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Second Nikon ad from Japan

I received another ad today. I will leave the comments to you. You can see the first ad here. More on this topic can be found in older NR posts under the BIG and MX categories.. Sponsor: The new Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S Auto Focus Nikkor Lens now available for pre-order

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NikonRumors donations

A few people have asked me how they can make donations to I do not like begging like some other sites, because I like what I am doing even without monetary compensation. For those readers who asked me and feel comfortable doing it, the PayPal donation link can be found on this page (it […]

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More on the Nikon ad

Some more thoughts on the Nikon “BIG” ad from Japan: I do agree that Otoji, BIG and MX do not fit all together. Maybe Otoji really got canceled, or maybe those are multiple projects going at the same time. The wording “BIG” doesn’t make sense in Japanese, but remember the leaked Nikon D700 brochure – […]

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SanDisk 16gb Extreme® III 30MB/s Edition SDHC High Performance Card now available

Amazon just got them in stock. If you own a Nikon D90, this is a “must have” item that supports – 30MB/s transfer speed. This SDHC card was designed specifically for the D90. Here is the official press release. Amazon US / Amazon DE / Amazon FR          In stock also in B&H. “The Nikon […]

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Rumors update on the competition

Fuji will be showing “futurist SuperCCD technologies” at Photokina. Tokina working on new IS (“vibration-controlled mid-to-long tele zooms”) lenses. Pentax will be announcing a new “cheap” DSLR. Her is the link and here is the picture

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Photokina ’08

Photokina is next week from September 23 – 28. I am still hoping for a Monday announcement, but everything is so quiet that I am loosing hope. For our readers who will be visiting the show – enjoy and don’t forget to send us info/pictures/rumors that you find interesting and I will post them on […]

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Nikon D90 in stock/shipping now in the UK

Nikon D90 kit and body only now shipping in the UK: For more order options click here.

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Photokina report

This is one of the best Photokina reports I’ve seen so far:

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