BIG = new wide-format printer?

According to some, the BIG event will be about a new wide-format printer. He also claims that development of an FX-format SPX rangefinder is underway.

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  • I visit KR site very often. I believe the “wide-format printer” statement is more like a joke. But other than that, the FX-format rangefinder story can be rather reasonable. KR reviewed quite a lot S-mount Nikon rangefinder lenses recently.

  • Cartman

    I would much prefer a square format between traditional MF and 35mm only slightly larger than a D3 with a new lens mount and perhaps modularity.

    I can see why they would want to get into the printer game but even Canon is having a hell of a time fighting Epson, so I don’t see how a printer line would do anything but lose money for Nikon.

  • What is it going to be on October 22nd?

    This is what I am getting through the grapevine for the October 22nd release:A new Software suite, something in between NikonView and Capture NX2, in between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. An advanced suite, that will take into account your ‘program’ setting on your Coolpix or low-end DSLR when processing pictures – something that so far no one does… It notices the camera presets and post-processes accordingly, giving you superior end results, making your results look more ‘pro’. This may be related to this recent and official Nikon news.There may be an OEM Nikon badged HP printer too, but no more …

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