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Eye candy: Nikon FA limited edition gold film camera

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Check out this Nikon FA limited edition gold film camera listed on eBay for $12,000. The camera has never been used, it’s plated with 24K gold and decorated with lizard skin. Only 2000 pieces were produced. There are also several cheaper FA gold listings priced between $1000-$2000. Additional images and information:

Nikon FA limited edition gold film camera
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Nikon eBay madness

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I haven’t done Nikon eBay madness for a while – here are some interesting Nikon items currently listed on eBay: Nikon I camera for $21,000. Nikon SP camera including motor and battery pack for $16,000. Nikon F3 camera used in the Space Shuttle Program for $10,000. Brand new Nikon 35Ti Titanium film camera – the current […]

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New Nikon D600 for $1,685.99

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Big Value Inc currently sells new Nikon D600 cameras for $1,685.99 on eBay with free shipping. The camera doesn’t come with manufacturer warranty, but you still get 1 years parts and 90 days labor:

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Remember Usain Bolt and the Nikon D4 pictures from the Olympics? The camera is now for sale

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I am sure you remember the images of Usain Bolt taking pictures with a Nikon D4 camera at the London Olympics right after he won the 200m race. This very same camera is now up for auction on eBay. The current price after 27 bids is $6,455 and there are 6 more days to go (new […]

Usain Bolt Nikon D4 for sale
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Interesting Nikon eBay finds

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  Some interesting Nikon finds on eBay: Nikon FM10 RBT 3D X5 camera – this is a custom 3D camera made by the German company RBT. A nice Nikonos kit for $5,452:

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The first Nikon D4 is already on eBay

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The first Nikon D4 is already listed on eBay by an authorized US dealer. The starting price is $6,999.95. Let’s see for how much it will sell tomorrow. There is another listing here.

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Weekly Nikon news flash #107

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Three rare Nikon items on eBay: Nikon Ai-S 13mm f/5,6 (price: $29,399): Nikon fisheye 8mm f/8 lens (€999): Nikon MF-24 250 exposure camera back ($1,999.99): New book: Mastering the Nikon D7000

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