Few people asked me how they can make donations to I do not like begging like some other sites, because I like what I am doing even without monetary compensation. For those readers who asked me and feel comfortable doing it, the paypal donation link is on the lower right site of the page (it is OK not to donate, so don't feel obligated).
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  • Anonymous

    No offense, but with all the advertisements on this site, I consider each visit I make to it as a donation. If you didn’t have so many ads, I’d feel different about donating.

  • Blog Admin

    No problem, I did not ask for donations and never will. Few readers emailed me and I am giving them a platform to do it.

  • nnatic

    you act like the webmaster is making a ton of money off of the ads that you have yet to click on…You know what it costs to run sites like this? I will bet he doesnt profit a dollar on this site.. in fact he probably spends money monthly on it.

  • Joe

    I work in advertising and I can tell you that whoever is behind NR don’t make much money. We are in recession, nobody is buying stuff, online advertising revenue is down 40% compared to last year, companies are cutting back their marketing budgets. Nobody will pay you for just visiting a site – you have to buy from one of those sponsors – this is how it goes.

  • 1on1

    I donated 5$. Why not? If you like what you get. Why do you tip in a restaurant? For good service. Same thing here.

  • Anonymous

    I actually do run a website completely from donation (in fact since 2001) so I do know a bit about it. One thing is if your not really getting revenue from all the ads (which are slow to load, irritating, and annoying) you have to consider maybe you’d make *more* money by making an effort to be completely ad-free. I’ve made an effort to keep my website ad-free and that sentiment has garnered alot more in donations, that is for sure.

  • Blog Admin

    I am really considering this. Maybe I will do a test run. I do not like ads myself. The other option is paid subscription.

    Thanks to everyone that has donated.
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