Photokina ’08

Photokina is next week from September 23 - 28.
I am still hoping for a Monday announcement, but everything is so quiet that I am loosing hope.
For our readers who will be visiting the show - enjoy and don't forget to send us info/pictures/rumors that you find interesting and I will post them on the blog for the rest of us to see. Thanks!
If you want to have some fun, go and take a picture in front of the Nikon booth with NR or written on a piece of paper, hat, T-shirt, your forehead... be creative but don't do anything illegal (fyi public nudity is not forbidden in Germany: "Police in Cologne, Germany, opted not to arrest a woman who walked into a supermarket this past summer wearing nothing but an unbuttoned denim jacket").
It will be an exciting week!
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  • What kind of Rumor site tells us “I have something for you – I will post it next week”! This is a rumor site and the “Blog Admin” is withholding a rumor from us! What is going on!!!

  • Blog Admin

    What I have in mind has nothing to do with Nikon rumors – it will be about Nikon & girls (or a girl). You will see.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you have to remember that Europe is very culturally open and diverse. They don’t have hang -ups or get overly excited about such things.

  • Blog Admin

    I know  – that’s why I mentioned it.

  • Anonymous
  • Public N

    You can be arrested for public nudity, because of “Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernisses” – something like “indecent behavior”.

    But usually this is handled quite lax in Germany, they’ll first ask you to dress.

  • Public N

    The freshman students often take off their clothes for fun at the cathedral in the very center place of cologne.

  • ON

    I’ll be there, sadly just one day. But the again it’s the very first day! 🙂 I hope I can scavenge bags an bags of coffee cups, pins, pens, baseball caps and key fobs! 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    this sounds like the right to place to do this kind of things

    btw the cathedral is beautiful – been there few times
  • Chris

    In case of doubt just proclaim yourself mentally unstable. You can get away with almost everything with such an excuse in Germany. Even beating people to a pulp. There is a possability that you have to do a few anger management seminars hoewever – but they are paid by the state. 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    Wow this is ancient!

  • Blog Admin

    Good luck – and send some pics!

  • Pablov

    I was watching few sample pictures of the EOS 5D Mark II and I found them pretty nice, I wil check all more carefully later.

    I hope Nikon releases a D800/D900 soon with bit higher MP sensor and Good Movie quality (Hopefully 30fps, STEREO MIC-IN jack -as in 5D Mark II- and optional resolution up to HD 1080, -but I’m more concerned about the , MIC-in jack, frame rate and video smooth quality than a full HD resolution)

    Yes I know this is a NikonRumor site 🙂 but I hope Nikon includes some of the 5D Mk II features 🙂 (despite some people could say they are not useful, but similarly happened at first with the LiveView…)

  • David Olsen

    pablov you can see some real pictures taken two days ago with the 5D2 here and some at high ISO

    click on the thumbnails near the bottom of the page to open the full size pictures seems on par with the D700 ( the sony A900 is nowhere near as clean as the D700 )

  • Blog Admin

    I was joking of course – I cannot publish any naked photos because of the sponsors…

  • Anonymous

    anyone wanna bet? 😀

    i say… 50 bucks there won’t be any new camera bodies announcements for the rest of photokina

  • Pablov

    The few I already saw made me think..(“bothered me”)cause I like it much more than A900’s…

    I found a hot pixel (red) that appears in many of the sample pictures (EOS 5D Mk II), at the same position…. I didn’t like that 🙁

    I also missed the color aberration in-camera correction that Nikon has.

    Besides these 2 things, I liked the IQ of the EOS 5D Mk II

    -Thanks a lot for the link !!
    I will check them.

  • Pablov

    Thanks David !

    (my “reply” post didn’t appear in the right place..)

  • Pablov

    BTW, I was wondering if there is any site to post what one would like on a new Nikon DSLR ?

    Or there is a Nikon Feedback site?

    Could be interesting

  • Blog Admin

    I have something for you – I will post it next week. Stay tuned.

  • Markus

    What a pitty! Some nice chicks wouldn’t be bad!

    I should to add something to my first post:
    In the 80ies, there were many people naked in the “english garden” at munich! Some of them used to take the underground or the bus home in the same clothes!!

    For european/German people the US-mentality is a bit strange. In German TV they showed some soft p0rn showing a member of our parlament in her young days. In the US this would have caused a scandal for several months (remember Clinton/Lewinsky). Not so in GER!

  • Blog Admin

    you keep saying the same thing and I keep asking the same question: how do you know?

  • Blog Admin

    sure: – it is in my links section.

  • Blog Admin

    No, just a joke – no worries I will not post naked pictures…. 

  • Pablov

    Thanks Admin, I didn’t know that website. 🙂

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