Water levels at Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand are currently between 2.6 and 2.87 meters

You can check the water levels at Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand on this website (updated daily). The current level is between 2.6 and 2.87 meters (between 8.5-9.5 feet):

Nikon latest report mentioned the level to be "around 2 meters"

This is the report from October 14th - basically the water level is unchanged for a week:

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  • EvanK


    See you next year, D800!

    • jo1

      so much about Nikon being ahead of Canon – but with the recent D1 X the 5D III will be at least one year away too – good time to save some money and have fun with the best affordable high res full frame camera on the market 🙂

      It was a wise decision to switch from Nikon to Canon – I come here very seldom but every time I see the D800 rumors not turning into any real product (that I’d like to own) I really have the feeling that I did a wise decision.

  • paf

    love the precision! (don’t like the disaster)

  • dps

    D800 should be made in Japan… D7000 and below made at the Thai plant, as well as a lot of lenses. Not sure anyone really needs an update as it is. Do we really need more than the D3s, D3, D700, D300s, D7000, etc. can produce?

    Hope the waters recede soon, for their health anyway.

    • jg

      D300S is made at the Thailand plant. Full Frame=Japan. DX=Thailand. Hogan had been predicting a D300S replacement (D400) in Q1 2012. There is a better chance of Congress’ approval ratings being over 50% by next February than Nikon selling a D400 by then.

  • 120-300 os

    From a rumours side to facts

  • FrenchFlies

    man….all the machinery, precision tools and parts is moldy and soggy by now….

    • I imagine that some of the boxed lenses and cameras that got wet will go through a rebuild and re-inspection process. Can you say, “Cheap Refurbs!”
      I know, I know, someone will remind me shortly of how I forgot to show my sympathy will all the poor Thai people. Believe me, I am not heartless, I do feel bad for their loss and thus I contribute to relief organizations which I hope can help them get back to normality. In addition to those donations, I would really like to contribute by buying the next D4! Bring it on Nikon, you are killing us with the suspense. If nothing else, just reveal it like Canon did, and deliver it later. 😉

      • Jabs

        Most Insurance write-offs are destroyed or salvaged for precious metals.

        NOT like the automobile mess in America after Katrina by unscrupulous Dealers or Salvage Yards.

        Water destroys circuits and sediment or slush/slime destroys lenses. Fungus also kills almost everything!

        Depends on the source of the water in this flood.

        River water is usually low salt or salt free with maybe some limestone in it, depending on what part of the world you are in while sea water contains lots of salt and other minerals, so a complete write-off and next to impossible to resell.

        Actually, the machinery at Nikon’s Factory might be easier to salvage or rebuild as lots of Machinery is water tight, but the computers used in their manufacturing are probably ‘toast’, but data is probably OK and was backed up off site, perhaps.

        Thailand is what type of a place geographically?

        NOT worth the cost or the time to rebuild or sell products that will cost you more in warranty repairs and lost reputation from water logged circuits or such PLUS it is dishonest and unethical.

  • Badagul

    geezz…the flood is not a 1 day thing…….

  • AHC

    Poor Nikon.. and the Thais. Earthquake, tsunami & flood, one after the other.. Will continue supporting Nikon, but for the moment I shall save some money for whatever FX that’s to be release in the future.

  • Benny Ginn

    the flood is a cycle…..they need to put the new factory on a 5m pedestal.

    • Jim

      That wouldn’t solve all the problems. The power for the plant would have to have flood protection and then there is access – roads, etc. It should be on higher ground. I live near Omaha and the Missouri was over its banks from June until September. Homes even beyond the levee were damaged by the risen subterranean water levels. It was worse on the Iowa side of the river than on the Nebraska. Most of the low land (which is really the river’s flood plain) has crops but there are homes, etc. And the highways and bridges suffered damage.

    • Jabs

      And where do they put the parking lot, the roads, the train lines, the Truck Loading docks and the people who work and live probably nearby?

      This is a rarity of a flood of such catastrophic proportions and thus a surprise to many Companies. They are not stupid, mind you!

      A heavy Industrial Complex on stilts – LOL.

      Elevated Expressways or Subways then – lol

      Hey Mack – Cue up the helicopter for landing on the helipad over there – or NOT!

      $10 solution for a 10 cent problem, maybe or even a 10 cent solution for a surprise.

  • The Beginnings

    so right now the whole factory is still submerged ?….omg…how much asset is lost?

  • David Bones

    Lets donate to Nikon by buying their D800.

    • StevieJ

      pre-ordering D800 and 70-200 F4.0!

      • D800

        D800 & 28-135 kit lens

  • Jigo

    I am switching to Canon.

    • Been there guy

      For those have already sold their D700, this is the right direction to go!

    • Canon Tha in flood

      Canon Thailand factory is also being in flooding, no escape. Others, IT, auto, etc…, all the factories are being in flooding.

    • I am switching to whatever camera manufacturer is able to avoid flooding or any other natural disaster. So that leaves…. d’oh!

      • Jabs

        USED gear already made – lol

  • Been there guy

    What is happening here? Why is the water stay there for so long? water in New Orlean didn’t stay this long!

    Where did they build the factory? They must found an abandoned archaeological dig site to save some foundation dig money!

    • Yes, because Thailand is *just like* New Orleans!


      It’s a 100 yr flood, dude. Most of the country is underwater, it’s not like Nikon built their factory in a pit, the only pit that got flooded in the past month.

      Where do these ppl come from?

  • Dirtywad

    I dont mean to sound skeptical, but has anyone actually confirmed all this flood stuff is true?

    I wonder if Nikon has just run out of excuses, if so I have lost all respect for them as a company.

    I am most likely going to switch to Canon since I cant trust Nikon in providing me with the high end pro equipment I require since I am pushing my gear to the limits. It is amazing I have not damaged more stuff when my cj (creative juices) kicks in….and yes I am really that good so shut up and continue shooting cats, ducks and brick walls, more money for me I guess. Lol

    Thanks for reading and best of luck, off to a shoot.

    • enesunkie

      You think Nikon is lying about the flood?! You probably should switch to Canon. It’s common knowledge that only the best of the best shoot with their equipment and the D700, D3s and D3x are best reserved for just average wedding photographers.

    • enesunkie
      • ZoetMB

        Looking at that photo: if most manufacturing is done on the 2nd floor and the bottom floor comprises mainly of shipping and receiving docks, which is what it looks like, maybe things will be relatively okay once the flood waters recede.

        Of course if the inventory is kept on the bottom floor or if the electrical system has been destroyed or if they have to abandon the building because mold has grown in the HVAC systems, those are other issues.

        • Rob

          The ground floor has ~20ft ceilings. I really doubt you put heavy machinery on the second floor. If there is a 2nd floor and that’s not just AC/ventilation/air filtration, I’d guess it’s mostly offices. It doesn’t make sense to have parts moving between floors. I could be wrong though.

    • Daud

      I’ve said it before homie. Switching systems is so 2001. Real G’s have lenses in both systems and pick the specific body that suits their needs. Like me, i got a MKii for video and resolution and a d700 for the times i want a camera that actually works when i need it to.

    • A Thought

      Is the flood true?
      Where the hell do you live?
      Can´t you just see all the video and photographic news reports from the field?
      Come on… or you just know stuff about the neighborhood tou live?
      or maybe about the surroundings of your own navel?

      • I shoot Nikon

        EARTH TO MORONS: get a sense of humor. jeeez!…

  • Thai Tom

    I think its a sign to Nikon to make waterproof camera and lenses.

    • paf

      AW100 testing in progress?

      • Thai Tom

        wow….they should hv just use a small aquarium….this is just too rigorous.

  • Magnus

    I am going to Thailand (for two weeks) on Monday.
    Will try to check for myself.
    Might even find some interesting things floating around 😉

  • ericnl

    Just a moment ago I was still asking myself if it was wrong to be wondering if any body was there taking any good photos of this disaster? I mean: it could produce some awesome shots
    But then I read Dirtywad’s post just above and decided that after what he wrote, my question could only be seen as a glass half full scenario…

  • Zoetmb

    Nikon has certainly had a tough year and I do feel badly for them. This has got to be very tough to recover from and one wonders if they actually will be able to recover from losing manufacturing in both Japan and Thailand. Without the ability to produce new products and replenish inventory of existing products (a long-term Nikon problem anyway), you have to raise questions about Nikon’s survival without a huge capital influx to build new facilities.

    But I think this also shows the problem of globalization and the centralization of manufacturing facilities. I know one could argue that it was worse when Nikon (and companies like it) only manufactured in Japan, but if Nikon had more facilities around the world, the products would be made closer to market, there would be lower shipping costs, people in the markets where Nikons are sold could also benefit from jobs and subcontracting and there would be less risk from floods, earthquakes, wars, strikes, political upheavals, etc. (not that Nikon has been affected by all of those things.)

    Imagine if Nikon (and companies like it) had at least one manufacturing facility on each continent. The cameras and machine tools could still be designed in Japan, but manufacturing and/or assembly would happen around the world.

    • KT

      This would make sense if you were talking about an auto manufacturer. Toyota or Ford can afford to have factories and assembly lines on each continent but a medium sized camera manufacturer, no matter how beloved by its customers, can’t afford what you are suggesting.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      we are in the middle of an economic and financial crisis that will force us in the end to do things different in the future. The old way (including the old version of globalization) is clearly not working. I also do not have a crystal ball, so do not know how the future will look like. More local production is one possibility that I would not rule out.

  • The invisible man

    I have a brand new D5100 I sell it for $10,000.00 hurry, it will not last long !

    • Been there guy

      Good deal, I like to order two please.

      • Been there guy

        Do you take yen?

        • T.I.M

          Too late, already sold…

  • Nau

    bring the Nikonos back!

  • Mark J.

    Not trying to be insensitive here to their plight, but this is something Nikon would of been fully aware of when they bought the land and built the factory. Some bean counter decided “Hey, this is X% cheaper if we build here” and they went with it. Now they are paying the price. So while it sucks, i really can’t pity them too much as this was a calculated choice by the corporation.

    It’s the same thing my step father did back in the early 90’s. Bought a house in an area that was was like 2ft above the water table, and next to a creek. He had no excuse or right to complain when the flooding happened each and every year. He felt saving X amount of money on the property made it worth it.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      there is a slight difference between sitting next to the creek and having flood every year and half the country being flooded by an event that has never occurred since weather recording.

      According to your logic, New Orleans should be moved to Nevada?

      • Mock Kenwell

        Yes. New Orleans will always be an accident waiting to happen. It is situated in a bowl, surrounded by water and directly in a regular hurricane path. It’s a wonder Katrina-type disasters don’t happen there more often. If you choose to live there, there are risks you must accept and be prepared for.

      • Jabs

        @Anonymus Maximus

        I laughed so hard at your sly comments, that I had to say something – LOL

        Yeah, it also does not help that New Orleans is BELOW sea level and there are already pumps that pump water OUT of the city all the time too.

        Earth to many here – water flows INTO New Orleans from the Ocean and Rivers, as it is below sea level, hence the problem is always there!

        Remember – water seeks its’ own level – Science 101

        Pumps got overcome, some ‘bright person’ decided to inundate (BLOW UP) a levee and geez – all that resulting damage was not expected.


        Move to Nevada and get shaken down by da Godfathers or burnt to a crisp in the desert or blown away by desert storms and nothing for miles around except desert rats and secret bases or UFO’s – lol.

        Ponderosa – here we come – OK.

        Line up the cattle fer Texas pardner or eezz dat San Francisker!

        I wonder what would happen in Thailand, if they hired the person who decided to breach those levees ???

        LOL at a terrible situation, and even more absurd ‘solutions’ – poor humanity and crises.

        We humans need HELP – pronto and please don’t send in the Lone Ranger or Tonto either.

        Send in Beavis and Butthead or Homer Simpson for real mayhem.

        Maybe it is best that some of us are computer bound on Internet forums and not unleashed on the real world of actual cause and effect trying to mitigate or fix an already occurred disaster – lol.

        They probably would put a Nikon Factory in Alaska with a view of Russia like that famous twit or is that twitess – lol.

        It’s like – Nikon should hire me – I know how to blow up stuff and wreck stuff, yet they can’t think clearly or know anything about the situation themselves.

        It’s like:
        Curly, Moe and Larry of the Three Stooges are on a boat and it takes on water – Curly shoots another hole in the boat to now ‘let this water out after it has already taken in water and is now sinking – and they agree while the boat sinks further.

  • KT

    I think a fact that often gets missed is that this flooding has started almost 5 months ago. This didn’t get from dry land to 10 feet under water in 30 minutes, and I’m sure some geologists could have told you this exact thing could happen someday. So they had plenty of time to plan and rescue whatever could be rescued for several months. Of course that doesn’t bring the factory back but it’s not like the March tsunami where they had a total of 30 minutes warning before the whole thing was washed out by the see.

    • I shoot Nikon

      Very good point.
      I wonder if Nikon is going to get their insurance claim denied now for the reason of “malicious neglect”.

  • The invisible man

    Yingluck Shinawatra Thailand’s PM, I want a US president that look like her 🙂
    She is not lucky, flooding started one week before she was elected !

    • Thai Tom

      Thaksin’s sis is hot!

  • Pretty sad. How long can you tread water? Anyone notice how hard drive prices recently increased at Newegg? 2 TB drives that were $80 are suddenly $100 or more. Western Digital is under water… Thailand has invoked their disaster law, several weeks too late.

  • another voice

    So we have situation like:

    – Nikon lost DX factory
    – Sony factory submarged
    – Canon factory submarged
    – Other electronics and auto campany’s also submarged

    + economic crisis the way + surge in prices/drop in sales + falling Grecce which plunges “euro zone” = long global recession

    Companies such as Canon or Nikon will lose a lot due to the loss of factories that provided them with the greatest profits from the production of most commercial devices.

    Should we now think about the possible collapse of these companies because of the loss and the consequent inability to obtain revenue?

  • John R

    Who picks these plant sites, anyway?

  • Merv

    Thailand’s prime minister has predicted another 4-6 weeks of flooding:


    Looks like they ensured the protection their tourist industry

  • Q

    How much did the save by moving to Thailand they say? Market share is everything and sure they will loose now…

  • ATK

    2 months in water from now, and more than 2 months to restart factory again….Then, the rainning reason is coming again. Poor thais (me)

  • all the equipment they can probably throw out since it will be under water for some time this should create delays for many months to come i wonder what models, lenses and anything else nikon makes has been destroyed and delayed

    • another voice

      Have you ever seen a flood and what it leaves behind? How destroys the factory equipment, precision electronics, especially as the water stands for months?

      All is rusted, covered with mud, slime, is bacteriologically contaminated, because the flood inundates sewers and sewage systems. Such equipment must be decontaminated and also exchanged components due to electrical short circuits.

      These plants will not recover, you will need to build them from scratch but in other parts of the world, because it is not profitable to lose them again in next year when flood come again.

  • next time build in areas that are on higher grounds since you know flooding will occur yearly or every couple of years or move them to areas that do not get flooded

  • another voice

    They saved money, but for the dismantling of the factory. 😉

    The whole production line is damaged, precision electronic equipment, assembly lines, offices, storage of finished products and components for production. So what is the goal to rebuild the factory in this place, as the situation again next year be repeated because the climate is changing globally, and in subsequent years will be even worse in that region.

    There are a lot of places on earth where there are no earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, is a stable political situation and the economy grows, so instead of thinking long term, they put on minimizing the cost and risk that it may succeed, and nothing happens. Well, but you can see what are the effects.

    Why they not build a factory in Russia or in any of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, there is a cheap labor, political stability, developing economy, and weather conditions are normal. Look for Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia is a lot to choose from in Europe among developing countries.

    • Young Boy

      Very good point together with the one suggesting more of a local production centres! Clear result of short-sighted cost-cutting, and without considering full picture with all possible risks. While production costs in developed world may be higher, you have always incentives, support of local authorities, tax reductions – while gaining on transport cots and direct delivery to clients, most of whom are undoubtedly in developed countries! I hope recent events will “open eyes” to many planners, eager to “cut costs” only to pay all profit back to money-hungry CEOs! Responsible management, and localisation instead of globalization! And don’t tell me US photographers won’t pay 100 us more if they have on the box of their FX “made in us” or Europeans on the box of their DX “made in eu”! It’s not p&s category, where every cent matters! But unfortunately, companies seems to be completely deaf to any suggestion, how you can do things differently! 🙁

    • Jabs

      That’s like building a Factory on the Moon and there are no suppliers nearby – lol

      Suppliers are the key to Manufacturing or you have to import all of your parts thus making your move to anywhere foolish and clueless.

      WHAT established seaway ROUTE is there to get to Japan or China or most of South East Asia quickly and efficiently is their concern and thrust, not what land they build or manufacture in.

      Its’ Business and not Politics.

      You build in a remote country or area and have all this peace and tranquility and no one can now get to you or there are no needed suppliers around. Your shipping costs go through the roof as you are so far from the Ocean too.

      Do you call them now like you call up a pizza Delivery Service when you don’t want to cook?

      Hello – Domino’s – this is Nikon – can you send over some sensors and a few more lens mounts pronto? Also remember the screws and the wiring harness, as we are running low.

      Thanks again folks – see ya in 30 minutes or less!

      LOOK, I’m in OZ and no one is also here but me – I am so dead – lol

  • Landscape Photo
  • Landscape Photo

    Nikon must better ANNOUNCE the D800 as Canon did with 1Dx, giving pre-production models to camera review sites & magazines.

    Later on, they may start the delivery whenever possible. 3 months, 6 months or so. People can wait in the knowledge what will arrive.

  • CamaMan

    All I can say is… Cha-ching!! Insurance payout!
    People still get paid, nikon still has money, bonuses still get given… but no products.:-/
    Retail chain suffers (it is whining alway as it is…)
    Like a payed nikon vacation in some sense…

  • D800

    Nikon, please make the D800 announcement on Oct. 26, even if you can’t have mass production, so that we may plan ahead.

  • NikonMalaysia

    Do something Thai people…
    I want my new D400 now.

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