This is how the Japanese magazine CAPA sees the Nikon D4 and D900

The Japanese magazine CAPA published drawings of Nikon D4 and D900 cameras. They have posted similar drawings of non-existing Nikon DSLR models in the past. My understanding is that those drawings are based on input from people in the industry.

Nikon D4:

  • full frame 18MP CMOS sensor (8 MP when cropped to APS-C)
  • usable ISO 51200
  • 11fps (20fps with live view, 30fps with APS-C crop)
  • flexible LCD monitor
  • built-in WiFi
  • 51 point all-cross AF point

and the Nikon D900:

  • full frame 18mp CMOS sensor
  • usable ISO 51200
  • 8fps, 10fps with grip
  • 4" LCD screen
  • dual SDHC slot

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  • The invisible man.

    The D4/D900 release will be like Pearl Harbour, we won’t know until it’s too late !
    (what Peter, our Japanese friends can’t take a joke ?)

    • Myles


      • Global

        Uh.. That would be a joke against Americans, if you think about it, but okay.

  • low

    im buying both

    • Hhom Togan

      Don´t lie, you don´t have money… you live under a bridge g´dammit!!

      • The invisible man.

        True, what he need is a bridge camera !

  • D3S Guy

    Any speculation on new lenses that might be introduced with the new cameras?

    • The invisible man.

      300mm f/4 Af-s N VRII ?

      • That’d be lovely…. I can’t tell you how many of the wildlife enthusiasts here in India have chosen Canon over Nikon for the 100-400 IS or 300/4 IS…. And I got a D5000 and was stranded with NO lens options.
        I was afraid to buy 300/4 AF-s because of lack of VR (light is generally low where I shoot 🙂 ) … also fall in resell value if a VR equiv came along. Tried buying used twice… deals didn’t come off 🙁

        This would be heaven-sent!

      • King of Swaziland

        An AF-S 300mm f/4 VRII would have required an AF-S 300mm f/4 VR first. The first implies the prior existence of the second.

        • Cartman

          I disagree. I believe VRII describes the second version of the VR system. You can go from zero to VRII because it makes no sense to put the old version in a new lens.

          • The invisible man.

            He is wrong but I understand his point, to be King of Swaziland II, the first king have to be dead !

    • Hhom Togan

      Yes 9-8000mm f/0.95 VR ED AF-S IF AF-S OC LA lens with atom coating

      • lucho

        hahahahahaha I want one, and with a fisheye adaptor please

    • jkkj

      No comment on the current rumour… right on to the next. Slow down, how do you get a moments rest?

    • tigrebleu

      20mm, 24mm or 28mm F/2.8 G or any combination of these
      85mm F/1.8 G
      105mm F/2 G VR (quite likely, according to rumors)
      135mm F/2 G VR
      200mm F/2.8-4 Micro G VR
      200m F/2.8 G VR
      300mm F/4 G VR

      24-70mm F/2.8 G II (maybe even 24-85 or 24-100?)
      80-400mm F/4-5.6 G VR
      70-200mm F/4 G VR (possible)

      These look like the most likely possibilities… IMHO. That would complete the line up pretty well for sure.

      What I’m really hoping for is a:

      FX 50-135mm F/2.8 G VR

  • Geoff

    I am in love with the D900 spec’s listed. I am hoping the D400 will let me shoot decent ISO 6400. That is more than enough for what I shoot.

    • Hhom Togan

      You should try to marry it, if you love it you shouldn´t wait…

  • Ryan

    30fps is kinda unbelievable

    • The invisible man.

      yes, it’s for the video !

    • PHB

      Like 51200 ISO is believable as well?

      Its a prediction, not a rumor and the people behind it don’t seem to know much about the technology constraints. Putting more pixels on the camera is easy, boosting the signal per unit area of pixel is very hard.

      If Nikon could deliver ISO 51200 at 18 MP, they could easily deliver ISO 25600 at 24 or even ISO 12800 at 48MP.

      I just don’t think the technology is likely to take that kind of leap forward. Be nice if it did, but predicting ISO 51200 at 18MP is as ridiculous as predicting 48MP with no drop in ISO. Its bonkers.

      The WiFi prediction makes sense, its been a no brainer (and a non happener) for years. A WiFi dongle is a PITA to use, integrated WiFi makes the question of card format moot for most of us.

      The 30fps is equally nonsense. There is simply not enough memory bandwidth on the current generation of memory cards. My desktop would have difficulty crunching at that speed and it is an overclocked beast consuming 1KW. You want to hold that in your hands?

      • The invisible man.

        The frames per second si more limited by the mirror and shutter mechanism than by the computer’s buffer and card’s writing speed.
        Anyway, I never use more than 2 fps, what’s important is to have the camera “ready” as fast as possible for the next shoot.

        • Volts and amps will start to be an issue too. Granted, there have been a lot of advances in mobile GPUs in the last three or four years — heck, remember how phones used to look just three years ago — but writing larger MP files with, one may guess, bigger bit depths, requires more electricity.

          Expecting that they’ll be doing so over wireless, and have a GPS and other services will put larger demands on the electricity demands. If Steve Jobs has been right about anything, it’s been upon insisting that products have good battery life. Now, we’re not talking about consumer products here, but I don’t think we want to be walking around with car batteries to power these cameras.

          I’d be happy with FW 800 or Thunderport for the camera, rather than WiFi.

      • M G

        You guys realize that the 30 fps is referring to video capture and not shooting images.

        • Agreed. If they think we’ll see 30fps is for stills, they’re either fools or they’re playing with wool.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          @M G,
          I am not so sure about that. Why does it say 20 fps in FF and 30 cropped in live mode. Does this mean you need to crop in order to shoot video above 20 fps?
          I really don’t think so.
          Here is what I think about D4: enough MP for high quality images, flexible screen, high ISO, very high fps with mirror, even higher in live mode and yet higher cropped – here comes every PJ’s, sports and wild life photographer’s new darling, if all rumored specs came true.

        • tigrebleu

          Maybe it’s not video. I’m pretty sure it’s for still images.

          The Nikon D3 (which is about 3 years old) can shoot 9 fps in FX. That limitation is in the hardware, i.e. the mirror assembly not raising and lowering fast enough to achieve much higher fps. Now in Liveview, with the mirror raised, I can easily imagine fps up to 20 in FX and 20 in DX. The imgaing processors have improved a LOT in the last three years.

        • Stuff

          Yeah, 30fps is for the stills — obviously.

          Why go with the sane explanation that it covers video?

  • birdie-guy

    just looks like someones fanciful dream .no way will nikon tamper with their long established button arrangement in such a radical way .
    the article has no feel of “reality”.
    just like any concept car ,it wont ever see the light of day in that form.

    • Zograf

      4″ LCD will be too big — it is 13mm vertically and 20mm horizontally bigger than the 3″ of the current D700. I cannot imagine how it will fit unless many buttons fly away or the camera gets MF-sized((
      These people from the journal suggesting the D900 specs have no sense of proportionality.. Look at the “D900″ picture – how small the LCD is (or no bigger than 3”.) It is a “design concept” detached of reality!

      • The invisible man.

        OMG !!!!!!
        I can’t imagine a touch screen on my Nikon camera !!!!
        NO NO NO NO !

        • PHB

          I would quite like a touch screen IN ADDITION.

          Quite often I find myself trying to interact with normal screens as if they were my iPhone.

          My canon Vixia has this and it is mostly a pain, but it does have some plusses.

  • Landscape Photo

    Isn’t it somewhat out of logic since DX D400 will be 24mp (as the previous rumor says) and FX D800 (D900) will have less pixel count of 18mp?

    Shouldn’t it be better if it were the opposite? D400 -> 18mp & D800 -> 24mp (11mp DX crop)

    Btw, a 24mp DX sensor would outresolve any DX zoom – little room left for stopping down due to earlier set diffraction. Reserved for the best FX primes only, or a waste of increased pixels. No, thanks. But a 16mp D400 & 24mp D800. And 100% vf please !

    • A 24MP APC-C sensor will be diffraction limited from f/5.3-7.1. Also can’t think of any current lenses that will resolve the 255 lines/mm at those f numbers or wider right up to the corners at 100% MTF.

      But this is not a new thing. If all else is at least equal, a 24MP sensor should yield a better 16MP image than a 16MP sensor, etc.

      • PHB

        Then get an f/2.8 or a prime.

        Diffraction merely means you don’t get your maximum resolution. You still get your 12MP.

        • … which is what is said.

        • Landscape Photo

          In landscape photography, you can’t simply shoot at f/2.8 or f/4 because of shallow dof, (reserving some exception like night photography) That’s the story why landscape photographers usually don’t bother if the lens is f/1.2 or f/5.6. Anyway preferred apertures will be around f/11.

          • PHB

            If you want to get 24MP with enormous depth of field you may end up having to stack shots at different focal lengths.

            Still better than not being able to get 24MP at all.

        • Hhom Togan

          You lack comprehensive reading skills… that´s it you are banned for the internet until you understand what you read.

          • M G


    • I think a D4 needs to be a bigger step up than 18mp. When you’ve got Hasselblad H systems at 80mp and 16 bit, a D4 with those specs is lightyears away from where they should be.

      • Joan

        If there will be a ±32MP D4x it’s a nice couple I think. 18MP is enough for almost everything and grants better lowlight capabilities.

        • Bing!

          The -h camera (e.g. D1h, D2h, D3, D3s) was NEVER the high MP contender. I don’t know why folks suddenly think it should preempt the D4x for resolution, when we’ll have a D4x for that very purpose.

          • PHB

            But the new -h body has always matched the -x of the previous generation.

            36MP is probably more than enough for any sane application. But the benchmark is 48MP because that is the highest any print application demands and that is the finishing line of the MP race.

            18MP to 24MP is only a 33% increase, the impact on ISO is not that great, the impact on performance is not great. But the marketing difference is huge.

  • Landscape Photo

    I’ve recently tested a friend’s D7000 vs my D700 at the lenses’ probably best settings.

    D700 cw 28-200 G @ 75mm, f/11, 1/15, Iso 200
    D7000 cw 18-200 VR @ 50mm, f /8, 1/30, Iso 200

    Both frames were shot on tripod, the subject was a distant scenery. NEF files were converted on ACR 6.2 with identical parameters. First thing I noticed was how the D7000 frame was overexposed by a half stop, and the color scheme is slightly different. Then I equalized the exposure at raw conversion.

    Comparing the upressed D700 image with original D7000 image, I can say they are on par in terms of micro detail (not much advantage seen from extra resolution), while the D700 image shines over the D7000 due to its better acuity. Yet, it may not be a valid conclusion because of different lenses in equation.

    No wonder a good sample of 28-200mm G is a perfect match (sharp, contrasty, compact & fine-design lens) for D700, but I wish to see how it performs on a 24mp FX.

  • Brock Kentwell

    Translation: “Light and get away.”

  • Russ

    Yeah – bring on the the dual SD slots!!

    • Lowly-D200

      BOO to dual SD card slots

      • Hhom Togan

        You know if you are dissapointed harakiri is the best way to solve it.

        • M G

          Nikon CEO, Michio KARIYA is probably reading some of these posts and just shaking his head and thinking “what’s wrong with some of these guys?”

          I wonder if some of them realize that it makes no difference what they think because Nikon will release an incredible product after everything is said. They did not become the number one camera and integrated device and sensor manufacturer in the world without producing incredible devices that are even used in satellites, scientific labs and the space shuttle.

          All I’m reading from some of these posters are “BLAH”, “BLAH”, BLAH”.

          It’s too funny!

          • I think it’s human nature to panic when uncertainty looms. Too bad, because you’re right—at the end of the day the cameras announced will no doubt surprise and delight millions and millions of discerning photographers worldwide who put image quality, build quality, and ergonomics above all else.

            I think Nikon should announce the D5 line while they’re at it in August, just so we can have some reprieve from this frenzied consternation for a few years. Or, instead of cameras, they should formally release a statement that there will be no new cameras until those whining over unannounced gear quiet down or leave and befriend Canon. 🙂

  • broxibear

    Nikon explain how their backsides are illuminatated…
    Maybe you’ll see one of these CMOS sensors in the new dslrs ?

    • As an aside, doesn’t it seem like they should have named this new design “Frontside Illuminated Sensor”? I mean, just because they started years ago with the wrong side in front, does that mean the light sensitive side should really be considered the “back”?

      Reminds me of my kids. They always come in and out of the back door. One day I asked them to go sit on the front porch while I mowed the back lawn. They promptly sat down where they were—the back porch. 🙂

  • broxibear

    For those who like reading patents…here’s one that describes a dslr and how it displays information about the internal pop up flash and external flashgun. I’m guessing D400 or D800 ?

  • ChrisSin

    30FPS is obviously video, as in 30P. Hell, hopefully 60P or higher. As for WiFi, I think they might be possibly integrating a wireless triggering system. That would be amazing for a new generation of speedlights

    • Tony5787

      No they mean 30 fps as in stills I think because it says in APS-C mode. Like the DX mode that the D3 has where it goes to 11fps.

    • randyravener

      like it has stated for the D4,

      11fps in normal mode(probably limited by the speed at which the mirror flips up and down)
      20fps in mirror-up mode(probably limited by the buffer in the camera itself)
      and 30fps in APS-C mode(probably mirror-up too, so as APS-C file size is smaller, the buffer can hold more pictures before offloading to the storage media)
      probably using phase focusing for live-view, instead of the slower contrast thingie?(or is it the other way round?)

      if it has built in wifi, i guess dual SD card slots will be redundant on this monster as it doesn’t need the eye-fi SD for wifi capability.

      though I find ISO51200 a little hard to believe.

      bring in the touch screens baby! imagine touch-focus when shooting video 😀

  • Tony5787

    30 fps is ridiculous. I can’t imagine that it’s possible for a camera to do that without breaking. You would fill up an average card so quickly.

    • john

      See this part
      (30fps with APS-C crop)
      (8 MP when cropped to APS-C)

      If it is only 8mp, I don’t see a big problem, when the camera can take 20fps in 18MP

  • john

    When are we going to get a camera that will do AF selection with watching where is you eyes watching at in the viewfinder so all the Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click to another AF point will the the thing of the past

    • Canon film bodies used to have that. Obviously, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Besides, I may be looking at a different area, waiting for it to track into my designated zone before firing. Eye control is a nice idea, but not really practical.

  • anon99

    Dual SD slots is not a good idea.
    Would rather prefer the traditional CFI/II and SD/-HC/-XC slots

    • Victor Hassleblood

      I disagree.
      SD is just fine and two a must. And other than CF, you can’t bend any pins inside your camera. Call me an idiot, but such things can happen if you work under pressure and either you or an assistant is trying to change cards as quickly as possible.

  • Albert

    I am currently using D3s.
    From the specification mentioned above, I can only see minimal improvement not justified for me to buy.

    • Hhom Togan

      Come on Albert, say the truth, you spent all your money on those silly DVD´s from strobist, Zack Arias and Jasmine Star (she´s so hot… whenever I hear meatloaf and Manolo Blanhik I think so much about her) etc. and you are broke, so broke you use the box of your D3s as blanket….

    • jkkj

      “can only see minimal improvement”


      Your a joke

  • broxibear

    Interesting firmware update released by Nikon today, not for the D7000, D5100 or D3s…it’s for the D2H.
    It’s good to know Nikon don’t forget about the older bodies because the new shiny ones are out.

    • broxibear

      Infact there a lot of firmware updates today…D70, D2x, D2HS, D40 and the list goes on…someone at Nikon’s been busy as there’s over 30 pages of the stuff ?

      • randyravener

        any update for the D90?

    • I think this is an old firmware update, just republished with a new date.

  • Anybody checked Thom’s site since yesterday? Exciting stuff!

    • The invisible man.

      Anybody checked my TC on Ebay since yesterday ? Exciting stuff !
      Ok, I’m kidding but I promise I’ll give away 10 TC the day Nikon officialy announce the D900 (free shipping workdwide)

  • coolpux

    disappoinment. was expecting iso 1638400 @ 24mega pixel

    • The invisible man.

      it’s RUMORS, I also want 24MP and I still have hope for it.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    You guys are still arguing about the D900 and d4? They are already outdated. The future is with Sony. Seriously look at the A77 rumor. Sony is now keeping their best sensor for themselves, only giving to Nikon a lot later. The A580 proves that their imaging processor is making huge improvements.

    I am now dreaming of Sony fullframe, even with pellicle and evf. Oh and add to that those Zeiss autofocus primes. Think about that, cheap FF body with AF Zeiss and image stabilization. No one else can offer that. Sony is the future. Start dreaming with me now!

    • The invisible man.

      Are you serious ? Nikon USA won’t repair your gray lens ????

      I came from France to US with all my lenses and cameras and never had problems having them repair by Nikon USA (well, most of the time I order the parts and fix it myself)

      Maybe you did not talk to the right person, you should contact them again.

      • If I’m not mistaken, that’s been his screen name for ages.

        At some point Sony will learn that losing money on each unit can’t be made up in volume, and customers will learn that real quality can’t be had at wholesale.

        At that point, you Sony guys will begin seeing less options, lower quality, less thoughtfully designed gear—and all of this accompanied with the joy of paying more money than the top players are now charging. That, or Sony will abandon this shameless financial pursuit. Lowballers only hurt the industry until they die or get serious. Seems like Sony took a page directly from the weekend wedding warrior’s playbook. (“Wedding photos, only two-hundred and fifty dollars!!!!!”)

        Saw an ad once on Craigslist that said “Why overpay for wedding photography? Save up to $1,950. Call today!”

        They got it wrong though: it’s not “save $1,950” on that wedding photographer, it’s “waste $50” on this one. 🙂

        • The invisible man.

          One of my daugher’s teacher got married few months ago, she paid $2000 !

          But she said they gave her 1000 pictures (not printed, on a disk) !
          90% people still think that quantity=quality

          • Probably straight out of camera and unedited. Sadly, that’s quite common today, and is one of the downsides to the proliferation of inexpensive, high-quality photography gear. Of course, there are many upsides too, as affordable gear has helped promote the democratization and spurred creativity of photography/filmmaking.

            Thankfully, many folks are learning from their poor choices in photographers over the last 5+ years, and are beginning to be more critical in selecting a “professional.”

            The professional photography market is not forever doomed to die at the hands of consumers as was frequently bemoaned during the previous decade. Instead, it has benefited from a surge of creativity, while the standards for professional work have actually gone up. As hiring standards rise once again, opportunities abound for the dedicated imaging professionals to step in and innovate for the next generation.

            • PHB

              Our wedding pictures weren’t edited. But they were taken in the film days…

              Not getting an album out of it sounds a bit odd though. Most photogs want to make sure the bride has something to show off because thats also their marketing.

              Paid more than $2K, but that did include the copyrights and the negatives. If I am putting on the event and inviting the guests then they are going to belong to me.

              A lot of pro photographers don’t seem to be able to adjust themselves to that particular requirement. The guests want to be able to see themselves on the Web, that is why the photos are being taken in the first place. So the professional who won’t allow that type of use is making himself unemployable.

              When I was at MIT we once had a professional come and cover an event for a very hefty fee and then he refused to allow his pictures on the Web without an additional fee despite the fact that (1) that was the point of the conference and (2) he was aware of the fact. He has never worked for MIT again.

            • Film and digital are inherently different, for sure. First, my not-so-humble opinion is that anyone who gives one iota about their work should and will shoot RAW.

              Second, RAW is the negative. If we printed the images exactly as they were recorded, we’d get crap for final prints. Contrast and color, namely, are taken care of by a good print lab, but are very poor in the RAW file straight out of the camera.

              Third, way too many photographers show pictures that are 100% worthless to the client, the world, and to their own portfolio. I probably do keep way too many images around. But man, I’ve seen some photographer’s deliverables that are downright atrocious—sometimes even from decent or very good photographers.

  • photonut

    what does usable ISO 51200 mean. Max ISO or sort of usable like ISO 1600 on a D700?

    • The invisible man.

      Usable ISO is when your picture don’t look like the Konica 3200 ISO yet.

  • boris

    Hi Guys, nice comments but I got still a question: why is below the D900 drawing a photo of the D700 with grip ? Is it a sign that the D700 will be replaced by the D900 ? I guess so… cause otherwise it just doesnt make sense.

  • boris

    Hi again, is somebody out there who can translate not just the specs ? just everything !

  • Sam

    Come on man, 4″ screen is pretty unrealistic to fit on the back. And those specs would be underwhelming tbh. It wouldn’t keep Nikon ahead for the next 4-5 years.

    • The invisible man.

      @Uncle Sam
      Yep, 4″ is really HUGE, maybe 3.5″
      And 18mp only for the new Nikon pro (D4, D900), I think you’re right.

  • 18MP would be a disappointment to me unless it had some remarkable dynamic range and low noise+low light capability.


    • Dominik

      I’d love to see what kind of images you’re capturing (and how large you’re printing them) where 18mp is a limitation that would disappoint you.

      Sounds like a lot of people craving more don’t know how to compose their shots and need the extra pixels for cropping.

      I don’t want to see Nikon pulling a Canon and only offering DSLRs with tiny pixels just to appease people obsessed with numbers who think more MP = better images. We’re already at the point where the D3x is diffraction limited to f/11.

    • SNRatio

      Then go somewhere else and get your gear, ASAP. You are in for a vast number of disappointments from Nikon in the future, and it does not seem that you care understanding why.

    • randyravener

      there is always Canon where they have lots of MP.

      MP isn’t everything just in case you didn’t realized by now.

  • Frank
  • SNRatio

    Some things are most probably wrong here:
    * If the D900 is a D700 successor, size must be increased rel. to D700 to accomodate a 4″ LCD. I doubt that will happen – but something like 3.4-3.6″ is possible.

    * D900 MAY be released together with the D4 – there are so many things apart from the sensor to differentiate the models. But I doubt it will get as much as 10 FPS, UNLESS there will be a combo like the D300/D3, where the APS-C version gets that frame rate, and the mechanism can be easily adapted/re-used.

    * “Usable ISO 51200” is simply not possible @18MP FX without downsampling – unless usability only refers to low-res web etc use. But this may hint at downsampling options at high ISO – in which case it could turn out to be quite good.

    • nobody

      How can anybody assume that the D700 successor will be called D900? That’s just nonsense!

  • Kingyo

    18mp sounds like a more believable number. Built-in Wi-Fi would be amazing

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