Happy Birthday Nikon D700!

Today the Nikon D700 is 3 years old (announced on July 1st, 2008). Happy Birthday D700!

A quick look at Nikon's website confirms that the D700 is currently the oldest DSLR camera in their lineup (even the already replaced D90 was announced after the D700). It is still hard for me to believe that a D700 replacement will not be announced till 2012... this is one of the cases where I hope I am wrong 🙂 Anyway, the D700 is still great camera and it will be for years to come.

Image credit: Herman Au

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  • broxibear

    Nikon interview pap/red carpet photographer Stéphane Kossmann at Cannes http://youtu.be/L7rcm3c5MZ4

  • Mmm, cake

  • fred

    rumor has it that the new wave of nikon cameras will have a super high speed video record mode for super sharp slow motion video

    • Art

      High quality slow motion video would really be cool. It would really expand my creative abilities. Yea, it probably isn’t the sort of thing I’d use every day but neither are a whole lot of other photographic techniques. But when you need it, it sure would be nice to have it there.

  • Jabs

    A Little time for introspective talk:
    Since the D700 seems to have been a landmark camera that to me, brought the features of the top of the line (then) Nikon D3 down to a smaller and more affordable package with an option to remove or use the grip that add fps –
    1. What feature or thing about the D700 made you buy it or recognize it as a breakthrough camera or even your favorite camera?
    2. Do you believe that a D700 replacement or upgrade should continue in the same format (body and motor drive/speed booster separate and same size body) or what changes do you see you would need or want for those who already have and use a D700 or just love/respect it?
    3. Do you think that adding megapixels (say about 18) and 1920X1080 HD video with 24 fps Cinema speed plus 25fps for people with 50cyle power, 30 fps for people with 60cycle power and 50fps + 60fps high speed video framing rates (double of the 25 and 30fps for slow motion effects for example) = a great update to this seemingly well loved camera?

    I have never seen a cake dedicated to a camera’s ‘birthday’ – LOL, so I just was wondering about the feelings here and PLEASE don’t curse me out, as I don’t work for Nikon or have any vested interest in them, but am just merely curious as a long time Nikon user.

    • borneoaddict

      Agree it was a landmark camera

      1. It was a logical choice coming from the FM2 => D300 => D700 progression. I could use old lenses in their original FoV (e.g. 50mm f/1.4 and 17-35 f/2.8) and share the MB-D10 grip (& batteries) between the two digital bodies. The D700 of course enabled action shooting in relatively low light situations at relatively high ISOs with more-than-acceptable results (which I see the prime advantage of the large photosite-sized FX sensors). This is a gift from heaven for ethnographic documentation.

      2. It would be nice if the new bodies continue backward compatibility with battery grips (expecting change only for the battery compartments if technology advances). So yes, I’m for similar bodies.

      3. Different users crave for different megapixels. Higher megapixels increase proxy costs for some, such as storage, computer processing power etc. Others simply don’t need higher megapixels but like to see even more ISO improvements (e.g. banding problems that sometimes start at 3200). We also have the divided pro/contra camps regarding video. 1080p with more frame rate options should definitely be the minimal standard. This all really backs the case for a camera with modular interchangeable sensor options.

      • Jabs

        Good to read your comments and suggestions. Yeah, I once bought an FA and an FM2N. Gave the FM2N to someone else and used the FA with the MD-15. Yes, it does seem like a logical progression with body and MD or booster but the FA was my second body series and I loved it. My first series was the F3 (HP, T, AF) and I rarely ever shot without a motor drive, as that was too slow for me. I also had an F4 with both ‘drive packs’ but preferred the F3 series due to more versatility, as in focusing screens and removable heads. I liked the removable heads of the F3 series best, as especially the Action Finder (think it was DA2) allowed me to shoot quicker plus the various screens (had most of them including an all matte one – weird) allowed me to customize my cameras for the specific scene or lens and that was really a big advantage which allowed me to shoot quicker, more precisely and in higher volume despite the 36 pic. limit of slide film then (never had one of those 250 exposure bulk film backs) causing you to tote more bodies preloaded with film. I like the idea of removable sensors and that type of customization for specific tasks as that is what made me buy an F3 as my first camera and now looking forward to either a D3s or a D4 if it shoots as fast and in as low a light as the D3s plus has the clean high ISO response. I like cinematic video and if it is above 1920×1080, then even better. I would also love to see some Cinematic aspect ratios and more framing speeds (fps) in video mode like you. I really like the video files from the D3s especially in low light as I have used Broadcast pro gear over the years and especially like Sony Broadcast Digital gear (very expensive, so had to rent) of a few years back. We all have to wait for the new gear, so what can I say. I still prefer FX, but that’s just me.
        Have a good one!

  • tom

    I am buying first Dslr which appear in shops does not matter canon or nikon 5D mark II or Nikon D800 I do not care

  • Bullsnot

    Black icing just seems wrong…

  • Pikemann Urge

    Video: I don’t care. I mean, I don’t mind if others want it but I don’t need it.

    Built-in flash: really? Get rid of it, Nikon. If I want to take snapshots with my friends at a bar I won’t be stuffing my D700 into my pocket…

    Image quality is already amazing – even a DX-cropped segment of a D700 frame is as good as a complete image from a D300, despite the lower resolution (resolution != pixel count, just in case anyone is confused!) That’s what I’ve been shown, anyway. I believe it… but it’s weird.

    In fact the only updates the D700 actually needs – if anything – are 16-bit capture (if actually possible) and a few extra usable stops. It would be nice if it had the non-Ai tab that the F3 has. But that’s just a nice luxury. 🙂

    • joe

      One big reason to keep the flash is as a wireless commander for CLS. I never use it as part of my exposure, but if I’m packing light and in an environment that will allow the flashes to see each other, there really is no better wireless TTL solution out there… If you’re outside, you’ll more than likely need radio triggers, though.

      I would never suggest buying a ~$3000 dSLR and depending on the pop-up as a comprehensive lighting solution though…

      • borneoaddict

        The built-in flash has saved me a couple hundred of dollars, and enables me to CLS-trigger two SB-600/700 units. I really don’t understand the widespread snobbism saying that FX/semi-po cameras should not have built-in flash.

      • borneoaddict

        oops joe, that was my reaction reading Pikemann’s comment!

  • Mark

    My first digital camera and an eye opener to digital photography. Film has its uses but so too does digital. I’m glad I have a D700. It will be a friend for a very long time. Thanks, Nikon. and Hapy Birthday D700!

  • ChrisSin

    I’d take built in radiotrigger functionality over a popup flash any day……

  • Jabs

    An interesting article about how Japan’s Data Centers survived the earthquake/tsunami.

    Could this also apply to Nikon and other manufacturers thereby giving us hope for a quick recovery and some updated gear despite the disaster?

  • Kanichiro

    Happy Birthday to the D700. The celebration starts the week I sold off all my Nikon digital gear. The D700 is a great camera, and it was a joy to use.

    It’s now on to a 4×5 Field Camera which will be much better suited to my style. Is a Nikon large format lens in my future? One thing I look forward to is that lens filters and adapter’s will cost a whole lot less than the Lee Filters adapter for the 14-24mm Nikon lens I owned.

  • joe

    @borneoaddict- my sentiments exactly. There is no arguing that radio triggers are great, but why thumb your nose at an easy-to-include, free technology? Sure, the pop-up looks stupid when you’ve got huge pro glass mounted, but look at the possibilities available without having to drop 100’s of dollars on quality pocketwizards

    • borneoaddict

      oops joe, that was my reaction reading Pikemann’s comment!

  • Stephan

    A D700 with:

    98-100% Viewfinder
    18-24 MP
    Dynamic Range of the D7000 (which would add almost 2 EV)
    Better Live View

    That would be the perfect camera. Can’t wait until I get to know what Nikon really improves with the D800.

  • Pikemann Urge

    Surely it’s a better idea to include wireless flash triggering without the actual flash? Heaven forbid technology be subtle. And built-in flash isn’t free, whichever way you cut it. 😉

  • Bruce

    D700… If it aint broke, don’t fix it. A solid fine still-photographer’s camera. Rock on.

  • Love everything about my D700 with the exception of having to send it off for repair three times in 2 years. I must have got the only lemon in the bunch.

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