The Nikon D700x sensor and Nikkor AF-S 18-50 f/3.5-4.5G lens rumors got busted. Busted because those images were published in the Japanese magazine CAPA and are not part of an upcoming Nikon brochure:

Nikon D700x rumor busted

Go to flickr or bayimg for hi-res image (thanks to the reader who sent that in).

Here is a general translation of the page from another reader:

Every rumor is taken from just one of these predictions by three distinguished professional photographers you see on the lower left side of the page in the link Mr. Fool provided. On the upper right side, it reads "New Full frame camera will be the axis of Nikon's new model in 2010". They predict that D700X will be using the same cropped sensor as D3X and the price will be about 350k yen ($4000 US). They also predict that 14.2 mega pixel APS-C sensor ( the same one currently used on Sony A550) will be the new standard for Nikon's APS-C camera, and the replacement of D90 (which they call D95) will adapt that sensor. According to them, it will have Full HD video. The least credible of all is listed lenses on the right page.  The source simply states "we want attractive lenses to fully experience new high-megapixel full frame camera". So lens part is more like a hope than a prediction.

The question is are those predictions based on facts or fiction?

Just a reminder that last week, a similar "rumor" came from another Japanese magazine for a new Ricoh GXR lens slide-in module (it was on the first page).

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  • MM

    I would say fiction.

  • PK

    ‘d be no replacement… this would be a whole new camera for twice the price of a D700… 4000$ ….

  • Seems the D900 comes to the fore again!

  • Vladi

    seems like we going to get D900 FX camera, the big question is: is it going to have D3X or some other lower mp sensor. Cant wait.

    • rhlpetrus

      Sources say no, not D3x’s sensor: Michel Lammerse and Thom Hogan

  • Quash

    Is there a larger version of that image that can be posted on Flickr? Appears that only one size is available. Would be useful in translating the content for each item.

  • Nikkor PM

    I wouldn’t say busted. I would say that you’ve found the source of the rumor, and it is different from what you thought.

    Now you need to answer the questions you’ve identified.

    Don’t give up yet. Use your sources!

    • Gary

      Thanks to the admin of this site for finding this…it makes the hunt more fun!

      If you’re going to chase rumors, you’re going to come up with some wrong predictions too.

      And even if this mag’s predictions don’t pan out, it’s good to put it out there and then get some response that does get us closer to the reality.

    • Busted in the sense that this was not a Nikon document/brochure leak as previously expected. Otherwise you are correct, this rumor still may have some validity.

      • rhlpetrus

        Lammerse says 2 things there are correct. Likely the 80-400 and maybe another lens. But he’s sticking to no D3x’s sensor in coming camera.

        • WoutK89

          Interesting, D3x sensor in a new camera. Or is it just the D3xs? 😛

  • zoo

    Who needs a 18-50 3.5-4.5?

    • Nathan Shane

      I tell you what, if Nikon offered an FX lens that was 18-50mm f/3.5-4.5 and was ever bit as good as their 14-24mm and 24-70mm, I’d prefer the 18-50mm. I’ve got the other two lenses and I can’t tell you how many times is been very inconvenient to have to swap out to the 14-24mm just to get a little wider shot (and seldom at 14mm). I could have the best of both worlds in an 18-50mm also because I typically shoot at f/4 to f/4.5 so a lens like this would sure be welcome in my book. And I rarely rack the 24-70mm out to 70mm, so it wouldn’t bother me to loose that extra 20mm.

      • rhlpetrus

        If this comes out right (and informed people are saying this piece of info is totally guesswork and wishful thinking), one interesting point is that the variable aperture 10-24mm has proved to be same as the f/4 12-24mm in the common range (DX both though). And both are very good lenses.

        But I’d prefer a 16-35 f/4 for better WA range.

        • WoutK89

          Constant aperture is just a myth that they perform better! It is the use of glass that actually makes the big difference. I bet a 24-70 F/2.8-4 could perform at the same level as the 24-70 f/2.8

    • Darwin

      I do!!
      Been wanting this lens for ages.
      I’m very used to the Canon 18-55, and it’ll make migrating over to Nikon a done deal for me. Especially since it’s sure to be better glass than the Canon kit lens.
      (all the glass on my old Nikon FM blew Canon’s equivalents out of the water…)

      • nobody


        That Canon lens is a crop sensor lens, and Nikon has been offering one with exactly the same data “for ages”.

        • Darwin

          Sort of…
          The Nikon 17-55 2.8 goes for $1600 CAD.
          For when I just throw the cam in the van in case I see something worth shooting when I’m out and about, I want a modest lens that I don’t worry about getting knackered or stolen. I could take a P&S, but I always prefer a DSLR in case the situation develops. The kit lens won’t deliver as well as my L glass, but it’s a trade off for not having to haul it around all the time.
          A reasonably cheap Nikon 18-50 3.5-5.6 would fit that purpose nicely.
          (unless there’s another 18-50 nikon out there I’m unaware of…if so, please post a link)

          • WoutK89

            Please, not 5.6 in the tele end 😮 Nikon has too much lenses already ending in that number, they need to make it wider, then it is more interesting to buy for DX users over the 18-55

    • Anonymoose

      Considering the 14-24 is an exotic that only takes gel filters, having a 17-35 update could be good actually

    • Lolly

      I’d buy it too … to paraphrase Nathan Shane: this lens can replace two … less weight to carry and more money in the pocket if you don’t really need f/2.8.

    • twoomy

      I need an 18-50 FX! Or at least I would want one (and I acknowledge that this lens might just be someone’s fantasy). For a landscape photographer like myself, a 24-70 doesn’t go wide enough and a 14-24 is a little too expensive and exotic for my needs. A 18-50 covers my favorite ranges on both of those lenses and would be on my camera 90% of the time.

      If this is just an imaginary lens, I’d love to see Nikon or some other company come up with something like this in the future!

      • rhlpetrus

        A 16-40mm f/4 would be better for landscape photography IMO.

  • Gary

    Michel Lammerse on dpreview notes that these magazine’s predictions are like weather predictions and that those black circles with the % numbers are the probability that this magazine assigns to these predictions.

    So they give a 50% chance to a D95 and a 55% chance to a D700x.

    Both Michel Lammerse and Thom Hogan are sticking with their original predictions and not buying into this. The only thing Michel noted is that they are right about 2 things in the article, and I’m guessing that means the lenses.

    • WoutK89

      Or they mean, they are right, they will be a new camera, and new lenses 😀

    • I’m guessing it’s the 2 lenses 😀

    • Sean

      I think Hogan and Lammerse don’t know anything – they are just making educated guesses based on the past, and they could be very wrong. Just look at some of Nikon’s announcements from last year: refresh of the 300mm f/2.8, the 35mm 1.8 DX lens. swivel display on the D5000 – nobody expected those and of course nobody predicted them based on their “educated guesses”.

  • thedude

    I actually don’t want a 24MPx D700x, so good it probably wont come 😉
    We’ll see what the D900 will be like.

    • It’s coming whether you want it or not.

      Not “if”, but “when”.

      Do you have a D700 or a D3?

      • thedude

        Yeah you may be right.
        but i dont want it to come out now 😉
        rather less MPx but better iso and more fps.

        have a D80 now and i need to upgrade to a decent FX body which i can use for a couple of years.

  • So I got exited all day yesterday for nothing ?
    Why is life so hard for crazy people like us ?

    • WoutK89

      Because you apparently live for more than one person, “us” 😛

    • M35G35

      You have been successfully marketed. Nikon considers me a dead beat. Still sticking with my D200.

  • []V[] i k e

    It is fishy, I do not see anything strange on that peace of paper. Crappy low resolution.

    -Can somebody get spy shots from the factory?? Kind of sad story. Boring too.

  • FronLius

    Isn’t the D95 on that paper way more interesting?

    • Jay

      nope not really

    • Anonymoose

      In many ways, yes (the D90 and D300 are getting pretty damn long in the tooth), but you’ll never get anyone here to admit it, evar

  • Mar

    Please someone can translate description of afs 80-400 vr lens in the brochure?

  • low

    the D600 is on the way

  • low

    btw, did this really have to be a crotch shot?! *feeling nauseated*

    • Gordon

      Hahaha…this made me spit my water out 😀 I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it, now I feel nausiated too.

      • Anonymoose

        You’re trying too hard.

  • Michael

    Aslo. I don’t know much aboot’ marketing or even how they do it in Japan… but 50% off the price of a camera that hasn’t even been released yet ? They are designed images of the cameras and not actual images on that ad too. Nikon is going to have to come up with something that beats the D700 but doesn’t compete with sales of the D3s or D3x until it releases the D4.

    • Gary

      The 50% is the probability of the prediction coming true, according to the writers of the magazine…it’s like a weather forecaster predicting 50% chance of rain…

      This magazine is simply printing what some speculate…this is not a magazine from a retailer selling product.

      • ozawa

        actually it is worse than that, because the probability in question is not, from what i can see, objective one based on statistical frequency like weather forecast, rather it is just a wild guess on the part of the writer, based solely on his degree of belief in the future proposition. They obviously don’t actually go through a process of calculation in deriving such an arbitrary number as 55 percent! They might know something about new products, but, I believe, not in a detailed way.

  • Landscape Photo

    Only one month is left for PMA 2010 ! Why aren’t there any real spy shots for the so-called upcoming D900? Any leaks, test images, exif data, or more relyable info on the sensor? Same with the rumored walkabout zoom to couple with.

    Does anyone involved in this business sign such a contract that if leak any info he/she would accept to be killed 🙂 Is it so damn strictly kept secret?

    If it’s really going to be announced, it must normally have been field tested by various photographers for long, and these days must be the time for final tweaks before production. Is it not ready yet? I start to get concerned whether Nikon will try to push another 12 mp incarnation at PMA, simply a video added D700; and delay the (18 or 24) mp D900 for another 6 months.

  • Landscape Photo

    Canon successfully managed to produce an affordable 21mp FF, and even squeezed 18mp into a 1.6x crop, both with remarkable sensitivity regarding their format. Plus, they gave video for the folks who need/want without much of a fuss.

    Long ago, Sony offered the A900 & then A850 for very competitive prices (though problematic with their choice of lenses & accessories)

    Why is Nikon so slow like a tortoise when it comes to adapt in technology? Same applies for the non-f/2.8 quality zoom or non-f/1.4 prime alternatives for whom prefers compact size & affordable prices.

    Recently, they seem to have either focused at either pro event shooters’ market or the very consumer level, but seem to ignore the enthusiastic landscape photographers’ aspirations. What’s wrong with Nikon:(

    • thedude

      What are you actually complaining about?
      With the D3x and the 14-24 2.8 Nikkor lense every landscape photographer should be happy. sure, both are not cheap, but if you’re a pro you probabaly can afford it.

      • Moore

        Where did he say he is a pro? He complained about exactly the problem that Nikon’s offerings at the moment are either ridiculously expensive (i.e. only for professionals) or not up to the competition in those areas. I couldn’t agree more.

        • Richard


          I have begun to wonder whether Nikon is incapable of responding to Canon or simply “doesn’t get it”.

          • WoutK89

            Where is canon’s 14-24? You can go either way, Canon has things to “catch up to” with Nikon, and Nikon may have some things to “catch up to” with Canon. Just choose the brand that has what you are looking for, instead of comparing what they both should have, it will not always be like that. What is certain, they both will make pictures 😉 and isnt that the most important part of a camera?

          • thedude

            this is actually sort of what i wanted to say.
            you mostly you have take a compromise.

            canon doesn’t offer a decent wide angle lens, which nikon clearly does. on the other hand nikon doesn’t have an affordable high MPx cam (not yet), canon does.

            so you gotta choose.

      • Landscape Photo

        I do know, the holy grail is a D3X cw 14-24mm + 24-70mm + 70-200mm. Yes, but even one lens skipped, this is still

        1) Completely out of budget
        2) Too bulky, impossible to lug around in the field all the day.

        Therefore, there must be a D700x together with smaller & cheaper f/4 or even f/5.6 zooms in the same ranges with some acceptable compromise but not necessarily meaning poor image quality. If you ask me, I hate this f/2.8 notion. Most landscape photographes don’t need f/2.8, even f/4 since most shoot between f/5.6 to f/11. I’m sure, if asked many will trade smaller size for less low-light ability, even sold for same price (if the finances allow).

        And a good-enough compact walkabout lens (could be 24-135mm VR or 28-200mm VR) is a must for hiking, that may stay on the body for the most, except for more demanding scenes. Only if out of range, wider or longer lenses may come out of rucksack. This is a golden rule. Otherwise swapping lenses (+caps & filter) every minute in the wilderness can be a showstopper.

        There is a misconception that landscapes often call for ultra-wides, is partially false. Although there are grand vistas that may demand it, while there is more of need for normal to tele range as usual.

        Another point is that landscape photographers, even the pros earn much less than their colleagues who work in action or studio business. Their needs are different, and may not fit with what actually offered, and Nikon seems to ignore because this market is possibly not profitable enough.

        Together with a midrange zoom balanced on a D900, for both focal extemes, how about a tiny 20mm f/4 & a retractable 300mm f/5.6 VR to carry in a pocket? Think again 😉

        • twoomy

          Amen brotha! +2

        • Richard


        • roland

          Couldn’t had said it any better.


  • Its sort of interesting to see what the rumor mill has done to this camera’s sales. I tend to check from time to time the Flickr Camera User Logs, and as you can see, since Oct/Nov 09 the number of users of D700 has plateaued.


    I know its not scientific, but it kind of shows the magnitude of people waiting for this camera who are delaying a D700 purchase for it. I know I am.

    • Me 2

      • Jer

        Me 3☺

    • Richard

      Canon are exploiting the situation with their recent price reductions of the 5D MKII trying to get people to purchase it rather than wait to see what Nikon may or may not come out with. Nikon needs to respond.

      • C Benson

        I say “Nikon needs to kick some ass”!! What do you think?

        • Richard

          Indeed, Nikon needs to take the lead again.

          Take a look at this comparison of the D3 series and the Canon 5D MK II.


          Yes, I know that is is not an image comparison and the image is what counts, but it still tells you something about performance and price.

  • Vote For Pedro

    Just some speculations…
    I think that if the D700″x” had to be released, it would be, last year.
    If Nikon follow their Logic, the new D700″s” would have a D3s sensor

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone else find the bulge in the tracksuit a distraction?

  • Jeff

    The only reason I want a D700x or D900 at 24mp is for high res landscapes and I wouldn’t pay anywhere near $4k when I could get the Sony with the exact same sensor as the D3x and a landscape lens for less. Sure it might be a one-off for landscapes and such, but you also get a setup that you’ll never take the lens off so no dust issues. We all know any dust shows terribly in landscapes because we’re usually shooting stopped way down. I’m going to wait and see what they offer, but it better be at least 21mp and not more than the D700 list.

    • Jeff

      btw, I say that in part because I shoot D3 for most of my fast or low light stuff.

    • low

      i dont think youre going to see a new nikon high MP camera for the price youre hoping for.

  • Alpertruff

    So the smoke turns out to be hazy-fog?

  • I wonder why they don’t make DSLR with the “sensor+computing” parts replaceable, because all the rest of the camera stay the same, view finder, mirror, flash, card reader, lens mount, body, connectors, switches, autofocus, etc…
    That way we could update our DSLR every 2 years without having to change the whole camera.

    • xcm

      BUY RED.

      • Vote For Pedro


      • tibor

        red doesnt even physically exist. they sell a few camera modules to pros but most of them also bought 5D Mark IIs, they have quite interesting ideas (panoramic sensors for ex) but waaaaaaaaay to expensive. Technology evoluates so fast, they have to find a consumer market & sell in stores to not die before birth.

    • WoutK89

      I think more changes per new litter of cameras than you might actually think, exception are only the “s” versions, but even there are changes you cant do by just switching sensor (see D3 to D3s)

    • Richard

      …because that makes too much sense! 😉

      • WoutK89

        And too less of a profit? 😮

  • Landscape Photo

    Which FX shall we likely see at PMA? (names are irrelevant, may differ)

    a) 12mp D700s
    b) 18mp D900
    c) 24mp D700x
    d) 15-16 mp D4
    e) no-optical-vf FX
    f) interchangable-back FX
    g) something else
    h) more than one FX
    i) no new FX

    • WoutK89

      Dont count on a D4 or update on a D3 type body other than a D3xs maybe at best.

      • MM


        • WoutK89

          pea-? 😛

    • MM

      I would go for a 18mp D900.

  • BenS

    Only the gods of Nikon knows what is in the future. Patience is a virtue Nikon children. Time will eventually reveal 🙂

  • bjokerud

    Didn’t think Nikon would release anything at the PMA. Have they done that before?

    • WoutK89


  • OldNHdude

    After all this, Nikon is probably just coming out with a new camera bag.

  • Worminator

    The photo is too blurry to read anything below the section titles. It seems to be a collection of expert guesses. Since it’s from a Japanese source, the guesses are a little different the the ones we’ve been used to hearing, but there’s no reason to think they are more/less accurate.

    An update to the 14MP CMOS sensor and recording of full HD video throughout the midrange is a bit of a no brainer. In the past Nikon has usually exceeded baseline expectations when it comes to new models. There’s usually a couple of extra goodies.

    • Worminator

      …as is predicting a 24MP full frame D700x.

      The discussion of possible lenses is a little more interesting. As FX goes (slightly) downmarket with the availability of the older, cheaper D700 there is a new market for cheaper full frame zoom lenses that Nikon has neglected recently.

      • WoutK89

        has neglected, or are they working on it, to make it is a good as humanly possible

  • what busted ?!

    do you really believe those photos were from NIKON ?!
    don’t be silly

    and the magazine also said the chance is of having D700x and D95 were 50-55%
    in other word, may be and may not …. another pointless rumor

  • Anonymous

    Good, can i now have the rumor of the 100-500mm back?.

  • Anonymous

    hey NR!
    Please give me a rumor of a new D1000 with 50MP and 200.000 ISO plus 4k Video for under 2k $ comming soon. Or schould I go to CR?

  • The D3x has a cropped sensor? What do they mean by that?

    • WoutK89

      Medium Format is on its way, lol, or do they mean it as, the D3x is a cropped medium format in performance 😉

  • bjokerud

    Nah… D700x would not be affordable. Surely it must be sensor in the D3x that gives it that price tag, so putting it in a smaller body doesn’t make sense.

    D700s makes sense =) Although not exciting, and the market demands around 20MP. I rather have a D700s with the noiseperformance of the D3s than a D900 with 20mp with the same performance as the D700 (probably won’t perform that good anyway). Got to hand that one to Canon for making the 5DmkII and 7D. Whatever Nikon does, they have to follow them on prices. Unless they know I’m stupid enough to buy Nikon anyway…

  • WoutK89

    “Unless they know I’m stupid enough to buy Nikon anyway…”

    They know 😉

    • bjokerud

      I suppose we’re doomed then =)

  • nimda

    Seriously. Once again Thom Hogan is CRUSHING you. Keep “reporting” without real investigation and you will never make it.

    • low

      TH doesnt hold a candle to NR imo. its easy to say we’ll hear something new in Feb. – well of course, its PMA! i think TH enjoys writing about how much he ‘knows’ and likes to build himself up on DPR. ML is the guy with the connections, or at least has been pretty close to bringing more concrete info to us fanatics.

      • nimda

        Disagree. Most of this is just speculation. Thom is way more accurate in his comments.

        • low

          TH is late with his comments which lead me to believe how he has to gather info just like any of us would.

          • Ken Hogan

            Agree, just look at his response on the 70-200mm problem, he wrote it a day after Nikon’s official explanation, I guess he did not have a clue before.

        • Ken Hogan

          According to Thom the D900 was suppose to be released last Spring and the D700 replacement in October 2009, hmmmmm…. Should I mention his glass predictions?

          • low

            yep, TH wasnt even talkin about a d900 till other sites started mentioning it for quite some time now, lol.

          • Ken Hogan

            He now also predicts the Coolpix P100, lol – too funny

    • Ken Hogan

      TH repeats what he reads here on NR – just look at his D900 and teleconverter “predictions”, he just adds a two page explanation why this should happen and people with less brain horsepower think that he is god.
      Now KR is a different story (kidding…) no, KR and TH are the same to me.

  • Just a guess by mag!

    It is just a guess from the magazine!

    See the comment made at http://www.flickr.com/photos/nikonrumors/4300848382/ where it says:
    hayuki / Veno says:
    They are written “予報レンズ” (Forecast lens), “予報カメラ” (Forecast camera) in this article.
    They are written the possibility 50% in D95, 55% in D700X.

    It is an article on the forecast of this magazine and it is not true.

    • WoutK89

      We know… 😮

  • Anonymous

    Bugger, just a few weeks until PMA and i’m getting bored because there are not enough rumors.

    • []V[] i k e

      LOL, I’m bored too. SO I watch this forum once a day, otherwise I would get nuts,

      I bought D90 on sale yesterday 😉 Not for me-> For my wife LOL

      • trust me, all the info I have is online already, I don’t hide anything 🙂

    • I don’t want to kill your dreams, but consider also the possibility that there may not be a new DSLR for PMA. Usually DSLR info is easy to leak in advance, lenses are tough – so we may just see some new lenses, the telelconverters and the p&s cameras. This may explain the lack of information at that point. I don’t even have any clues for the second date (and whether there is one at all) – I doubt that they will introduce other products with the new Coolpix cameras on the same event. Maybe they are saving money and will have one event for all new Nikon products?
      Also, when was the last time Nikon announced a DSLR, lenses, teleconverters, Coolpix cameras, all at the same time? I say don’t expect much for PMA and be pleasantly surprised if it happens.

      • Anonymous

        I’m actually more interested in lenses anyway. I think that the current cameras are all we need right now. Lenses like the 80-400 and 300/f4 are more important to be finally updated.

        • WoutK89

          300 f/4 is lower priority, it has already AF-S, the 80-400 is really behind on the other Pro lenses out there.

  • LOL in the pic looks like the reader is horny because of the new cameras and is going to play 5 against 1 hahaha jk.

    PS: hmm 24 mpx… hmmm hahahaha

  • myself

    I know what my next lens is going to be.

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