Second Nikon ad from Japan

I received another ad today. I will leave the comments to you.
You can see the first ad here. More on this topic can be found in older NR posts under the BIG and MX categories..
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  • Douglas

    i have no solid information to back my statement, but it makes more sence to me that anybody sending this around would know more about the add than the items that the add is portraying, especially if its an Ad agency leak and not a manufacturer’s leak… again, this is all just “in my honest opinion”…

  • Blog Admin

    thanks – I appreciate your honesty.

  • Anonymous

    lol. Bye-Bye Leica S2. Bye-Bye ‘Blad.
    kekeke 😉

  • George

    …looks like new leica S2viewfinder !!??? all these rumors seems very stupied!!!! you were talking about square sensor, and now we see somethimk with 3:2 but biger. dont search for extra buttons… these will be tomorows rumour!!!!! and yes all pro nikon and not only…have circle wievfinder!!!!!! hellooo!!!!!every nikon fun knows it!!!!

  • Pablov

    if this pic is real,

    .. is it me, or the lens in the viewfinder is bigger than usual?

  • Blog Admin

    Just imagine for a second that there could be several different project going at the same time. How about this – some of the rumors may not be true. I hope you are not surprised by that – this is a rumor site after all, so do not expect any consistency. Actually I do find a lot of consistency, but to see them you will have to read a lot of the old posts and I cannot do this for you. Does it make more sense now? I hate when people expect everyone to know what they know. This blog is to answer question and not to prove who knows more.

    I think I answered all of your concerns/questions.
  • Nikon medium format (MX) analysis

    Many readers think that those Nikon medium format ads are fake (even though the poll says otherwise). I would agree if it wasn’t for ad #3 and the ad #1. Each one of the remaining ads could be created based on existing Nikon product images and a good knowledge of PS, but the viewfinder in ad #3 looks real to me. Can someone think of a camera that has similar shaped viewfinder? This seems to be difficult to fake (but not impossible). The other problem I have is the red triangle on the handle of the first ad – the …

  • Anon

    IMHO If this is fake its been done by a good designer, this isnt a photoswap job its a professional designers rendering.

    Its also a very competent design, however it doesn’t seem to be in nikons design language, its a bit retro, oriental. Im not saying its fake but perhaps a bit of personal work for a designers portfolio.

    The grip also looks too sharp to be of any good ergonomic value.

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