Nikon D4 picture: real or fake?

There are many photoshopped images of the Nikon D4 out there. Is this one of them? Your guess is as good as mine. For reference, a picture of the D3s:

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  • NoFunBen

    but i think this shows what the camera will look like

  • Ruslan

    I know the back of the camera will have articulated screen. I’ve seen the prototype this summer in Venice. The camera had all the logos covered in black, but it was definitely nikon and it was d3 successor!

  • A.T.M.

    I say fake, everything about the pentaprism has been played with

  • Dan

    Even a small size, this looks like a real one taken from a brochure.

    And fake ones always show D4 logo hehehe

  • Funduro

    Not fake the EXIF info doesn’t say Photoshop CS5. It says Image Compression 89%, which is Nikon’s code name for the new D4. See, that was easy, even a Caveman could do it..

  • ADAM

    That is so fake it makes A dog Humping a Tiger look real.

  • PM

    Admin did not publish that picture without reason.

    It can be real.

    Fakes do not have covered logos.

    It matches the speciallly ugly and unbalanced d800.

    At least is more beautiful than d3 and d800 of course.

    The metering mode selector is no more on the side of the prism but on the upper back side of the camera as on the d800.

    The lines of the prism are more canonish now as is all nikon line. (remindes me an eos 1)

    If i had to vote , i would vote REAL!

    • peterw

      ‘fakes don’t have covered logos’

      If I would make a fake would make it have a covered logo…

      (fake I guess, I hope they wouldn’t save on quality on the pentaprism. However, there was a time when there used to be quite small good quality pentaprisms.)

      (if this would be D4, for the looks I’d buy a D3s… However, it is not my market anyway… 🙂 )

  • Simon Chung

    Looks real (or at least, believable).

    The “shoulder” curves generally match those of the D800. I like that the shutter button is now tilted down further compared to the D3. Missing CSM switch is also another indicator this is likely real. This is a refined body.

    Some folks may be expecting a totally radical body. I don’t think Nikon needs to throw away their old body design and do a full up redesign.

    • OsoSolitario

      I agree.
      D4 users will be te same as D3 ones, so Nikon can’t do radical changes on it and introduce a risk of troubles or the need of learning how an all different body works! Any D4 user should take it and start to shot pictures without read any user’s manual booklet!
      I like the “Canon style” in the new Nikons more stocky and curving… after all if you look a modern car (any brand worldwide) also seems created by the same designer!

  • amanaman

    Looks real to me. Probably Nikon using the same Designer from Canon this time…

    But please remove the new red swoosh, ugly. Or make it black so it will blend more with the rest 🙂

    Can’t wait till they announce it so we can start D5 rumor 😀

    • WoutK89

      Black? Why not Nikon Yellow?

  • a4

    Fake or not – it’s incredibly ugly. Same as the real-or-fake D800.
    You can call me shallow, but I like and prefer things that work well AND look good. Of course, the camera design doesn’t make a photo, but does a camera really have to be ugly like this to make one feel like a pro who doesn’t give a sh*t about it?
    So, while I’m definitely not a target user for the D4, I hope this (and the D800 posted earlier) is fake, as I wouldn’t like to see this designing trend spread throughout the whole Nikon DSLR product line…

  • Zen-Tao

    Big Fake. It´s possible to see the clone stamp marks on the battery holder.

    • OsoSolitario

      Hawk eyes you have!
      Clone stamp? I only can see jpeg artifacts on this small picture!

    • MJr

      I see what you mean, but the battery grip is about the only thing that is exactly the same as the D3s, so why would there need to be cloning ?

    • Yep

      Same deal as with the so-obviously-fake pics of the D800. The battery grip looks completely different from the rest of the photo.

  • dave

    I hope it is not real. It looks horrible.And the d800 looks horrible too. Nikon is going again backwards.

    • OsoSolitario

      Then buy a LOMO camera…. and a Ford T as a new car!!
      I buy my cameras because they have INSIDE, not OUTSIDE!

    • I like it. The body seems to be smaller than the D3s.

      • Bundgee

        Agree on both counts.

      • studio460

        It does appear slightly smaller. Did anyone put the images in a transparent layer to compare scale (I don’t have a current CS5 license)? You could match the PC/shutter release rubber connector cover as a reference. As to the cosmetics, a slightly smaller D3s? That’s sexy as hell! The D800–even sexier. I own a D3s, and it’s huge. So any reduction in bulk would be extremely welcome.

        • Yes, it does look smaller to me as well compared to the D3s.

          • DX2FX

            However, the width and height of the D4 and D3s measured off these two photos do have the same dimensions; taking the Nikon logo (which are the same size in these two pics) being the reference. I would say both should be very similar in size.

  • Heribert

    And what do we all think about these pictures of the D4 posted on a website from Thailand?


    • OsoSolitario

      This picture is fake.
      To be honest, this image you say t’s a standard fake: you take a previous model (D3) then you add more or less bizarre improvements by photoshop… because that, you always know this camera is a D3 not a D4.
      NR picture is all new design so we would especulate is not fake….

    • Yhannoby

      i Like the concept of this fake D4…

    • Il Mando

      Obviously fake.
      If you look the lower right image (the one with the camera seen from above), you’ll notice that the exposure metering mode knob (spot, central, matrix) is present both right and left of the prism :-))))

    • Those are fake, mine is real 🙂

    • Zen-Tao

      Patterns printed on the rubber grip are repeated.But it’s a nice desingn.

  • Daniel

    Let’s hope it’s a fake because the D3s looks better.

  • aeobs

    Fake or not, it’s pretty close to what the camera will look like.

  • Juan monino

    As fake as a $3.00 bill

    • Roger

      Juan, I have a 3 dollar bill and when I show it to people they get a real kick out of it. It does look real

  • Jaap

    Who cares what your tools will look like? It’s what inside that counts, doesn´t it? I hope it really looks terrible, so my new Nikon will be somewhat unique. You’ve got to stand above the crowd, that’s what I think.

  • TC123

    I’m sure Admin is right about this pic. Question is, will this be the last time we see this sort of shape to a camera if video is becoming such a priority… Personally, I would prefer to pay a bit less and not have video capability (having bought Final Cut Pro and hurt my brain trying to use it 😉 ). I know there are some video shooters out there who have made this medium their own and are doing some incredible work.
    Surely there has to be some sort of evolution in design/ergonomics to take full advantage of the video medium.

  • Nikon D4 – Nikon Evil
    what do you think?

    The D4 looks really like a prototype

    • Those are old prototypes, I have covered them here on NR a while back.

  • fxed

    Look at left side from the metal strap on, looks like someone tried to get rid of the bevel as on the D3s to make it more rounded. And I don’t like the looks of the red badge being just a thin line. Last the right side up top looks to cramped. In a word it’s:


  • Kostas

    Sorry for my English!

    Nikon wants this picture to be publish
    I think it’s real, it looks better, i like it! But i am not target group, i like smaller cameras (max D7000 size)
    Administrator did not publish this picture without reason

    Happy new Year!

  • im’crapyinventor’too

    looks real….the body has more contours…look just a bit smaller than d3s…..very nice….

  • PM

    Something about the new d4 and d800 (fakes or real)

    1. Thy carry the typical ugliness of almost every japanese product.

    2. Thy remind me canons , which remind me plastic chinese products.

    3. If you like japanese cars , you are going to love them.

    4. Since even leicas now look like canons , why complain about nikons?

    5. Nikon d4 looks better than i was expected especially when i fisrt saw d800!

    6. At least , i know their real names: NiCanon D4- the disappointment
    NiCanon D800 – the nightmare

    I am switching to… Zenit

  • Nate

    It’s real. It’s form factor is smaller than the D3s but incorporates the focusing changes like on the D7000.

  • GregS

    Earlier, I observed that the sub-command dial has the same tilt that we saw in the D800 photo. It looks like a perspective error, but some have argued that it reflects new, more refined ergonomics. My question: if the tilt is due to new ergonomics, why doesn’t the other dial, lower left corner, also have that same tilt?

  • Looking real 2 me and probably only 6 days to go – looks a bit smaller than D3s but probably be in terms of price in same remit as the Nikon D3x – £5000 – £6000

  • Funduro

    Real. I do not own a D3 so my opinion is based on what my eyes see while comparing the two. The corners have a different radius that makes it appear to be a tighter/smaller camera, but the overall detentions will be the same. The prism is slightly different, maybe for an internal assembly reason.
    The comments from others about the D4 NOT having radical changes makes sense, since the pro’s will use D3 along side the new D4. The inside with the latest generation of SW and HW is where Nikon spent the R&D ¥’s.

  • PatCL


  • peterw

    What strikes me, is the position of the rubber really below the second comand wheel (diafragm control). This is a well thought idea, because in present and past models the rubbers tend to get loose on this spot (and two or three other spots on the back side).

    As for the red rubber which has been discussed. In the present models it does have a function for ergonomics. It is a thing which gives extra hold to the camera’s. By making it as small as shown, it seems to loose this function and becomes a rudimentary remainder of something good.
    And, it is very good this red thing is not yellow, this would become extremely ugly within 1 hour of outdoor use, and within 8 hours of indoor use.

    Just some useless thoughts on an early morning in 2012, a good year and nice light to all of you.

    (there is actually a bit of nice ‘shallow’ light peeping through the clouds now in Schiedam, The Netherlands)

  • Yes, with 24mp sensor that performs somewhere between D3 and D3s on ISO.

  • Peter

    Well personnally I think the d4 and d800 photos are fake or a simulation to the real thing. Just one point to bring to the bloggers attention. With this being nikon’s next generation cameras incorporating the latest features here is one example. One function which crippled nikon cameras for years was the ability to save camera functions and changes as via the u1 and u2 available in the nikon d7000 command dial. Canon cameras had that option and made shooting different scene easy by transforming your camera into a totally different preset setting by a switch of a dial. From observing the photos the command dials don’t show that feature which is present on the nikon d7000. So my question is why not add that feature to two of your top of the line professional cameras? So my take on the photos are fake and as a owner of a nikon d700, I’m a little disaapointed in the photos of the d800 which is proclaimed to be real.

    • peterw

      Hi Peter,
      These – pro – camera’s are made for full control, as much as possible direct control with dedicated buttons. The preset functions in the consumer market camera’s (on top-end of which the excellent D7000) are not really giving full control. If you want to change these Nikon presets to custom settings, it is quite hard to achieve.
      However in the pro-camera’s (I consider D100-D700 series amongst those) there is a possibility for very fast change of settings in a simple user defined preset menu.

  • It might be real, but If that is the case I’m a bit ticked off by the weird esthetics.
    Nikon used to make both the most ergonomically well thought out cameras- but also the most beautiful ones. This prism-housing looks like CANON, weeeird.

    Fortunately they seem to have shaped the edges of the rubber better, they come WAY to easily off the way they are now!

  • kyoshinikon

    I think it is real and just shopped’ to avoid track-backs. I wouldn’t be surprised it the red sliver was a triangle and just modded for this reason. Still I think that lens looks like a 28-70mm f2.8

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