Top 10 posts for December 2011

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for December 2011:

1. Nikon D4 specs: 16.2MP, 11 fps, 12,800 native ISO, XQD memory card

2. Cropped Nikon D800 samples at high ISO

3. Nikon D800 commercial was filmed in Chicago

4. Updated Nikon D800 specs

5. Nikon D800 shows us its dark left side

6. The real king of darkness: Nikon D700 with special night vision system

7. Nikon D4 and a new lens announcement on January 6th, 2012

8. This is it for 2011, something big is coming in January 2012

9. Nikon D400 will not be announced before the D800/D4

10. Nikon SB-900 vs. SB-910 Speedlight comparison

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  • Sebastien_M

    D4 SOON !! 😀

    • Sebastien_M

      Happy New Year for all readers of Nikon Rumors 🙂

  • AM

    Waiting for the Three Wise Men to bring the presents on January 6, new lenses of course.

  • Happy New Nikon Year, everybody!!!!

  • Mark

    Happy New Year, NR and everyone!

    Hope also it will be a Happy New Year for Nikon, too! 😉


  • Art

    My prediction for this New Year is that for each of us it will be a very very good year.

    Happy New Years everyone!!!!

    D800, here I come!

  • Nicole

    A very happy and healthy New Year to one and all.

    May your pixels always be perfect, your lenses always be legendary, and your cameras always capture the images of your dreams. 🙂

  • plug

    A happy new year to all you international Nikon rumourphiles!

  • JonMcG

    Wht is this all about? D800 confirmed image and info?

    I’m not sure I’m buying this but looks somewhat legit…

    • WoutK89

      It looks like an almost 1 on 1 copy of NikonRumors.
      They know so much, why not the size of the screen?
      And what is so special about brightness control for the screen, dont all Nikon do that?

      • WoutK89

        Furthermore, that picture misses the MIC holes, what is up with that? If it does movies, how does it do the sound? And how many camera’s from now on will still be promoted with an AF-D lens on, especially considering the 50/1.4?

    • Fake, 100%

  • JonMcg

    I agree, and curious with such a clean detailed image of the front, what about the back? Giving us nothing NR hasn’t already reported and no reason to beleive they arent making up the story based on rumors here…

    Still though impressive and realistic looking front view of that camera.

  • Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Be safe and well, and have a great incoming New Year. God bless, and happy shooting!

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