Nikon 1 V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras now shipping

Nikon V1 and J1 in a store in Switzerland

The Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras are now shipping to retailers worldwide. In the US, B&H and Adorama are still closed and Amazon has a shipping date of November 15. Currently OneCall (Nikon V1 | Nikon J1) and J&R (Nikon V1 | Nikon J1) have the new cameras in stock.

Update: Amazon got some kits in stock today.

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  • I wandered into my local Jessops on my way home yesterday … there in the display cabinet was a J1.

    They’re a lot smaller than I thought they would be.


  • Go Turkey

    Nikon should have the factory in central Anatolia of Turkey. It is a high plateau away from hurricanes, earthquake fault lines, or financial & political problems.

    Turkey is simply the “cradle of civilization”, a “peninsula of peace”, perfect place for photography industry…

    • Jabs


      You spoke too soon – Earthquake in Turkey now.

      • Go Turkey

        Selam. Sadly true. R.I.P for whom died in the devastating earthquake in the Eastern Turkey today. Many still remain to be rescued under the rubble.

        Yet, I meant “Central Anatolia” on the fact it is located at safe distance from surrounding fault lines and other types of disasters.

  • chrisq.

    played with one of these at work on friday and can say while i can say it’s a lot cooler than i thought i am still horribly unimpressed. save up your money and get the fuji x100.

  • Jabs


    Look at these prices and policies at this well known US Web site!

    Nikon J1 listed there too.

    • Do you mean the free Lowepro back with the D5100?

      • Jabs


        No – sorry, but that Web site changes constantly, so the link’s contents changed too.

        I was pointing out that since the change in Nikon’s Policies towards pricing, they have now more ‘Add to Cart’ features plus they had the Nikon V1 or was that J1, at a fixed price. They also had accessories as ‘extras’ included when you checked out plus Special Conditions tacked on to certain items.

        They are one of the most well known Web sites too in America.

  • DOH!

    minimal to no size savings over a u4/3 sytem. minimal to no money savings over a u4/3 or NEX system.

    nikon collectors/fans like andy will buy them and do decent things with them, but this system is most decidedly not for me.

  • Ric

    Nikon 1 was featured in tonights World Series broadcast. Not only Ashton commericals but on the Fox broadcast.

    Full court press by Nikon.

    • Ric


      My wife’s comment on seeing the Nikon 1 commericals.

      “That look great. Look how small. Better than a closet full of camera equipment and bulky camera”

      • felice rubio

        it’s so ugly!

    • lolly

      Commercials are Nikon’s only hope of selling the Nikon 1 system to the masses. The majority of people who’ll buy the Nikon 1 will probably be 1st time interchangeable lens buyers … if you already have an interchangeable lens system would you buy Nikon 1 and at what price ?

  • seriously

    so ugly. since it has no technical or economical merits vs. the competition, the only selling point could be a cool factor. unfortunately it does not have this either. fail.

    btw, people are going to drop this all the time. looks so terribly not ergonomic.

  • Wally in Austin

    I can’t use my pocketwizard flex 5 and SB 800 flash so will pass on buying this system! At least Pentax broungt bout a full line of lenses!

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