Battery for Nikon D900, this time in print

In the past, we went through a list of products compatible with Nikon D900. Some of them could be a typo or just an easy way to get Internet traffic. Today, a NR reader sent me those pictures of Phottix Titan battery which is compatible with Nikon D900 - clearly written on the back of the package (click on image for larger view):

On the manufacturer's website, D900 is not listed as a compatible cameras.

For a list of  previously reported products for Nikon D900 click here, here, and here.

I know, after the D700x sensor post, this news doesn't make it any easier to guess what's coming next. The actual model number is not important, but it can give us a clue what the camera would be (D700s->sensor from D3s | D700x->sensor from D3x | D900-> completely new camera).

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  • typodaemon

    “D700x->sensor from D3s” should say “D700x->sensor from D3X” ?

    • typodaemon: fixed:)

      • GlobalGuy

        Too bad they dont just make all of them for one body with a swappable sensor module. =P

        • enesunkie

          You must have been reading Thom’s site. He’s a big advocate for a modular body. You could then just update the parts that are “obsolete” over the years. You can have a laptop “custom” made to your needs.

          • PHB

            It is a daft idea.

            Bigger sensors mean more data. More data requires faster processors – even if you are not that bothered by FPS.

            The only part of the modern DSLR that does not change significantly between models is the shutter. And those will probably disappear for all-electronic versions in time.

            I am currently using a MacBook Air to write this. The main selling point of the Air is that it is thin and light. The main ‘drawback’ is that it does not have a removable battery. But the integral battery is how they made it small and light in the first place.

            I would not want a bigger camera on the off-chance that I might one-day upgrade it. It is a long time since I have upgraded any of my computers. I could buy a faster display card for my main system, but to make it really fly I would need to also upgrade the CPU, memory and O/S.

        • BIG ROD

          Hey GlobalGuy,

          Having swappable modules I think is the holy grail for future DSLR cameras. Becasue most times when a new camera is released one of the major upgrades is the sensor.. And the idea of buying a whole new EXPENSIVE camera body is kinda crazy.

          You look at the RED company and their modular camera designs and it’s a totally logical form factor which will change the landscape of how cameras are bought in the future for consumers, how they are maintained over the years (again, swappable modules), and of course low price investments in the future through new advanced modules.

 reported on the RED DSMC here:

          Yeah, the RED DSMC is pricey at $28,000, but price will come down in time and I think will force Nikon and Canon’s hand at some point to respond.

          We’ll see, right?

  • John

    Hoping the D900 will be somewhere between 12MP and 24.5MP; 18MP on a FF would be just about perfect.

    • MM


  • Phil

    Here’s to me hoping that it’s a completely new camera!

    • WoutK89

      One with AI, and takes the picture without you pressing the shutter release 😛

  • Maybe the D700x sensor “leak” was sent by Nikon Counterintelligence team 🙂
    to distract us from the D900. I still think the D900 sounds more plausible.

  • Lolly

    I think Phottix is in big legal trouble now

    • WoutK89

      or, if there is no D900, they lose credibility 😉

  • I need to quit spending my days at NR and get back to work if I want to be able to buy the D900 !

  • I’d go for a D900 over a D700s/x if the specs justify the extra cost.

    • enesunkie

      Tell me again, why are we skipping D800??

      • Stephen

        My guess, if it’s true, is to give them room to come out with something along the lines of the D700 later on. That would also indicate that the D900 is a completely different type of camera. So…. who knows, this is a rumors sight. No logic until it is announced.

        • Astrophotographer

          That’s what I think. A D900 is a new line, not a successor to the D700.

          • Anon

            Could it be a digital FM3A? (dreaming)

      • I could think of a few reasons, it like asking why we skipped 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 706, 707, 708, 709, 710, 711… 797, 798, 799.

        • Alex

          Don’t forget the Nikon D701.1 and D701.111112

          • jorgen

            Not to forget the Nikon D701.1s and D701.111112s

    • KT

      and why do you think the D900 will be more expensive than the D700x. Given the price of the D3x, I would suspect the D700x would still top the D900 price-wise, if both are true products that will come out in the coming few weeks and that’s still a big IF.

  • NikoDoby

    When zoomed in I see photoshop cut and paste! So I’m skeptical. Perhaps someone wants free advertising for their “cheap” batteries.

    • Bob

      I tried that,,,how do you know?

    • Darz

      if it’s a photoshop job, it’s extremely clean & well done

    • I opened it with photoshop, I can’t see a copy & paste (I’m using photoshop for about 15 years.
      BUT why put the D50 after the D900 ? shoud be next to the D70/D90

    • I don’t think it’s PS – see larger res and an extra image @ my flickr stream:

    • It’s no Photoshop. I made the picture and I can send you the original RAW-file. But I wondered, why they put a D900 on it and not the D300s!?

  • SZRimaging

    Nikon should just really screw with us all and release all three at once. A D700s, D700x and D900 launch would be freaking awesome.

    • They may just…
      D700x larger sensor
      D700s lower light and faster
      D900 compromise S&X with movie mode (1080+)

  • Anonymous

    …I don’t think Nikon will share this type of info with 3rd party manufacture before their big announcement. Just my few cents.
    The sensor in the previous post is interesting, I’m little sceptical about term ‘…same as D3X’ for what purpose anyone will put that on sensor packaging.

    • WoutK89

      Why would they need to share, when it most logical for Nikon to keep the EN-EL3e battery through the D90 up to the D900?

  • BenS

    I RATE THIS 100% … mark my words … IT HAS BEGUN… LOL … GO NIKON D900 !!!

  • BenS

    NR Admin … can you stop torturing us.. can you ditch that NDA and honestly tell us what u know … you better not lie coz Santa Claus is coming to town … LOL !

    – sorry , this waiting thing is killing me … i have a d80 and want to move to a FF ! As such I have been addicted to this site. There’s not a day i dont visit .

    • isitfebyet?

      ditto but with D100 which has been limiting recently, too slow and low iso = time for upgrade. i visit this site 20-30 times a day. sorta sad, but true.

      • enesunkie

        A watched pot never boils!

      • You can subscribe to the RSS-feed. In that case you don’t need to visit this site 20 to 30 times a day. But I can fully understand you are really longing for a new camera!

      • Perhaps Admin should update the site 20-30 times a day then :p

    • Everything i know is online, trust me 🙂

      • BenS

        NR Admin — thanks ! Keep up the awesome work — now i need to get a rehab — LOL

      • Astrophotographer

        The very idea of NR having a Nikon NDA, that’s a laugh 😉

  • High

    When will it end?

    • When I have a shiny new camera in my hands (except that it will be matt black)!

    • Alex

      @High. Some time after Low says it has begun.

  • Booo

    I think this is stupid. I don’t think Nikon would give test camera to people who make “fake” batteries and there are no way this manufacture can check there battery compatibility. And also the way cameras listed is not organised. Goes back and forward with number or date of cameras.

  • David

    I wonder why D300s isn’t included in that list.

    • Dave

      There was some website in SE Asia that had incorrectly called the D300s a D900 about a week before the D300s was announced. Wish I had saved the link. But I’ve noticed that a number of the products for the D900 list compatibility with other Nikon cameras but NOT the D300s, so I suspect once it appeared to be called a D900, they all started printing the packaging with D900 instead of D300(s) trying to have their products to market when the D900 was announced (but it was actually the D300s)

      • This is interesting, I do not recall getting any information about this D300s/D900 typo. The funny thing is that all those D900 links started to pop-up in the last few weeks – maybe the D900 labels were there before and just nobody noticed them?

      • BenS

        DAVE …. I know who your are … you work for Nikon as their Counte Intellligence Operative ! LOL !

        • David

          What ever are you talking about?

          …I’ll pay you $20 to keep quiet :P.

          • David

            oh shoot, there’s an actual Dave that responded to my original post. Fail.

  • Anonymous

    i think you can visit twice a day. once in the morning once after work.

  • Magentaman

    A typo on a cheapo battery package? Oh well…

  • Tim

    Maybe the rumoured D900 was scheduled for release late last year. Hence all these links to 3rd party stuff that keep on being picked up. But Nikon delayed the release for some reason or other (like they’re rumoured to have dones so with several of their lenses). Quality control issues? Timing of an announcement? Just a thought.

  • Sean

    Couple of things that I smell fishy here:
    1. EN-EL3e is rated at 1500mAh, not 1600mAh (although 1600mAh should work no problem).
    2. Front package, “High Performance Batteries”, should be singular.
    3. Third line “It’s …protect from….” Grammar mistake????
    4. Google and Bing the UPC bar code, nothing came up related to this product. Google listed one search from on Dummy UPC code.

    • I think they mean that “Titan” makes high performance batteries.

      The other thing you mentioned: “It’s” should be “Its”…. Its multi protective functions protect…

      1500 mAh or 1600 mAh… does it matter? I charged all three of these batteries and they work fine in the D200..

      But of course, the D900 could be an “advertisement mistake” on the package of this 3rd party battery. You can find the battery as well on the Phottix Website (without the D900). We will see.

      • John

        “All your batteries are belong to us!”

      • Sean

        Aren’t we like rumors? The flowing D700x sensor just got busted, and I really wish this one could become true soon. That doesn’t mean we won’t see a D700x I really like this now 🙂

  • Landscape Photo

    Phottix is a reliable brand. I use their RC release for D300.

  • Thomas

    If Phottix are able to know about the upcoming d900, why havent they listed the d300s? I think this is a hoax…

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