure that something like that would represent more sales and make more people happy.

  • decisivemoment

    Pity I just bought a DSLR camera. Oh well, Nikon, if you’re going to play this game, you’re going to have to realize that you get burned sometimes. There are other options from independent manufacturers with better service and better quality control, even if the focus ring doesn’t always go in the correct direction . . .

  • Stewart

    Hopefully they will extend the offers to the UK also..?!

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