Nikon D4 and D400 in August, D700 replacement still in the air

The big announcement in August will be for a new Nikon D4 and D400 DSLR cameras. The Nikon D700 replacement will probably be announced at a later date, maybe even in 2012. I know that this is not the news most of you want to hear, but it actually makes perfect sense because the Nikon D3 was announced together with the D300 back in August of 2007. Nikon is a very methodical company and if the D3 and D300 pro level DSLRs are on a 4 years life cycle, the D700 should be replaced in 2012 since it was announced in 2008. Nikon also likes to announce higher end models before using the same tech in a low end versions (for example 12MP DX sensor in D300->D90, 16.2MP DX sensor in D7000->D5100, 12MP FX sensor D3->D700), so don't expect the Nikon D700 replacement to come out with a better technology before the D4. The D300s replacement will probably use the new 24MP sensor from Sony which further confirms this rule.

Another question here is: does the "S" update count as a replacement? The D3 and the D300 were "replaced" by the D3s and D300s but for the most part those were just minor updates. The D3s and D300s were announced in 2009, approximately two years after the D3/D300. There was never a D700s. Maybe there is still a possibility for a deviation of the D700 this year (let's say D700s: D3s sensor + video), but my source was clear that the "real" D700 replacement will come out in 2012.

[NR] probability ranking: 70%

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  • I was one of the first ones in Ontario to receive the D700. I am totally satisified with the delay of a new release as this camera meets all my needs. This camera has taken over
    300 000 pictures with at 200 weddings!!! I have bought two more D700’s as they are the best camera out there! I can wait, it just keeps the money in my pocket. Take your time Nikon, perfect the next one as you did the D700. On behalf of Captured Memories Photography, THANK YOU!

    • LOL

      You must be very busy taking 200 weddings. Either that or you have a LOT of friends.

      • Walkthru

        Some people do this sort of thing for a living…..???????

      • joofoot

        Yeah right, but 200 weddings? That would assume he is really a renowned wedding photographer, but sad to say, his website doesn’t reflect his “professional” status at all. Meh.

        • I question the assumption that being a renowned photographer is the prerequisite to shooting a high volume of weddings. I know folks that are shooting 2 and 3 weddings a day on the weekends, and then some in the week. They are charging as little as $200 for a full package—of course it goes without saying that they are spitting out some serious garbage. But I daresay they have as many or more weddings under their belt than many high-end photographers.

        • Moultonist

          Well DUH…. He is obviously too busy with photographing weddings to worry about a website, and anyway if his photography at weddings is good enough then word of mouth would spread his ability better than a website close to his region.

  • outkasted

    Boy oh boy was this post waaaaaaay off by like 5 years

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