The rumored D800 delay is not Nikon’s fault

Nikon factory in Thailand before the flooding (credit: Bangkokbiznews)

and after the flooding (credit: Noppatjak)

I guess some [NR] followers have not read my previous posts or just failed to realize the seriousness of the situation in Thailand which was probably the reason for the Nikon D800 announcement delay. You cannot really blame Nikon or [NR] for that. Here is a quick recap of my posts from the past few weeks:

October 3, 2011:

I initially did not post this online, but after receiving some additional info I can now confirm with a 99% probability only the name “D800″ and the sensor size of 36MP.

Stay tuned, it has begun! If the specs are out, expect announcement before the end of the year (I would say 30-60 days from now).

October 9, 2011:

This is the list of “confirmed” specs for the Nikon D800. My confidence on those is above 90%:

  • The name will be Nikon D800
  • 36MP sensor
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point
  • Dual memory card slots (still not sure if they will be SD, CF or both)
  • USB 3.0
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • The screen will be larger than 3 inches
  • The D800 will not have built-in GPS
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • There will be two different D800 versions/models, one with the antialiasing filter removed

October 17, 2011:

October 26th is 9 days away and so far I have not received any information on any scheduled Nikon press events for next week. It will be highly unusual for Nikon to announce the D800 without any major press gathering – maybe they have chosen this path to prevent any leaks.

The bottom line is this - I was never sure about October 26th being the Nikon D800 announcement date. There were some clues, but no scheduled press events. After I received multiple tips and several other websites (Chasseur d'Images, digicame-inf0) reported the same story, I do believe that there was initially a Nikon announcement scheduled for October 26th that was later postponed because of the floods in Thailand.

But wait, the D800 should be produced in Japan, right? Yes, but some parts are probably made in Thailand. The problem could also not be related to Nikon at all - this story/picture about the submerged Sony factory circulated the Web yesterday:

Credit: Bangkok Post | Pattarachai Preechapanich

Image Sensor World found out that this was Sony Bangkadi facility - here is the "before picture":

This Sony factory is used to manufacture CCD and CMOS sensors and other chips. It also serves as Sony devices distribution center:

Maybe the new 36MP sensor for the Nikon D800 is produced in that Sony factory? We will probably never know.

Heck, even Canon had to cut their annual sales by 660 million USD because of the situation in Thailand.

Here are the latest water levels at the Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand - basically unchanged since 4 days ago:

So that's it - I hope this will clear the D800 situation for everyone. I still stand behind the D800 specs I have published before but when the official announcement will happen is anyone's guess. I will still stay till midnight EST tonight - just to be sure.

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  • Force Majure

  • Juergen.

    Update of the flooding situation as of tonight from an old friend living there:
    The government says some 2.5 million people are affected – he thinks it’s more like 10 million (officially living in the greater Bangkok region are 12+ million people, he estimates is at circa 18 million).
    A really huge area is flooded, water levels of around 2 metres are not uncommon, the government speaks of 6 to 8 weeks before the water is gone – and only then one can begin to renovate or repair buildings.
    These may have severe damage due to being flooded: it’s not pure water, but contaminated with all sorts of things, from gasoline to feces to dead animals and… and.. and… so it’s not simply drying the factory after the water has gone, but after that to clean very thoroughly and to repair building infrastructure like electricity and IT. And when the factory is ready to produce again you have to have the parts from the suppliers…
    …so it may take some months until Nikon can produce anything again in Ayuthaya (at the very moment only educated guesses based upon the experience of floods from the past can be made – noone knows anything precisely yet).

    A first estimation of the damage to the whole country he says he heard is 20 billion US Dollars – as the situation is still getting worse(!) this surely will not be enough.

    Side note: My friend and his wife had to abandon their newly-built house, cars of the family have been flooded, one relative lost all his 50 hectars (125 acres) yearly rice harvest, shops of the family have been flooded and more to be flooded in the next days …

  • Retweeter

    This is ridiculous and it’s looking like an epic #Nikonfail

    What bloody impact would a flood have on an announcement?!!!?!! It seems that if there was any validity to this so called rumor, Nikon would just make an announcement that they are bringing out the d800, and “announce” that delivery will be impacted due to the floods!

    I am looking to get back into photography, and have been holding out for the expected Nikon D800 release (I formally shot Nikon) but am fed up with waiting. I honestly think that Nikon mightn’t have developed a product that is on par with what they’re doing over there at canon.

    Excuses excuses, time to go with my second choice & go for the crop 7d, and look to upgrade down the track to upgrade to the 5dmkiii, which at this rate will be out long before this fictitious D800.

    Farewell Nikon, and thanks for all the fish!


    • Nina


      go to another company.

      we don’t want you anymore anyway.

      • Mr Positivity

        Honestly I hope the floods wash away all the stupid D800’s and their sh*tty specs right out to sea! That camera at that price with those specs is a slap in the face of all the people who have been waiting for a D700 replacement!

        • Josh

          Just because your sorry a$$ can’t afford the D800, doesn’t mean that it is overpriced. Maybe you should have concentrated on studying while in school and gotten a good paying job to afford these ‘wants’ of life – instead of getting Ds on your report card.

          Now head back under the bridge and don’t show your poor face to us again. Shoo!

          • haha +1

            Morons. Literally.

          • Phei

            Good thing you took the high road. Not.

            • Josh

              Phei? Go and make some noodle s for all of us. And make sure you signal before changing lanes. Oh and I need my shirts done in an hour!

            • Phei

              Uh, I’m not asian. But hey, way to go, champ.

              You’re pathetic.

          • Ken

            it’s overpriced..i guesstimate it will be $3.2k…google a brand new d3x for 6.2k …… so couple a d800+300mm or 70-200 and you could have a nice new d3x body…. 🙂

            • Ken

              that is if the price is 4k, you can also pick up a d3x for 4.5k I know which i’d pick….500 extra for teh win!

            • Ken

              SPAM!! 🙂 i mean D3S below..for 4.5k

      • Inspiration

        Right Nina. Let them go to Canon.
        But Canon knows, that these fools next time go to annother Brand.

        Lets think to all the peaple in all companies in that airea 8 also th peaple at Canon) They all have d hard time.

        Nikon: go on and come back to us, when you are ready! Don’t bother those fools.

      • George

        What you fail to understand is that there are quite a few of us out here who are technical shooters and NEED the higher-spec camera. I bought the D7000 when it came out because it was what I could afford and had better specs than what I was shooting (as much as I like higher ISO, I need the greatest detail possible in my shots —16mp beat 12mp, with only a slight ISO loss compared to a D700). I’m now in a position to purchase a top-end full-frame camera, and I’d LIKE to stay with Nikon because it’s what I was trained on. However, I have to look at who is moving to produce. At least Canon has come out and stated an expected delivery date and product specs. I can live with a delivery delay, but I have to plan the purchases NOW. I’m sure there are other like me out there in the same boat.

        I wish I was in the position of the art shooters out there, and could get away with waiting. for me and my job, I can’t justify the wait. If Nikon cannot even officially confirm specs, then I have to seriously consider making my permanent investment with a company that will actually put out a product I can use.

        • Richard


          I know that it is difficult to be patient in circumstances such as this, but it is not as though Nikon is delaying product releases just to aggravate their customer base. They are going to take a very substantial sales “hit” because of the disasters with which they have been confronted. They are not alone in this regard either. Most of the major players in the digital camera business have been affected to one degree or another.

          Canon have chosen to announce their next generation 1D, presumably in the hope that it will stem the losses they have continued to suffer because of customers changing to the Nikon D3/D3S/D700. Some people might also characterize the Canon announcement as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) which is intended to do just what the name implies about purchasing decisions.

          Without challenging the claims which Canon have made about their new camera, they remain to be proven by independent evaluation. At the very least, it appears that the 1D X will be a strong challenger to whatever Nikon releases. At this point it is unknown whether Canon will actually be able to meet their shipping dates. Nikon will be driven by the same desire as Canon, to get their new flagship products in the hands of the community which will be covering the London Olympics.

          That said, it is easy enough to understand your anxiety about the lack of information about what will happen next.


    • Gregg

      Good riddance, ya bastard. At this moment in time I think it prudent to pay respect to those without food/shelter in Thailand than to bitch and moan about some camera coming out. People have lost love ones over there and all you care about is some camera?! Sickening

      • John Boen

        But wouldn’t it be nice to take photos of these events with a new D800?

        • Dilbert

          Bob 1: Hey, Lets build this factory here.
          Bob 2: Isn’t it in a major flood zone?
          Bob 1: Yeah, but it will be cheaper than building one in the U.S.
          Bob 2: But what if a major flood destroys the factory?
          Bob 1: That won’t ever happen
          Bob 2: But what if…
          Bob 1: (interupting) Security please remove Bob 2 from the building!

          • Wedge

            Cheaper than the U.S.? Why was the United States the first choice of a Japanese camera manufacturer in this scenario of yours, and what makes you think we don’t have huge flood zones, too?

            • Dilbert

              Did I say put the factory in New Orleans? No. If they put it in middle america or detroit, somewhere that would actually help the local economy, it would be very helpful for the entire worlds econcomy.

          • Admin — I call for moderation. This stuff is out of control. Do the rest of us sane readers really have to listen to this drivel?

            • Richard


              Am I allowed to +1 that?

              The First Richard, The Real Richard, Richard I, not that other cat.


          • Rich


            People this time are very very angry. I think that this the comments on this forum represent that Nikon users are completely frustrated with Canon continually getting the edge. and Whilst a lot of this has just to do with bragging rights, it never-the-less is frustrating.

            The donkeys have realised that they are not getting any closer to the carrot 🙂

            • R!


            • R!

              AGREE ANGRY +10 !!!!!!!

          • Iris Chrome


            Not sure who you mean by donkeys since you’re the one who originally complained about the lack of announcement from Nikon and you’re the one who’s buying a 7D instead of a D800.

      • Matt_XVI

        Couldn’t have said it any better. I cannot believe how selfish and self-centered some people are.

      • George

        Not like they cared/ did anything when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Bad things happen every day —we can’t wallow in reflected misery else we’d have time for nothing else. Grow up and suck it up.

        • Matt_XVI


          I think you should grow up. You’re right that they probably didn’t care that much about the victims of Katrina, but if they were bitching and complaining that the the delay of the announcement of the latest TV because of it and WHILE it’s going on would probably provoke some people to call out their self centeredness and insensitivity.

    • Really!!

      @Retweeter. Why would they make an announcement if a production date is unknown? I would think their concern is keeping the current production going. Even if they did announce a new Dwhatever then you’d be sitting here bitching and whining asking when it will be on the shelves.
      Go buy a Canon to satisfy your self-centered ass and move on with life, dude.

      • Don’t worry, he is not buyer of cameras, he’s just writer of forums, ha-ha! ))

    • Iris Chrome

      @Retweeter or Richard (or whatever other nickname you might be using)

      If you want to switch go ahead do us all a favor and switch but stop your immature and obvious trolling.

      • Richard

        I’m not trolling you judgmental boob!

        I lost everything in a cyclone in Qld Australia this year, so I am not dispassionate for the people in Thailand’s plight. I reject your criticism outright. And immature? Why, because I question the foundation of this rumor? Give me a break

        But all this is smoke, in an attempt to obfuscate the fact that I am making a legitimate point.

        When asked “Why would they make an announcement if a production date is unknown?” I respond ” To manage expectations!!!” If this forum shows you anything and that is that people have empathy for their position, so if there was any legitamacy to this rumor, an announcement of the D800 together with an delayed release date due to the floods, would of been welcomed by all. It also would have assisted those planning to make an investment in equipment.

        To tell you the truth, given the vitriolic tone of some of your responses, I suspect that all you too annoyed and have decided to vent on me because I dare stand up and point out the facts.

        The facts being: Nikon has failed to manage expectations & this rumor is highly suspect! Facts that I have grown tiresome of!


        • Truth Machine

          Truth: Nikon wont announce a new camera b/c people will stop buying current models and wait for the next model, thus hurting Nikon’s bottom line.

          • Joris Driepinter

            Car makers do that all the time and there is no loss in car sales.

            In fact if the D800 rumour was true Nikon could in this case easily announce this camera and tell people it won’t be on sale before Q1 of 2012.

            However fact is that this camera with these specs are just incorrect.

            A D800 that would outperform a D3x while there is still no follow up of the D3x announced does not make any sense.

            I think that Mr. Nikonrumours made a fool out of himself and is now trying to clean his butt by telling us that its no fault of Nikon…

            C’mon admit that you were fooled!

            • scott javin

              You sir are foolish. Did you happen to hear that Apple’s sales of the iphone 4 were significantly lower b/c people were waiting to buy the 4s model. People were expecting it in june, then july, then….finally in October it was released. Google apple’s financial results and they will talk exactly about this same thing happening. You think anyone is going to be buying the camera that the new 1dsmk4 is going to replace? I think not!

            • Iris Chrome


              I’d like to urge you to take a moment and reread your post. Now I understand that there are some out there who are very frustrated for whatever reason that are beyond me to comprehend. Nevertheless I do think you have the right to go ahead and express your thoughts out whether they be positive or negative. I might disagree with what you say but hopefully that would only lead to a meaningful and fruitful discussion.

              Now consider what you said about admin. Was it absolutely necessary to express your thoughts towards Admin/Peter in that way in order to make your point? Do you think it added any real substance to your post? While the terms you used might be on the lighter end of the spectrum, they’re nevertheless hurtful, unnecessary and juvenile.

              Before you respond consider that you’re a guest on Peter’s website. He has the right and capability of deleting your posts and banning you from this forum yet he didn’t and most likely won’t. Admin is clearly choosing to be the gracious host so don’t take advantage of his hospitality.

              Now, and since I replied already, let me go ahead and discuss the issued you originally raised in your post. Car manufacturers and car industry are COMPLETELY different from camera manufacturers and the camera industry. For one the car industry has a new model every year and is on a set schedule of when to release that model. Cameras are simply not. There are a gazillion car manufacturers. Camera manufacturers can probably be counted on both hands (the worthy and prominent ones on one hand).
              There are other points too.

        • Iris Chrome


          The fact that you only replied to my post between all other posts confirms that I called you out.

          Here is one definition of what a troll is as per a well known website;

          “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community…”

          Now assuming you’re not a troll, and at the cost of teaching you how to troll, let me explain to you why you are perceived as one. Your comments are clearly inflammatory. What’s more though is that you’ve already said almost exactly the same thing in a previous post under a different name. Only now your comment was improved to try and cover the criticism you received last time. Why repeat the same message? Why change your name?

          Explain to me this. You’re not happy that the D800 announcement is postponed so you will go ahead and buy a Canon 7D and then wait for 5D III to be announced instead, right? But you could just as easily get a D7k or D300s until a D800 is out yet you won’t. Why is that?

          What a lot of the people who responded to you are tired of is the obvious trolling nature of comments made by you and others here.

          Now if you’re in fact not trolling then please consider what you say and where you say it before saying it if you don’t want to be labelled as such.

          Good day.

          • Richard

            Mate, I’m not trolling and you not making sens………..

            you know, forget it.



          • Gabb3r

            Not that I want to defend any trolls (or whatever) here, but I can understand wanting to forgo the D300s/D700 road and go toward 7D and 5DMkIII for one thing : video.

            I know these cameras are made primarily for photo and not video, but Canon and even Panasonic has their mojo going in the video/independent movie world and most Nikon users like me are waiting for a great Nikon camera that will do good fullHD (1080p-24p) video (i.e. with codec, look, moire and rolling shutter not as bad as the D7000 for example). I’ve got lots of Nikon primes and zooms and would much rather have a great Nikon camera / video camera than have to go the Canon road. For now I use Panasonic’s GH2, but photo-wise, meh, it’s not as good as a Nikon, I kinda miss the optical viewfinder…

            • Alex

              I call this mentality bullshit.

              Why can’t you just get a F>EOS adapter and a 5D and keep your lenses? If you’re doing serious video work, shouldn’t you be using manual focus anyways?

        • Zeke

          How about this: Nikon cancelled the announcement because they won’t be shipping anytime soon and they don’t want to completely torpedo D700 sales at Christmas. There you go, expectations have been managed.

          Who knows? I don’t, and neither do you, so calm down and quit pretending to be so certain of what Nikon is (or isn’t) up to.

        • Anonymous

          I find your words offensive. Nikonfail? Really? And the twelve million that are displaced are nothing more than an inconvenient speed bump on your path to the latest luxury item?
          I wonder what kind of photographs you’d take. Are they full of beauty or sensitivity? Or does your selfishness and lack of moral sensitivity carry over into your the photographs you’d like to get back into?
          I would suggest you go cover some of the hotspots in the world, where such attributes as sensitivity would only get in the way of documenting the horrid aspects of our struggles. Maybe embed yourself with the Taliban? Or those guys in Somalia! I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms, no matter what camera brand you bring.
          And yes, I’m frustrated. But not with Nikon, I’m frustrated with the vitriol that spreads through these forums like a disease. It’s as insipid as nicotine.

          • Anonymous

            Look Ma, no swear words!

            • James Mendoza

              Oh look, the cowardly “Anonymous” has returned, seeking to label others, and post abuse in an attempt to illicit an angry responses.

              I’m timing how long it takes NR Admin to remove your posts this time.

              yawn, this is getting old.

          • Matt_XVI

            + 1

        • The First Richard

          @the second Richard,

          I’d appreciate you identifying yourself in some way other than by using the exact same posting name. I don’t go around calling people boobs…and yes, Iris is correct to categorize you as a troll. If you don’t like being considered a troll, try conducting yourself so that people will not have cause to consider you one. There are a lot of posters on this fine web site who are capable of expressing their opinions in a civil, logical manner, even if it is not in agreement with the opinions of others. Differing opinions are welcomed, but are subject to “argument” to test their validity.

          Nikon is not in the business of “managing expectations”. Many of us wish they would be more transparent about their development roadmap, but that simply is not their way and the company is unlikely to make a radical corporate culture change in the midst of this crisis.

          Perhaps you should evaluate the reasonableness of your expectations. Nikon will tell us about any new products when and if they are ready to do so.

          The First Richard

    • Tonny

      How the hell do you think like this, make an announcment when thousands of people has no home.

      Yes, it is just an announcement but if Nikon really do an announcement, they will get bombardment from all sides except some bastard here. Sorry to be rude!!!!!

      • tifkat

        Really, let’s hypothetically put aside consideration of those people living in the region, and focus solely on the business aspect.

        The waters aren’t going down. How long do you think it will take 2.7 meter deep water to evaporate? How much water is there in what seems to be a basin when it’s 2.7 meters deep? Could they even pump that out in a month? Seriously guys, the logistics of dealing with the flood from a business aspect alone is enormous. Things aren’t going to bounce back next week. It’ll take months for that area to be back in full swing. AFTER WHICH then they have to assess their ability to produce something and deliver it by a particular date.

        To expect anything more than another month or more of delay is ludicrous. To the TiVO generation, imagine you hit a pause button the minute the floods hit the base of the buildings, and won’t unpause until the water recedes past that same line. That’s what you’re looking at. Everything has been put on hold. Even that is optimistic, because it assumes things can just resume, which is not the case.

        Be real guys.

    • monty11

      What blatant ignorance … astonishing really!

      • Troll Buster

        Do us a favor Monty & rack off to the canonrumors forum. We don’t need your condescending comments that add nothing to the forum.

        • Iris Chrome

          @”Troll Buster”

          It’s either you’re a troll yourself or a noob.

        • Matt_XVI

          @Troll Buster

          It is the poster he is refering to who is condescending. Also your post added absolutely no more to the forum then his – so in your view we don’t need yours as well.

          What the heck is wrong with people theses days?

    • PeterT

      Can´t stand such stupid comments anymore…
      If your first choice is nikon and you’re thinking about buying a 7D why not choose the D7000?

    • 2cents

      Really?? This is the response from people? How sad for our own society where a silly product takes precedence over the lives that are directly impacted by tragedy. The poor people whose lives have been affected by the flooding.

      • Matt_XVI

        Yes, I cannot stop +1ing these comments.

        • Richard


          That reminds me of John Denver who, at one of his last concerts, let slip with a “Far Out!” and paused to say “I’m trying to cut back. Really I am.”

          Have fun and +1 away.


          • Matt XVI

            + 1 Richard! =)

    • Rob

      Your post makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, what the hell do you expect them to do?? Look at the pictures! There is way more at stake here than you and your wish list. Besides, if you’re willing to go for the 7D or 5DMII, what’s wrong with the D700?? I really don’t get some of the posters on here…

    • david distefano

      delay in a camera announcement against the backdrop of death and human suffering, where is your compassion for your fellow man?

    • Retweeter, please delay your “getting back into photography” for awhile longer. We appreciate your patience. 🙂

  • T.I.M

    Only 3 hours left until October 26th !
    I’m so not excited !

  • “Maybe the new 36MP sensor for the Nikon D800 is produced in that Sony factory?”

    I am about the last one who knows for sure, but since the D7000 16MP DX Sensor made by Sony and the full frame pixel density of this technology is almost exactly 36MP, I strongly suspect that the D800 sensors are diving over there, too… 🙁

    • PHB

      Regardless of who makes the sensor, most VLSI chips are sent out for packaging. Even if the Sony fab isn’t in Thailand they can have critical elements in their supply chain out there.

      Nikon employs 10,000 people in Thailand.

      You can’t find a workforce that large in one place in the US. And most cities and states would have the good sense to say ‘no thank-you’ if the offer came along. The reason is very simple, when a city loses 1000 jobs in a factory closure it is easily absorbed. But lose 10,000 jobs in one go and all but the largest metropolitan areas will be plunged into an economic crisis.

      Michael Moore’s first documentary, Roger & Me is all about the consequences of that type of collapse in Flint Michigan.

      • Every government in the US would jump at (and throw incentives at) any prospect of 10,000 new jobs. Having lived in Flint during the Roger & Me era I can tell you that Michael Moore’s integrity is south of Bernie Maddof’s.

  • Gordon Haywood

    This is getting to be ridiculous. The rumour that the D800 was going to be announced in October is now rumoured to be delayed, and It’s not Nikon’s fault.

    So we have a rumour that another rumour isn’t going to be confirmed.

    Too many rumours – lets deal in facts please.

    The Thai factory is under water – fact. This will have a significant impact on Nikon’s manufacture of cameras and lenses, both made in Thailand and elsewhere – fact. Any impact this has on any rumoured release of new products is just that – a rumour.

    Let’s all relax and enjoy the brilliant Nikon technology we have available to us today!

    • Too many rumours – lets deal in facts please.
      Dude, what’s the site’s name?

  • Jason

    some of the crying here is simply unbelievable… christ sakes its just a camera… even if it was announced, you wouldnt even be able to get one for another 6 months and even then you would probably complain about the price… nikon workers are sufferring in thailand atm, im sure as a company they are more concerned about their workers than the release of their next camera.

  • sam

    I am so tired of waiting….sigh….im waiting till december for at least an announcement if no announncement then im ordering a 1Dx

    • GregS

      You do realize that the 1Dx won’t even be released until March of 2012?

      • Sam

        Yes but at this pace that will be before the d800

  • Frank n beans

    Blame Nikon for putting the factory in a 3rd world flurry with I adequate drainage systems. Nikon went cheap and now they are paying the price. Sony made this mistake too. If nikon is going to charge more than anyone else they should build these things on japan or Taiwan.

    • Wedge

      Japan is susceptible to spectacular natural disasters as well, or hadn’t you heard?

      Stuff happens. There doesn’t have to be a moral behind everything. The rain gods aren’t punishing Nikon for paying lower rent.

      • Matt_XVI


    • Daniel

      @ Frank n beans, didn’t it happened the same in the US not so long ago?, then, does it means the US is a , as you wrote, “3rd world flurry with I adequate drainage systems”?,
      Please don’t insult other nations, that could happens everywhere.

  • Just wanted to say thank you to [NR] for all the great work you do.

    • Matt_XVI

      I can’t +1 enough today!

  • Curt

    It is their fault, in a sense, for locating their production in a developing nation instead of Japan (or less expensive option in a developed country). Nikon’s prices are already at a premium. And Japan doesn’t need it’s labor opportunities exported elsewhere (I live in Japan).

    But agreed that NR has no fault in the announced date changes.

    • Ke

      Because there’s never any natural disasters in Japan that could hold up production, right?

  • James Mendoza

    Well, we should just shut down all forums that discuss Nikon until the water has subsides?

    Breaking News: This is a forum that discuses Nikon equipment! & is not a place for jerks like you to ridicule people who choose to do so.

    You might be more comfortable here:

    and Anonymous? How brave you are!

    • Matt_XVI

      How are you any braver than Anonymous? Without any link to your website, contact information or who you really are? I’m pretty sure you’re not the only James Mendoza out there.

  • SoftonDemand

    Why the rumored D800 delay IS nikon and NR’s fault is because they turn civilized people to think irrationally and make impulsive moves like switching to Canon. Thats what I think

  • Blckcat

    I still dont’ understand. D800 should not be in the mass-production stage yet, which means, it shouldn’t be made in Thailand, where its mass production is done. I thought they were going to only show off the proto type, which should be made in Nikon Headquarter or something. Just like Canon, it’s probably gonna be released next year, which should be plenty time to move all the equipments and resume with the business.
    If I’m wrong about the “prototype”, please tell me so. I’ve always thought the prototypes are made in different manner from mass products.

    • Iris Chrome


      Nikon’s postponed announcement wasn’t for a prototype but presumably for the actual D800 model. If Nikon did announce it then it’s supposed to be able to produce and deliver the model to it’s dealers all over the world. Therefore an announcement needs to be accompanied by production otherwise Nikon shoots itself in the foot (dealers won’t buy the old model but Nikon can’t sell them the new model either).

      Canon’s latest announcement for their 1D line was a bit of an exception to the norm in the camera industry but then again they’ve been known to do so with some of their higher grade lens announcements. I can give many speculations as to why Canon did this but the point is Canon and Nikon are not the same and Canon’s 1D line has a different audience than Nikon’s Dx00 line.

      • PHB

        What makes you think Nikon can make the old model either?

        Nikon is not going to bring any new product to market while its factory is sitting under 2 meters of water. Expecting them to do that is just stupid. The management have other things to think about.

        • Iris Chrome


          Did I say Nikon would continue making the D700? Nope, but I was waiting for someone to ask me that 🙂

          Most likely Nikon does have some stock of already produced D700 at hand and can distribute that stock to its dealers for the time being. This is not to mention that Nikon probably still has some quantities of the parts manufactured in Thailand at hand and so would have capability of producing a limited number of D700’s in Japan.

          Nikon will probably run into shortages eventually but hopefully by that time they would have either secured an alternative source for the parts needed or the situation in Thailand improves and conditions permit the work to resume in the factories.

          This, to me, makes better business sense than announcing a product that they can’t even put a delivery date on 🙂

      • blckcat

        Thanks for the reply
        I kinda get the idea now.
        I guess canon’s announcement got me to think this way.

        Hope everything gets clear there.

  • reza

    All of you cry babies just drool on D800 and keep pushing, whining and be mindless about anything else even a godamn national disaster. Do you own a camera right now or perhaps more than one? Use it and shut up, keep practicing. Half of you probably just addicts about new products and think your average photos outcome looks great, sharp, bright, vivid or whatever because it was shot with anything new that came out of the store. idiots.

    • ADs afs FAS

      reza you cry baby coming here on NR and crying about people who’re crying about the D800. You cry baby.

      Raging much?

  • Paul

    From the look of those pictures, I just would have gotten every worker to move everything upstairs!!! ASAP!

    • Zoron

      and get lots of hair dryer and blow dry all the machine…. AND GET UR ASS BACK TO WORK ON THE D800!!

      • Paul

        It’s amazing that they erected telephone poles and wired after the flood! LOL It seems like you will get your D800 by fax.

  • Frank n Beans

    Just like Nikon to stumble after gaining momentum on Canon. I have two lenses exhibiting the lost contacts syndrome. I have to get these repaired now. I thought Nikon gear was premium but now I realize they just charge more.

  • locsandro

    Hi. I follow the site long ago. I am Brazilian. Country of the third world needs of businesses. Need jobs. Not only is the company that wins. The country also wins. What amazes me is that we are photographers. Photographers who appreciate the beauty of the colors, images. Photographers are feeling. Where is ours? If you can not work with the equipment you have, none will satisfy you. For lack what every photographer should have: feeling. You lost your heart and think that only one new machine will recover. Sad.

    • Radi

      I so agree with you, ‘ locsandro’.
      Some days this site is becomming very much a RANT TOWN, populated by- seemingly- children.
      Nothing is good enough, not even CRAZY SPEC RUMORS are sufficient to still the ‘leaving for Canon’ crowd.

    • Matt_XVI


      Beautifully said my friend.

  • Perplexed

    What is with these fools,
    @Gregg @locsandro;
    @Gordon Haywood;

    And those like them, who are posting how outraged they are about people discussing rumors on what new coming out. You would of thought that the URL would have given them a clue to what people here are interested in discussing here, but apparently not.

    Not the brightest lights on the xmas tree 😉

    • studio460

      An odd run of sentiments in this thread. Clearly, NR is a rumors site, and Admin reports on rumors about Nikon products with both remarkable restraint, and a high degree of professionalism. That’s why we all come here (except those leaving for Canon–I don’t know why they come here). NR’s Admin has been 99.9% spot-on on many past rumors, specifically, the D7000. I’m always impressed by the quality of work Admin invests into the site. The journalistic standards are top-notch. This site is gold. Kudos, NR!

    • Matt_XVI

      Yes, this is a rumors site. But the problem isn’t discussing this rumor at all – some people have positive things to say, some have negative and that is fine. What the problem is the people who are so incredibly self-centered and selfish. That’s what people are complaining about. For example @Blckcat was discussing this rumor in a less than positive light, but he/she wasn’t being a self-centered asshole lacking any human compassion – perfectly acceptable. There is a difference between discussing Nikon topics and rumors and being a an egocentric douchebag. Imagine if everyone was like them? What kind of world would we live in?

  • xjrx

    there is clearly a market for something called or make ist simpler:

  • Chesee is Good

    Nikon big fail

    • AnoNemo

      Although I was bit sarcastic but I think Nikon has failed to communicate the direction it is taking with the FX line.

  • k2

    Appreciate Admin’s civil manner and level-headedness in dealing with the situation.
    To all those whining about it, if you think you can do better go start your own rumor website.

  • Lty

    Dear Admin,

    Some moderation would be nice =x but I know it’s gonna be next to impossible with so much stuff and so many trolls, but please consider sometime in the future? Thanks.

    • BetaHal

      Yeah, can I suggest some basic moderation rules?

      Do not allow any posts other than those that:

      – Declare how hip, cute and fast are the new Nikon 1 cameras.
      – Consider what good products still are all the current Nikon DSLR line, specially the D700.
      – Whine about the whiners. 😉

  • monty11

    It is truly amazing how low people have sunk.

    Have some respect for flip’s sake. Millions have lost their homes and a place to work at and all you worry about is wether a company will or will not announce it’s next camera model. I’m pretty sure that most people whining about the lack of an announcement would not even purchase the camera but still you have to go on and on about it. I’ll let you in on a little secret: getting the newest camera model will not make you a better photographer, just an amateur with a new camera who then starts blaming his/her own inadequacies on the camera producer. There are lots of people around with old cameras making better photos than you ever will.

    A funny thing pops to mind regarding announcements. I remember the fury on the internets when iPad2 came out and it did not meet the specs that some dufus had dreamt up and started berating Apple about it while the company had not made any such announcement or leaked any such information. How strange.

    Consider this post a trolling attempt to whine about the whiners, if you will. But I’m really discusted with all the whining. This is also the reason why I don’t read the comments of news articles but the message from this article promted me to have a look because I couldn’t believe that people would get angry about a postponed RUMOURED announcement where the cause is a horrific natural disaster.

  • Rogerramset

    I simply cannot believe some of the immature comments on this site! It’s time to put the moron filter on so us normal people can enjoy it once again.

    • Fabiografia

      Thom Hogan reports a rumor: NR will announce the morron filter on the 26 of October. WITH OR WITHOUT THE FLOOD!

  • Calibrator

    In the immortal words of Dirty Harry:
    “Opinions are like assholes: Everbody has one.”

    This is more true in a forum than everywhere else.

    But there’s more: Even assholes have the right to utter their utterly selfish, non-caring and anti-social opinion. This called “Freedom of Speech” which should be respected nonetheless!

    However, everybody also has the “right to leave”, which I’m doing now because I don’t want to be associated with certain people, who are more aggressive than junkyard dogs when something is out of their reach.

    So, good riddance — I’m switching to my D7000 now!

    • Iris Chrome


      One of the sanest, funniest and truest comments I’ve read in a long while.

      I’ll be switching to my D7000 and babylens 🙂 …and maybe my organic chemistry book too 🙁

  • Dweeb

    Everything is Nikon’s fault, when has it been any different? Still waiting for them to put VR in the 300mm f4. Waiting ten years now. I suppose that’s my fault? Or the weather?

    BTW Nikon can built a plant in Iowa anytime they want. So let’s not hear about third world problems anymore. It’s all about profit.

  • mape2k

    It’s astonishing…here you are, shouting angrily at each other and at Nikon for delaying an announcement of a digital camera. Seriously, it’s a materialistic peace of metal that shoots photos. Your lives are not dependent on it, nor is your income.

    There are about 10 million people in Thailand effected. Some have lost their whole existence, some even family member and loved ones. And here we are complaining about something so utterly insignificant…

  • Peter Pumpkin eater

    I really hope Nikon reads these posts and realises how angry loyal customers become when they feel let down.

    oh… and no, don’t tell me that I’m heartless for bringing this up when some are experiencing loss. Unless you thought of the children staving in Sudan as you ate your breakfast.

    • monty11

      Please do explain just how has Nikon let its loyal customers down?

      Perhaps by not announcing something that THEY themselves have not promised to announce? Or perhaps by having the audacity of building a factory in a location that many years later would be flooded?

    • Anonymous

      Why do you think they put out so many Coolpix? Because Nikon knows we are a bunch of unprofessional morons. Of course they read these comments, at least enough to understand how pathetic their base is (the basesness of humanity that can afford $8k cameras).
      It’s all by design. Natural disaster, followed by natural disaster and more disaster. Makes me wonder, what disaster is coming next?
      Followed by a new camera, someday.
      Face it. Heartlessness.

  • Viracocha

    I’m glad Nikon is not acting like Canon. Announce a camera for which you have to wait half a year.
    Besides that, I think the flood is affecting people, thjat;s more important than a new camera.

    A Nikon fan

    • AnoNemo

      I think Canon was brilliant! Yes, now we know what to expect from Canon and when to expect it (Mar 2012). Educated people now have the opportunity to plan ahead and select the products that best suit their needs.

      Flood? Well, they were warned over the last 10-15 years that this can happen because they neglected their flood management infrastructure. Make it worse, they do not have a solid plan in place to deal with it.

      I feel sorry for the poor people who are affected but unfortunately they selected their government that let them down for decades. Although they are innocent victims but at the end of they unfortunately they will come out poorer and will be more vulnerable of the greed of politicians and corporations.

    • Keith

      Are you NEW?

      Nikon has been announcing and then – eventually, waaaay down the line, releasing – ever since the D200.

      And you still wouldn’t be able to get the damned thing even after the official release date.

  • Xander

    Oh well. I was conservative with the rumours. I never really set my expectations high because it is a RUMOUR after all. To all those “I’m going to Canon” or whiners, please understand at least. It sucks, I know, but what can we do? Act like materialistic morons? Because that won’t change a thing right now, except make you look like an idiot. If you are an actual photographer, then be resourceful and practice your art with what you have. I’ve seen works by “professional” photographers with cameras like the D3 and D700. I mean, sure, Chase Jarvis has a D3s and D3x, but he doesn’t whine that Nikon hasn’t announced something in response to the new 1Dx. Seriously, stop whining and take great photos with what you have.

    • Richard


      It has taken me all day, but i’m coming around to your way of thinking. You are a flower in this paddock of manure.

      My god, I will never speak my mind on this forum again however. The negativity has been overwhelming.

      Secret is, never speak when you are emotional, but in my defence, I just questioned whether Nikon really did have any plans, and questioned the rumor itself.

      In future, I might use this website for the headlines & leave the forum to those who will not tolerate even the slightest criticism of Nikon. 🙂

      Goodbye Farewell & Amen

    • Really

      Either way I don’t like the way Nikon markets its products. Maybe we shouldn’t assume that a rumor of an announcement means 100% proof. The fact remains that in the past Nikon and Canon have announced and released within weeks of each other.

      The fact that there was a rumor of a Nikon announcement despite the flooding BEFORE the Canon announcement and then NOT A PEEP save for “our revenues may be affected by the flooding” from Nikon after the Canon announcement compels me to believe that Nikon has nothing on par with Canon this time around. Is the history of oneupmanship between these two companys is suddenly gone?

      You cannot lead by looking behind you. Make your best product and put it out there Nikon, be it announcement or release. Stop wasting time and money holding stock or you will lose (even more than you have already)

      PS: some people say that Nikon wont announce new product because they will not be able to sell old product off. Really? What old product will a new announcement take away from? D300? D300s? D700? D3, D3x, D3s? How old are these and what other product to they have in these classes from the last two years? Three years? What are the stock levels on these? From what I have heard people are already having a hard time finding these.

      Nikon I like your products but if you want to compete in today’s market, you really need to make some changes. I fear for what the future holds for your camera division. Even though I am not a fan of your V1/J1 I hope for your sake it does well.

  • Hmm…

    I read a couple of comments here and could not stop laughing… Seeing the number of idiots that keep on wining here and blaming Nikon on everything … Man up!… or go to Canon or Sony… Maybe then nikon will have enough products in stock:)) Personally, i am really satisfied with my D700 and see no obvious reason why I should go for the D800… When Nikon will choose to announce it, then i will consider its advantages. But until then – well… I fits me just fine. PS. I would rather see some nice new telephoto lenses from Nikon that a new body…

  • Calm down dears – it’s only a camera for goodness sake.

    Rather than whining about the non appearance or delay of a rumoured camera, I have just put charged batteries into my D200 (yes people do use cameras THAT old still), attached my 80-200 f2.8 AF-D lens (yes, people use lenses even older than the D200 body), and I am going out to take some pictures and to enjoy myself. There …… have fun and spare athought for those who are truly unfortunate.

  • Alan

    Hi guys, I am currently in Thailand right now and I can tell you the water won’t go away for a months at least where Nikon and Sony factories are located. If Nikon doesn’t make a move then D800 should be postponed for another month or 2.

  • ed

    i say stop being so secretive with the information to begin with. Lets be honest with our customers so they don’t go and buy a camera 1 month before a new one is announced. Oh wait, why would they do something like that?

    Whatever happens to Nikon is their own fault. They built it there, now deal with the flooding. I doubt anyone there cared when new orleans was flooded so I guess I don’t feel too bad about not ever thinking about them.

  • i don’t know what to think about the 36mpx…could someone give me some real benefits…of 36mpx, thnx in advance

  • No D800 this year, calm down folks!

    If you wanna spend your money buy lenses or a D3s, or even rent a Canon Body for tests =D

  • monty11

    I think that those of you who are shouting that they are now switching to Canon should start a thread in the NR forums to sell their Nikon gear, I’m sure you would make a lot of people happy 😉

    • Iris Chrome

      No can do!

      Niko would instantly terminate a whiners thread 😀

  • rhlpetrus

    It’s probably worse than people think: even the smaller CCD sensor Sony produces for Nikon may be lacking soon, Nikon could be in real trouble is this is not resolved soon.

    Anyway, my D7k is working just fine ;).

  • Daniel

    Lol at all the angry people who want the latest and greatest.

    Get the sand out of your vaginas…someone else out in the world is making better pictures than you, with older gear.

    • Anonymous

      Sand in the vagina! Classic horror!

  • Thom Hogan ( is reporting that Nikon has hired a new facility outside Bangkok and has asked workers to return next week.

    • Richard


      I believe that Thom also indicated that Nikon were buying new equipment and were looking into other locations and would evaluate the flooded facility when the flood waters receded.

      My take is that Nikon have conceded the obvious, that anything left at the old plant is a write-off.

      There was an earlier post indicating that Nikon had evacuated an unknown quantity of things (parts, machinery?) prior to the arrival of the flood waters. It might be that they now have a place to do something with what they were able to save and set up shop to receive the new equipment they probably ordered some time ago, but that we are only now hearing about.

  • Chandra Venkataraman

    Thom Hogan has reported on his website ( this morning that Nikon has rented space just outside of Bangkok and has asked the employees to return to work next week. This could be the start of the rebuild.

  • Thank you Admin for bringing us all the great rumours! 🙂

  • Jabs

    WOW – hostile and even clueless place.

    Internet connectivity and social networking have really made insensitive ‘bastards’ of us.

    We interact yet we still devolve into little fiefdoms of desires devoid of much reality, it appears.

    I have read all the posts here and too sad for even me to comment.

    Harsh at times but not heartless or even clueless.

    Not much to learn here except perhaps how humans act like sharks or buzzards circling a perceived rotting corpse and now shouting or rambling in glee as they see the object of their desire come through.

    Unfortunately, it might be a mirage or you are suffering from snow blindness, prejudice or even being a crass and insensitive moron, as I would not call many of the comments here as emanating from a human being.

    Time to exit Stage right and go back to doing something productive and maybe uplifting to get away from what has become a cesspool of selfish desires gone amok.

    So sad to see this enjoyable place sink rapidly and callously too.

  • Joe

    You guys are so pessimistic. While you say “The D800 is tremendously delayed” I prefer to say “It will be very mature and well tested when delivered”. 😀

  • Ray Soares

    From Dpreview D3 forum:

    Oh by the way am I the only one that got the memo. Nikon October 28-30, 2010 at the Javits Center, said big DSLR announcement. I hope it is not a D3300 with a better sensor than the D3s, AGAIN.

    • Did dpreview remove the link? Cannot find it. What memo are you talking about?

      • Ray Soares

        It’ s not from me. It’s a post from a guy called Harry Samuel.
        And the page/link is still there!

        • thanks, I see the post now – I think this is BS

  • jsv

    BS–what about the prices of the news V1/J1 cameras with a lens! Yikes!

  • jhnw

    With the ongoing natural disasters Nikon is dealing with, I do not blame them for any delay in the release of new products. Besides, I wouldn’t want to buy a camera or a lens that has come from a recently waterlogged factory that has been rushed back into production. Don’t let your quality control slip Nikon and release new product only when you are ready.

    All good things come to those who wait!

  • Pete

    Have just returned from a few days’ of happy shooting with my FM3A and F6. Will have films developed by end of the week, scanned by mid next week and can use all the nice 18-19MP files from then on. We shouldn’t complain but go out and shoot instead. It is possible, believe me, even without a D800.

  • Richard have posted a showing some of the flooding, apparently around Bangkok, with vehicular traffic in the streets and lots of sandbags.

    The report goes on to say that Canon have forecast a 5% drop in earnings due to the impact of the flooding and the strong position of the Yen. The report further indicates that both Nikon and Sony will have earnings reports next week…I guess we will not hear very much until then. My guess is that Canon wanted to get the word out that they have not been hit too hard by this situation…and their stock price rebounded after their report.

    Gosh, it has been three weeks that the Nikon plant has been flooded.

    Discussions elsewhere indicate an impact on hard drive availability and pricing for as long as six to nine months.

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