Weekly Nikon news flash #143

  • While I was surfing the eBay Finds section, I came across this listing of the first Nikon camera: Nikon I rangefinder with Nikkor H.C 50mm f/2 lens that is currently listed for $33k:

    "Three of Japan's leading optical manufacturers merged to form a fully integrated optical company known as Nippon Kogaku K.K. with its head office located in Tokyo, Japan on 25th July ,1917. The name "Nikkor" was first used to identify its lenses in 1932. In 1948, the first Nikon camera was born, Nikon I, featured a focal plane shutter with rangefinder focusing and a smaller picture format of 24mm x 32mm. Nikon I, the first rangefinder camera, produced in 1948-1949, only 738 sets."

    More info on Nikon I can be found here and here.

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  • Jabs

    From Nikon 1 Rangefinder to the new Nikon 1 System = symbolism of their new direction indeed.
    Both revolutionary camera systems that influenced many other Manufacturers.

    • Sorry but in what way has the Nikon 1 system influenced any other manufacturer??

      • Jabs

        Wait and see!

        • Calibrator

          We got experience in waiting, that’s for sure…

          • lox

            … and experience in overrating Nikon too, I guess.

        • I can’t see where the manufacturers. It isn’t the first mirrorless, not the first with video, the Phase/contrast AF is good but was announced in other cameras first. Its ergonomics are not different or even better than the P7100. Its ISO ability is good for a camera of its size but doesn’t beat the competition. The V1 has a rubbishy little flash which isn’t as good as a normal flash. It is over priced though seems to dramatically being slashed in price currently. I am not saying that it is a bad camera, it isn’t and it does have an insane burst rate but thats about it.

          • Jabs

            You perhaps miss the symbolism.

            The Nikon 1 Rangefinder and the Nikon 1 digital System are both breakthrough products that changed photography.

            The Nikon 1 System is the first camera to have AF on the sensor and the first in its’ category to have stills available from Movie files.
            The clean design and minimalist controls WILL have a tremendous effect in future products.
            The camera is now a runaway best seller in America and the accessories shown and released so far, makes it revolutionary.
            The ability to use Nikon F-mount lenses puts it way beyond any Micro 4/3rd or NeX Systems, as there are so many Nikon F-mount lenses available from over 50 years of Production. Icing on the cake then!
            The camera is the first real small camera System designed from the ground up to be a System with lots of accessories and with Video as one of the primary objectives of its’ design also – crazy fast Video performance and AF response not equalled by ANY camera on the Market = revolutionary Product.

            Most people never can see the merits of a System until others clearly say that LATER on, including you apparently.

            It is not one part that makes it stand out but it is a combination of features unmatched by others that makes it influential as perhaps everyone else is now trying to make their version of this System or in the Planning Stages to do so.

            Nikon 1 Rangefinder – changed camera SYSTEM performance expectations.
            Nikon F SLR – changed camera System expectations, flexibility and performance expectations forever.
            Nikon 1 Digital camera System – changes the idea of a small camera System NOT trying to be a DSLR, but more like a little mini-RED camera that is faster and shoots quicker than any other so-called mirrorless camera on the Market.

            The by-word is SYSTEM and lens plus accessories planned and available equalling the way Nikon usually builds a camera system that influences everyone else = facts.

            They did not name either Nikon 1 for nothing!

            • Pete

              and a Happy New Year to everyone.

            • Komalkputtu


        • Jan

          you can’t say ‘influenced’ and ‘Wait and see!’ about the same thing.

          that’s like saying that cake was delicious that I’m going to bake next week.

          • Jabs

            If you look at a Product and from experience you predict accurately that it will have major influences on design and product direction, THEN you can – even presumptuously.
            The product is already available (Nikon 1 System) and it is selling very well and thus perhaps putting a fire under a rather stagnant Market which lacked any major Manufacturer of DSLR’s before and thus this response is gauged by many as to HOW people react to it – sales wise.
            SALES determine influence in that Market and thus one is quite able to accurately gauge not only influence, but also predict many copycat products as well. Same as how one can look at an iPad or an iPhone and predict the look and feel or other upcoming competing products because of their great influence in their respective markets.
            Nikon has a long track record and thus it is easy to gauge their influence – Just look at their sales in a particular Market.

  • WoutK89

    That is for sure a killer combo, if only my pockets were that deep 😀

    But, I am pretty sure they will add AF-C when they are ready perfecting it!

  • Paul

    I’m sure Nikon and everyone else here is looking forward to 2012. Bring it on!

  • Paul

    Oh and 3240mm? That’s impressive!

  • T.I.M

    Happy new year NR french readers !

  • The street signs looked great but I think the focus doesn’t work at all with the teleconverter attached. I had a chance to see the V1 in person last week but they didn’t bring the V1 with them. Everyone here is raving about them. After looking at it in person, I kind of expected more than what I saw. It looks like any other point and shoot. Maybe having the viewfinder helps with this.

    • According to the comments on that that link, the person who took the pictures said that the AF works with the teleconverter on the V1+FT1.

      • I did read that. Perhaps with that limited amount of field of view, the tripod requirements become a lot more stringent. I’d love to aim that set-up at the moon!

        • Eric

          +1 for moon shot.

    • I think it’s the spartan form factor that makes the V1 in particular pretty different. And :

      – the EVF, which most point and shoots don’t have.
      – And of course the *quality*.
      – And interchangeables lenses.
      – And shooting RAW format.
      – And accepting standard Nikkor lenses via an adapter.

      It’s quite a spectacular little camera, really. It has approximately the same form factor as a rangefinder, but without the parallax error problem. Really nifty little camera!

  • mikils

    Nikon 1 was remarkably unimpressive at the presentation, or so I thought, but it is drawing more and more attention… perhaps it really is revolutionary.

  • Paul

    Who would want this thing, especially at that price! Can you still get film for it?

    When you collect non utilitarian things you build a prison for yourself.

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