Nikon D60 Black Gold ready to be released

Nikon D60 Black Gold is already at Ritz's warehouse and should be announced very soon. I know you cannot wait to get your hands on this puppy.
Good luck Nikon, you will need it on this one.

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  • jwylie

    Balck? or Baulk?

  • cameron

    pimp daddies would love to have their hands on this pimped camera to take to playboy mansion…


    who would resist to buy this beauty, with all that Pimp-Daddy Bling on it??

  • dnhjr

    all I need now is some gold chains, a gold tooth and i’m set.

  • This model is made on recommendations and decision by great designer Giorgetto Giugiaro…

    He has charge of whole model’s styling Nikon…

    Do blunt jest unless understand in some thing…

  • cameron

    dont forget you need to pimp out your ride with golden grill, rims, and spinners

  • cameron

    well… guys, either get the black gold d60 or a set of 3 pimped out d3’s like this…

  • Douglas

    call me something of a comic book geek, but i actually like the top two, Spidey and Batman… now, im not saying i would be caught dead in public using one of them, but i think they actually look pretty cool!

  • Blog Admin

    I like to hear that – hopefully there will be more buyers like you. Nikon needs to make some money in order to deliver some good primes. Nothing wrong with having a different taste. 

  • Blog Admin

    I do like those much better. Are they available for sale, or just PS jobs?

  • cameron

    lol seriously? i was just joking, its all photoshopped but if someone actually made one, it would be like $10,000 for a body only 😀

    but my brother have a d3 without any dark grey paint, just dull unpainted metal with rubber grip on

  • Blog Admin

    Wow! Where did he get it from?

  • Douglas

    honestly… i really dont think its a situation of Nikon needing to make more money… honestly, they need to expand i think, and that is really a give and take situation. right now, i feel Nikon walks a thin line between Canon (Large Company, with alot of recources for MASS production) and Leica (Very small company, but VERY high quality, at least on the items they make themselves). now, Nikon has done a VERY good job of walking this line, getting enough products onto shelves to keep the vast majority of their loyal customers happy, but doing it slow enough to make sure they keep their Quality Standards Very high! the problem is, is their high quality has created an even higher demand, especially over just the last 15-20 years, but Nikon, even to the dismay of thier customers, has stuck to thier guns prefering to put out Quality before quantity. Now, i think Nikon’s large success over the last 5-6 years has somewhat forced thier hands and they are trying to figure out how best to handle it, how best to grow without sacrificing what has been thier biggest success… Quality.

  • Blog Admin

    I am preparing an article about the best selling DLSR – you will be surprised of the result. Coming up next week.

  • Douglas

    heh, i work in a professional photoLab/Camera shop… i dont think ill be terribly suprised lol.

  • Douglas

    but i will be looking foreward to reading it!

  • Blog Admin

    What is you best selling DSLR for this month (September)?

  • Crabby

    As a marketing guy (high tech, but not cameras) I think it’s very hard to decide if this is a good or dumb idea without looking at Nikon’s customer base and how they can expand it. Adding $50 MSRP to the price of the cheapest Nikon DSLR is a cheap substitute for customers’ buying up to a D90. Some people will undoubtedly like the look of the Black Gold.

    My hunch is that Nikon will barely cover the cost of putting out a cosmetically different second model. The purpose of this product is almost certainly to distinguish Nikon against other brands for the entry-level DSLR owner and to increase Nikon’s market share.

    In a real sense, cameras have become jewelry for some people. Why not give into this trend?

    Note: the sort of geeky camera consumers who frequent this site (including me!) are the anthesis of customers for the Black Gold D60. You cannot judge the ultimate popularity of this product by our reactions.

  • Blog Admin

    You are correct, I should not judge based on my personal preferences. I really hope this would be a good seller. If they have done it in limited quantities (maybe they did) it would be much better – more like a collector’s item with a serial number, etc.

  • jwylie

    I think now that this has been revealed as nothing more than a cosmetic upgrade, you should move all Black Gold posts to page 2. There is really nothing new here or newsworthy.

  • Blog Admin

    Until it is officially announced it is still page 1 news, I think.

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t think Giugiaro was behind the Black Gold. He creates products from scratch.

  • Douglas

    well as far as specific sales numbers im not 100% sure… we have had a few D90’s turn around, as well as we still turn a few D300’s. the 40D’s are probably our biggest seller at my shop, and we also turn about an even number of D40’s.

  • Vex

    I work at a Ritz and most stores I’ve seen are all huge on Nikons. At my store the best selling cameras by far are the D40/D60, followed by the D80/D90 and then the XSI. More and more many serious amateurs are turning to the web for purchases, so we haven’t seen as many 40D/D300 sales recently and have never sold our 5D, but we’ve certainly sold through the few D700’s we’ve been shipped.

  • Bryan
  • cameron

    he didnt buy it that way, he took off the grip then used a paint thinner and rub the paint off then glue the grip back on. just the buttons, CF door, and battery chamber are still black colored.

  • Rad

    I would like an Ironman D3

  • Denis

    You are a natural troll…

    Beauty and style too there is in human

    or you live in crap house

    don’t love – not buy. Оnly no need to stink

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