The rumored D800 delay is not Nikon’s fault

Nikon factory in Thailand before the flooding (credit: Bangkokbiznews)

and after the flooding (credit: Noppatjak)

I guess some [NR] followers have not read my previous posts or just failed to realize the seriousness of the situation in Thailand which was probably the reason for the Nikon D800 announcement delay. You cannot really blame Nikon or [NR] for that. Here is a quick recap of my posts from the past few weeks:

October 3, 2011:

I initially did not post this online, but after receiving some additional info I can now confirm with a 99% probability only the name “D800″ and the sensor size of 36MP.

Stay tuned, it has begun! If the specs are out, expect announcement before the end of the year (I would say 30-60 days from now).

October 9, 2011:

This is the list of “confirmed” specs for the Nikon D800. My confidence on those is above 90%:

  • The name will be Nikon D800
  • 36MP sensor
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point
  • Dual memory card slots (still not sure if they will be SD, CF or both)
  • USB 3.0
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • The screen will be larger than 3 inches
  • The D800 will not have built-in GPS
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • There will be two different D800 versions/models, one with the antialiasing filter removed

October 17, 2011:

October 26th is 9 days away and so far I have not received any information on any scheduled Nikon press events for next week. It will be highly unusual for Nikon to announce the D800 without any major press gathering – maybe they have chosen this path to prevent any leaks.

The bottom line is this - I was never sure about October 26th being the Nikon D800 announcement date. There were some clues, but no scheduled press events. After I received multiple tips and several other websites (Chasseur d'Images, digicame-inf0) reported the same story, I do believe that there was initially a Nikon announcement scheduled for October 26th that was later postponed because of the floods in Thailand.

But wait, the D800 should be produced in Japan, right? Yes, but some parts are probably made in Thailand. The problem could also not be related to Nikon at all - this story/picture about the submerged Sony factory circulated the Web yesterday:

Credit: Bangkok Post | Pattarachai Preechapanich

Image Sensor World found out that this was Sony Bangkadi facility - here is the "before picture":

This Sony factory is used to manufacture CCD and CMOS sensors and other chips. It also serves as Sony devices distribution center:

Maybe the new 36MP sensor for the Nikon D800 is produced in that Sony factory? We will probably never know.

Heck, even Canon had to cut their annual sales by 660 million USD because of the situation in Thailand.

Here are the latest water levels at the Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand - basically unchanged since 4 days ago:

So that's it - I hope this will clear the D800 situation for everyone. I still stand behind the D800 specs I have published before but when the official announcement will happen is anyone's guess. I will still stay till midnight EST tonight - just to be sure.

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  • Anonymously

    This is so ridiculous. I can’t believe Nikon doesn’t have a dam around the factory or some kind of propellant that would lift the factory into the sky in case of a ground disaster.

    So much fail. I’m selling all my glass and going to Canon.

    • EditReject


      Great comment. I love good satire.

      Longtime reader but I rarely post. It boggles my mind how many insensitive, selfish posts have been on here regarding this situation. I hope these comparison pics finally make people realize how bad the situation is there. Think about the lives that are affected rather rather then when you will be able to get your hands on the D800. If the specs of this thing coem to fruition then it will have been worth the wait.

      • Matt

        According to Wikipedia, Nikon employed 8000 people in the Thailand factory… as of 2004.

        • MB

          Nikon reported 10000 Thai workers this this year.
          So sad, all those families…

          • Last I heard 250,000 people were out of work due to the flood. That was before Bangkok flooded. it is sickening to see all that destruction.

            With all the misery, I have noticed that prices on DX Nikons have not gone up. However, hard drive prices have increased a lot, in some cases by 50%.

            • Captain America

              Well, good thing all those people can depend on their government and country to help them out in their crisis of being unemployed….Oh right, Communist China, no unemployment. Sucks not to be in the USA.

            • Maverick

              Can I say one thing? I can’t stand Joey Lawrence. That kid is so damn smug and thinks he is so cool by making stupid comments like “I was going to comment on the earthquake until I saw everyone else was and its no longer cool to do so”. What a douche bag.

      • Jabs
        • Jack Frost

          Oh boo hoo. I’m so sick and tired of everyone worrying about people in foreign countries…we have our own people in the USA who we should be feeling bad for. Maybe if they had a manufacturing plant in the USA then we WOULD be getting a new camera by now. And if they don’t want to put one in the USA, why not put it in an area that is not so open to natural disasters occurring, its not like these natural disasters are new to these countries…they have been occurring for many years. Someone just please tell Nikon not to put their factory in California, because earthquakes happen all the time there. Why not revive Motor City into Camera City…Canon and Nikon should both open plants in Detroit and stimulate our economy as well as the world economy!

          • Hey man, your comment is insens…. *yaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn* sorry. What I mean to say is *yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn* damn. forget it.

            • Jack Frost

              Most of the comments on here are “yaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnn” but if everyone else is putting their two cents in, then i figured i would bore everyone else with my sh*t.

          • gt

            “Oh boo hoo. I’m so sick and tired of everyone worrying about people in foreign countries…”

            Hey Mr. narrowminded guy. Newsflash: Not everyone who browses this site is from the USA.

            The world ≠ the USA. Perhaps this is why Americans are viewed so negatively around the world.

          • there is a reason why most things are made in China and the south east asia… and that reason is cost of labor + export laws + lean regulations… of something like a low cost SLR would be made in the US it would not be a low cost SLR anymore…

            Here is a fun fact abut US export law: you can import a China-made hi-tech chip to US but you can’t export it back to China 😉

            • Jack Frost

              So to you, $4000+ for a D800 is low cost huh? Or maybe $8000 for a D3X? Well you must be raking in a lot more money than I am. I assume you aren’t a professional photographer making a living with your camera like some of us are.

              The world does not equal USA, except when it comes to the entire global economy. Why else do you think that when the economy of the US fell there was a ripple effect around the world? Who buys all of China’s cheap crap? Who buys Japan’s cars and electronics? You really think that the US is such a insignificant contributor to the world economy? I find it so funny that so many people here say “poor Nikon” when Nikon Corporate doesn’t give two hoots about their works. The only thing Nikon and their share holders care about is if that little number of theirs on the Stock Exchange goes up or down, and let me tell you, if that number starts to go down because of the flooding and lack of products, that is when Nikon and the shareholders will start worrying, but it def wont be them worry ing about the families who are affected by the flooding, it will be them worrying about one thing, Money. If you don’t believe this, you are kidding yourself and living in a dream world.

          • add

            if people in Detroit will work for something like 500 bucks a month then why not..

            • Jack Frost

              So sad that I as a photographer have to support a company that is doing the exact same thing that “I’ll do it cheaper than the next guy” photographers are doing. Basically it comes down to this…say your a pro wedding photographer, you charge $3000/wedding. Along comes this guy with a camera and says “I can do that for $300!” Sure you are thinking, “well, of course the bride will choose the pro photographer” but when 20 people start saying “I can do that for $300” it devalues the market…same thing outsourcing does. Of course none of this matters to anyone who hasn’t had their job shipped to China or some other cheap labor country, but soon even the Chinese factory worker will be replaced with a robot that can do everything. You don’t think Nikon wouldn’t do that to cut costs and make more profit? What if you say “well, i’m a dentist, i can never be outsourced”? I say BS, there will be a bot for that, just like there is an app to do everything on your phone. I’m sure a robot with the right software will be able to analyze a mouth, find problems, fix those problems and be done a million times over and over again without making a mistake, way better than a human dentist. But oh well, you weren’t willing to work for $500 a month. Poor you. Get a day job at McDonalds and a night job as a security watchman to support your family.

      • Well said

        Off topic: Where are the avatars set?

        • silmasan

          just use the same email address

    • silmasan


    • BartyL

      Good riposte to all the mental 14-year-olds who write in frothing about the ‘lack of a disaster plan’.

      With manufacturing spread over at least 3 countries this is not a case of poor contingency planning by Nikon, just spectacular bad luck.

    • Badagul


    • Alex

      good riddance!

      • Agree with Alex as well.

    • If you don’t like what you read here, then don’t visit the site. NR does not publis lies. It published rumors. Don’t blame NR.

    • Steven Blackwood

      Di=on’t let the door hit you on the way out…On second thought, let the door hit you…hard.

      • Carlos

        Steven, if you need to beat me, i can send my address and you can do it.

    • gt

      so much fail in this comment.

  • Anand

    I can’t believe someone is bitching and complaining about the delay!!!! Shit happens…learn to deal with it! Jeez

    I am not saying that I am not disappointed..I am…but it is out of everyone’s controls!

    • Juergen.

      +1 !

  • an102

    I am very disappointed too with this new delay but when we have several very expensive pro lens dedicated to NIKON DSLR, it is not a delay of a few months that can decide to swith to canon, it is too complicated to sold all lens

    • ALLEN23

      yeah i feel you mate, it’s like married couple with 4 kids, it ain’t easy to switch. so bless those in Thailand and let’s wait.

  • Been there guy

    We all know it was not your fault, Admin. Or, should I say we should have known it was your fault?

    But, we all just got nothing better to do, and looking for any reason to vent our frustration, and pass on some free advices to Nikon management.

    • Iris Chrome


      Although I think you meant to say we should have known it wasn’t your fault. 🙂

  • bob

    i dont see any reason why they have to delay the announcement and makes the flooding an excuse?

    its simple common sense…just make the announcement and delay the product saler to a much later date

    for as long as everyone knows that there is [SURELY] 1 D800 that exist at the moment would be enough for every nikon followers to be happy.



    unless the oct. 26 is a bad intel then we will never know

    but assuming there is a d800 that exists[even if its a prototype version]…why delay the announcement just because of the flooding????…a bit lame and ______!!!

    • i hate jerks

      you’re a jerk!!
      please learn to be human.

      • Mr. Lennon

        All you people dont see, nikon would never announce a new model anyways, it would mean that no one would buy the current models out there…not like they are that easy to come by. In the end, Nikon Corporate doesn’t care anymore about their employees than you or I do. To Nikon, their employees are just numbers that are a miniscule part of their company. All Nikon (share holders) cares about is whether that number on the stock market goes up or down. That’s it. Anyone who believes differently is living in a dream world of fairy tales.

        • gt


          • Just because somebody forgot to pull the tub drain plug after bathing at the end of their shift does not make it a conspiracy. It takes two or more to make a conspiracy.

            On a serious note, I really wish the best for all those effected employees (and non-employees).

          • Mr. Lennon

            How is anything what I said a conspiracy theory? Obviously if you were a productive member of society who has ever had a job at a major corporation, you would understand exactly what I am talking about.

        • Bip

          He forget to take a pill for his PMS.

    • Benny Ginn

      with may arms stretched out….i shout “Condemnation!”

    • enesunkie

      It’s easy to stand from the outside and judge what Nikon is doing because all these disasters don’t affect you personally. Let’s say I just proposed to the woman of my dreams, but sadly, just before we were able to announce the good news, a close family members dies. Would this really be the appropriate times to say “but the good news is, I’m engaged!” Could an announcement like this not wait until after mourning the loss? I’m sure Nikon has other things on their mind right now too like death and destruction!

      • Be there guy

        “don’t affect you personally”? It affects all of us in one way or the other. For me, I have to wait for the now maybe D800.

        • enesunkie

          There have been millions of great images taken with equipment that currently exists, but it’s impossible for you to get “the shot” unless you don’t have a camera that may not have even been invented yet? Did people whine like this before they invented autofocus and built in light metering?

          • Been there guy

            Following your logic, we should all turn back to ist century, then, we would not have global warming issue any more. That’s just silly.
            If the technology advancement has no consequences in our life, then, what is the purpose of Nikon’s existence? We could just all stock up on F5s and D1s. Any 3rd rated machine shop could knock out kits for us, right?

            • Bip

              As far as I know, some of the greates and iconic imagines are taken by photographic equipment that existed today, yesterday, yesteryear……

              Newer technology allows you to do difficult things easier.

              Decades ago, one would need to have serious skill to “operate” a camera. Today, with the press of a button, my 4-year old nephew is more than capable of snapping away pictures (some are actually pretty good) with his coolpix.

              My point: while we all ‘want’ newer toys with the advance features, not all of us ‘need’ the new features to take great photos.

            • Holly

              Decades ago, one would need to have serious skill to “operate” a camera. Today, with the press of a button, my 4-year old nephew is more than capable of snapping away pictures

              For this very reason, everyone THINKS they are a photographer. Because, like you said, all you have to do is press a button. I guess this is the age of “I have a DSLR, I can take professional photos now.”

              I knew a woman who got her first DSLR and she put her camera in manual mode and balanced out the light meter and started taking photos. She came to me and said, “I dont get it, I am taking my pictures in Manual mode, but they look the same as when I use Program mode! I thought my photos were supposed to look better in Manual mode!” Shudders….reasons like this are why I am so upset with all these new “photographers”

    • We will never find out the real story – for example, I received a tip that Nikon could not even send D800 body samples to the different countries because of the flood. You cannot announce a camera if you cannot even show it to the public. Canon for example did give their new EOS-1D X to some major websites for a quick hands-0n:

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,
        That’s just rubbish. This D800 was in production way before the Nikon factory became a swimming pool. Nikon closed down the factory on Oct 4. You really think that they could not make couple of thousands of these cameras and send them out via FedEx?

        I said that before that i think that the D800 is not made in Thailand! Everything that is made in Thailand we had more leaks (literally). 😉

        • PHB

          The Sony factory is also underwater along with many other suppliers. So it could be any one or more of the hundred odd components that goes into the D800 that is unavailable.

          While Nikon probably planned to make the D800 in Japan prior to the earthquake, they may well have changed the plan and diverted manufacture to Thailand to make the launch date.

          I don’t see what the big problem is. Existing bodies will work fine. The Nikon shareholders are probably out some but nowhere near as bad as those of us holding Netflix shares.

          I note that the factory has a second floor. That may well prove significant if there was enough time to move the most sensitive, valuable and hard to replace pieces of equipment upstairs.

      • Christian

        I don’t even know why I bother reading bobs post let alone comment on it..

        But I will anyway.

        I’m sure if Nikon followed your… (lack of) logic, and released an announcement about the D800 and left it that. You would be the first to come in and complain about how Nikon makes an announcement of the D800, but doesn’t give us a release date of when it will be available to buy.

        And of course since Nikon cares so much about your (lack of) logic Bob..

        They will quickly come reannounce a date, and this is being made possible because.. they are now forcing all of it’s workers who’s homes are flooded and with dead relatives and dead friends, to sleep, eat and work with in the factory. So you can get your D800. 😀

        Grow up Bob.. Better yet.. (nevermind i won’t give what could be percieved as a deaththreat to you on here)

        And we all know that once the D800 does comes out (may you take your time Nikon and help the families first)..
        1. you won’t be able to afford it. 2. if you happen to be able to afford it (i don’t see how you can) it wont help you any little bit in making your photography any better then what it is now. (that is.. if you even know how to take a photograph, which i doubt that you know how) 😉

        • enesunkie

          There was a time not long ago when people would get in their car and drive it. Now, it needs to hold the gas pedal down for you, park for you, tell you which way to turn, tell you if something is behind you, keeps your beverages hot or cold and allow the family to watch a movie while calling almost anyplace in the world it . It’s the age of the spoiled. Nobody is happy with what they have. It always will have to do something more.

          • roymondo

            wow, elesunkie.. ..way to put things into perspective! I’m going to go back to film and manual exposure setting..’re so right, though 🙂

            • enesunkie

              It’s not that all these things aren’t good and useful, but would it really have helped to complain that you’re “65 Chevy didn’t do these things when in 1965 Ford or Chrysler didn’t have these options either.

            • Juergen.

              For a lot fo people sometimes going back to manual exposure (and focus) would help to re-focus 😉 on photography.

              Met a guy the other day who shot at 5 fps proudly and loudly boasting that he will get great results due to the fps – turned to him, smiled at him, shot a burst at 11 fps (D3) and told him that my photos undoubtedly would be much better than his because of 11 fps…
              … I’m sure he didn’t get what I said …

            • Holly

              I love how you all think that using manual exposure and/or focus makes you a better photographer…see my post from above…because all P mode does is balance out the light meter, all A mode does is balance out the light meter, all S mode does is balance out the light meter…guess what your photos look like if you are in M mode and you balance out the light meter…you get the exact same looking picture! There is more to making a good photograph, like composition and lighting. Without those two, you might as well just “point and shoot” and not spend all that money on a DSLR.

        • bob


          you stoned or what? who said im in a hurry to get the D800? who said about forcing workers to work?was that your presumption?LoL…are you on medication??

          your logic[worst than a 1 celled amoeba] is amazing..

          lets put it this way, if i want to make an announcement about a new product at 1 in the morning, do i have to wake up all my workforce in their sleep

          dude, announcing the product is different from mass producing the product, savvy???

          • Christian

            Awh Muffin. Are you mad because I called you out on something that I was right about.. Poor thing. Don’t worry your photos still suck but someday you’ll meet a decent photographer who will agree to sell his/hers photos to you as a ghostphotographer so you can take credit for them.

            Poor little muffin.

  • ST

    I think many people posting recently, think that Nikon should let us in on a “pre announcement” for something we all see on the horizon. Most are understanding of the situation in Japan during the disaster there, and we also understand that mother nature has been unkind to the people in Thailand as well.
    Perhaps loyal Nikon shooters should glorify Mother Nature more with photography so that she will be more kind to Nikon and Nikon users, and to the many people that have suffered in the wake of these disasters. I will still buy Nikon as they recover. Steve

  • pm

    According to the first picture it seems Nikon has had support for high ISO setting since a long time ago and did not make it available to the customers! ISO 9001 since 2000, ISO 14001 since 2004! :-]

    • KnightPhoto

      LOL @ PM – loved this!:
      “According to the first picture it seems Nikon has had support for high ISO setting since a long time ago and did not make it available to the customers! ISO 9001 since 2000, ISO 14001 since 2004! :-]

      I agree about the 2nd floor. The vital fact in all of this is whether Nikon got the critical manufacturing equipment up to the 2nd floor (and is the second even strong enough to hold the heavier equipment). They could have left the 1st floor chock full of D3100, D5100, D7000 etc. and it won’t be more than a blip of impact if they got doused. But the very means to continue their manufacture, if that is lost for a long period, could be a rather LARGE problem.

      On this one fact alone hinges the near future of Nikon. They had some warning didn’t they? And if they did have warning, did they think this through clearly enough?

      Anyone with some building structure/manufacturing experience:
      – is it feasible to get heavy equipment up out of harms way?
      – would the 2nd floor have the necessary strength?
      – or is it feasible to replace all that manufacturing equipment on short notice?
      – plus of course is the sensor manufacturing (for the D5100/D7000) also lost to the flood (I am guessing it was judging by the pictures of the Sony factory).

      Am very glad I have my D700/D7000/V1 combo already on-hand to keep me going.

      Also, I was already planning to sell my D300, I think I’ll wait a month, at which point here locally, the stock of DX cameras is about to be non-existant. My dealer told me they have a decent stock on hand for sales for the next few weeks, plus they are expecting one more small order already en route. After that they don’t expect to get any Nikon DX cameras for an indefinite period. Likewise they told me for Sony A77/65, they have 8 on site already spoken for by pre-orders, after which they expect no further A77/65 for an indefinite period (i.e. 2012 some time and Sony will completely miss the Christmas selling season).

      I wish Nikon and its employees all the best in this difficult period.

  • bellycloud

    It can be… It’s not funny especialy for the People in Japan who must live with the floot.
    I’m with the People there…

    Yes, it’s interesting to follow the announcement of the next great camera from Nikon, but I’m happy with my D700 at all.

    😉 belly Cloud

  • So sad to hear this, hoping Nikon will reschedule the announcement as soon as they can =( I need a new body that can act as wireless flash commander.

    • silmasan

      Why wait for a new body for that? Getting a pair of PocketWizards is a much surer bet buy.

      • Jesus_sti

        Pocket are over price …

        • mr wizard

          more overpriced than a $4000 D800? last time i checked a set of two pocket wizard was around $320….

    • Jarrod

      I feel like I get dumber every time I come to this site after reading the comments…my head hurts.

      • Christian

        I hear you on that one.
        That’s why I’ve learned to skip those posts. You can usually tell by the first few words that are written. But I had a fun urge to comment on Bobs post because.. well he typed in caps like a little douche. And he is a spoiled little baby who wants what he wants when he wants and if he doesn’t get it then he freaks out at everything. @Bob the douchey muffin.

        • Moses

          That was not a very Christian thing to say Christian. May god flood your house and destroy all of your camera equipment!

          • christian

            Sorry I’m a Zionist Christian.

  • Ryan

    It’s all Nikon’s fault. They started the rain and caused the flood. That’s what they get for not announcing it when they should have…. oooh wait… there never was a confirmed date was there…..

  • silmasan

    nice roundup, Admin!

    (you can never stop bitches from bitchin though but nice try)

  • Like I said in another post – use the great Nikon gear we already have and take amazing pictures. The D4, D800, D700s, D7100, D9000 and Dwhatever will happen soon, let’s just be patient and stay focused on our current projects. In-the-meantime, stay tuned to [NR] (to get your daily fix) and have fun!

    While we’re waiting, please also pray for the people all over the world that are less fortunate than us.

    • Jabs

      Yup – so true.

      Loss of life and livelihood is much worse than any camera delay too.

      Trauma of uncertainty or destruction on them versus a delay to get a new piece of gear.

      • Juergen.

        +1 !
        As we are on a photography website: Some people seem to have lost focus!

    • gt


    • Bip


  • The invisible man

    As long the D800 is available for pre-order in December, I’m fine with that.
    Now, if it don’t show up before the end of the year I’ll have to buy a D700 (again…)

    • Bip

      I own an early shipment of D700. After a few years of heavy use and abuse, it went dead on me in Jun this year.

      I was thinking of getting another D700 but the rumour of a D700-replacement to be announced in Aug was too tempting. So, I did what everone else do – wait.

      D700 was available everywhere before the supposed “D-day”.

      I was disappointed that Nikon didn’t announce a D700-replacement, and I went to back the stores to get a new D700. All the stores were out of stock!

      Badly in need of a FX, I went for the D3S. I have used it to capture thousand of images since – most under lighting conditions that would otherwise be too challenging for my D300S.

      Bottomline: what I need and what I want are two different things. D3S is not what I want, but it has everything I need (and more).

  • Jabs


    Here is another good Industry source for you to explore but don’t buy anything – lol

    I was looking for the thread where someone asked me about the upcoming D800 sensor and if it was a three chip, 3-RGB or such design like Sigma, but I gave up looking for the post – lol

    Maybe they will also see this link.

    • yes, this is a great site – I have used it few times in the past

      • Jabs


        Yeah – this place is busy.

        Here is another one but now showing who makes the Nikon 1 sensors plus its’ performance relative to the other Micro 4/3rds bodies.

        Ouch – look at the performance of the A77 compared to the A580 and others.

        Look at the pixel pitch too.

    • The invisible man

      The 3 RGB sensor, that was me.

      • Jabs

        @The invisible man

        You sure?

        Anyhow, I can’t tell for sure now as not sensor expert, but it sure looks like a sensor that has 3 different channels like R, G and B plus new ideas/concepts, hence the Patent.

        Would have to have more time to Research and by that time, we might already have the answer, as busy.


  • Chris Zeller

    No not giving up on Nikon, just on FX for now. From the specs stated here its clear that the D800 won’t be what I’m looking for to replace my aging D70. I think I’ll go with a D7000 and some FX glass for now and wait 3-5 years to see if FX comes to the masses. My only regret is that I should have done this a year ago when it was clear that the D800 was in the distant future.

    The price $4K is really out of my league realistically.
    The MP is really much more than I need or need to deal with storage-wise
    The MP count seems to perclude a big improvement over the D7000 in noise
    Slower frame-rate (likely due to higher MP) is a disapointment.
    Most of all I’m tired of waiting.
    The D7000 seems to fit all my requirements except ultra-wide angle and wider viewfinder and more than three frame bracketing for HDR.

    • Chris, I’m in a similar situation. I have already purchased FX glass and I’m patiently waiting for the D800 as my next upgrade. Given what you want to do, why not a D700? I suppose if your choice is quality glass on a D7000 or lesser glass on a D700 then the choice should be the former. I guess I’m just saying that, if you can find one, the 700 is not a bad deal these days.

    • While there are times more than 3 bracket shots are good for HDR photography, I’ve never really found the D7k’s 3 pic +/- 2EV bracket to be a limiting factor in my HDR photography and this is due to the D7K’s amazing Dynamic Range (especially at base ISO). As long as you can get all the detail in the shadows and highlights, it doesn’t really matter how many shots you bracket to achieve this. The D7K has 14 stops of DR at base ISO, therefore a 3 shot bracket at +/- 2EV will give you plenty of DR in most circumstances. Have a look at my website. I even wrote a blog post about DR and the D7000 with regards to HDR photography. Of course, having the option to bracket more shots is always nice, but not always needed. This is why I sometimes use the D700 or D3s for HDR photography. The D7K is one of my fave Nikon bodies for HDR, if that tells you anything.

    • silmasan

      You don’t have to give up ultra-wide with DX, Chris. I’ve recently considered going D7000 route too and found good reports about Sigma 8-16mm (the IQ especially, not so much about its AF accuracy). It will give you the equivalent of ~12mm on 35mm/FX which is plenty wide.

      • Or the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX UWA lens. The Tokina UWA is fast and wide. You also have the Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye, which is excellent as well and WIDE.

        • Chris Zeller

          Good thought. I’ve got the 10.5mm. Maybe I should sell my 12-24mm in favor of the Tokina. I discounted it because I didn’t want to be any MORE committed to DX. But its a good option rather than the 14-24mm for now since FX seems farther away and out of my reach.

          • silmasan

            Yes I’d vote for that Tokina as well for reliability and build quality, esp. if you don’t need extreme ultrawideangle. And you maybe able to resale it later for a good price still, because it’s quite popular in the DX world.

      • I own the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 and it works great on the D90. I recently purchased the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8. Overall, both lenses are very shap, the Nikon has less distortion but is also 3x the cost. The Tokina is a very capable lens for DX cams.

    • JorPet

      As someone who started with the D70, went to the D700 and the purchased the D7000, I will say you aren’t going to go wrong no matter what you do. The D70 is/was a great camera and very capable. The D700 is amazing, especially if you need the speed and the FX format. The D7000 is also an amazing camera. It does a lot of what the D700 can do for general photography.

      The FX glass is also a great improvement. I worked my way up to all three of the f/2.8 zooms. All are fantastic and make the D700 a tough combo to beat. When shooting with the D7K and D700, I often video with the D7K while shooting stills with the D700. having the wider zoom on the D7K and the next higher zoom on the D700 gives me the ability to shoot both from the same location.

      Personally, I don’t see a need for 36 MP in anything I do and don’t want to deal with RAW files of that size, so will forgo the D800 and wait to see what the D4 looks like. There is nothing that I can’t do with what I’ve got, so it really isn’t a big deal for me.

      • Chris Zeller

        Thanks all, esp Cary and the HDR suggestion. Need to get Photomatix to try it. I really have to get more practice with this technique on the gear I have. My experience is only with in-camera processing. I supose high-end cameras will be slow to add this feature assuming you will likely do it in post.
        Also, I just picked up the 14-24mm but have completely ignored the 11-16 thinking I’d be FX by now. I’ll give it some more consideration given the new reality that FX is likely to be very expensive for the forseeable future.
        D700 is nice but I like the capability to do video and stills. Would be nice to take occasional video of kids concerts etc without also lugging the video cam. Also ability to shoot JPG high + RAW on two seperate cards is a plus. With the D7000 I can invest in FX glass (14-24 & 70-200 ) now too and be ready for a mid range FX once its available.


  • I hope that all of those idiots who keep threatening to leave for Canon stop talking and just do it. First it’s “there is no D700 replacement, what a joke”. Then rumors surface that the D800 will be 36MP and we get “who the hell needs 36MP, no one. I’m looking for high ISO performance as I’m a vampire, Canon must be better”. Now it’s “another delay because Nikon didn’t predict the earthquakes and floods, what a joke, I’m going to Canon”.

    You can’t win. Those of us invested in Nikon know the cameras are good and will continue to be good. When was the last time Nikon released a crappy DSLR? I venture to say never. The D800 will be a good, possibly a great cam. So will the D4. They will get here when they get here, in the meantime use what you have. I’m still shooting a D90, and I get the same good images I did when the camera was new.

    • WoutK89

      The D3000 should have been what the D3100 is now. They just iterated the 10MP sensor of the D200 / D80 for too long.

  • d70

    and how about this

    The area with the most water (blue) is where the Nikon factory is located. People are losing homes and shit over there. Just saying…

  • AnoNemo

    Do not put all you eggs in one basket.

    • JorPet

      Which basket would that be? Japan, Thailand or Malaysia?

      Normal contingency planning has you spread things out to say, different geologic locations (like maybe different countries). Of course, you have to follow some of your suppliers into some locations, others will follow you. It is far more complex than just saying “we’re moving”.

      If parts manufacturers stay put and Nikon moves, then costs go up and exposure remains. They had a well thought out contingency plan and risk abatement strategy. I’m guessing that the odds of these two major catastrophes occurring in such wide spaced locations are in the millions to 1 against.

      • silmasan

        chill, he’s just calling us “eggs” that’s all 😉 and that one basket would be [NR]

  • The Truth

    There ARE a BUNCH of selfish idiots out there crying about not being able to buy their new camera while this whole factory is Under frikking WATER. Let me get you a tissue before you call your mama to suckle.

  • build on a hill or raise the factory on stilts
    another quake hit japan again today

  • D700guy

    That does it, I’m spending all my D800 money on hookers.

    • Rosco

      Save some of the money for penicillin then 😉

  • AnoNemo

    Let me guess, most of these companies will leave Thailand forever. They will not risk again something like this. They will make sure that their site selection will be better planned.

    • silmasan

      Maybe they all should leave Planet Earth for a century or two. It’s too shaky at the moment.

      • AnoNemo


        Please read about how well the government prepared over the last couple of decades in Thailand for the disaster like this. Oh, they also have excellent contingency plans … and can tell that for the next 4-6 weeks these factories will be under water. These factories can be completely written off after that time.

        You know what will the insurance companies do after this? They will not insure factories ect. in these areas unless the Thai government fixes up the infrastructure. Sad but truth and unfortunately the poor people will come out the worst.

        BTW, I hope you leave Planet Earth too! The Moon looks dry and does not have earthquakes. 🙂

        • silmasan

          Yes, I said this before. I think Nikon shouldn’t just get back there and resume operation ASAP even if they could. I’m only commenting about the general situation on the Planet right now. Nowhere’s perfect.

          • AnoNemo

            After reading the story about Olympus, now I can imagine why these corrupt Japanese (from Nikon) loved to stay in Thailand. It does explain why they ignored for decades the risks.

            • silmasan

              Wow, “corrupt Japanese (from Nikon)”? I’m so waiting for the news.

              Olympus Nikon stock down almost 50%, disappearing Cayman Islands offshore accounts, organized crime accusation…”


            • AnoNemo

              Well, I am not sure you ever worked with Japanese companies but let me tell you they often differently interpret many things than companies would do it in Europe or in the US.

            • silmasan

              Sure they do. And they have quite a different culture too. I’m not going to generalize anything but they do have quite a lot of positive culture.

              What happened at Olympus is a disgrace. If you have any evidence that Nikon is involved in similar operations please do share. I’d really appreciate that.

  • JorPet


    This made me chuckle:

    You cannot really blame Nikon or [NR] for that.

    Blame a rumor site for the delay? I actually laughed out loud at that. I love [NR] for all the great info and for the heads up on what is going on. Seems we have been pretty well briefed on all of this the last couple of weeks, so no real surprises.

    Keep up the great site!

  • Richard

    Lack of compassion os some people here is just unbelievable. I hope Thailand overcomes this natural disaster fast. Country had its fair share of problems lately and this just aded few more lines to the list. What I can say Thai people are kind and nice and I don’t give a damn about new camera or anouncement until country is back on track. I have been to Thailand many times and I was always greated with smiles. That country gave me so much and least I can do is to hope and wish speedy recovery for them. I am ready to use my old (still great) gear for few more months.

  • Rhyan

    Whatever the reason for the delay is, it was a really really disastrous year for Japan. First Sendai factory was flooded by the Tsunami, the whole this nuclear disaster following it, now this flooding in Thailand – this is an enormous step back for any Japanese company.

    You have to give them credit for the effort that they actually managed to keep up and yet released the mirorrless. We’ll see next year in March what the heck have costed Nikon all these disasters.

  • Here is an interesting post about Japanese companies in Thailand and how they ars being affected by the flooding. Take special note about Sony fab for sensors.

  • silmasan

    Admin, do you have any inside info on the upcoming major disasters affecting the other Nikon plants? China or Malaysia–which one first?

    • AnoNemo


  • rhlpetrus

    Is it the delay that’s rumored? So we have a rumored announcement that now has a rumored delay … ;).


  • jk

    Well…. hmmm… I guess I will have to continue using my POS D3s for the time being.

    I hope I don’t get fired!!!!

  • nick

    Hello everybody.
    Today I’ve seen on TV in two different occasions photgs snapping at some european politicians at press conference. I usually try to see which camera they’re using and today I’ve seen a d700 shaped body (circular viewfinder, no battery pack) with a significantly bigger screen on the back, let’s say 3,7-4 inches. No way it was a different sized model than a d700, no smaller and surely not a 3d/s/x. No way to see or read the name on the strap.

    I should review the whole day programme to find out the exact moments, it was on a national 24 hrs news tv.

  • Nau

    Just to take everyones mind of d800

    possibly new pro-pro camera from Nikon?

  • TaoTeJared

    I’ve just been glancing at the headlines and haven’t read any comments till now. Wow – everyone screaming is ridiculous. I bet most will then complain about the $4k price tag and then claim they won’t buy it because of that.

    Little children stomping their feet.

  • fo2re

    Cheesus is this a kindergarden ?

    So you can`t take pictures in the meantime ? There has been none official information regarding D300S, D700 or D3- models so when they will be on the marked can be a long time from now…

  • vinman

    Admin – thanks for the info; whether it pans out or nor. I’ve found out recently there are some serious douche bags posting here, so just blow it off and do what you do. Meanwhile, I’ll keep hoping for the D800 announcement and trying to figure out how to buy one without having to sell my D700!

  • Only children want new toys when they tire of the ones they have and when a new model comes out. Workers get the job doen with the tools they aready have. Getting great images takes work and many can continue their current level or improve their post processing instead of crying like children for the latest toy.

  • OMR

    When the first Nikon fatory to México?

  • photdog

    Nobody who has a bit of brain left and the willingness to think would blame Nikon for the disaster and in no event the admin for his forecasts. I wouldn’t even try to criticize anything around Nikon’s contingency plans. Disasters of this dimension are not foreseeable.

    Nevertheless a sole event cannot explain everything although we are all used from our politicians who do so all the time. It is always a chain of decisions and priorities to come to a certain point. And a crisis like the flood just makes these decisions and priorities more visible. Despite of Nikon became what they are with excellent SLRs and likewise excellent lenses, they somehow leave the impression, that the segment of cams D300s and up and accordingly lenses is still important (for the reputation) but does not have the top priority anymore. Yes, the traditional race, who’s No. 1 -Nikon or Canon, is still on, but I have difficulties to discover the eagerness.
    Well, even in case Sony would utilize the 36 MP sensor in an DSLR first, we all know that Nikon was always superior in getting results out of a sensor. However, something like eagerness also condensate into being in touch with the customers. And in the recent past there was more support for the impression, that Nikon -like many other modern companies- rather relies on their marketing strategists, who nowadays rather focus on short-term revenues than everything else. I’ve worked in marketing for quite a while and thus have a good impression about how much of the decisions are plain paper-based up to simple guesswork.
    This road finally leads to that what a NR-Reader hinted at saying that Canon would buy Nikon. If this happens or vice versa we all loose. Cause in the larger scale it doesn’t matter if a certain Canon trumped a Nikon or vice versa. The point is to have plurality of offer, so that we can choose according to our individual needs or tasks. But already to make this choice requires a bit of skills…
    A NR reader published a photograph on his website -a flower with an insect in it. Simplicity but beautiful and I said to myself: goddamn he shot that with a cell… But this is the exception of the rule, cause most of this customer segment shoot, me-in-front-of, party and some random holiday scenes. A documentation of a situation. Hardly any creativity involved. I’m not trying to subduct anyone to do this, I’m just saying that this is quite a different customer group with quite different needs. Talking business, this customer group is more elusive than a deer. Comes the next trend that a maker doesn’t perfectly meet, they are gone.
    Bottom line, I wonder if it will really pay off if a maker rather set its priorities to such a group.

    • Charcoal

      Canon may buy Nikon? Don’t be ridiculous.

      On the other hand, Pentax has a few undamaged DSLR and lens factories and they’re not located in Thailand or Japan. As a brand, most people don’t care. As a company it changed hands a couple of times and Hoya just sold it to Ricoh because it was loosing money. (just take a look at Pentax Q mirrorless and you’ll understand why)

      umm… may be it’s time to start buying some Ricoh shares in anticipation that Nikon or Canon will try to buy Pentax for its factories.

  • broxibear

    I don’t care what you say I’m blaming you Peter/admin lol…and while I’m at it I’m also blaming you for the crisis in Europe.
    P.S. Which one of you fanboys is this

    • silmasan

      naw, don’t think he’s a [NR] frequenter–he confused D3 with D3000… PASM dial? scene modes? 😀

  • Cynic

    How can you go reporting a delay when you never had a confirmed release date in the first place. Instead of reporting a delay maybe you should just say you were wrong instead of blaming your stupidity on an unrelated natural disaster.

  • Funny

    What I find funnier than the people complaining about the delay is they people complaining about people complaining. The latter sound like they’re about to burst into tears.


    • Monkey Nigh Mow


      Leave Britney Nikon ALONE!

      • silmasan

        “Oops… !”

  • roymondo

    so when’s the Nikon D800 coming out? :p

  • gebl


    There’s a lot of us on the fence about what to do next. The rule of buy a camera that you need when you need it works great for people who make money off photography. But there’s a bunch of folks who have gone some time without upgrading and are ready to plunk some money down to upgrade. We aren’t losing money on photo gigs by not upgrading, but we’ve got desires to expand our capabilities be it video or low light.

    I’d plunk money down for a D700 or D3s if i knew what i’d expect in the future from a D800 and how long i’d be waiting. If the wait was only another 6 months i might even plunk down some money for a D7000… But, not knowing anything at this point has me on the sidelines.

    This is revenue that Nikon is missing out on. Its all chaotic… man, its been a bad year for the global supply chain. We all understand that… I wish nikon would help us figure out how to spend our money.

    • Anonymous

      The D7000, she’s a pretty decent camera!

    • silmasan

      I’d seriously suggest anyone interested in photography to get used to selling/buying in the secondhand market.

      E.g., you may get a brand new D7000 now and resale it next year if you had to. This way, you won’t have to lose all the chances that you would get with recent tech (e.g. video/low light, moments/events that are priceless etc), and you won’t even lose most of the cost if you keep the whole package in mint condition and sell it before the warranty is over.

      In addition, the D7000 is a fantastic camera that many pros also use for various purposes, and I’m certain it will hold its value for quite a while.

      The only way not to profit/benefit from a camera (or any other tool) is by not having AND using one. And that camera doesn’t have to be the perfect one that would last a decade, just what’s good enough for now). The same ‘rule’ of “buying only when you need” does apply to common people as well. 🙂

  • t3mp

    Quite ridiculous – one half of the earth has to deal with having nothing above their heads, second one has to deal with having nothing to shoot them with.

  • The invisible man

    The D5100 focus sucks.

  • Hans

    There is NO D800 delay!

    Nikon has never planned to bring out a D800 in 2011 nor do they for 2012. When will you NR readers realize that there will no be any new Nikon DSLR before 2013 as I said before. And when it comes out in 2013 or 2014 it will be – guess what – 12.2 MP.

    Hans, a disapointed Nikon customer having invested nearly 10k EUR in Nikon glass what makes a shift to canon nearly impossible (what makes me angry).

  • Kennylee

    hi, so sorry to hear that some of guys put the blame on NR just becoz of the delay of d800. i’m also found so funny that nikon always the one who like to make camera slowly but they always make sure they make it right, that’s why we always follow this brand. if i go after spec update, i would rather go canon, canon sure wouldn’t fail you, but actually we hear nothing about 5d3 and a950 also. Beside, if u really so pro, nikon do have d3x with 24mp offer you right? i’m not the monster go after spec and was so happy with d700. My word may offend someone and i’m sorry about that, but it just my 5 cents…. Be fair to NR.

    P/S: Last thing, sorry about my horrible broken english. T.T

  • Bullcrap Police

    This is ridiculous and it’s looking like an epic #Nikonfail

    What bloody impact would a flood have on an announcement?!!!?!! It seems that if there was any validity to this so called rumor, Nikon would just make an announcement that they are bringing out the d800, and “announce” that delivery will be impacted due to the floods!

    I am looking to get back into photography, and have been holding out for the expected Nikon D800 release (I formally shot Nikon) but am fed up with waiting. I honestly think that Nikon mightn’t have developed a product that is on par with what they’re doing over there at canon.

    Excuses excuses, time to go with my second choice & go for the crop 7d, and look to upgrade down the track to upgrade to the 5dmkiii, which at this rate will be out long before this fictitious D800.

    Farewell Nikon, and thanks for all the fish!

    • roy long

      Note 3 from Flood update::

      “We are planning to start production at other Nikon group manufacturing plants and our partner factories in Thailand one after another from December 2011. Production will partially resume from January 2012 at Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and production of digital SLR and interchangeable lenses will return to the normal level by the end of March 2012.”

  • Kerry33


    you stand by your previous specs about d800 with a 36 mp. And i
    stand by mine that its gonna be a D4/D5 instead.
    Now lets wait and see…what a great waiting game..

  • Moistness

    I can’t believe that buildings and homes aren’t waterproof/flood proof on a planet that’s mostly water. I was shocked when a flood in my bathroom ruined my kitchen. Is this really an impossible feat? WTF world?

  • Chris Zeller

    Well I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what happens, but I already have my Amazon cart loaded up. I’m tired of waiting and should have done this last November. The D7000 seems to meet most of my needs and seems to be a good stopgap while I wait another round for FX to come in at a reasonable price point. For now I’ll go with the D7000 + pro FX glass (14-24 & 70-200). Please help me make a decision.
    Below is a list of where my D70 is defficient.

    * Indicates D7000 has it
    +Indicates D7000 better than D70 but not as good as I’d expect from a D800
    -Indicates D7000 not as good as a D700 (and therefore probably less than D800)

    + High ISO performance for indoor family photos + kids performances
    *CA correction
    *More MP
    * Mirror lock-up
    *Faster Frame Rate
    +Weather Sealing
    +Metal body
    *Dual memory cards
    *JPG high + NEFF
    *Sensor cleaning
    *Vertical grip capable
    -Wider viewfinder
    *Video capable
    *Flash CLS Ratioed control (frees up one SB800 for off camera)
    -PC port
    *Faster AF system (plus rule of thirds AF points)
    *AIS lens support
    *Lens focus calibration

    I’m not a pro, just a keen amateur. Also not part of the 1% but I’d like a camera that lasts as long as the D70 did.

    • Anonymous

      but the damn D7000, you will not regret it.

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