Top 10 posts for June 2011

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for June 2011:

  1. Reality or fiction: Nikon D4, D4x, D400, D400x, D800, D800x, D9000 specs.
  2. Nikon D4 with 32MP, D400 with 24MP sensors from Sony?
  3. Nikon D4 and D400 in August, D700 replacement still in the air.
  4. This is how the Japanese magazine CAPA sees the Nikon D4 and D900.
  5. Guest post: Time-lapse Landscape Astrophotography.
  6. Where in the world is Chase Jarvis?
  7. You have another month to upgrade your Nikon D3 buffer.
  8. New Nikon prototype/concept cameras on display in France.
  9. DIY wireless tethering for Nikon D300s.
  10. Nikon AF-S 105mm f/2 lens patent.




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  • Jabs

    Whew @Administrator.
    What a month of controversies and expanding posts. Keep up the good work.

    • I will be honest – this has been the toughest time finding info on upcoming Nikon products since I started running this blog (over 3 years). I wonder if Nikon has changed the way they share information or maybe our expectations are much higher now 🙂

      • Jabs

        Perhaps with the major disruptions of the earthquake/tsunami people got displaced and those who were not – started focusing on other more important things like surviving, living, the trauma from such a wide scale event. Maybe we just need to be patient and wait for things to restart themselves but much might be lost permanently or even for a while due to displaced people or ruined infrastructure. While we perhaps are focusing on what new camera or lens/gear to get, people might be more focused on LIFE and feeding themselves or living in non private places trying to make do with a radically altered lifestyle or what’s left of it for them.
        Be thankful that you were not there and then try and understand how awful it must have been and then perhaps our own selfish goals will look foolish in contrast. Have a great day as life moves on from most tragedies even if it takes a while!

        • No disrespect to Jab or Japan (where I lived for a while), but there were people suffering in the world before the Japan earthquake. Just because we don’t get our cameras from Sri Lanka or Somolia, does not mean those places do not matter. The truth is people are suffering every minute of our lives, and unless Jab is adovacating that we should not have “selfish goals” unless the whole world is rid of suffering, these comments are trite and hypocritical.

          • Jabs

            Perhaps you forgot what the subject matter was – Japan and Nikon’s lack of information on upcoming information on its’ new gear.
            When empathy is lost from your heart, then you are indeed DEAD. Subject matter deciphering is one of the keys to understanding.

            • Jabs

              Perhaps ‘selfish goals’ was not the best choice of words, but I don’t see anything wrong with having your own motivating selfish goals as long as they do not destroy you or others. Perhaps personal goals would better fit the idea that I was trying to convey. I was simply saying that often we get lost in our own desires and then fail to look at others in worse shape than us, PLUS the obvious problems in Japan was what I was addressing in a reply to the Administrator – the people of Japan in that area are not in permanent houses and things are not back to ‘normal’ yet, so perhaps that has delayed the regular flow of information. People are too oversensitive to comments and thus ‘chill out’, as we all are supposed to have some type of a life and not some overt thin skinned outlook, especially as photographers or media professionals. It is a big world that is now well connected with different languages, ideals plus perspectives and thus sometimes we should STOP reading between the lines and simply ASK the person what they really meant – simpler and often less confrontational to me!
              Selfish and self centered or self absorbed are NOT the same things, so perhaps you and the other person misunderstood my candor or honest assessment from afar.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            “(…) unless the whole world is rid of suffering, these comments are trite and hypocritical.”

            The most silly thing I ever had to read. Suffering in other parts of the world – be it worse or not – does not mean, we can’t memorize circumstances and people in japan on NR. After reading your comment I’ve read Jab’s once more. I can’t possibly find anything in it, that deserves your stupid reply.

            • Jabs

              @Victor Hassleblood.
              Since my comments were to the Administrator, then I don’t know where that response came from, but to forgive and forget is often better – LOL!

            • Karen

              I don’t have any problems with most of Jab’s comment on synpahty with Japan, and I too feel bad for those who were victims (and have detest for those who were responsible). However I did have a negative emotional response to the “I am more holy than thou” attitude on making people feel bad about their “selfish goals.” There are ton of problems in this world and if you really want to make it a better place by all means feel free to do your part and encourage others to do the same (and perhaps you are), but there is not need to use negative tones to make others feel bad about their “selfish goals.”

      • Raff

        I guess it’s going to be even harder after Nikon releases the new D4, D800 (or D900?) and D400 in the next few months! We will have to wait years before the next generation! : )

        It’s always interesting and fun to follow your news and rumors!!
        You deserve a big THANK YOU!

  • Thanks for your effords, is really enjoyable debating here!


  • Yes thank you.

  • Itakeyourphoto

    Yup! These rumors are coming into fruition.

  • inginerul

    Good job admin, keep it up !

  • The invisible man.

    Don’t forget where there is smoke, there is fire !
    And we had alot fires this month in Georgia & Florida !

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Good for you, as it means lots of new Nikons.

  • Because of your these rumors used D300’s now become affordable 🙂

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