This may be the Nikon D700x sensor

Just got this picture with questionable quality of a Nikon D700x sensor from (Google translation) - it seems to be the same sensor used in the Nikon D3x:

Can anyone give us a quick translation? Thanks!

Update - here is the translation:

Nikon D700X
Price  350000 yen  (around?)
Special Feature: Fitted with the 24MP CMOS sensor that is the same (level?) as the D3X
The super high quality 24 million pixel CMOS sensor fitted in D3X

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  • Me

    I can translate the d700x, 35, d3x, 2400 and cmos bit for you.

    • That’s cheating !
      I was supose to be the first one to comment :o(

      • Me

        Your first post put a smile on my face. Next time maybe you should just post the one sentence 🙂

        • 13

          the price should be around $3,000 USD, trust me

  • Vladi

    interesting. D700x instead of D900 then?

    • I think (my opinion, don’t have solid info yet) it will be D900, this D700x doesn’t do it for me – why they did not take a picture of the whole page?

      • GlobalGuy

        And the image is too flat and highly detailed to be taken with a crappy hidden cap. Whatever this is, its probably someones dream.

      • PHB

        It does actually make sense, Nikon won’t be putting the D3x sensor in anything new. The resolution should put it one stop behind the D3, it is two stops behind. And it is now three stops behind the D3s.

        The sensor is due for an update.

        Now if Nikon release the hi res sensor as the D700x it will be assumed that it is the D3x sensor. If they are doing something different, a new number makes sense.

        One way this would all make sense is if the next generation is 18M. Then the D4/D400 spawn off a D800 in due course (with D3s ISO response).. And possibly the D700s stays about for a while as well.

  • I wish I could give you the translation, I married an Asian girl, but all she know in chiness is bad words !
    By the way, I’m the first to leave a comment, and it’s a good news if the 700x get the D3x sensor !

    • Paul

      That’s not Chinese and you’re not the first.
      Way to know your wife’s culture.

      • GlobalGuy

        HAHAHAHAHA… thats awesome.

        Good man, Paul; I like how his wife is “Asian”. That’s like looking at a German technical spreadsheet, and saying “I married a White girl, but all I don’t know any of these French words!” And saying it with a Southern hick accent.

        Total fail. LOL..

        [In fairness, he mightve been referencing the Chinese characters or Kanji, which can provide hints, even when translated in Chinese, even if written in Japanese. Same thing with Korean and Hanja characters — Japanese and Chinese readers might be able to figure out the meaning of the words and build a context if enough characters are used).

    • John

      No, you were *third* to leave a comment (not first). 😛

      Back on topic, I don’t get why a new D700x getting the sensor from the D3x would be a good thing. 24.5MP? I’d like more than 12MP in a FF but 24MP in a D700x seems very “Canon-esque”.

      • Eli

        It would be called the D700 X for a reason. It’s not replacing the D700, it’s complementing it. I don’t get why so many people don’t understand that when we’ve had several X versions in the past and none have replaced the “regular” versions.

        • So, we will get a D700 at $1990 and a D700x at $2990 ?
          I’ll have to sell one of my kids :o(

          • santela

            asian mixed kids are very popular nowadays, I’m sure they’ll fly off the shelf before you know it.

          • Ralf

            With some of my mates kids that could prove an added selling feature – sell a kid and get a 700X LOL

          • WoutK89

            Or is kids short for kidneys? 😛

            D1 became D1H + D1X
            D2 never existed, started as D2H, next up D2X

            Nowadays, we have the D3 and D3X, I think they rather ditched the H to prevent confusion where the non-H version is 😉

      • Anonymous

        D700, D700s (D3s pipeline), and D700x/D900 (D3x pipeline). Sounds good to me.

        D700x would be great for landscape photographers — more pixels than the 5DII, *and* more DR. As for cannibalizing D3x sales, I’m sure the D3x replacement is well into its development. It would be a nice, sustainable business model to give the D700 the flagship’s imaging pipeline with about a 1-2 year lag.

        Of course, the landscape photogs would still need some better FF Nikon glass options — nobody wants to haul large, heavy 2.8 zooms into the back country for shots that will be taken at f8-f16.

  • Cache

    I can do some minor translations:

    Price: 350000 Japanese Yen = about 3900 USD (WTF???)

    Specification: High resolution CMOS sensor used, the same as D3X.

    • WoutK89

      Thank goodness someone started off with direct conversion…
      that is not how it works 😉 Otherwise Europe and UK, Asia, America and such, would have the same price when converted, its never been like that as far as I know

    • funny

      prices are set per locale. us prices are generally lower than european and japanese when converted. europeans pay by far the most when converted to USD. but that’s because of the euro’s exchange rate.

    • Bob

      I’m not paying $4,000

  • RicardoT

    A post from the same forum is saying:

    D700X 将采用与D3X相同的2400万像素的全副CMOS

    D700X will be used with the D3X the same 24 million pixel CMOS fully
    Release price 26000, real potential price will be around 20,000

  • SW

    My Japanese is only so-so but here is my understanding of it:

    Nikon D700X

    Price 350000 yen (around?)

    Special Feature Fitted with the 24MP CMOS sensor that is the same (level?) as the D3X

    The super high quality 24 million pixel CMOS pixel fitted in D3X

    • SW

      Sorry, the last line should be:

      “The super high quality 24 million pixel CMOS sensor fitted in D3X”

      • Thanks!

      • Bernard

        Close, but it says in fact “super high resolution”, not “super high quality”.


  • Anonymous



    • enesunkie

      Exactly what I was thinking!! ????

  • low

    here we go

  • kaki

    D700X, price 350000en(=3892 USD)
    special 24 mega pixel CMOS censor- same as D3X

    • WoutK89

      Price has one “0” too much 😛
      Also, how is it special, if its the same as the D3x? 😉

      • WoutK89

        woh, am I really that sleepy, sorry about the “0” thing 😮

  • lucas

    around 26000 chinese yuan and 350000 japanese yuan.

    • Japanese yen. Close, but no バナナ.


  • I prefer D700X than D900

    • WoutK89

      How do you know? Do you have the full specs? Probable prices?

  • Louis

    if the d700 successor has 24mp i’m going to be PISSED!!!

    • Reason why I sold my D700 last month ! :o)

    • Simon

      D3x high ISO took a hit because of 24MP. Interesting to see if there is any irmprovement in D700x? I can see this camera taking sales away from D3, D3s and D3x, Nikon still havent learnt.

  • Tim

    Any chance Nikon is replacing the 700 with a 700x and also doing a D900?

    Personally I would gladly give up some MP on this sensor for a higher ISO. The D3x is 1600, and the D3s is 12800 ISO

    • WoutK89

      Maybe the D700x will be the D3xs somehow 😛 (the poor man’s D3x has to improve somehow over time)

  • Quash

    scroll down that Google Translation page. A poster also says this:

    “Just see the LZ also issued a “NIKON D95 1420 pixel Full HD animation”, D700x did not do ”


    • nobody

      1420 pixel Full HD ??? What is that???

      • WoutK89

        Dont you know, isnt it obvious? 😀 😛

        • nobody

          No, sorry, I don’t know anything regarding video! Help me, please!

          • enesunkie

            Didn’t ya hear? 1080 is so yesterday!! 1420 is what you need now!

  • john


  • Alex


    I’d be dead happy with that.

    D700 is £1750, so a camera with double the megapixel count and HD video for £750 more is a steal in my eyes.

    • santela

      I don’t think it said anything about the HD video…

      • WoutK89

        +1, unless you know more than we can see? 😉

      • anonycow

        LOL, but no, it makes perfect sense, a 750 pounds pricier 35mm camera just as the recession seems to be on its tail end. Nikon knows they can milk the format for all it’s worth 😉

  • iTOON

    so now D700x next may be D700s (same as D3s)

    • WoutK89

      If only they would release them at the same time, with same price, only difference MP and video in the S, not the X

  • Bob from Ohio

    Boy, I sure hope it’s true. Let’s get a translation!

    • WoutK89

      Its already there 😀

  • Chris P

    As I suggested before we could be going to see two camera body introductions. A D700x with the D3x sensor without video and a Canon 5DMkll rival based on the D90 body with a FX sensor around 18 Mp and 1080 video. That way it keeps everybody happy, those who want video, but are not bothered about top notch build quality and those who want the 24 Mp sensor in a high quality body.

    • nobody

      Which zoom lenses are there in the Nikon lens line up that would match an 18mp FX sensor in a D90 body? I can’t see many of them.

      Ther are some that are good enough, but they are just too big and heavy.

      And there are some that are matching regarding weight and size, but they are not good enough.

      • WoutK89

        Thats where lens releases come into play…, until the day it will be announced, the lenses are there, but the body isnt, right? 😉

  • Dweeb

    So using the same markup as Nikon did with the D3 that would make the D700X a seven thousand dollar camera. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds nice.

    Good timing too if it’s coming this spring.

  • Tim

    Well the 24mp camera rumour (D3x chip in a non D3 series body) hit the shelves long before the 12mp camera rumour (D3s chip in a non D3 series body). It just seems the right way to go. But then we need to factor in Nikon logic. So I’ll go for an 18mp D900. Make sense? I’m wondering, but perhaps Nikon did too. And they’ll probably introduce it with a brace of DX lenses just to put the icing on the cake (a la D3s / 85 DX micro combo we were served up). I think I’ll just wait and see as patianrly as I can as random speculation seems a lost cause. Hopefully we’ll know in just over a week’s time.

    • Tim

      Make that “patiently”

  • MacXtor

    I´m sorry guys, I think there will be a D700S (Baby D3S) and D700X (Baby D3x). The real killers (D800 ,D900 + lcd grip and D4 or D5) will probably be release next year.

    But a baby D3s and D3X is not bad if they add 1080 video mode.


    • That’s fine, if I can get a D700 with 24MP I’ll keep it at least 15 years !

      • enesunkie

        Or at least until they come out with the 30 MP sensor!!

    • Bob

      Don’t be sorry. I’d like 18MP, 1080HD with manual controls etc for under $2,000

      • WoutK89

        And I like that for under water 😛

  • Bubba Satori

    I wonder what one could pick up a D700 for when the the D700x or D900 show up? $2K new or $1.5K used?

  • longtimenikonshooter

    D3x with 300K shutter and divide that number by 2, you get D700x which will be half the price of D3x, $4000. Big savings?

    • nobody

      How much is a new shutter? $500?

  • Nooooooooo!
    i dont want a d700x.
    A d700x to me is a d700 with more megapixel which i dont need.
    i want better iso performance some AF tweaks 2nd card slot, maybe video.
    i want something new and not some old “crap” just updated for the same price.

    • nobody

      Nobody will force you to buy it.

      And I have no doubt the D3S sensor will find its way into a D700 body! This year! Nikon wants your money (-:

  • townerboy

    NO Nikon NOT D700X.

    Make it D800, D900. NO more X please.

    Give US a new camera.

    I am not going to purchase a D3X, TO much and not 1080 video
    I am not going to purchase a D3S, NOT enough pixel for that much money.
    I am not going to purchase a D300s, Not enough changes to justify my spending that kind of money, and NO 1080p video.
    I am not going to purchase a D700, just 12.1 no video, and seems dated now.

    What I will purchase is D900 18-24 mp FULL FRAME, 1080p with Stereo Sound. 9 to 12 FPS. And priced at $4,000

    Thanks Nikon for reading my thoughts

    • Nikon’s Telepaths

      Not gonna happen, kid.

    • Comme back in 3 years….

    • Gorji

      Towerboy is right on the money.
      I would buy the same.

  • nobody

    AFAICS, the Xitec D700X rumour is related to a rumour about two new lenses:

    D700X will be used with the D3X the same 24 million pixel CMOS fully
    Release price 26000, real potential price will be around 20,000

    AF-S 85mm F1.8G and AF-S VR 80-400mm f3.5-5.6G will be listed together

    • longtimenikonshooter

      no VR2?

    • WoutK89

      80-400 f/3.5-5.6? Is that what they have been working on, 1/3 stop of aperture? 4 or 4.5 sounds more plausible

    • Anonymous

      20,000 yen WTF have you actually worked out the conversion £138 lol bullybullshit rumors!!!

  • Zorro

    I want a D40s. Same six megapixel CCD, 1/500 flash synch, with EXPEED processor and 3.0 inch high-res monitor. No live view, no video.

    • Are you Ken Rockwell ?

      • Gorji

        Reminds me of KR too.

      • Zorro

        No. But my first name is Ken though!

      • Paul

        haha nice!
        I would also like a dslr with 1/500 (or faster!) flash sync.

  • kevin

    Sigh I’ll say this again for all you dreamers.

    1) The camera will either have 12mp or 24mp. They will not introduce a camera with a new 16-18mp sensor as it will SCREW the D3s.

    2) Calling a D700x would make ZERO sense since it would not be an update to the D700 and would be a totally different camera. The D700 was actually partially useful at higher ISOs where as that D3x chip really isn’t.

    The odds that Nikon puts the 24mp sensor in a camera other than the D3x I would honestly find to be very unlikely. The only reason they would do this is if they released say A D700s and D700x. Providing consumers the best of both worlds but then again their flagship D3 and D3x wouldn’t sell.

    To say the least most of you people seem to figure you are going to get a Pro Level camera without paying the price.

    • Alex

      Well nikon did release the D700 after the D3 with very similar specs, they may just end up doing it again!

      • kevin

        Except the D700 is 1-2 stops behinds the D3, a little slower, etc. I just dont get why everyone thinks they need 24mp when they don’t. You make super large prints with the 12mp sensor in the D3s. I mean it’s really confusing.

        • Gordon

          Of course you can make super large prints from 12MP, however it all depends on how much detail you want to keep and the viewing distances expected. The requirements for a billboard photo is hardly the same as say a 75″ wide fine-art landscape print.

    • funny

      that way of thinking is so yesterday’s. Nikon released the D700 under the same conditions and the same flawed logic arguments were made about it canibalizing the D3. Yet it proved that people who wouldn’t buy a D3 anyways would buy into the full frame nikon system if priced lower and in a body of lower specs. The D3 was a smash hit regardless since it’s body specs are still beyond the D700. Both markets have since co-existed rather than undermined.

      both canon and nikon believe there is a need for FF cameras priced cheaper than the flagships. If you buy a flagship camera, get ready to have a lot more features under the belt, but no longer the best sensor. Those days are gone with the wind and they ain’t coming back.

    • enesunkie

      +2 I’m thinking Nikon is saving the new sensor introductiions for the D4 and D400 next year. I’d get mentally prepared for a let down in earth shattering changes from Nikon THIS year.

    • Richard

      The rumors persist about D4 field testing which should indicate that it is nearing finalization for production unless there are unexpected problems. If that is the case, the D3 lineup is about to be discontinued and so it would make little sense to worry about how it compares to the D700x or D900 lineup. What Nikon may be having trouble with is trying to determine a price point for these bodies as Canon have been lowering the price of the D5 MKII trying to siphon off sales prior to the announcement of the new Nikons.

    • Anonymous

      The D3x chip IS usefull @ high iso’s when you sample it down to the D700’s 12.1mp-it’s closer than you think.

  • iamnomad

    I do not want the “old” D3X sensor (nor it’s price tag). I want a new sensor with a HUGE dynamic range (and 18MP would be just fine). No funky d-lighting crap, a real honest to goodness expanded sensitivity: 2 extra full zones of information in the highlights and shadows. I want digital images to look like Platinum, not Ilfochrome.

    I’d also like a pony.

    • funny

      the “old” D3X sensor’s dynamic range is beyond anything nikon currently makes

      Unless the D3s has even more, it remains the king of the hill among 35mm format dslrs.

      • iamnomad

        but i want even M–O–R–E than beyond!

        spoiled, only child.

        • Jim

          +1 that is a tall order, but i would buy one.

  • Anonymous

    Dont think there will be any D700x or D700s.

  • kevin

    So your saying Nikon should make a D700x with a 24mp sensor but make it not as good as the D3x aka worse image quality. Nobody i the right mind would buy a D3x knowing they could save $5,000 for a little less quality. This is the same reason why Canon hasn’t sold many if any 1Ds Mark III bodies since the 5D Mark II was released.

    Of course there is a market for it since people are cheap but the problem is that it will cost both Nikon and Canon sales of flagship bodies. I highly doubt that you’ll ever see Canon make that same mistake again.

    • Gordon

      The question has to be asked though, do they end up with more sales and profit overall to a smaller ‘D3X’ then if they protect the D3X at all costs? I would think they would.

  • I bought three new batteries yesterday for my D200. An what was written on the package?… Also suitable for Nikon D900!!! Here you can see the picture of the package:

    So I expect (wish) a D900 with 15-18 MP and ISOs between the D3x and the D3s.

    • Cooooooooooooooooool, I hope that it’s not a typo mistake.
      There is also a guy selling test charts for D900 on Ebay (Sorry Admin, I could’not help it :o)

      • Invisible man: let this be the last ebay post – next time your comments will move to the spam folder. Thanks.

  • A couple of points:

    One, the images is in Japanese, but the leak site is Chinese. It is a wonder that so many of these leaks are from China. So much for NDA there.

    One commentator (fthree) claims there will be an 85mm f1.8 G, and a new 80-400mm f3.5-5.6 G. Not too exiting if true.

  • albert

    Someone caught that particular TS had started a rumors about NIKON D95 with 14.20MP sensor & Full HD video feature before.

    If that’s true, i think this TS is fooling around again. Try to get some attention.

    In conclusion, i don’t really believe this rumors either.

  • Token nokin

    My thoughts are… Nikon would not release d3s and then release higher spec camera only a couple of months later.
    I suspect a 24 mp D3x sensor in a d700 body… aimed at pro market and probably no video functions.
    Then I suspect a camera to combat the 5dmk2… a FX D900 with 1080 video but probably same sensor as D3s. To separate this camera from D3s market they will slow fps down to 3 instead of 9.
    This would make sense.

  • aetas

    Why do so many people “know” what nikon is going to do. I just hope for a great new camera to maybe buy. 18mp with great iso and good dynamic range would be great, it does seem like a little far to get a new sensor but who knows. I would be ok with a 24mp sensor. Landscaping shots, perfect, deep crops. amazing.

  • Anonymous

    haha everyones going crazy over something that could not be real

  • Magentaman

    a d700x would eventually make sense, because Nikon has realised, that the ultrahigh pricetag of the D3x is a real deal-killer. Keep in mind that Canon 5dMkII is a dealstealer for the D700Market and that means Nikon NEEDS a direct competitor to the Canon mid-price-range FF-model.
    Yes it would make perfect sense, a D700 (or mabe a new D700s) for the high iso enthusiasts and a D700x for the high-res enthusiasts who can’t afford the D3x flagship (the socalled “Landscape-shooters”).

    It really makes sense for me.

    (D800/900 with 18MP 1080p HD does not make sense in my eyes, because it would mean a completely NEW sensor / electronics/ Firmware/ Body-Design and this takes TIME to develope)

    • WoutK89

      They had about 2 years I assume, straight after the finalisation of the D700

      • Magentaman

        Nobody said they weren’t working on new models jet, but it’s to early to release them NOW.

        • WoutK89

          And you base it on what information that it is too early, Nikon does whatever they want, if they would like, they could release new versions every 3 months, but would that help?

  • Magentaman

    Yes, I think that D900 thing, which occured recently several times here at NR, is more of a Typo matter.

  • j0elc

    Its a sensor you can put in your d700, giving it the same sensor as a d3x. But for $4000…….

    • j0elc

      But for $4000, not really worth it, one would think.

      • Anonymous

        But better 4000 than 8000

  • Anonymous Coward

    A long shot…..

    D700x derivate from D3x as D700 from D3, thus ff 24mpx in a smaller body, performance in one or the other way a bit crippled. Maybe just to be able to sell of all the Sony Sensors they agreed with Sony to source from them.

    D4 having the new rumoured 18mpx non sony design non sony fabbed sensor
    D4x having a new hi-rez sensor.

    Canon seems to be (still doing the same or vice versa for that matter):
    1DsmkIII as Hirez body
    1DmkIV as Hispeed body

    Here they differ:
    Canon did create the semi-pro 5d as a derivate of the 1ds where nikon choose to create a dericate if the hi-speed offering.

  • All those pictures and rumors (D700X, 85 1.8 D95 etc) are coming from a Japanese camera magazine (I forgot the name but it’s not Asahi nor Nippon camera). I saw the magazine this morning but I did not buy it. I would not trust them, to me those are just guesses from the magazine and not leaks.

    • querry

      Like tregix said, the picture is the prediction (guess) of a japanese magazine “CAPA”. I have this magazine, too.

      • nobody

        Couldn’t it be possible that a Japanese camera magazine realy has some insider information on upcoming Japanese cameras?

  • andy

    The next expected FF Nikon is likely to be their camera to take on the C5D2, using the D3x sensor would make sense but for one thing, according to Thom Hogan it’s incapable of doing video.

    Either Nikon have had the chip modified or more likely have their own inhouse 18MP or 20.3MP sensor. With them moving away from Sony sensors the later makes more sense.

  • Gary

    Must be something since “Fake Chuck Westfall” over at Canon linked to this with a “RED ALERT AT CANON”

  • Japanese boy



  • Anonymous Coward

    Currently technology seems not to be able to combine all nice things into one camera on a D3 and D3x level and at a friendly price: High ISO, High Pixels/Resolution, Low noise, Fast Frame Rates, 1080 video. I suspect that the two lane approach as Nikon/Canon did will be with us for some time in their flagship products.

    However…..somehow the D900 with 18mp could be an attempt to combine D700x’ish spec’s and D700s’ish specs into 1 camera. Higher rez then D3, lower then D3x, Less ISO then D3, more then D3x, Framerate Less then D3, Noise somewhere between D3 and D3x. Al packed in a D700/D300’ish body.

    If such D900 would be put on the market I think that was the end of the D700 line: No X or S model.

    A single instead of 2 systems would releave nikon also from fabbing two camera’s and increase scale of economics for a lot of parts including the 18mpx sensor to drive down costs and either pass that on to consumers or increase their own margin 🙂

  • I think a 700x release boils down to profitability.
    If they can put a D3x sensor in a D700x and sell it for under $4,000, they will.
    My understanding is that the Sony Sensor cost Nikon to much for that to happen.

    If an affordable 18-24mp FullFrame Nikon Camera is not announced by the end of February, I will be buying a used D3x.

    I don’t expect any D700s announcement until September.

    However, It seems to me that Nikon has all the Camera slots filled now and will wait untill 2011 to upgrade their cameras with the D4 and D400.

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