Nikon D800 shipping to NPS members in the US

NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the D800, received an email notification today that their cameras are being shipped. The process will be the same as with the D4 - all NPS reservations will be filled first and then the remaining cameras will be shipped to "regular" pre-orders. As far as I know Amazon doesn't ship NPS priority purchases, so everything they will get on Friday will be sent to existing pre-orders.

I was told that if you haven't ordered a D800 by now, you will have to wait until August for delivery.

Just a reminder that Nikon will suspend all shipments from March 24- April 1st for their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon).

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  • maxxam

    D800 samples and comments. very interesting:

  • NikonMike

    Well you guys that get the D800 soon are lucky, I orderred mine six weeks ago with a promise delivery date of 22 March deing sent, today I called excited to here when they will send my D800, sorry but we have only recieved 2 and you are number 78 on the waiting list, your estimated time for deliviery if around 25 April. NICE NICE. Last Friday when I called them to make sure that I was still on the list they said not to worry that I was number 78 and they where to receive 100 by the next week.
    Somebody is telling an awful lot of bullshit, who is to believe what.

  • Wooot ! Got my D800 today (and I am not a NPS member). It was the very first D800 my dealer received and sold. 🙂 See the unboxing here:

  • Seb

    :)))) I just got mine (Ireland), and i’m not NPS :))))

  • Jon D

    So I emailed a local shop in Boston and asked when they will get the physical stock of the D800 and this was the response I got!

    It could be many months before we have stock.  We have over 180 people on
    our pre-order list, so until that list is completed we will not have stock
    in our stores.  The first of these pre-orders are being filled this week,
    based on the date the order was originally placed.  We fill our list based
    on order date and pre-pay status.

    Thank you,

    Now it may look like some will get their orders before April!

  • broxibear

    Nikon D800 Released in Japan…
    “The Nikon D800 DSLR went on sale in Japan today, and distributors are having a hard time keeping up with demand. With pre-orders shipping all over the country, major retailers like Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera and Camera no Kitamura are out of stock, and have no estimate concerning new supply shipments.”

  • broxibear

    Nikon 1 V1 and J1 cameras announced in India…
    “I love everything about the Nikon 1 series of cameras. They’re small, light, stylish and above else filled with the features that you usually find in the hi-end professional cameras. I also love the fact that these ‘pocket beauties’ come with interchangeable lens,” said the brand ambassador and Bolywood star Priyanka Chopra.

  • Sherlock

    In France, a salesman from FNAC (big book/electronic store) told me yesterday that 1000 units have been ordered for all the shops, but no exact date about the delivery. According to the guy, there is a high demand registered for this product.
    Amazon France still keeps delivery date as 28th of March. And another e-shop has postponed to 30th of March. In local shops, it seems that only few units have been received.

    • I just pre-ordered a D800 at Fnac. The salesman told me that I was on a long list of pre-orders. He also told me that they ordered 1000 units. However, they received only 8 units (for all the stores in France) today!! and they do not know when they will receive their next shipment, perhaps in a month he told me…
      They also ordered a lot of D4, but they received only 4 (for all the stores in France) today.

      • Sherlock

        Wow, only 8 out of 1000 ! Too bad !
        I just recently preordered mine, I hope to get it before a travel in June !

  • dida56
  • KG

    Admin: just been informed by Jessops UK and Nikon UK that D4 in the uk is delayed till mid april due to “firmware issues” whats going on!!!! Lol

    • XC

      I was told by Jessops that any orders that were fulfilled today, were done so. They got 50 today, and are expecting 50 each week for the next few weeks. If you haven’t got a message saying it’s on its way, then you’re not getting one. They’d only commit to a 3 week window for then sending one (to me).
      There also appeared to be some confusion in the sales staff as to whether stores were getting priority over on-line orders, with a specific quota being delivered to stores. No convincing reply from HQ, but they phoned me to assure me all orders are processed based on the date the order was received. Guess we’ll have to wait.

      • KG

        Thats weired i was told literely 30mins ago they had a major staff meeting that UK only got 40 D4 and went to nps members wex, park didnt get any either, Jessops actually didnt get any in at all??

        • XC

          Sorry D800, not D4.

    • broxibear

      Hi KG
      Just spoke to WEX, their first shipment of D4s went out today to pre-orders, they’ve no idea when, or how many, they’ll receive in the next shipment.
      So far I haven’t heard of any firmware issues but I’ll ask around…Did Nikon UK tell you directly about this ?

      • broxibear are no longer posting any estimated delivery D800 date. Yesterday it was 26th March, it now says “Order now and we’ll deliver when available. We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information.”

        • KG

          Hi Broxibear, Just rang them again they said a managers going To ring me 2moro aperently im on top of the list with them!! I should have had delivery for 2moro!!! So fustrating!!! I just hope i get a knock on my door 2moro 🙂 lol

  • Ian

    I wish the Nikon had some sort breaks for budding professionals. I’m starting to qualify for the professional spectrum of things, and despite having around 10 grand in lenses, won’t be able to take advantage of NPS until I have a second qualifying pro body.

    I have absolutely no issue with working professionals getting their gear first… With one caveat, just like with Adobe student and teacher editions there should be a proviso disallowing for immediate resale of bodies set aside for professionals. There should also be a reasonable purchase limit.

  • PKVV

    Hear this: I have put in my pre-order for D800 with an online dealer a few days after Feb 7. I called up the customer service to check what is the status. He said that they have *not* received the shipment from Nikon yet (it is 1:00 PM ET). But they are expecting a “large” batch from Nikon – “anytime”. He also said that based on my order date, he expects to ship my order in the first batch. But he does not know what is my position in the list. It will arrive when it arrives. Until then, nothing is guarenteed. March 22 shipping date, April 13 delivery date, “shipping in 1-2 months” message are all absolute BS. The fact of the matter is – except a few handful of people at the dealers and Nikon, nobody knows anything. That includes the so called “customer support” folks. My approach moving forward is – just leave them alone to do their job. It will ship when it ships. Until then, shoot happily with my top of the line DX camera. In my opinion, FX is going to be “Frenzy eXtensive” for a while (Thanks Thom!)

    • ken

      who’s the dealer? why the secrecy….

      • PKVV

        BH. See? Already we have conflicting messages. This is why I didnt want to utter the dealer name. When I called at around 1 PM, the message was they have not received the shipment from Nikon. Dont know when ep1c called, but at that time they confirmed they have it. It is getting unbelievably confusing. Oh bother! They have my CC. They will take my money when they ship (they haven’t, until this moment). So much for the wait for 3/22. I am tired. I am now going to wait for 12/21/12 instead. That sounds more promising. Mayans were better than the photography equipment dealers I guess!

        • ken

          yeah say that another post stated B&H had it…very odd very odd unless it had just arrived when he posted? who knows….as you say they have our CC….:)

        • Nick

          They didn’t account for leap years so the world should have ended last july…

          • PKVV

            Yep. Right Nick! I should have guessed by the fact that the D700 replacement was not out last year. Oopsie. No I do not intend to start that conversation again. D700 is not yet replaced. err… D800 is its replacement. err… D700 is far better than D800… no no… D800 is a game changer. err.. well, whatever anyone says… I agree! Just ship my camera. Will you? 😉

  • They are Here!

    Received the NPS email yesterday, and an email from my camera store first thing this morning. They have them in-hand to pick up (mines getting shipped from the town where near where I grew up, so I’ll have it in hand tomorrow morning).

    Time to make some BIG prints 🙂

  • Rich in tx

    I went to the Nikon event in Austin on the 13th; got to handle and shoot with a D4 and a D800, mounted on a shoulder rig and unmounted. I have a D800 on order, to replace my D700. I was a little disappointed by the grip on the D800; the back edge of the right grip digs into my palm; it does not do so on the D700. This is my main gripe with Canon’s; they hurt my hand.
    Other than that, it was a super solid beast. Feels a little smaller than D700 too. Frame rate definitely feels a little slow. Oh well.

    The D4 was absolutely perfect. So comfortable; 12 fps sounds so good. Shot images in dark room at ISO 12,800 and they were so vibrant and beautiful that I would have thought they were shot at ISO 1000. Absolutely phenomenal camera. I can easily now justify the high price. It definitely feels like a $6000 camera and if I had the money I would get one without question.

  • ep1c

    Just spoke to B&H and they have confirmed that they have D800 ( didn’t ask about 800E ) on hand and all orders are still showing B/O, and they are shipping them out (:
    /keeps fingers crossed

    • ken

      ooooh..good news indeed…!! will be keeping an eye on the CC charge.. 🙂 !!

  • Chandra

    Called the local Best Buy. They had one in stock. Asked them to save it for me. Drove there and picked it up. As simple as that. If someone needs it urgently, I’d suggest calling local Best Buy store and asking them to check the whole district and they can tell you exactly which store has one.

    • Pegdrgr

      Good call!

      After reading this I called the newest Best Buy in my town. After a few minutes they indicated that the camera was still “coming soon”. I mentioned that I had read other stores had received theirs and she mentioned 3 stores I should call. The way she said it, and that she didn’t pick the three closest I thought I might get lucky. I called the next closest one and after about 5 minutes of looking the guy said they had one left! I asked him to hold it for me which he started to hesitate until I said I would be there in 15 minutes. After that he gave me his name and told me it would be behind the customer service counter.

      99 cents more than it would have cost me from Amazon, but having it with me for my trip to NY next week, PRICELESS!

      • Travone

        No D800s across the state at Best Buy sucks being in Connecticut :/

        • Will

          Tried them in my area. One BB store had 2, but weren’t willing to sell it before the 25th, the date it becomes “live”.

    • Happy Alan

      You, sir, are my hero.

      Don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself, but your comment triggered a quick calling spree and I came home with a camera. I’ve just stepped out of line at Amazon, Adorama and Ritz, so three other people should get happier to.

      • AngelL

        My local dealer in Hollywood, CA informed me this morning that my D800 is ready for pickup. So I am now the happy owner of this 1 of only 2 bodies that Nikon delivered to the dealer. I’ve cancelled my preorder with Amazon.

  • David

    Just picked up a d800. 3 left at K&M in NYC

  • doug

    Got my D800 early today from Jessops Oxford Street, everyone in the store was shocked in how i was the only one who got the camera today in their store, i received a call yesterday from Jessops saying that my camera would be in the store today, even the manager didn’t his pre-ordered camera. been charging the powerhouse(battery) ill do some night shooting to see how she behaves tonight.

  • dwd

    Just picked up the D800 at my local camera shop here in Ft. Worth. They had what I think was 4 others on the back shelf too, apparently I got dibs on the first one because I called first thing the day it came out. It’s really cool, I like the new slant on the shutter and the levels in the viewfinder, can’t wait to get a shoot in on it!

  • wes

    Just received my 2 d800s from bestbuy. Called them on a whim and they had only 2 of them in my state. Had the guy hold them for me and i drove 2 hours roundtrip but totally worth it! Samples coming soon after my 3 weddings this weekend!

    • Jetfire

      Call the local Cincinnati, Ohio BB. They said none of the Cincinnati stores are carrying it and to goto BB online.

    • Jetfire

      Called different cities around me. Most says they don’t carry it and try online, but one said they were out of stock but to call back tomorrow since they get a truck delivery tonight.

  • UncleDusty

    Hey guys,
    I’m having trouble adding my new D800 to my “My Nikon” camera bag. Anybody else having problems with this? …battery is almost charged. Bahahahaha!

  • Garett

    Just tracked one down… About to drive 90 miles to go pick it up (it’s on my way or something…) and I really can’t describe this feeling.. Anticipation.. It’s like the look on a 7-yr-old girl’s face when she opens a BARN for Christmas… Totally fine with paying the extra $200 or so in tax at a local retailer just to have it for my trip to Yosemite tomorrow!

    Best of luck, guys, ENJOY! if you live in Southern California and *really* want one if these, I’ll let you know where to get it. They apparently have 3 in stock.

    • Garett

      Nevermind – I got the last one!

  • Gilles

    Just got mine here in Belgium,

    even the local store owner was surprised that he already received the first one.
    Lucky me I was the first one to pre-order the Nikon D800 :).

    Now let me photograph.

    Cheers 😉

    • kede

      I’m still waiting for mine.. in belgium too.. where did you get it?

  • Gary

    I’ve picked mine up! Calumet (UK) had “less than 20” delivered today and “could have shifted 5 times that if we’d had them available”. They don’t know when they’ll be getting the next batch.

    The battery is now being charged (takes 2hrs 35 mins) and then a loooong weekend begins as I make myself familar with it.

    Before you ask, I pre-ordered mine shortly after Calument announced they were taking pre-orders. Certainly within the first hour.

    • Gary

      The manual’s wrong! Battery took less than 90 mins!

  • ken

    update from Henry/Chuck from B&H – 5DMkiii/D800/E/D4

    text …

    B&H received our first batch of EOS 5DMk III cameras and camera+lens kits today and we will ship them this afternoon. We expect our next delivery sometime next week.

    Nikon USA is drop-shipping NPS orders for the D800, D800E and D4 directly to customers. They’re beginning to ship cameras to us for non-NPS members and we’ll fulfill orders we have in the chronological order we received them. As always, your eagerness and enthusiasm are understandable and your patience is appreciated.

    Nikon USA has confirmed that the first batches of the D4 are being shipped by Nikon USA with a memory card & card reader included. This is an unadvertised special from Nikon USA. It is NOT limited to NPS members but Nikon USA will not say how long they intend to keep this special. It could expire tomorrow or July 4th – we have NO IDEA and they won’t say.

    • Gilbert

      Did B&H get any D4s for non-NPS members?

      • Gilbert

        Another question, has any non-NPS member received a D4 from B&H?


  • Simon Lamb

    I am not on the list and not getting mine right now even though I ordered on the first day from Jessops. thank god I didn’t wait a month to order…..

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for your email.

    We received stock of these yesterday, Unfortunately we were unable to supply a unit for your order. However, we should expect more D800’s throughout April, dates are to be confirmed.

    I sincerely apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you on this mater.

    If i can be further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

  • Kyle

    Everyone should check their local electronics, non-camera specific, store. Because I just found an onhand unit at best buy, but they had very few pieces

  • bradley anderson

    I just received my D800 this morning. I live in NY so I’m not sure whats going on but I’m not a nps member?? They called me around 10am and said they had it and to come pick it up and now its in my hands!

    • ken

      who did you get it from?

  • Eric

    Just got my email from Bill Pekala saying that my D800 body ordered from B&H will ship today. He also said, “Your will receive the quantity that you ordered. Which would lead me to wonder if some people are not going to get the quantity they ordered?

    Anyway, it will ship today, overnight, so I’ll be getting it tomorrow! Excellent!

    • Jetfire

      What time did you order it?

    • ken

      you are NPS or no?

    • cyclegrunt

      Received the confirmation e-mail from Bill also.
      I was starting to think, “Oh no, end of April at best!”

      NPS, order placed early 2/7.

  • broxibear

    “A (very detailed) first impressions review: The Nikon D800”

  • Conrad

    Just received a call from my local camera shop that my pre-ordered D800 is here! Going to pick it up after work in about an hour!!!! PS, I’m not an NPS member!

  • Brian K

    Amazon has charged my card and updated status “Shipping soon” for D800! Expected delivery Monday March 26, 2012. My order confirmation was from Feb. 6 at 11:27pm CST

  • BuzzAldrin

    Just picked up my D800 at the one Best Buy store in Atlanta that got them (they had 2). Canceled my backorder at B&H from the first morning of preorders, so a slot has opened for someone there. Glad to put an end to the madness.

  • David

    What is going on? My Amazon shipping estimate has changed yet again!

    I ordered on Feb. 6. and the shipping estimate had been March 20. Then yesterday is was changed to April 13 – May 1. Now, it has just been changed to March 27. I guess that’s good. I’m losing patience with the whole system.

  • Chandra

    Amazon is starting to ship pre-orders. I ordered mine on Feb 6th late evening and estimated delivery date for overnight shipping is March 27th.

  • A semi-local Best Buy is holding one for me. I just had to call around. Of course, the closest one that has it is 2 1/2 hours away.

    Oh well. ROAD TRIP. I’m heading out the door now!

  • Willliam Almon

    I was sitting up the night of the 6-7th of February and watched on line as the announcement of the D800 was made and moved from website to website. I generally order from B&H and as soon as the availability of the D800 for pre-order was announced on the B&H website, I ordered it (and this was in the early hours of the morning of Feb 7, 2012. Soon after the D800 was announced, B&H posted that the release date for shipment would be March 22nd, but every two to three weeks since then I have received a standardized email from B&H that since supplies would be limited I should be prepared to wait beyond the March 22nd release date before receiving my D800. Today I called them in the early afternoon to check on the status of my order. The answer was “sorry we didn’t get enough cameras to fill your order at this time, and we don’t know when we will be getting any more.” I pointed out that I must have been very high up on their “first come first serve” list (like within the top three or four) which they acknowledged, but still said they didn’t receive enough D800’s to fill my order (let alone the first ten people in line). I then asked how arguably the largest on line retailer of digital cameras in the US could receive so few cameras. The answer was “I don’t know” As a rule, I try not to get angry or frustrated with people who don’t have any more control over whether or not I get a camera than I do. So I kept my composure and hung up with a feeling that something wasn’t right, but I likely wasn’t the only one in this boat, and there wasnt’ a lot I can do about it anyway. I own three Nikon bodies and about a dozen lenses. I don’t belong to Nikon Professional Services. I understand business is business, but where I grew up, we didn’t like it when people were allowed to cut in front of us when we were in line just because they had a “connection”. I will wait now, like everyone else. But experiences like this are enough to make a man look for his Canon.

    • LD

      You may want to check with OneCall. I ordered my D4 a few week after the announcement and I’ll get it tomorrow. I know nothing about the Nikon’s allocation but I thought I have a better chance at the smaller retailers.

    • I

      You were so “smart” that in the end fooled yourself. Don’t you think that there were thousands like you sitting hot and looking for preorder ? Do you think you are the only one smart in the world ?

  • Randy Braley

    Best Buy might be the ticket if you move fast! Just call one store in your area and they can tell what’s available at the other local stores as well. Got mine there today as well and canceled my order with B&H. I’m guessin’ it was a pretty crappy day at B&H today.

    • envirobob

      That was a great tip today! I got the last one of five at my local BB in Nashville.

      I love this forum!

  • And sweden? 🙂

  • ArtLover1901

    Hey I Have News Check Your Local Bestbuy (d800) ! It’s in the Sunday’s Paper ! My local bestbuy is getting 2. My d800 has already shipped has any one else’s ??

    • CB

      I call shenanigans.

      I just called 3 stores nearby (in a pretty high rent area) and all three told me that it’s an online-only item.

  • Steeptrails

    Amazon has:

    1) Updated my delivery date to 5/27, and

    2) Issued a charge to my credit card account for the full amount of the purchase.

    Looks like it’s finally starting to happen…

    • LevasseurJ

      Hope it’s 3/27 and not 5/27…

      My Canadian retailer will not say when I will get mine but seems pessimistic 🙁

      … “Our first shipment has arrived but we only received a handful of cameras so unfortunately we do not have your camera. Due to the demand for the cameras worldwide and Nikon’s low quantities, we likely won’t have a camera for you for another few shipments.

      I will contact you to let you know as soon as we have a camera for you.

      Best regards,
      The Camera Store, Calgary AB
      Store: (403) 234 9935
      Toll-free: 1-888-539-9397”

      • Steeptrails

        Yes, it is 3/27. Thanks for catching my typo.

      • DanielK

        I also ordered from the Camera Store. What date did you place your order if you don’t mind me asking? I’m probably in the same boat…

  • Jim

    Why is everything on the net so quiet about the US shipping coverage? The last post at NR is still this NPS post from yesterday.. I, unfortunately, waited a day to pre-order from Adorama so I probably won’t get mine till August. However, the only way to find out if anything was going on, whether retailers were even getting there shipments or what, was to finally check the comments on this post again today!!

    Thanks Guys, keep up the great coverage!

  • got mine today yay

  • Just gave my local Best Buy(s) a call and one of them gave me info, the other said they don’t plan on getting ANY. So, the one that did give me info said they’re receiving them on March 25. Hopefully something form BH is updated by then, otherwise I may go pick one up from Best Buy.

  • Jeff

    For US customers… Lots of talk on another Forum that Best Buy has them today in very limited quantity. Seems like you have to pick it up at the local Best Buy.

  • Lewi

    i got mine today. my wife bought it for me in “SATURN” in Mönchengladbach / Germany. just bought without any pre-order.
    It looks and feel fantastic and i´m glad,that i not must wait for the delivery of my pre-order:-)

  • Ren Kockwell

    Wow. It will get here when it gets here. I can’t believe this innocuous post has received so many comments.

  • mikils

    well, here in Italy I was told by a dealer of ”the fotoamatore” a national chain, that they will have D800 available for first-come-first-serve purchasing in their shops within a week. Price about € 2850

  • I picked up the only 2 D800’s that my local Best Buy in Virginia Beach had delivered. Just called them up and they held them for me. Cancelling B&H order.

  • Mark J.

    After hearing all this B&H confusion, i decided to try all my local shops to see if they had any in store non reserved and sadly no luck. Bellevue WA Bestbuy got 2 in this morning, but they were gone within minutes of opening they said. Beyond that, Glazers and Kenmore camera(the 2 main seattle area purely camera stores) are backordered and the corporate camera shops(kits, etc) haven’t even gotten any yet to stores.

    Guess im stuck with this B&H debacle… Which sucks because i had my order in about 3m after the pre-order page went up.

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