More rumors from China (Nikon D700x and Nikkor AF-S 18-50 f/3.6-4.5)

Two more interesting images appeared on from the same user in the past hour (Google translation). The first looks like a larger crop (but a tiny image) of the previously reported Nikon D700x sensor:

The second one (Google translation) is for a new lens - Nikkor AF-S 18-50 f/3.5-4.5G:


AFS Nikkor 18-50 mm f3.5-4.5G
Reasonably-priced, high-quality FX standard zoom

There is also some talk about Nikon D95 (?), AF-S 85mm F1.8G and AF-S VR 80-400mm f3.5-5.6G. Maybe a native speaker can provide more details.

Let's what will come out tomorrow.

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  • Hum… many various rumors on the name, however it would be nice if these packages and websites had some specs to go along with a name.

    “That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”

  • Twoomy

    18-50 FX or DX? If FX, what an unexpected and intriguing lens possibility. I’d probably buy it!

    • I would say FX, a new kit lens for the D700x maybe?

      • Vladi

        Yes it says FX. Looks like something similar to Canon 17-40L f/4 which is extremely popular lens both for FX and DX.

    • 18mm on an FX would if my thinking is correct be quite a hefty lens.

    • new

      Actually it is a DX….I can read the Chinese

      • Anon9002


        That site/forum doesn’t mention anything about it being a DX, and the image shown here only says: “AF-S Nikkor 18-50 mili, affordable high quality FX standard zoom”.

        I’m a native chinese speaker and trying to pick up japanese as a 4th language (although not exactly successful) but I have friends who do.

        I don’t see anywhere saying it’s a DX.

      • Awwww… I was hoping for an 18-53 DX to complement my 18-55 DX. 18-50 is too short. Why would they release that?

  • SBGrad

    ANOTHER 18-xxx zoom?! I’m going to start banging my head against a wall…

    please, Please PLEASE give us the 80-400 replacement! Is that too much to ask for?

    • Zorro

      If it’s a proper AFS with auto-focus over-ride and internal focusing, I’ll have it for my D40. Yes please!

      • WoutK89

        The only new lenses without this motor have been the PC-E lenses lately, so IF this lens is true, I wouldnt worry about it not having a motor


    i just read the whole thing and i speak chinese.
    so, what is being said there is:
    the new D700x would be using the same sensor as D3X, listing price at 26000RMB (Chinese dollar) and it will be announced together with AFS 85.8 and the new 80-400….

    i personally love to see 80-400 <—-
    D700X would be awesome if it has 100% VF. i doubt that.
    for prime…i will use my leica M instead, so it wont bother me much.

  • Anonymous

    Hello admin it’s like 1239 am in NYC on Sunday just saw the Suzie orman show and a women just asked on the can I afford it segment could she buy a $4300 d700x not sure if this is advanced info or was planted any info on this admin

  • Ihsan

    possibly a new kit lens for some entry level camera. A not-so-big aperture for a lens of this range would make some pros very unhappy ! a replacement of the old 80-400mm would return those smiles if this happens though.

    • WoutK89

      If the aperture range is the same, and the lens is FX, it is the replacement of the 18-35

  • The wording is Japanese, not Chinese

  • Anonymous

    The second picture has exif information as well. AF-s 18-50 and AF-s 80-400

  • Ubiquitous

    As I said in one of my previous posts. Nikon’s strategy will be to introduce new products (rumors or actual ones) to make us forget about the 70-200 VRII issues. Since I do not have the lens, it is not my problem. Therefore, I’m done talking about it. Back to what I love the most – RUMORS!!! 🙂 NikonRumors, that is.

    So many rumors, all at once.!!! I’m not interested in the D700x. MY D700 is more than enough for me, in the foreseeable. However, I’m a sucker for lenses.

    1. 18-50 f/3.5-4.5? DX or FX? If DX, I have the 16-85 VRII f/3.5 – f/5.6. I’ll pass on it! If FX, interesting.
    2. AF-S 85 mm f/1.8. FX or DX? I’ll look into that one. It all depends on minimum focusing distance. It must be 12″ or <
    3. AF-S 80-400 VR. Not interested in anything over 200mm.
    4. AF-S 35mm f/1.4. I have the ZF 35 f/2 and the AF-S 35 f/1.8 FX. Not interested.
    5. AF-S 24 mm (f/1.4 FX or f/1.8 DX) Do need the FX but desperate for the DX 1.8. I also have the D5K with light lenses like ~ 1/2-3/4 lb. The 16-85 is the exception at 1.2 lbs.
    6. No talk about the 135mm DC f/2 VRII with a minimum focusing distance of ~ 12"
    7. Cameras – Not interested, I have enough.

    • WoutK89

      “18-50 f/3.5-4.5? DX or FX?”

      I see the letters FX below this name, dont know what the rest is of that part.

      “AF-S 35 f/1.8 FX”

      DX I hope, or do you have prototype equipment 😉

      Bring on the 24/1.8 DX and 80-400VRII lens, and I am happy

      • donde?

        “AF-S 35 f/1.8 FX”

        I guess that’s how most rumors start…

  • It says:

    AFS Nikkor 18-50 mm f3.5-4.5G
    Reasonably-priced, high-quality FX standard zoom

  • Fool

    I have the magazine, soure of the roumor.
    Its a pity you consider this way. It is just a
    forecast of the editor. Not a roumor.
    Im japanese, no idea of chinese

    • zeeGerman

      can you take a picture of the whole thing and post it somewhere?

  • fluteboi

    The link to the second picture is a forum topic with the title that goes roughly like this…

    “Nikon D95 14.2MP FULL HD video 120k Yen borned”

    and replied in the topic questioning an update to the D90 should not be true.(Referring to the D95)

  • Jackc

    I’m a chinese and honestly speaking, the forum in that link is…. full of BS

    • Anon

      I think Nikon Rumours need a fellow Chinese and Japanese speaker… unfortunately I’m unable to help here.

      • I’m both a Chinese and Japanese speaker, 2-in-1 😀

  • BenS


  • ikonic

    The images could be from one of those japanese catalogs or magazines, which could be leaked.

  • noctis

    The first image is not readable, but I think it is written in Japanese.
    Second one is definitely Japanese, and as gnohz says, the translation is,

    AF-S Nikkor 18-50mm
    reasonable and high quality FX standard zoom

  • venkatesh

    hi admin,
    the fact that they have shown part camera and part lens in this pic says that it may be true.Note the earlier pic had only pic of sensor.
    Also interestingly, all are from one page!! – they are showing part by part.
    So hopefully the next pic will be the entire page with the entire Pic and info !

  • venkatesh

    i think so .it has begun.I can’t sleep now.NAS has struck me.

  • fafner

    ニッコール –>Nikkor
    18-50ミリ –> 18-50mm
    手ごろで –> affordable
    高画質 –> High Image Quality
    FX標準ズーム –> FX Standard Zoom

  • Chris P

    Re the previous rumor postings trying to identify the zoom the photographer was using in the helicopter; could this 18-50 zoom be the lens in question?

  • Calvin

    The AF-S could be a fake one. Look at the japanese “nik koo ru” in the print out/brochure. It is different from the official name of Nikon “Ni ko n”

    This print out/brochure could be writen by non-japanese, which lead me to question its authenticity.

    • GlobalGuy

      Are you sure you aren’t reading “Nikkor” instead of “Nikon?”

      My hiragana is rusty, but I suspect there is a different word in Japanese for Nikon (company) vs. Nikkor (lens).

      • Shooter

        Both Nikon and Nikkor are normally written in katakana, not hiragana, and Nikkor is written ニッコール, like in the image.

  • Anonymous

    tips from china, those are among the least credible.
    you’d better miss all of them.

  • Chinese reader

    by looking at the following comment posts in that forum
    most people said the guy is bullshitting (and I agreed)
    I don’t believe a word it said
    this is just someone making fun of others

    • rhlpetrus

      The correct leak for the D700 was exactly like that, a photo of a brochure. People kept saying, like now, that it was fake, but it turned out to be correct.

      I’m a bit disappointed about the WA zoom, I’d rather have a new midrange zoom like a 24-105 f/4, with very good quality, instead of another consumer kit lens.

      And would have preferred a new sensor, since the D3x’s sensor can’t do fast fps rates at 14 bits nor has very good high ISO. The 18-20MP sensor in previous rumors sounded better to me. And video? It should have great 1080 video, but this is not even mentioned here, it’d be a disaster for Nikon to release a camera w/o video now IMO.

      Anyway, we’ll know soon.

      • nobody

        The rumour says there is HD video in the 14mp FX D95, priced around US$ 1800. So Nikon would attack the 5DII with two cameras, one having higher resolution, and one being cheaper with HD video.

        I share your opinion, however, that a 20mp Nikon sensor in a D700 body, along with an f4 standard zoom would have been a better solution.

  • Is an 18-50 f/3.6-4.5 really filling a gap in the lens line-up?? And 3.6 strikes me as a little odd. Most are 3.5 right? Maybe Nikon should focus a little bit more on Thom’s little list.

    • WoutK89

      Yes it would a fill a gap, people looking for an affordable “wide” zoom, it has even more zoom than the older 18-35 FX, maybe following is a 50-200 f/4.5-5.6 FX

      • Why

        Why a 50-200? You already have a 70-300 VR FX lens for ~$500 – quite the affordable zoom. An 18-50 FX mates well with this and gives you a complete package (who the hell cant step the difference between 50 and 70?)
        What could an affordable 50-200 offer which hasn’t already been addressed?
        70-300 = VA, VR, plastic
        80-200 = Fast CA, metal

  • MacXtor

    Is the camera made in china?? or the sensor??

    • MacXtor

      Nikons premium models are made in Japan if i´m not wrong???

  • poken nokin

    This is getting ridiculous when it could all be so simple.
    Send a james bond (Connery) type spy to nikon HQ in japan… break in and grab whatever documents/evidence he/she (think Jennifer Garner ‘Alias’) can get hands on (d900, d700x, 17-200 2.8) and then post on Nikon Rumor.
    …………………………..or we all wait 2 weeks…. which is the crap option.

  • Dominic Wong

    I’m a Chinese speaker from Hong Kong, and on the Chinese website that it says Nikon D700x would use the same CMOS sensor as Nikon D3X at 24 mega pixels. The intia press realease pricing would be at 26,000 yuan and the actual pricing would be at 20000 yuan. Nikon AF-S 85mm F1.8G and AF-S VR 80-400mm f3.5-5.6G would be released on the market at the same time.

  • Kyle Lu

    translation from the website:

    “D700X 将采用与D3X相同的2400万像素的全副CMOS
    AF-S 85mm F1.8G 和 AF-S VR 80-400mm f3.5-5.6G将一同上市”

    D700x will utilize the same full frame CMOS 24MP sensor as D3x, the suggested retail price will be 26000 (Around $3800) and the expected stabilized price will be 20000.

    AF-S 85MM F1.8G and AF-S VR 80-400 f/3.5-5.6G will also be available at the same time.

  • in case anyone would be interested, and NR Admin would like to post the “mini exif” pic of the 18-50 image as well, here is the link (im sure you didn’t miss it, perhaps you didn’t post if for good reason. but i think it kinda gives the impression of what that lens looks like)

    and browsing the forum, it seems to be that fthree is someone who posts rumours that he/she saw from other websites instead of really collecting the rumours by his own (well, he has posted Pentax, Canon, Olympus rumours as well)

    hm. but still, it’s fun to think of these rumours =]

    thx NR Admin

  • Pat Mann

    This lens makes no sense in the current lineup as a DX lens. As FX, it’s VERY interesting. It’s a much wider zoom range than anything before that started at 90 degrees horizontal angle or near it. With these specs and the current alternatives available it’s also going to be priced in the prosumer range, under or near $1000. If Nikon is now delivering new prosumer FX lenses, it also means Nikon is getting ready to deliver a prosumer FX camera – the D90 of FX. (To me, the D700 is still too expensive to fall in the prosumer category – $1500 or so is the price point)

    Imagine this lens with a new 50-200 f/3.5-4.5 (I know, I wanted a 70-200 f/4 macro also, but that seems to be the Canon way). Now we would need only two high-quality, moderate-zoom-range lenses on two bodies to cover this most basic core zoom range, not three. (I’m not considering the 28-200 to be in this category.)

    This lens would make me think seriously about adding an 18-24 mp FX body to my kit rather than an 18mp DX body.

    • Why

      Why a 50-200? What’s wrong with the 70-300?

      • WoutK89

        It is all speculation, thats why

      • Pat Mann

        I proposed a 50-200 f/3.5-4.5 (4.0 preferred) because it’s faster than the 70-300 throughout the range, more compact than the 70-300, and gives continuous focal length coverage with an 18-50. The 50-70 mm focal length gap is a significant one.

        • What?

          50-70 is about the least significant place to have a hole in coverage.

  • Landscape Photo

    A new, compact 28-200mm f/4-5.6 VR should be the best to couple D900 as a walkabout lens. Such a lens may give good to excellent results @ f/8 (and the camera @ ISO 400. This combination + VR would be perfect for most handheld landscapes.

  • cadoon

    I’m Japanese and also got the magazine that talks about these all rumors.
    It’s possible to take whole page if you wish, but to where shoud I send?

  • Fool
    • rhlpetrus

      Doesn’t look like a credible brochure or anything. More like a sales catalog.

      • Twoomy

        and what would you consider to be a “credible” brochure? this seems very similar to the D700 leak. And looking at that full image, it looks like it would have taken quite a bit of effort to make a “fake” and for what purpose? so us Nikon geeks get confused about the model number?

    • thanks, I will post it online

  • xcm

    Ok, thanks, watched it, but what about D95??? Is this the future D90 (not D7000???) could U translate the D95? THANK U!

    • xcm

      I can see something HD worlds noxt to D95. Is it FULL HD?????

    • xcm

      I can see something HD worlds next to D95. Is it FULL HD?????

  • Good moring.

  • Bob

    Affordable? Not at $3,800. If Nikon really wants to do something then we need to see a FX with the 1080HD around $2,000. Times are tough and high priced cameras are not going to sell. Maybe even a D95. A improved D90 and a DX camera.

  • Fool

    Evertything on the source is just forecasto or desire of the magazine.
    Nothing truth.
    It is said D95, (possibly sucessor of D90) will have 1420mp sensor and Full HD movie. Hopely it came to be true!!!

    • WoutK89

      1420 mp sensor, you forgot the comma there 😛 At least no one will say we need more pixels after that beast has been released

  • rhlpetrus
  • ozawa

    i am a native japanese speaker and I know what’s written on the page. Every rumor is taken from just one of these predictions by three distinguished professional photographers you see on the lower left side of the page in the link Mr. Fool provided. On the upper right side, it reads “New Full frame camera will be the axis of Nikon’s new model in 2010”. They predict that D700X will be using the same cropped sensor as D3X and the price will be about 350k yen ($4000 US). They also predict that 14.2 mega pixel APS-C sensor ( the same one currently used on Sony A550) will be the new standard for Nikon’s APS-C camera, and the replacement of D90 (which they call D95) will adapt that sensor. According to them, it will have Full HD video. The least credible of all is listed lenses on the right page. The source simply states “we want attractive lenses to fully experience new high-megapixel full frame camera”. So lens part is more like a hope than a prediction.

    • Vladi

      …”D700X will be using the same cropped sensor as D3X”…???
      dont think this is correct statement.

  • Litebyte

    Lammerse also mentioned on DPreview it is fake but that they are right about 2 things, is he Japanese?

    • rhlpetrus

      No he isn’t, but lives there I think and has good connections with at least one Nikon’s parts maker. His predictions are almost always on the spot and he was the first at DPr to say the D3s was coming and then that the D3x’s sensor wouldn’t be used in a smaller FF body. Now he says he knows what’s coming and essentially has confirmed that, w/o details. I’m sticking to his predictions. Thom Hogan also, in the same thread, said that’s not what he knows about the coming releases.

      ML has said in another post that the new FF body will be better spec’d and higher priced than people think. Maybe a digital F6, 100% VF etc:

  • Thanks to everyone that sent images/translations – I just published a new update.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, since when is a 18-50mm FX zoom a “standard” lens? To me, it would be more like an ultra-wide to normal lens, but not at all a standard zoom.

  • 18-50 perfect for FX

    Such a lens would be perfect for the landscape shooter. 18mm on FX is wide enough for 90% of landscape vistas. (The 14-24 can fill in for the remaining 10%) A ultra-wide to normal is pretty much a stay on camera lens for the wide-angle minded. My 24-70 can pretty much retire then!

    18-50 FX + 80-400 FX would be a perfect two lens solution!

  • Peter

    bah that 18-50 must be a joke.. and why using such weak apterture ? constant 2.8 would be best..

  • Pat Mann

    It’s not a great leap from the 18-35 current prosumer lens to 18-50.

    Nikon has done 24-50 and 25-50 zooms in the past.

    It would be a great leap from 17-35 f/2.8 – to 18-50 f/2.8. Nikon already has the pros well covered with three outstanding lenses. It’s clearly significantly harder to build fast wides in this range, and the reduced aperture foreseen for the 18-50 probably means a slight relaxation of other specs compared to the pro zooms such as vignetting and distortion is also likely in bringing this to the prosumer range.

    Nikon has shown an amazing optical quality in the past 10 years not just in pro lenses but in its midpriced lenses in the DX range. It’s no joke to me – I’d love to see this lens. I might even get a full-frame digital camera just to use it.

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