Nikon eBay madness

I haven't done Nikon eBay madness for a while - here are some interesting Nikon items currently listed on eBay:


Nikon SP camera black paint


Nikon 35Ti Titanium film camera




Nikon F  KS-80A camera

Nikon 300mm f2 lens



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  • jeff gammons

    Man, I need to find a surgarmama…

  • RondoX

    God, I really wish modern Nikon products would last as long as these do…

    • Not everything made back in the day is equally valuable. When things hold/increase their value, it’s because they’re special items due to design or just plain rarity. A modern 600/4 or a 800/5.6 would hold its value a lot more than the average belly bouncers like 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, etc. Same can’t be said about digital bodies though.

      • Spy Black

        I doubt any modern gear will have that kind of appreciation, even the new 800mm f/5.6 or the 600mm f/4. Too much reliance on transitory electronics. If you look at anything electronic, audio, video, etc that is ancient., it’s just junk. Anything that that is fully mechanical, however, keeps it’s value.

        • It’s true that fully mechanical is more desirable over things that depend on electronics but have you checked the prices of the now long discontinued Canon EF 50mm f/1L and Canon EF 200mm f/1.8L lenses that also happen to be focus-by-wire only? 🙂

          • Spy Black

            I think, as in everything else in life, there are always exceptions to the rule, but I think overall I think my reasoning is correct.

          • No longer Pablo Ricassso

            I saw a 200 f1.8 yesterday for around 3600 bucks. It’s always been around 4000 used ever since I remember. I think that the 300 f2 might have gone down a bit also, although that one looks ROUGH. The ones that have gone up that I can think of easily are the 58 noct and the 13. I could have actually bought a 13 when I started with this and the 58 was going for around 1500 at that time. And I wouldn’t worry about the depreciation too much on the 14-24. I think it was around 1500 at introduction. Of course, we’re talking about dollarettes these days…

            • rivercityrocker

              I paid $1659 for my 14-24 brand new. And that was MSRP at a local joint . I think B&H had them cheaper. I could probably make a few hundred buck on a sale today.

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    That NIKKOR-N.C 5CM f/1.1 have some really interesting aperture blades!

    • Spy Black

      12-bladed! I wonder why that was.

      • rivercityrocker

        Most high-end lenses used high number of aperture blades. It’s not uncommon to see some old Leitz lenses with 15 blades.

        The reason is simple; more blades gives a rounder aperture, which in turn renders the out of focus elements more smoothly (or the noob catchphrase “bokeh”).

        Now thet have rounded aperture blades so they can get away with using less blades while retaining a round opening.

        • It takes a bigger noob to think that “bokeh” only refers to smooth out of focus areas. And ROFL @ “out of focus elements”… elements? Sheesh

          Also no one’s trying to “get away” with using less blades… you make it sound like they’re trying to cut costs… the real reason is because of auto-aperture and how fast things need to open and close.

          • rivercityrocker

            I like when douchebags like you overanalyze things people post on discussion boards just so they can start an argument.

            Stop reading so much into things. Bokeh is a catchphrase that noobs use to sound like they know something and when I said “get away” I didn’t mean they were cutting corners. I simply meant that they don’t need as many blades.

            Sheesh. Why are you such a fucking asshole?

          • rivercityrocker

            yeah and “elements”. You know like the elements of the composition? The features in the background? The background elements?

            English motherfucker. Do you speak it?

    • What mount is it? Not F mount I presume, is it for special film cameras?
      Edit: of Original Leica LTM Mount

  • Merv S

    I’d think I would have to be a true photography hobbyist to want to use this film stuff in the past. Imagine if Nikon did update this 300mm f/2 and could produce images at about the same quality as the 200mm f/2.

    • Spy Black

      What makes you think that 300 can’t deliver? I still have have all my Nikkor primes that I bought back in the 70s, and I’ll put ’em up to any modern lens, anytime. Sure, nowadays they might have better coatings or whatnot, but with few exceptions, overall I doubt you’re going to see that drastic a difference. And forget zooms. Also, it’s a good bet that 40 years now, treated well, my Nikkors will probably still be working. I doubt the same will be able to be said about any modern Nikkor.

    • gsum

      You’re missing out Merv. For example, my 42 year old 28mm f3.5 H, that I bought for 28GBP, easily out-resolves the D800 sensor, something that some of my modern lenses fail to manage.
      Modifying these ancient pre-AI lenses to AI only needs a few minutes of your time and a carefully placed blob of epoxy putty.

  • n11

    Sorry guys, auctions are now closed, I just bought all the cameras and lenses.

  • Carsten Bockermann

    The Nikon PC-Nikkor 28mm f/4.0 is a shift lens. No ability to tilt.

  • hahaha

    how funny is that?

    the battery of the F3 from the NASA space shuttle program is marked:
    “not for Flight”


  • rivercityrocker

    That Nikon I is a thing of beauty. I’d like to see Nikon use that as a base for a Leica M equivalent camera with the D600 sensor. I bet it would SLAY the M typ240.

    It’ll never happen of course, but one can always dream…

  • zoetmb

    Can’t believe how inepensively an F3 goes for these days. Of course the danger of investing in any film camera at any price is that we don’t know how much longer 35mm film is going to be available. Kodak is down to only 11 35mm emulsions and Fuji appears to still have 15, but Fuji has stopped producing motion picture stock and has sold all the inventory to a third party – could still stock be next?

  • bc-steve

    at least we know the 35Ti didn’t take that awful out of focus picture

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