Weekly Nikon news flash #117

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  • Jabs

    So you don’t take any holiday breaks do you? – LOL!
    Work, work and more work – enjoy yourself.

    • Is that “I am Nikon” tatoo for real? Well, maybe that person’s name is Nikon. Else it wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

      • Geoff

        agreed, rather silly to have that put on your arm. it’s not even artsy. /shrugs

    • I was offline several days last month 🙂

      • Jabs

        Yeah – lol.
        Lost on a tropical island, eh – eating conch fritters and drinking coconut water.

        • Global

          Your version of Europe sounds a lot like Hawaii, Jabs.

          • Jabs

            – or maybe James Bond in Bahamas – lol.
            Again, I was teasing.

  • CapFuture

    Hmm, not your NR, but pretty boring news this week :/

  • The invisible man.


  • Merv

    Agree with Jabs, a break is in order

    Was poking around in the Nikon Canada site, I didn’t see the 24-70 or the 200mm f/2

    • Chef

      also missing are the 24/35/85mm f/1.4G

    • Jabs

      I was just teasing the Administrator, as Monday July 4th is Independence Day in America and I believe that the Administrator lives in Canada – lol.
      Me, I am probably worse than the Administrator, as I work seven days a week mainly.

      • I am located in the US as well, but I am currently in Europe till the end of the month.

        • Jabs

          Oh sorry – LOL.
          Thought that perhaps you were one of our Northern neighbors. How is Europe?

        • The invisible man.

          Actualy Peter lives in Florida, he is my neighbour and I have to mown the grass on his yard when he is away in Europe.

          • Jabs

            @The invisible man:
            WHAT – mow the grass – thought that it was invisible like you!
            I thought you lived in Japan?
            Japan, Florida now – LOL! – or was that Tokyo, Florida.
            Slow day here.

            • The invisible man.

              I’m French (sorry) and moved to Florida 11 years ago.

          • Jabs

            @The invisible man.
            Enjoying Florida, eh.
            Quite a change from France to Florida. Was language and culture a strange transition for you (did you find it hard?).

            • The invisible man.

              I moved to Florida because I married my wife who was one of my American models.
              Life is cool here, I only miss the food.

            • Jabs

              @The invisible man.
              Sorry to seem nosy but was just curious, as one of my associates is also from France but have lived here for longer than you and he said that he has a hard time adjusting to the food here also plus his wife is not American – lol.
              I like to hear what people from abroad think about America compared to their own native countries. In my travels, I meet a lot of different people, so I try to learn from them and broaden my scope and horizon, as they say. Humanity is really Blessed to have so many unique differences amongst us = my perspective.
              Enjoy your day!
              Comment ca va? – LOL

            • The invisible man.

              Well, people from France don’t like USA because of the propaganda against USA that French news and gvt do.
              (Peter will delete this comment).
              I say, don’t juge USA if you did not live there for awhile (I personaly love USA and American people)

      • SGN

        You are confused, … in Canada lives the OTHER rumor guy.

        • Jabs

          Yeah – lol.
          Brain not in gear.

    • Jabs

      They probably are updating the web site and not complete yet.
      Here is the older 200 F2.0 and its’ under archived products

  • chEEtah

    What? Kodak is dead, yet it’s there in the list, but Nikon is not?! Someone in Forbes is a big Canon fan boy 😀

    • Steve

      Yeah. And what is with Sony being “reputable” they just had their servers hacked and gave up gigabytes of personal information and didn’t seemed that concerned.

      Toyota and their self-crashing cars is on there @ 60.

      • Andrew

        Sony is a great company. The hackers who compromise a company’s computers are criminals whose actions are targeted against Sony and its customers. How would you like it if someone made a copy of your house keys and made it available to thieves?

        But you are not being serious are you ? No reputable company can fully protect itself against all hacker! Do you know how many servers are being hacked every day? We only hear of the high profile cases. What about the millions of Windows and Mac users whose computers are being hacked?

        And by the way, I would buy a Toyota any day. They have provided years of reputable service and quality products. Sometimes, a few bad employees come along to mess things up for everyone. Remember how the banks sold mortgages to people who could not afford homes?

        • Steve

          It isn’t the fact that Sony was hacked that is the problem. It was they way they responded to the hacking that worries me.

          1. For several days they didn’t tell their customers that the customers’ personal information had been stolen.
          2. At the outset they seemed pretty nonchalant about the entire event.
          3. The passwords and personal information WASN’T encrypted. It was in plain text. A big no-no.
          4. They were hacked again

          Before you come to Sony’s defense you might want to research the situation a little – google can be your friend.

          And WTF does “How would you like it if someone made a copy of your house keys and made it available to thieves?” have do do with anything? Basically that is what Sony did. They took all of their users personal information and made it available to thieves.

          Regarding Toyota. It isn’t that there was a problem with the cars that concerns me. I think they make a good product. However, there were glitches. That can be said about any product. It is how they stonewalled, denied, and tried to alter the public’s perception about the problem that is concerning.

        • Robert

          Isn’t Sony the company that sold CDs that installed rootkits on their customers computers?

    • Rob

      Maybe Kodak give better service.

      • gt

        probably. nikon has the worst shipping reliability of any company and is constantly out of stock. it does not deserve to be ont he list.

  • I think I preferred the old Nikon Canada page. Easier and quicker to navigate through the lenses and cameras.

  • Paul Hartung

    Some of those ‘world firsts’ are pretty cool, actually. Otherwise, this is a lame week for Nikon news…

    • yes, a slow week – it’s a long weekend in the US

  • aeonsleap

    Seems Nikon missed the Forbes list all because of not giving a aperture control in video and not giving 30fps 1080p (d7000) and thus making a great DSLR overshadowed by clever Canon’s. Among others, also for coming up with d5100 for video (crap)!! Disappointing so many loyal Nikonians.

    Wake up Nikon!! Don’t make us cry for small features… Give ur R&D a kick ass breakfast, and do it fast.
    Is Nikon going the way of the Dinosaur?

    • Jesus_sti

      People who vote in the forbes doesn’t care about all you say right there. They probably never touch a DSLR.

  • broxibear

    Talking of Nikon Canada…
    If you live in Canada or the US Nikon give you a 5 year warranty with Nikkor lenses. I live in the UK, if I buy the same lens in the UK, which is built in the same plant, by the same people and to the same standard I only get a 1 year warranty. If I’m in Canada or the US for work/holiday and decide to buy a Nikkor lens as soon as I get back home to the UK the 5 year warranty becomes a 1 year warranty.
    This doesn’t seem right, so I contacted Nikon UK for an explanation and here’s the letter they sent me, decide for yourself it makes any sense http://postimage.org/image/71qs2k10/

    • Jabs

      Yeah, I heard about that policy ages ago and the ‘grey market’ or the ‘parallel import market’ as they used to politely call it then, is the problem or shows us that fact. The bodies probably have the same warranty worldwide but you get limited coverage overseas (away from America if you live and bought it in America), as there are more Government legislative issues, lawsuits/lawyers/ambulance chasers, consumer advocacy groups perhaps in America compared to Europe and Japan (not sure) but we don’t have VAT in America plus America is a bigger market due to its’ population/spending habits. I would always buy US imports for bodies (with USA warranties) and then in a pinch would buy a ‘parallel import’ lens especially when the dollar fluctuated wildly versus the yen back then. I remember when I bought my first 180mm F2.8 ED-IF AIS manual focus lens, the price was around $599.00 but when I went to get another later on a few months, then the dollar/yen issues came up, so I bought a ‘grey market’ one and saved maybe $100 bucks compared to the new price US import price of maybe $725 (thus paid about 625 for ‘grey’ unit). I figured the lenses would never give me a problem as I take care of my equipment and back then there was little to go wrong on a mechanical lens. Now, it’s a different story with AF/electronics and thus you are on your own.
      Nikon used to have different names for cameras worldwide like Canon still does to limit the parallel import market but I don’t think they do that anymore at least not on SLR’s or DSLR’s.

  • EvanK

    I REALLY hate the new Nikon Canada page, it’s extremely slow and somewhat difficult to navigate. I’ve not defaulted to using the Nikon USA page because it’s so much quicker in comparison. On my PC, Nikon Canada takes at least 30 seconds to load every visit. I’d love Nikon to either fix this issue or just go back to their older page, it was much easier to use IMHO.

    • Jabs

      Now, the Nikon USA page has changed too but all the information is still there, it seems. Progress is tough!

  • CRojas

    What happened to the giveaway of one Fujifilm FinePix X100?

  • Mark

    And the Canada pages now lump DSLRs together without ranking them. Thought ranking would help the consumer. Lumping them together only adds confusion. The old system was more helpful.

    What is that old saying? “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

  • broxibear

    “Fujifilm aims to become the world’s fourth largest camera maker by next March and the No. 3 manufacturer two years later, overtaking first rival Samsung and then Nikon.
    In digital still cameras unit sales, Fujifilm says it is currently in fifth position behind Canon, Sony, Nikon and Samsung, but adds it is confident that its plan to boost sales 25 percent to 14 million units this financial year will gain it the No. 4 spot.
    Almost all the company’s camera production is concentrated in China, but Fujifilm is planning to spread risk by starting some production in southeast Asia”

  • CRM

    Your version of Europe sounds a lot like Hawaii, Jabs.
    Thanks for post.

  • Jabs

    Since it is a slow day here and I am busy preparing some Presentations, then I was thinking about this and if the Administrator does not mind, I will share it with you.

    Questions to all:
    If you had say $60,000 US to buy photographic and even some video gear, WHAT would you buy to fulfill your own needs or build/equip a Studio?

    Let me answer first from my perspective:
    1. D3s, D3X bodies and maybe a D700 or even a D5100 (I like to use at least two camera bodies at a time set up differently)
    2. Various lenses from Nikon including Micro-Nikkor and PC Nikkors, Prime and Zooms
    3. Tripods and Monopods with ball and fluid heads plus even a SteadiCam
    4. Software – Newtek Lightwave 10 and maybe SpeedEdit
    5. Newtek TriCaster Extreme system
    6. Various filters, matte boxes, lights, flashes and such
    7. Maybe a few new computers (laptop and desktop) but already have enough – though would like an upcoming AMD Bulldozer based upcoming Opteron 8 or 16 core processor server/desktop with lots of memory to handle a D3X or the upcoming D4s or D4X files. I only like 64bit computers and Operating Systems like Linux, Win7 but could deal with a MacPro or MacPro/Mac mini Server.

    Yeah – I think I exceeded the $60,000 mark already and probably forgot a lot of items.
    * I also love the RED series of Cinema camera system but that would by itself exceed this budget – LOL

  • Paul

    You think the D90 turned out bad? You should see the damage done to the 4×4.

  • The “I AM NIKON” guy couldn’t find a spot with more even shade?

  • I can understand why Nikon did not make the ‘reputable companies’ list. There are too many gaps in how they execute. Product shortages are constant. Software is either bad or nonexistent. Pro support is reputedly bad.

    By the time we have a 64 bit windows codec we will be on Windows 9.

  • broxibear

    Sonyalpha posted earlier what they described as a “leaked” D4 image, gave it a “SR3=50% chance it is correct” rating then pulled it because some readers pointed out it was a photoshop image.
    Look hard enough and you’ll find the image, it’s not real…people are so desperate for any sort of picture of the box, the battery, the brochure that they’ll give it a 50% chance it’s real even though they’ve no idea how valid it actually is.
    I’ve got a superinjunction out on me so I can’t say anymore lol.

  • AnoNemo, I suggest you start following SAR. I have discussed this several times with you (and others) and you are continuing to spam this blog with your comments. I try not to publish BS here and you are free to get your Nikon rumors info from other sites, just don’t come here and tell me how to run my own website. I will publish what I like and when I like and I will not change this website just for you. Consider this as a last warning.

    • AnoNemo

      NR Admin,
      Read my comment and question carefully before you accuse me for spamming your site! It was not nice of you and I did not and do not have the intention to either spam your site or tell you how to run the site. All I had is a legitime question about what I read there and wanted to find out out whether you heard something. How can I refer to that source if I don’t name it? Should I use some kind of abbreviation?

      So next time before you jump to conclusion please ask a question back to clarify instead of pull the trigger.

      • AnoNemo

        Mybe it’s time to fix your website. I am unable to put “happy faces” there the last couple of days. From that you’d probably understood that 1) I was teasing you and 2) suggesting to check out something because maybe it is an information for you.

        Next time I will word it more carefully. “: – )” That’s the only way right now I can post a happy face.

        • 🙂 works for me

        • AnoNemo

          I do not know what is happening, I did an update on my browser and it does not work. It removes those charcters. I will try it with a different browser.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin, back to my original question of sony 24MP sensor in the D4. There are two long threads on DPR and one person seems to have some info about this. Look under Canon sensor poll thread.

    • #*&@%(#*

      hehehe… you are teasing Peter. Just read & be contented, otherwise tease the other sites 🙂

    • I don’t know anything about Nikon D4 coming up with a 24MP sensor. This doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, I just cannot tell at that point. In general, sources from dpreview do not have good track record.

      • AnoNemo

        That’s true (DPR sources are not the best). I have a feeling that maybe they are mixing the two … the D4 with the D400. The D400 most likely will come with a 24mp sony sensor. I think that is why we hear some odd stuff.

      • AnoNemo

        I think the confusion is based on the rumor that the new D400 would use the new DX 24MP sony sensor. Well, it is just a month and couple of weeks away.

  • broxibear

    Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8 G DX for $35, although something about it doesn’t look quite right ? http://plushtography.com/shop.html#35mm

  • Lulz

    Sony at #6 give me a break.

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