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Nikon MX picture (warning: tiny picture)

I have one small picture of what I believe could be the next Nikon MX camera. Here it is – the first one on the left (for comparison purposes I added pictures of Nikon D3 prototype, real Nikon D3, D700 and Nikon F6 to the right): The size of the prism and the mount on that […]

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CBS/NCIS is playing tricks with NikonRumors (Nikon D500 transformation)

A reader sent me this ad and for a moment this Nikon D500 strap looked promising: Unfortunately the mirrored view tells us a different story – CBS is playing tricks with NikonRumors: This ad was taken from – this could also be a prank, since I could not find it anywhere.

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BIG = new wide-format printer?

According to some, the BIG event will be about a new wide-format printer. He also claims that development of an FX-format SPX rangefinder is underway.

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Nikon D60 Black Gold ready to be released

Nikon D60 Black Gold is already at Ritz’s warehouse and should be announced very soon. I know you cannot wait to get your hands on this puppy. Good luck Nikon, you will need it on this one.

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Nikon DSLR price watch matrix

Nikon D3 for $ 4,399.95, Nikon D700 for $ 2,774.00! Prices have gone down big time in the past 30 days. Thank you Canon and Sony! Here is the updated Nikon DSLR price matrix: Amazonprice trend B&Hprice trend Adoramaprice trend D3 $ 4,488.98 down $ 4,499.95 down $ 4,399.95  down D700 $ 2,774.00 down $ 2,799.95 down $ 2,839.95 […]

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Nikon D500

This site is known for posting wild speculations and I have a hard time taking them seriously. Here is what they have to say about the Nikon D500: 1.5x crop factor weather sealing liveview built-in flash video mode with 24 fps and full manual control over exposure. 15.5 megapixels (?) available to hit the stores late Q1 […]

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Nikon leaking about new products at Photokina

The first report is from dpreview: A German Photokina visitor is writing in a German forum that a Nikon rep told him at Photokina to wait for the new 35/1,8. And there will be also a 85/1,4, both “in the next months”, the guy says: The second report was directly sent to NR: I […]

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Nikon MX @ PMA, March 2009

According to a Nikon rep: “the supposed D3x will NOT be released this year. He said a new camera will likely be announced at PMA next March 2009. Nikon is working on something truly revolutionary he said, a camera that will be as groundbreaking and trendsetting as the D3.” (Source) In connection with the above here […]

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