New firmware update v1.1 for Nikon Coolpix L23, L120 and P500

Nikon released new firmware update v1.1 for the Coolpix L23, L120 and P500 cameras. The new firmware fixes the error message when formating certain memory cards. Direct links for download and changelog:

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  • AnoNemo

    Ashton will be happy with the new firmware 🙂

  • LOL

    Nikon, Nikon…
    D7000 needs a firmware update to allow aperture control in video/LV mode. Also while there at it, allow more frame-rates in 1080p (25p/30p please).

    Do that and I’ll buy one ASAP.

    • LOL

      *”they’re” not “there”

    • Patrick


      • +1 on aperture control in live view/movie mode, but more interested in an option for hi-speed frame rate (slow-motion)….60p@1080p? 🙂
        But I do have the D7000 and it’s a fantastic camera. If you are holding off buying it just because of that, you are seriously wasting fun time. 😉

        • LOL

          I own a D3s. I need a DSLR for video though as that’s where I make my money. Right now I rent 7Ds and 5Dii. But would like a decent nikon version for myself. D3s more than covers the stills. 😉

        • You keep it up now, undresatnd? Really good to know.

  • AnoNemo

    It seems to me that Nikon switched into Cinderella mode … or somebody handed out the wrong pills to the Nikon stuff. 😉 It is way tooooooooooo quiet.

    As NR Admin’s slogen says “where there’s smoke there’s fire” …. the questions is now “where’s the smoke?” 🙂

    • Where there is smoke, there are mirrors.

      I bet there are a few goodies they could put into the D700 with a firmware update.

      • AnoNemo

        Ron, I do not think we will ever see a new firmware for the D700.

    • broxibear

      Hi AnoNemo,
      Are you ok?…you seem to be taking all this D800/D4 rumour nonsense far too seriously, relax, take a holiday. Or kill two birds with one stone…take a holiday to Sendai, Japan. Stand outside the Nikon plant and ask every person who walks in and out about the D800/D4, and remember to go through the bins for any information…don’t forget to post the details and pictures here.

      • AnoNemo

        Thanks for asking, I am fine and thanks for the great suggestion of going to Sendai.

        I have bad news for you, you won’t find anyone around the Nikon plant who knows anything. Why? Because they are too busy playing with the coolpix stuff with the new firmware. 😉

      • Mock Kenwell


  • broxibear

    Nikon have added a new section on their website called “Into Focus”…

    • AnoNemo

      I wonder what is going on with Nikon. Flashy website with zero new information. Did you notice the only camera you can recognize is the D5100. This tells me a lot about who they care about and value. I think we’re not going to see 1 new FX this year. No way. By now we should have some rumors.

      broxibear, what’s your take on this new flashy website. I think it is complete waste of money. There is nothing new we can learn from it. Nikon so smartly puts up a website has no other purpose than being flashy. Great job, how about they put that money into a new firmware for D90, D700, D7000. I bet many would be happier.

      • broxibear

        Hi AnoNemo,
        Nikon like all companies are split into departments, the marketing dept will have a certain budget and remit, and that’s why we’ve got this new website section. Nikon are making branding changes across all their websites and advertising at the moment to make them more generic.
        Going back to the FX rumors and lack of, I’m sticking with what I’ve been saying for a long time… I still think you’ll get a D800 announcement in Sept. Wether there will be any leaks before that I don’t know, if there are I’d expect them in August.
        It doesn’t affect me as much because I’m not in the market for a D800, I’m a D3 user and it does everything I ask from it beautifully… unless the D4 has something very special I want (I can’t think what that would be) I might skip the D4 series.
        As a photographer it’ll be interesting to see where Nikon go with their next full frame cameras but it’s not going to affect my image taking, and I refuse to fall into the marketing trap that always comes with new releases.

        • AnoNemo

          I really hope Nikon comes to reality when it comes to the new generation with the D4. I am hoping that the D4 will have replaceable sensor module. It will be really cool to have a high res and low light sensors. (I would buy both)

  • Anand

    I am with Ano on this one….Nikon, please stop f’ing around with the coolpix cameras…..bring us the D800.

    My wishlist for the D800 are simple:

    – Dual card slots
    – 16MP or higher
    – Custom Memory options – like the D7000 – this would be a savior!
    – High ISO performance – better than D700 hopefully
    – 100% viewfinder coverage
    – 7 or 8 fps

    That’s it….its not a stretch from where D7000 is currently….so I am hoping it becomes reality soon.

    Nikon……..I am tired of you seeing put soooo much effort on coolpixes. Everytime it seems I come here, the news is about CPs.!!! WTH?

    • Karlosak

      That, plus please add decent video Nikon and I would buy that camera the day it’s available…

      • LOL


    • inginerul

      that will be the new D4. you are asking for professional features on an already almost professional camera.

  • Hey that confirms the updates are coming for the D7000, right Nikon? ; )

    • AnoNemo

      in your dreams.

  • broxibear

    Want to hear how Nikon are “building a Transformational Multi-Channel Customer Experience Strategy that Drives Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty” ?
    Get yourself down to the New York Marriott Marquis, New York at 10:50am E.T. on June 22nd 2011

    • AnoNemo

      Did they say the word “loyalty”? Well Nikon’s only luck is that most of the “loyals” are locked up via expensive lenses. The famous F-mount….

      Ok, let’s see what Nikon does great:
      Warranty and repair?
      Product availability
      Providing new FX cameras that can do 1080p (oh that must be Canon or Nikon DX)
      Dealer strategy …. when Best Buy sold the D7k before the loyal dealers even had a chance to see one. Or when Best Buy underpriced in the ads the Nikon products. Yaw, Nikon values its multi-channels especially dealers.
      Good communication. Yeah, we all love Ashton … or when a new Nikon product was shot with Canon camera.

      broxibear, can you add to the list?

      Hey, don’t take me serious I am a bit sarcastic here. 😉

      • LOL

        A lot of your comments only apply to America.

        • AnoNemo

          yes many things only apply for NA and as I said, I was a bit sarcastic … 😉

          • LOL

            So was I. :p

  • ffaabb

    Don’t forget to update D7000,

    give it at least D5100 video features


    • LOL

      I’d be happy if they just had better manual controls for video. Like being able to control aperture without leaving live view. Maybe better levels. 25/30p too please.

  • goose

    maybe, nikon is pilling up all the funds they can to produce nuclear powered cameras. no charging for a lifetime or two. Feels good, man.

  • AnoNemo

    Very boring no rumors.

    Even the invisible man is gone and playing with his new polaroid.

    • LOL

      And his invisible friends. LOL

  • More coolpix garbage ^^

    Hey Nikon, listen to me: I need 60p video mode capiche?Changing the aperture is welcome, but not as essencial as slow motion.

    Are you listening? I bet you not! = (

    • LOL

      I want 25p. 50p not so much as I don’t do that much slow mo. Nice to have though.

      Oh and include 30/60p for the minor counties that use NTSC while you’re at it Nikon.


    • LOL

      And and changing the aperture to me is MUCH more important than slow mo… but we can have both perhaps?! 🙂

  • broxibear

    The iPhone 4 overtakes the Nikon D90 as the most popular camera on Flickr…
    1 iPhone 4
    2 Nikon D90
    3 Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    4 Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
    5 Canon EOS REBEL T1i

    • LOL

      Not really surprising.

      It’s argumentum ad populum.

    • AnoNemo

      This is a news for Nikon that they did not want to hear. My view on this is that if the image quality of an iPhone today is acceptable for many that caused this shift, try to imagine what the next generation of iPhones, Nokias, Samsungs, and HTCs will do with the traditional camera companies.

      I think DSLR will become a niche product in a tiny bit similar fashion as the vinyl record. (Ok it will be a bit different but that was the best example I was able to think of)

      The bottom line is that what on earth is Nikon doing? We see innovation from others except Nikon.

  • broxibear

    Don’t know if this means anything but I’ve noticed a bit of chatter about a D4 being announced in July…might be speculation that’s gathered a bit of speed or it could be something significant.
    Have you heard anything Peter/admin ?

    • LOL

      That would be perfect timing for me. I’d really consider buying one if it combines the ISO performance of the D3s, a bit more MP and great movie functions.

    • AnoNemo

      I am not sure it was about Nikon and the D4 the noise you heard. Look, if something would come, we would have heard some rumors by now. Basically we are at the end of June and nothing. I’m inclined to say that there will be no FX cameras from Nikon this year.

      • LOL

        Usually cameras come out around August-November right?! Something still may come.

        I’d settle with a D400 if it had good video and high ISO.

      • Seed

        Something big is waiting to be announced! D3 replacement is inevitable!

        • LOL

          True, but so’s the heat death of the universe. :p

          I’m hoping for a new FX by the end of the year myself. Don’t care what it is D4 or D800, I’ll buy it if it meets my needs.

          • D7000 User

            LOL wrote “True, but the heat death of the universe”

            Not in my lifetime 🙂

            Yes I agree, D3 replacement is inevitable.

      • broxibear

        Hi AnoNemo,
        I wouldn’t read into wether there have been any “leaks” or rumours ahead of an announcement…just because there have been no leaks doesn’t mean no announcement soon.
        After the AFS 50mm f1.8G fiasco maybe Nikon have tightened up their control even more…I’m sure a few non-disclosure agreements have been signed.

        • I believe the 50mm f/1.8G was leaked by mistake which forced Nikon to announce it. I think they planned to announce this lens with one of the new cameras later this summer. Of course we will never know.

          • broxibear

            Hey Peter,
            Have you come across anything about a July body announcement?…If you’d have asked me yesterday I’d have said D400 but the D4 was mentioned to me.

      • DavidW

        I work for an electronics retailer and talk to our rep, who regularly talks with various people within the company. They have really ramped up their security. Not only are they changing code names for products about once a month, they also have different code names within the different departments. He has told me not only are new lenses coming out, but they are also updating their pro-series cameras. He does believe the mirrorless camera has been pushed back until next year though thanks to the tsunami.

  • D7000 User

    AnoNemo, be prepared something big from the Lord of the Darkness is coming!

    • AnoNemo

      Darth Vader? 😉

  • mikils

    As you say,
    ”Sony is at least trying to do something while Nikon is sleeping.”
    I quote from SAR Website:
    ”there will be no optical viewfinder Sony camera anymore!”
    mm… i’ll pass. Sometime shere is nothing wrong in playing Sleeping Beauty, seen what the alert people will do

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