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  • Underwater housing update: Ikelite has released several new underwater housing models for the latest Nikon DLSR cameras:

Nikon D3000
Nikon D5000
Nikon D300s

  • New Nikon training program for dealers (UK only?) - see here for more info.
  • Nikon camera saves a life in Haiti (continue after the break, the videos takes a while to load):

  • Nikon invests in Notion VTec Berhad (they basically bought 10% of the company) a producer of cam barrels, lens mounting rings and internal camera parts (press release).
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  • aetas


    • aetas

      Im glad the people of Haiti are getting all this help. The images coming from over there are devastating.

      • Simon

        USA is doing a fine job, NOT!!!!!
        The Chinese soldiers rescue in Sichuan earthquake really put American soldiers effort in Haiti to shame.

        • Anony-mou

          I just think countries, corporations and celebs are all trying to get a slice of the Haiti public relation cake. And then the general population follows because of mass psychology.

        • isitfebyet?

          umm, did anyone tell the chinese they can’t go help and show up the USA’s efforts?

    • Slashdot solved this inane “first post” crap with a nice moderation system. It’s open source. Perhaps the noble Admins would consider checking it out?

    • Anonymous

      That “first post” is gonna cost you $100 for the Haiti fund, deal?

  • Anonymous

    If it was a Canon, it would’ve just fell apart like a Holga.

  • John

    I like how the Ikelite for the D3000 costs 2.5 times more than the actual camera does.

    • John

      Welcome to the wonderful, expensive world of underwater dSLR photography.

      OBTW, that’s just the cost of the housing. The lens ports (specific to particular types of lenses) are extra. The 8″ dome port for wide angle lenses is almost $400 and still needs an appropriate length port. And the diameters of the really great lenses like the 14-24mm, 17-55mm, and even the 14mm prime are too large to fit the port system.

      Most people who don’t *need* to take their dSLR underwater opt for a P&S and housing instead.

      • Anony-mou

        Yeah, makes more sense to just go with some P&S and then post-process it to make it look good. Much more cost efficient.

  • Andy

    Niks Thailand, official Nikon distributor in Thailand, sued several people who comments on the last year’s incident of D700 water leak.

    TTI’s comment on the incident

    Now Thai Nikon users are looking for the ways to fight back, because Niks Thailand asked them to apologize without any guarantee to left the file against them.

    Topic post about this

    • I am looking into this story already. Should be online next week.

  • HDZ
  • Desinderlase

    Where is underwater housing for D90???

  • Udo

    If you’re looking for an underwaterhousing for your DSLR, just check Nearly all available housings for all possible cameras are listed.

    BTW, ikelite is cheap stuff in the world of UW photography and i don’t like their housings because they’re heavy, bulky and vulnerable. For better protection of your camera you need to invest more money get an alu housing (f.e. Hugyfot, Seacam, Subal, Sealux). I did the investment for D200 4 years ago, and that’s also why i’m still stuck to my D200. But hopefully the D400 (that will blow away the 7D) is going to come within a year. My guess is that at least we’ll know which sensor it’s going to have as soon as the Sony Alpha750 is announced. And hopefully it’s going to be a DX…

    • Anony-mou

      This underwater housing business smells of scam to me, but whatever. The prices they charge for their products is outrageous. How nice would it be to actually have an electronic interface to remote control the camera so the housing could actually operate the SLR using this interface instead of some clumsy and expensive knobs? Oh wait this interface already exists…

      • Udo

        yep these universal housings actually exist but i have never heard about how they actually perform:

        i heard they’re very hard to get and controls are limited.

        BTW, if you see how conventional UW housings are manufactured and developed and considering the amounts that are sold, it’s easy to understand why they’re so pricy. Also camera models change every two years at least…

  • Thom changes predictions for 2010 ,

    – D900 wtih 24mpx.
    – D7000 (New D90)
    – New D3500
    – D700s for november.

    Run Nikon run…. with D900

    • I think we’ve been waiting tooooo long for that new Nikon camera, If I was a woman I would have enough time to make 2 kids !

      • WoutK89

        so you are waiting nine months now? Having twins are we? 😛

  • tubino

    I own an Ikelite housing for my D200. It has worked very well for me. I paid a grand for a lightly used one. I could have spent several times that for an aluminum one… but I don’t need it. Some people do, and they have many brands to pick from, but all are well over $2K. There is not enough of a market for any one kind of camera to get any economy of scale, unfortunately.

    I’ll buy a D300s and the new Ike housing. I can use all my same ports, domes, and lenses, and of course the strobes, arms, and cords. Sad as it may seem, the camera body and housing are just a BIT of the expense. The good news is that an upgrade every 3 years or so of body and housing seems tolerable once you have the rest… and you wanted that new camera anyway, so then it’s just the housing!

    • Ken Rockwell

      I use my D200 as a window jam now. Have done since 2007. I mean lets get real folks. It was great when just out – but only great in digital terms. I mean it was obsolete by the time you had opened the box anyway.

      You need a Leica. I wouldn’t go out and buy an SLR today. Unless I was buying a 35mm Nikon. I mean, yes 2000 – 2010 was the decade of the DSLR but who cares now? Not me! Those days are over! DSLRs are about as relevant today as dial-up modems and SCSI-conected scanners. 2010 will go down in history as the date that DSLRs died a slow death. I will eat my hat on this if I am wrong! In fact I will sell my house to the first person who asks for $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes, by 2019, DSLRs will still be used for sports, news and action, but the rest of us will be using far more compact Powershots, M9s or Panasonic GF-1s for digital.

      For your work it would be disingenuous of me to recommend anything except a Leica.

      Thanks for reading my posts folks. Remember make better photos with what you have rather than trying to take better photos with the newest gadgets.

  • alvix

    Not related to the subject but..
    Hey Admin,
    are there any rumors about a possible NX 3 or something software related soon?

    • no word on NX3, sorry

      • alvix

        ..well ..I’ll wait..thanks !..

  • Anonymous

    That’s a pretty funny Ken Rockell parody. But would he really say ‘disingenuous’? I think not.

    Every so often, when I think my D200 is over the hill, I flip though some Picture of the Week entrants on WetPixel, and see how many great shots were done with D200’s. The housing costs keep underwater shooters from trading up so frequently, but they manage anyway.

    I’d like to wait for a D400, but… by the time it comes out I’ll have shot some tens of thousands of shots with a D300s. Heh.

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