You have another month to upgrade your Nikon D3 buffer

The Nikon D3 buffer upgrade was introduced back in July of 2008. Today Nikon announced that the service will be discontinued on July 20th, 2011. If you own a D3, you have another month to perform the upgrade:

"Please be aware that the D3 Buffer Memory Expansion service introduced as a payable upgrade option to Nikon D3 owners on 30th July 2008, is now being discontinued.  This upgrade option will end on 20th July 2011 and not be available after this date."

More details on the D3 buffer upgrade can be found here (EU link)

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  • I never get tired of seeing pictures of cameras cut in half like that!

    • PHB

      Well I have a bandsaw, come over to my place with all your gear and we can make some more.

      • Are cuts like this not usually done with wire saws?

        • Discontinued

          No, they are done by light sables.

          • A.Lwin

            Uhhh I think you meant Light Sabres.

            • I think you meant lightsaber.

            • jk

              Actually I think you meant “lightsabers”

            • joe

              Actually I think he meant lightsables.

            • I thought it was a Buick LaSabre

          • Discontinued

            Actually I think dwight is right.

            • Global

              I think you guys meant, “angry girlfriends”.

              Oh wait, you don’t have girlfriends…

              (Kidding! 🙂

            • LOL

              @ Global
              No most of us have wives. Which is why we can’t buy all the gear we want.


          • Nicole

            What happens if you’ve only got a heavy Sable?

        • PHB

          Well depending on how much gear he has we can try that later.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            Do you have a lightsaber or a wire saw?

            • PHB


              I hope he has lots of gear.

    • Itakeyourphoto

      Nikon camera are so good that after cutting it in half you can glue it back up and will work like new.

      Does anyone know if Nikon offer buffer upgrade for D300s too?

      • Mim

        yes I know

  • Theo

    That definitely means something else… like a D4.

    • Paul

      Or might just mean that there is less demand for the service, as most people who wanted it done have had it done already

      • Global

        Pretty much. The D3S & D700 replaced the D3.

        So what’s the point, if new camera bodies need new fixes.
        Better to keep resources free. Three (3) years is a good run for a specific upgrade offering!

        Although 1 month is pretty damn short notice……..

  • spinthenight

    agree, cross sections of products are pretty cool. I wonder if they could upgrade the buffer on the D7000? That would be a very useful upgrade!

    • Bernd

      That would take away one of the biggest drawbacks of the D7000 compared to the D300s. So if they start doing that it will be a very very expensive upgrade as the last thing Nikon wants is for that upgrade to cannibalize D300s sales.

      • Discontinued

        D300s is a dead horse and therefore can’t be cannibalized. I am sure there are other reasons.

        • Max

          Yeah: they don’t want to cannibalize the upcoming D400.

          D7000 gotta remain in the amateur realm, for marketing’s sake.

        • Dave B

          Guess I’ll go make some images with my dead horse then.

          • Discontinued

            “Dead” was just meant economically. To sell or shoot a camera are two different stories. Enjoy the latter!

    • PAG

      Yes, and they’ll call it a D400.

    • dave

      I’d pay for an upgrade to the D7000 buffer. If the D400 is going to have 24MP, I really don’t see how it can have as good high ISO as the D7000. I need high ISO IQ, high fps and a big buffer in DX format.. right now D7000 is three out of four. Sounds like D400 will also be 3 out of 4.

      • Martijn

        same thoughts came when the D200 needed replacing, and the D300 blew everything out of the water.
        new sensor can make quite a difference

        • Victor Hassleblood

          “new sensor can make quite a difference”

          This is utter nonsense and you are very well aware of that. Ever since the first DSLRs have been around, we evidently get increased noise, lower ISO, lower DR and frame rates as well as slower AF, less depth in color and softer images with every new camera that comes to market … at least according to some people.

          • dave

            While I have no doubt that the 24MP sensor will provide some amazing results, the D7000 offered a 33% increase in pixels over the the D90 after two years (and some will argue three years, since the D90/D300s sensor is a tweaked D300 sensor). So am I really to expect a 50% increase in pixels with better high ISO capability after less than a year? The 16MP sensor in the D7000 is already an Exmor sensor (assuming the actual sensor is the same one used in the Sony A55), so that isn’t where they are getting an improvement.

            I would love to see a 24MP sensor with as good or better high ISO than the D7000, but that seems to be bucking the trend and even violating Moore’s Law.

      • Dem

        there is an upgrade to the D7000 buffer. It’s codenamed D300s, and costs $1300.

        next you whingers are going to ask for sensor upgrades, viewfinder upgrades, AF upgrades

        • Adrian

          Funny, because upgrades/interchangeability is exactly what Thom Hogan is suggesting, and it’d benefit everybody.

    • mmradman

      No buffer upgrade for D7000 or D300s, maybe cutting in half.

    • Richard

      +1, no, make that +10

  • 2 for the price of 1 a great deal

  • The invisible man.

    Is that the 14-24mm f/2.8 cut off ?

    • Jesus_sti


      • Max

        Man, that hurts…

        • Richard

          It was probably a reject.

          • LOL

            If not… it is now.

            • The invisible man.

              Or maybe it’s a Tilt & Shift !

  • Adam

    I think the more interesting thing here are the test settings nikon uses to get their max frame-rates. I’ve always wondered what settings they used. And it shows what settings use extra fractions of a second….

  • goose

    Thats one hell of a thin element, the right piece of the “center most” group.

    • The invisible man.

      yes, Ken Rockwell said Nikon dit that to save money and make the lens not compatible with the Nikon cameras made during world war II

      • goose

        Ken Rockwell sure knows science! *trollface

      • Max

        Guess what: my old Ford T Model won’t run on unleaded fuel too.
        It’s just gas companies trying their best to spoil vintage cars market, for sure.

        • PHB

          Since the Model T came out in 1908 and leaded gas only came on sale in the US in 1924, the chance that your motor was designed to run on leaded is rather small.

          On the other hand cars of that era were designed for running 500 miles between maintenance stops so you might want any help you can get 🙂

      • Carsten

        Everytime someone cites Ken Rockwell’s “knowledge” God kills a kitten

        • The invisible man.

          I like Ken Rockwell (I even made few donations to him).

          The problem with him is that sometimes he is 888% wrong on a subject and will not change his mind even if someone prove that he is totally wrong.

          For example everytime Nikon release an AF-s lens he is bitching on the G mount arguing that Nikon wants to cut costs and make the lens not compatible with my grand father’s Nikon F1.

          But beside that I think he is doing a great job (and share it with us for free !).

          • Really? You never donated to [NR] 🙂

            • The invisible man.

              And how do you know Peter ?
              You never heard about invisible donations ?

    • fred

      That’s not a thin element, it’s the outer rim of the element. You’re not looking at them all completely edge-wise, you know.

  • i always thought the supporttime of such a camera is much longer than 3 years.

    • Max

      It will. They will keep fixing them. They just won’t improve them anymore.

  • The invisible man.

    I wonder what they did with the lens’s other half.
    I’ll take it, just have to do a vertical symmetry in photoshop, not a big deal.

  • The old goes out, the new comes in (soon) 😀

  • felice rubio

    hi all,
    does that upgrade applies also to the D700?..

    • idiot

      what do you think, genius?

      • LOL


      • felice rubio

        you tell me

  • Anthony

    Since when is there a service to upgrade the buffer?

    • The invisible man.

      I want my D800/900 for August 21th.

      I will charge Nikon $500 a day for any extra delay (airlines does that to Boeing/Airbus all the time, why can’t we do the same to Nikon ?).

      • mmradman

        So ho many cameras did you order and put downpayment?

        • The invisible man.

          yes I have around $8500 lenses worth in downpayment, is that good enough ?

      • Axel

        D4 + D400 this summer and D800/900 in 2012.

        If they release at the same time, the D800/D900 is going to eat the D4 market.

        Don t you think?

  • broxibear

    Did anyone have their D3 buffer upgraded…how much did it cost ?

  • The invisible man.


    I have a digital camera, I also have an Epson printer that give me prints as good (if not better) than regular photos from a lab.

    When I’m home I can take a picture and print it out in about 3mn

    Why nobody make an “instant” digital camera with a back containing the paper (ten 4×6 ?) and the ink necessary to process it ?

    • The invisible man.

      I just bought 2 expensive packs of expired polaroid film for my daughter (who have a polaroid camera like new).

      • AnoNemo

        @The invisible man.
        What are you upto with the Polaroid. I sense that you have a master plan again 🙂

    • Jabs

      @The invisible man:
      Here is your answer but not 4×6 though.

      • The invisible man.

        OMG !
        Thanks !

        • Jabs

          @The invisible man:
          Polaroid has now introduced or reintroduced an Instant analog camera and film (I don’t know if it works in the older cameras), plus some other company now makes ‘equivalent’ film for the older Polaroid series cameras such as the 600 series.
          Look here –

    • Mark H

      IIRC, Zink is a color thermal printing technology that allows portable printers.

      Ah, here’s what you’re asking for: but smaller paper. A 4×6″ paper tray would make for a pretty big camera for a P&S.

  • D700guy

    So, I’m curious if the Paris Airshow is considered an important event for Camera companies

    • The invisible man.

      no, why would it be ?
      there is a special camera show in Paris (I think every 2 years) like the photokina but much smaler

  • Jabs

    To All:
    You realize than often, many of these camera cutaways are really rendered 3D models made in programs such as Canvas and not real cameras cut in two?

    • Mark H

      Wow, they rendered a conference attendee standing behind the glass case too.

      • Jabs

        @Mark H:
        I did not say nor imply that ALL of the cutaways are 3D models, just some. I have seen both real cutaways and 3Dmodel cutaways used in Publications even combined with photographs in the background.
        Used in the Business all the time.

        • Paul

          Cool story, bro.

          You basically call us ignorant and then it turns out that what you’re saying doesn’t even apply here. Yes, we realize that “in business” there are 3D models–that’s obvious.

    • the cutaway picture in this post is real – I took it at a show in NY

  • Jabs
  • Not that big of a deal.

  • AnoNemo

    …..and the next rumor (ok we do not have rumors from Nikon lately) or News will be … Nikon will extend some rebates AGAIN.

  • broxibear

    PMA Australia 2011 Imaging & Entertainment Expo…
    “he Southern Hemisphere’s largest photographic imaging exhibition opens at the Sydney Convention Centre on Saturday, June 25 and runs for the entire weekend.
    Occupying three halls at Darling Harbour, visitors will be able to see all the latest from leading companies such as Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Ricoh and Olympus. In total, more than 100 exhibitors will display their latest developments in imaging technology and innovation on their stands.
    The show is open each day between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Attendance is free if pre-registered or with a free pass supplied by your photo retailer or by visiting”–entertainment-expo.aspx

    • Jake

      the nikon stand will probably showcase extended rebates, crappy p&s and some old news on the mirrorless camera – couldnt see anything that isnt already on the web or obvious being released or rumoured in australia… please prove me wrong nikon

  • BaoKeWen

    Personally I think some photographers should consider a personal ‘buffer upgrade’.
    The procedure is simple, painless and -over time- completely reversible.

    Step 1) read your camera manual.
    Step 2) again, but now include all the pages you skipped because they looked like they had stuff on it you previously glanced over.
    Step 3) repeat step 1 & 2 at least 5 timed.

    Buffer upgrade complete, enjoy improved picture.

    • LOL

      Since when has reading the manual made a better photographer?! Better technician maybe.


      • TheFantasticG

        Since cameras went digital, thats when.

  • If I am not mistaken, the buffer upgrade costed around $200.

  • hope they make the grip just a little smaller in the D4

  • I hope the new camera replacement will have a large buffer!

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