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Video of a Nippon Kogaku optics factory from the 1940s

This video footage is made up of excerpts taken from a Japanese war-time film. The film has a patriotic agenda and is titled ‘Ichiban Utsukushiku’ (The Most Beautiful). Directed & written by Akira Kurosawa (regarded as one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema), the footage shows what an early Nippon Kogaku (NIKKO/Nikkor/Nikon) optics factory […]

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Most pros used Nikons to record Apollo 11 blast-off to moon

47 years ago the Lunar Module ‘The Eagle’ landed on the moon… Most pros used Nikons to record Apollo 11 blast-off to moon When Apollo 11 slowly lifted skyward from Cape Kennedy on its lunar flight, spewing violent clouds of smoke and flame in its wake, more cameras than pairs of eyes seemed to be aimed […]

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Rare Nikon F camera with original cloth-type shutter curtain for sale on eBay

    Long time [NR] contributor Ron Volmershausen sent me a note about this very rare Nikon F camera currently listed on eBay (last bid $2,204): This listing on eBay is going to create a bit of a ‘stir’ amongst the collectors; the 87th Nikon F to roll off the production line, way back in 1959. The […]

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Weekly Nikon news flash #343

→ Different types of packaging Nikon used over the years (credit: Ron Volmershausen). → Check out this rare Nikkor 10mm f/5.6 Fisheye OP Nippon Kogaku 180 degrees Nikon F fisheye lens currently listed on eBay for $9 877,14. → You can now get the Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens for $699 from an authorized reseller […]

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Nikon F3 camera was used to shoot the mine car chase scene in the Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom movie

    Ron Volmershausen published another interesting video showing how the guys at ILM used a stock-standard Nikon F3 to film parts of the mine car chase scene in the Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom movie. The film registration system within the F3 proved to be so accurate for the stop-motion filming, that the only […]

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Nikon’s Video Remote Control System from 1962

In 1962 Nikon produced the Video Remote Control System that could capture images on film and record video signal. This was a combination of a still and video camera into one (similar to the modern DSLRs today). The system even had an early type of ‘live view’ system with 800-line high-resolution 2:1 interlaced closed-circuit television system:

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